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[size=150:3kptlc5c]After my immense orgasm was complete, Mother gently pulled herself off my cock and balls which came out with a "pop" sound. She licked-up and ate every drop of cum off my cock and balls and had a very satisfied smile on her face.

"Well h how b was th that Ashok? I mean, how was that Ashok?" after she put her dentures back in her mouth.

"It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life Mother. I definitely got a major release. I love you Mother. Thank you so much."

"You are welcome Ashok. I feel responsibility for your care and wellbeing while Anagha is in the hospital. You know, you reminded me a lot of your Father. He used to love for me to suck his cock and give him a ball wash too. I’m glad I could do that for you."

"What can I do for you Mom?"

"No, no, Ashok, I already got my reward in hot cum! And I am quite pleased to get a healthy taste of some of that freshly churned cum again. I had forgotten how good it tastes. But I have to get going. Should I come back later tonight and fix you dinner?"

"No thanks Mother. I have to get some sleep and then get back to the hospital."

"Are you going to need another release tonight?"

"I, I, I think so-, maybe I should call you."

I slept like a baby and was able to get a few hours of much needed sleep. I dreamed of the previous night in the hospital with my wife having a baby, and getting the best blowjob of my life from my mother earlier that morning. Both of those things were firsts for me. My first child, and the first cock sucking from my Mother. Come to think of it, it was the first time I had my cock and balls in anyone’s mouth at the same time!

Yes, within the same day, my wife Anagha and I spent all night in the hospital having a baby, and the next morning I had my Mother nursing from my cock! The baby having part, was well planned out, and we knew about it for the past 8 or 9 months. However, the Mommie sucking cock part was completely unplanned and unexpected. After all the excitement was over at the hospital, the nurse sent me home to get some sleep and to let my wife sleep. Shortly after I arrived home and gone to bed, my Mother arrived from across town, hell-bent on doing something to "help out." For the life of me, I could not think of a thing for her to do other than helping me to tame the monster between my legs that I had just decided to flog. I could not believe I had asked my Mother to jack me off. I will blame it on sleep depravation, but I did ask, and to my surprise, she proceeded to give me a great hand job.

I remembered how soft my mother’s hands felt on my cock. I remembered her steady pounding on my dick. I remembered how shocked I was when she asked if she could use her mouth! She could take my entire cock completely in her mouth and throat, and could deep throat it confidently. My Mother had been trained by someone to be a cocksucking expert. I remember her taking out her false teeth and forcing my balls in her mouth too! I remember my Mother’s tongue licking the bottom of my balls and my taint. I remember an incredibly intense orgasm injecting a big load of cum directly down her throat. This amazing treat/feat had never happened to be before. I kept thinking about these things, over and over again.

I was still in bed but now wide-awake and my cock was hard as a rock. I heard someone letting themselves in the door, and then I heard: "Ashok, are you here? It’s Mom."

It was not my Mother’s voice I heard, but my Mother-In-Law’s voice Shilpa. "Yes, I’m here. I’m still in bed" I called out.

A few seconds later, she was standing in my bedroom doorway, and then she came toward me saying: "Congratulations Daddy! Did you guys have a tough night? How are Mother and Son?"

She then sat at the side of my bed hugging and kissing me. I was struggling to keep my hard dick from touching her.

"A long, hard night, but everyone is fine. Anagha and the baby are sleeping"

"I brought some groceries for you, but I see that Anagha has meals already made up for you. Is there anything that you would like me to do for you"?

It seemed to me that these same words had been spoken just a couple hours ago by my Mother, who ended up giving me a spectacular blowjob. I thought "Déjà vu, hasn’t this already happened"?

I realize now that I have not told you about my Mother-In-Law, Shilpa. Shilpa is in her late 45’s, with short black and grey hair. She is a conservative well-groomed small woman, very slim, short in height, and very plain. She is quiet around people she doesn’t know well, and at times opinionated around us. Shilpa lives in Pune and does not have an important thing to do in the world. She is a hard worker and volunteers at the Red Cross. She was ready to visit us, (to help out) when the call came that our baby, Sonu, had been born earlier this morning. Shilpa is very naïve sexually. She just doesn’t seem to know much about sex. I quit trying to joke around with her about sex, she just doesn’t get it. Shilpa is not ugly, and she is not pretty, she just plain. I would say Shilpa’s best physical feature is that she is slim and doesn’t seem to be fat at all.

Ok, Shilpa had just asked me if there is anything, she can do for me and she is waiting for an answer. "Well, Anagha had an energy burst yesterday and did everything I can think of that had to be done around the house. She even painted the baby’s room."

"Do things need cleaned up in there or put away?" Shilpa inquired.

"No, she already did all that yesterday." I replied.

"Well there must be something that I can do around here that she didn’t do yesterday!" Shilpa questioned.

"Well, there is one thing that I had asked Anagha to do but she didn’t have time to do it. But, you may not want to do it." I fibbed a little, I had asked, but Anagha turned me down and said she was too busy.

"And what might that be?" Shilpa asked.

"I had asked for a massage. Now you don’t have to, but it is something that I thought of, that you would be able to help me with. Or maybe, I can ask Anagha for one when we go back to the hospital later today".

"Oh, for Heaven’s sake Ashok, you can’t be asking a girl in the hospital that just had a baby to give you a massage! I will give you your massage. You’ll have to tell me what to massage."

What a great day I’m having! Things are really working for me today. I’ve already had an extremely rewarding "help session" earlier today from my Mother and now my Mother-In-Law has just agreed to massage me where I tell her to. Life is good!

At this point, I am still completely naked and sporting a huge pup tent under the sheet. And as expected, Shilpa is completely oblivious to my barely concealed hard cock. I thought it best to start her off slow, and asked her to start on my back as I turn over to my stomach. I had to take special care repositioning my erection to a somewhat comfortable position.

"Well what do you want me to do?" Shilpa inquired

"Just straddle my legs and sit on my legs and butt, and rub my back paying attention to my neck and shoulders, and my lower back."

"Well I’ll have to change Ashok; I’ve got a skirt on, and panty hose. I didn’t bring anything to wear for this."

"I’ve got a pair of gym shorts you can wear in my top dresser drawer. You can change in the bathroom."

Shilpa found the gym shorts and quickly slipped off her panty hose and skirt and slipped on the gym shorts, and was quickly back to my bed. She sat down, and then crawled over to me and slung a leg over me, just as I had suggested and started the massage.

"Am I doing this right? I don’t think I have ever given a massage before. Even to Clarence."

Clarence was her departed husband, and my Father-In-Law. Clarence was an accountant and a frail man, who probably only weighed about 120# soaking wet when I knew him. He died from complications from his hemorrhoid surgery a few years ago. Shilpa probably weighs the same, but I must say she is put together much nicer than he ever was. I think they had a marriage of convenience and definitely not one of passion.

"Your massage feels great! Don’t forget my shoulders and lower back."

Shilpa had very soft hands, much like my Mother’s. Her massage technique was not confident enough to really be erotic in itself, but my dick was still hard thinking of my Mother-In-Law’s crotch sitting on my butt. I’m not a body builder or anything, but I do lift weights, and keep myself in shape, and I am almost twice the size of my Father-In-Law, in every way. I think Shilpa was starting to enjoy massaging my body and naked back. I am sure she noticed that I was completely nude when she was working my lower back under the sheet a bit.

"Well, I think that’s enough for this side. Would you get up for a second and let me turn over please? Thank you for doing this, you are doing a great job, and you are a big help." I added

When Shilpa stood straight up on the bed and I turned over, the gym shorts she was wearing were sticking out far enough to give me wide open view of Shilpa’s salt and pepper muff. "Oh, my God" I thought to myself. "She doesn’t have any panties on, and Shilpa has a very hairy pussy". I love hairy pussies! My wife Anagha, used to have an almost shaved pussy because she thought that was the proper way to take care of herself. Nevertheless, when I appeared, I changed that in a hurry. Anagha now has a beautiful hairy pussy, but she just doesn’t have the quantity of hair, nor does it cover the acreage Shilpa’s does. I’m not saying Shilpa looks like a gorilla or something, she just has a dense patch of fur in just the right place.

Shilpa’s fur patch made my cock throb. I turned over to my back, and Shilpa sat back down on the top of my thighs with my hard cock jutting up between her legs with just a sheet in between the naughty parts. She leaned over and started massaging my stomach, chest, and shoulders. In this position, there was no way that she couldn’t feel my hard cock that close to her pussy and stomach. When she leaned forward my cock would poke her in the belly button, but she didn’t say a word about it. I remember thinking, "Is she really that naïve that she doesn’t know what is happening here?"

My Mother-In-Law seemed to be contently massaging my stomach, chest, and shoulders, but I couldn’t stand the drama any longer. I had to do, or say something, to take this to the next level. I must admit that earlier in the day when I had asked my Mother for help, it worked our much better than I expected. Mother didn’t get mad, or upset, she just very lovingly gave me the cocksucking of a lifetime. Maybe if I asked Shilpa for a dick massage, she would feel obligated, since her daughter hasn’t been taking care of me completely lately! If you think about it, it’s not really that different from what she is doing right now, and it’s not too far away. It’s just a few inches from where she is massaging right now! Ooh! I have to ask her.

"Shilpa you are doing a wonderful job. It’s hard to believe this is your first time giving a massage. Matter of fact, look how hard it really is." Then I pointed to my hard cock holding the sheet up in the air.

Shilpa looked at the high point in the sheet, blushed, and replied: "On my goodness! Is that because of me?"

"Well yes, partly because of you, and partly because Anagha and I haven’t had sex in such a long time. And I’m afraid it’s going to be a while before she is ready to have sex again either." I advised her. "You have already been so helpful by giving me a massage, but I’m not really as relaxed as I could be. Would you help me out by taking care of this problem for me please." Pointing again to my hard dick.

"Oh, Ashok I don’t know . . . that wouldn’t be right. You are my daughter’s husband."

"Look Shilpa, it’s your daughter that hasn’t been keeping up with her wifely duties. We are all family. No one else needs to know how we work out our family situations. You don’t want me to go and get relief somewhere else do you?"

"Of course not! I don’t want you going to prostitutes, people would find out. That wouldn’t be right either."

"Look Shilpa, this isn’t the first time this has happened to anyone. It happens all the time! It’s just the first time for us. Different people handle this same situation in different ways. The one’s you hear about are the one’s who do go to prostitutes, hang out in bars, and the ones that have affairs. In privacy, just between us, is the best way to handle this. Don’t you agree?"

"Well alright, just a minute". Shilpa said as she got up and left the room.

I do not really know what she meant by that. Did she mean, "Well alright just a minute, I’m getting a gun, and I’m going to blow your head off.", or did she mean, "I have to go to the bathroom", or did she mean, "Yes, I well jerk you off." I don’t know what she meant. I stayed put and it sounded like she was opening her suitcase in the spare room.

Shilpa walked back in the room wearing her robe, and I couldn’t tell what she was wearing under it. I didn’t see any gun. She walked over to the window and closed the curtains then back to the door, and locked and closed that. She walked to my bed and crawled in under the sheet with me.

"Get it over with. And be quick about it". She said as she laid on her back, prone still in her robe.

Well once again I was about to get more than I had asked for, and even more than I had hoped for. I had hoped for the massage to continue on my cock, but I gather now, I was being offered a visit to the Holy Land – including a peek of the shrouded Holie of Holies! I wasn’t about to argue about it since I vividly remembered my recent peek of my Mother-In-Laws hairy pelt. Just the thought, of her hairy pussy kept my cock hard during my short wait.[/size:3kptlc5c]

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