Love Gate Finally Opened


[size=150:vf80pyax][color=#0000BF:vf80pyax]Love Gate Finally Opened

Well, some writers have a quotient of telepathy within them or was it a hidden desire within me itself – I am still not clear. I came to know about Rajesh when Xossip was holding Queen Contest and during that period itself – he started knocking our hearts – and we realized it a bit later that we have found a good friend in him. The feel itself was a sweet gentle surprise to us. Shortly after the contest was over we started hearing rumors that he had started writing on Simron The Xclusive Queen and Kaajal The Xclusive BJ Queen and Ria The Xclusive Flashing Queen.

A sort of tinge pierced us – why he did not talk to us? – why he is not writing about us ? – why he has left us behind ? – perhaps he knew telepathy well and waited till the right moment when the anxiety in us reached boiling point and pat came his message and he blew the lid off from our conservatism and opened us – rather penetrated in our thoughts like a knife penetrating butter. And I opened up like boiling water and started answering him . By Joe what a relief it was to blurt out myself which I had been holding for years.

Oh no! you must be wondering who am I? Let me introduce myself – I am Raj husband of Sophia – this year’s Xclusive Boobs Queen.

Sophia my darling wife was destined to become a nun and even her parent too agreed that she should spend her life in service of Almighty. But destiny had something else in store – an arranged marriage took place and we got married .

How it happened? I would not like to share for reasons you might also understand it will blow the lid from our cover.

When I saw Sophia for the first time I felt as if Cleopatra is sitting right in front of me and trust me even without make up she beats the hell out of the lusted Bollywood and Hollywood heroines.

When I was blurting out myself to Rajesh – he immediately took me into flashback and those 26 six days right from my marriage day started flashing infront me one by one. Not going into detail of each day like a boring diary I will just let you know the feel factor of those 26 days.

Vicente Ferrer perhaps knew my state of heart and wrote the following :

When I think of you,
It fills my heart with desire,
A passion full of fire.

I long to kiss your silky skin,
to nibble and bite you,
Igniting this passion within.

I long to peel off your clothes,
Exposing your gorgeous body
from your head to your toes.

I long to feel you in my arms,
to caress and hold you tight…
can you feel the love, not just my charms?

I long to taste the sweetness of your body,
I long to hear your whispers and moans,
So softly in my ear, "I Love You My Baby"

To be with you forever, each and every day,
To make love to you forever,
My Lover, My Girlfriend, My Mate.
All of this is my Desire,
To bring about our Passion and our Fire…

The only difference is that he is mentioning his Girl Friend whereas for me it was my wife – my Sophie Darling and why not my girl friend too!

Each day, each night, each second right from our marriage night I longed to touch her and feel her and make love to her but she used to shy away and become so repulsive as if I am a demon. My heart used to cry every second – I used to feel as if I am being tortured but was brought up in a way that instead of becoming repulsive towards her I started loving her all the more. Perhaps it is rightly said that Patience, Understanding. Love and Affection are the four pillars of making any marriage successful and these values come in a person who get the right atmosphere while being brought up by parent and I too got the same which gave me the power to endure the pain I was suffering and to understand her mental state too. For a girl who planned her career to become a nun is not easy to accept married life. For 20 days I could only see her cute loving face her delicate hands and her lovely feet. She was so conservative that beyond that no one could see an iota of her even her husband..

Every day and every second my heart cried for her and lines of Ferrer kept looming in my heart and mind and every iota of my body.
Destiny perhaps had some mercy for me in store It was the 20th day of our marriage when her parent went out of city for some work. She felt very lonely and cried and cried and cried. I tried to console her and that night she slept on my shoulders. It was the first time she came so near to me that I could feel her body heat. That touch itself soothed me and I also slept in sitting position deeply engrossed her aroma.

That night the barrier by God’s grace was broken – she started trusting me. And perhaps she too felt somewhere in herself the warmth of a male’s body. Her body hormones that were lying dormant somehow got activated – Which she never disclosed to me but in my deep heart I could feel the change that came in next day when I asked her to show her boobs – at first she shied away and declined but in the night she agreed to show me her boobs but I was still not allowed to touch them feel them.

Slowly and slowly everyday I used to plead her to let me have a glimpse of her beautiful body and very slowly day by day she started peeling her clothes – now that was the height of patience but I had to bear with it and finally she allowed me to feel her boobs and I started sucking them like a hungry infant. I don’t have any words to express my emotions when I was sucking her boobs for the first time, when I was feeling her so close to me – all the pent up frustration of 24 days got vanished and I found myself in new world. That aroused her too but the consummation was still far away.

Yeah the ordeal went for other two days I used to now feel her, kiss her and sleep with a raging hard on, but still I was now content that and I need to be a little more patient for the final barrier to crush down and it did blew itself away on the 26th night of our marriage.

That night – the 26th night of our marriage was the night when all barriers too thought that they had tortured me enough, had tested my patience enough, the barriers felt that now we both have started understanding each other, they felt that we do love each other, they felt that we are now affectionate towards each other – they started feeling shy of themselves and blew themselves apart. That was the night when we came more close to each other- when we both saw each other naked – when each and every morsel of us was dying to feel each other, when our souls were ready to mingle with each other and eventually our bodies clung with each other.

Each kiss that night was reaching to the souls – each lick that night was caressing the souls. Our bodies were just the via media it was our souls which had engulfed us which had empowered us. That was the first blissful night of our marriage. We no more remained as two individuals we became a couple never to part away.
Those 20 days were full of very small gestures from my side that used to convey that I care for her, that used to convey that I love her, that used to convey that I am her protector. Very small things that sometimes married couples forget the meaning of those . Instead of elaborating on those I just want to convey to the readers that small things do matter –for a very successful married life and my example would have made you understand that Patience, Understanding, Love and affection are the first and foremost important virtues to make any marriage follow the success path.

I think I digressed a bit from my story coming back to the 26th night when we became couple. That was the night when sex entered in our lives. Each moan of her was telling me that she is enjoying, each moan of her was a music to my ears, it gave me a sort of fulfillment that I was finally able to make her experience the heavenly pleasure one gets in sex and the supreme feel of ecstasy when orgasm is experienced.

After that there was no turning back as far as sex was concerned, I also became happy and every day in the morning after we had sex in the night her face used to glow.

I could feel the rise in her confidence level but still was not able to break the shackle of conservatism that had blocked her mind to expose even a bit to a third person.

I used to feel very awkward with her dressing sense – again as I said earlier I had to be patient to break these shackles.

Our love life was running at its slow pace though I wanted her to change her wardrobe a bit but she never agreed and I never wanted to force her, I desired that the feel should come from within – the feel of a woman – who likes to be admired – who likes to be lusted upon but it seemed that patience was the word very deeply engraved amongst us.

A slight change did happen but not here – it happened when we went on holiday to US. There when she saw even Indian girls and woman wearing revealing dresses it came as a surprise to her and jolted her quiet effectively. After a few days of holidaying around I bought a sexy dress for her – not much revealing one and convinced her to wear . Wow after she wore that I myself was shocked her persona had changed drastically – that simple nun had transformed into a bomb shell.

She was ready to wear that in hotel room for me but was not ready to move outside – it took me a lot to convince her and she finally gave in. Out on the roads when people started ogling her – she used to keep her eyes lower but I could feel from her expression that she felt pride in being lusted upon. And she disclosed that later to me in the evening and we had a stormy session of sex that night.

This barrier also went away and she started wearing sexy dresses though not revealing ones, I too got the feeling of pride that this damsel beauty whom others are lusting upon is mine and only mine. It gave a boost to our sex life – she used to be damn horny by the evening dripping badly and in need of a sound fucking. I too used to get a raging hard on and we enjoyed the rest of nights in US like mad couple.

After return back home she adopted her old wardrobe but with a slight change she did not cover herself up totally like she used to do earlier but she never agreed to wear revealing dresses and I too did not pressurize her.

Oooouuuuuuuccchhhhhhh I forgot to tell you that she is sitting beside me and pinched me hard whilst I am writing to you Rajesh – I turned towards her and saw a feel of guilt in her eyes which shocked me. A few trinklets oozed from her eyes she snatched the laptop from me. I could not bear the feel of hurt in her eyes so kept quiet and was just looking at her, before I could say anything I saw her typing.

I saw her writing that she loved me more than her life and even to this day she feels very bad about those 20 days which kept us apart . I saw her tears wetting the keypad of lap top and this was more than enough for me to endure. I pulled her in my lap and showered her with kisses. “Don’t ever blame yourself honey – I love you and you know it – never ever feel guilty it was not your fault – the fault lied somewhere with destiny which brought us together at that time when you were not totally ready.’

I pacified her and she slept in my lap like a kid- she always does that – her innocent lovely face was calling me to kiss her – but I did not want to disturb her.
After she was in deep sleep, I slowly put her on bed and resumed writing to Rajesh. Next year we planned a holiday to Singapore which was the turning point in her wardrobe sense and she agreed putting on revealing dresses but up to a certain limit which my conscious too allowed and we had a frolicking holiday after this holiday was over on return she became bit bolder and started showing her navel . When I used to see guys of all age ogling her it was a huge arousing factor for me and she too felt pride in herself ob being lusted upon – our lives changed and our night adventures on bed became more and more bolder – mind blowing.

It was our third holiday to Mauritius that brought a complete change in her and I could feel that the tigress in her had unleashed herself it was fun photographing her on a secluded beech in semi nude state and trust me she used to overpower me on bed in night and I really loved that change in her.

Everything got changed in our life – our overseas trips had a big effect on our mind sets and we though being conservative opened up a lot but we kept ourselves in limits.

Slowly sex was becoming a routine and was loosing its charm when while surfing I came across a site in which few couples had showcased their wives in different dresses , poses, nude,semi nude and there were lot of lewd comments. That intrigued me more and I took courage to post a pic of Sophie in which just a part of her back was visible and she was clad in cream coloured silk saree and black blouse, I took a risk of facing wrath from Sophie but deep in heart I knew she would understand my feelings.

In the evening when I reached back home I explained her what I did- she was shocked and got angry like hell. But when she asked let’s see what comments are coming – I knew the tigress has taken the bait. She saw the comments and she became horny like hell.
We had a steamy sex that night.

Then I tried to convince her to allow me show her boobs.

“Nooooooooooooooooooo” Uff it sounded as if earthquake had fallen. Next day when I came back from office she asked me to show her the comments. She knew I will post it and she was waiting to know what kind of comments she is getting. How badly she is being lusted upon. Trust me Woman have this inner desire which they suppress lest the hubby might think wrong about them.
I made her see the comments and she started being wet profusely. So our sex life got rekindled with a new fire.

I used to do surfing on net a lot and finally I landed up at Xossip I discussed with Sophie which led to opening of Lovegate . Finally lovegate opened up and our sex life got spiced up.

Well Rajesh. This is how it happened – my motive behind telling about us is only one – I want to convey the message to fellow readers who would read this story that there are four pillars what we call as Virtues to make any marriage successful – Patience, Understanding, Love and affection. I know I am repeating but it’s worth repeating to emphasise the importance of these pillars.

After lovegate got opened at times I used to make my friends and good clients with whom I was closer – see her pics on the thread without definitely disclosing that she is my wife and used to ask their comments, which I used to tell Sophie on return back home and believe me I always saw a hunger in her eyes to hear what others are saying about her, how many are lusting for her, how her body is being praised and what not.

This is how Lovegate opened in our life – isn’t it interesting, exciting, bit adventurous and on top of it adds a dose of spice in one’s sex life. So what are you waiting for – Open your Lovegate at Xossip.
Hey ! one more thing – she still shows her tantrums when I post her pics and I know it now it’s all a drama.

‘Hey!!!!! What’s up?’

‘Enough ! now let me talk to Rajesh – you leave me alone for some time’

“Guys do I have a choice !!!! No – I know it.”

“ Hi Rajesh – Sophia here ! I know Raj has been talking to you about how Lovegate opened. I do know that being a writer you would have understood my state of mind when I got married. Still I would like to share my feelings which I know that Raj understands or rather he understood very well right from Day 1 of our marriage else I might have landed up in dark corners. Raj had very patiently transformed a would be nun to one who is now loving life and enjoying it to the core of heart. I feel very lucky and proud that I got Raj as a hubby, else you can imagine – would any guy have that kind of patience to wait for 26 days to consummate the marriage. I…..I….. sorry won’t be able to write more …. Hope you would understand what I wanted to convey- with Love Sophia”

Well friends this is the true life story of our Xclusive poster love gate – Raj & Sophia. Ever since Raj started talking about his life with me I wondered whether I have that kind of patience in me or as a matter of fact – how many of us have that kind of patience in us. On one side there is Raj who stood up as an apostle of Love, Affection, Patience and Understanding on other side we have Sophia – my God what type of trauma she might have gone through in the first 20 days of her marriage – do we have that power in us to feel what she might have felt.

Whenever I read about them I feel rattled from inside, on other side I am very happy about them Love Gate finally opened in their life.[/color:vf80pyax][/size:vf80pyax]

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