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Hi Smita

I have this wonderful friend Jennifer. We never met till pretty late. Yes we did chat a lot in yahoo or MSN. I hade save our chat session and I hope you will get excited reading the same and at the end you will get sad when you read the same what life is all about.


jen2952: hi how are you ?
sachin_here: yeh I have been waiting for you
jen2952: why
sachin_here: come on jen, from the time you told me that you like what I like just couldn’t resist knowing how you faced your brutality
jen2952: do u really want me to tell each and everything
sachin_here: come on jen don’t break ur promise we have chatting pretty long, so what’s bothering to tell the same, I could love to hear the same
jen2952: its going to cost you then

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sachin_here: What ?????
sachin_here: yeh u there
jen2952: yes on a call wait
sachin_here: hello what is going to cost me
jen2875:ok I am here, but one thing sach, tell me why do guys always want to know what a gal has done and forget the cost factor I like you so tell you.
sachin_here: might be to be frank as per me, I don’t get what I want, you know that and gals get what they want, even at times even if they don’t want they still get it. Like you as you told you were also raped and humiliated a couple of times with your known peoples. Guys like me only can dream of having sex with beautiful gals like you, so at least for me you tell me so I can dream more of you or sex or anything dear that gives me a hard one

jen2952: ahh I don’t believe that
sachin_here: ok forget that jen just tell me abt u
sachin_here: I am dying to know about you after seeing ur photo seeing you on ur cam right now, your bloddy red lips, your firm breast, your beautiful hair and see I can even see you titties from your t-shirt I am going crazy

jen2952: ahh that’s nice to know that seeing me u are going crazy
sachin_here: you look beautiful hot sexy what else u want to know, ur breast wow they are heavenly, but still u don’t showed me what’s u have hidden between ur legs to me
jen2952: come on I don’t think its any different frm what ur wife is having
sachin_here: it will be there, but your will be really special

jen2952: it’s the same, nothing else
sachin_here: why
jen2952: what why

sachin_here: ok tell me your sex saga want to hear it from you
jen2952: Ok I was always humiliated so started loving it, rather the plain loving sex I was always forced for something or the other and I couldn’t stop it too
sachin_here: ok ma’am as you say, but please tell me this incident of yours in details take your time and I have all the time in the world for you word by word strip by strip and please for me your only friend

jen2952: I was in 12th and 17 years in girls college doing my arts. Guys were constantly after me no issues. But one day it was Sunday we had extra class and this guy prakash who was after me every now and then. That day hardly there were any peoples when I reached college after church. Class was going to be at 11 and I reached at 8:30 pm. I went to my class and was just keeping my head on the table and was taking a nap. I was wearing a loose long skirt and a kurti. I felt somebody near me and it was prakash with some flowers and chocolates. Then the usual what you guys always tell u guys want friendship that this and all that stuff. I told I am not interested. He said why and all that stuff. He was trying to please me in all ways. I was about to leave from there I was surprised when he suddenly caught me and his lips was on my lips. I was shocked started to beat him on his shoulders as well as pushing him. He was strong guy and his hands were on the back of my head and his other hand on my ass pressing me more towards him. Suddenly I didn’t know what happened I stopped fighting and strange thing was going all over my body as he made me lie on the desk and still kept on kissing me. I could feel his hands on my thighs.

sachin_here: wow
sachin_here: and then
sachin_here: yeh you there
jen2952: why cant you have some patience sending it
sachin_here: ok

jen2952: I felt his hands in my skirt and I again started to push his hands. I yelled stop it. He immediately stopped kissing me and ran out. I was shocked then realized there was other person running after him, telling rukh rukh. I got up from the desk and was surprised to see our peon. He came and started yelling at me, what I am doing there and all that stuff. I showed my ID. I told him that guy was trying to molest and all that stuff. he told ha barobar flowers or chocolate ka dam wasul to karne ka tumhse us ladke ko girls college mein leke aya. I told him but he didn’t listen and went telling jo bhi bolne ka pradeep sir ko bol do. I tried to stop him he went off. I was worried as Pradeep sir was our Vice principal. The class started at 11 and by 12:30 it was over. I didn’t know what to do. Some of my close friends asked me what happened to me, I said nothing to them. I sat in the class in fact just few girls were sitting and I was sitting alone as I was afraid to go out.

sachin_here: u there

jen2952: some other batches girls started coming as there was another lecture of the same teacher at 1 pm. I didn’t know and started walking out. The peon Viju was waiting out there and told me to come to meet pradeep sir. I told please. He told chalo jaldi time nahi yeh. I pleaded him and he started taking me to his house. But instead of going to his home he took me further to the library. I asked him we have to go here. He told Pradeep sir is going to come to Principal’s house. As far I know our Principal Mrs.Kala was out of station. He opened the door as he had the keys and took me in and closed the door. He asked me my name I told him the same. He started his dirty talk and started telling me kab se chudh rahi te, kitne lund le chuki huw mein. I started crying in front of him and told him that I am innocent. He asked me tunhe kabhi lund le nahi ab talak. He talked dirty like anything and at last he told me that he hasn’t told Pradeep sir till now. I thanked him to which he told, merko tera thank you bink q kuch nahi chaiye. Tu kuwari hai yeh chudkad hai va to pata lagega aj talak maine kafi ladkiya ko chodha huw isi college ke, aur aj terko chodunga. I was shocked to hear that and started going near the door. He pulled me by my hairs and pushed me on the ground and removed his shirt and slept on top of me.

sachin_here: just tell me one thing honestly what was your feeling at that time deep down in your heart

jen2952: I just wanted to run away from that place.

sachin_here: be frank jen

jen2952: I do like and think and spoke about sex. I did like when guys use to make a pass on me or brush me, but at least not in this way. My dream sex was very different till that time and above all I thought Prakash was better then this bastard.

jen2952: there was a knock at the door, I felt a sigh of relief. Viju went slowly and opened the door. It was another peon. He too entered and other guy closed the door saying kay mast mal hai. Viju closed the door latch of the room I shouted, “yeh kya kar rahe ho” Both started laughing and did not answer. I knew I was in a mess. I got up quickly and was trying to run. I tried to run but Dattu the other peon caught my hand. He said “tera yar prakash puch raha ta tere bare mein, tu gayi kay nahi, lekin aaj hum tumhe aise nahin jane denge. Thodha hume bhi khush to kar do. Phir hum tumhe chale jana uske ke sath. Viju said “aree dattu isne abhi tak kissi lund ka swad nahin liya hai aisa yeh bol rahi ti”. Dattu pulled me toward him. He then caught my both my arms and Viju grabbed me from behind. Viju said “tu bahut sundar aur mulayam hai”. I was almost like pillow getting crushed by their bodies.

sachin_here: wow what a first fuck you were getting

jen2952: Dattu grabbed my head with his palms and was trying to kiss me and I was moving here and there, as I didn’t want to get kissed by him. Viju held my head firmly from behind and he started kissing my lips. I tried to get free from the grip of Dattu but he was very strong for me. By that time Viju took off his pants and was now in his undies. I really got frightened and didn’t have any idea what to do. I was struggling to get free but couldn’t anyhow. Then Viju caught my hands and Dattu took off his shirt and pants also he was as well now in his undies. I was still struggling to get free from their grip but they were really strong guys. I plead them “pls mujhe jane do mujhe barbad mat kar”. Viju told, “barbad kaha abad kar rahe yeh terko” then grabbed me from behind and pulled my waist towards him. Dattu started to suck on my lips again but I was resisting very much so he held my hair caught my face hard and was rough on me. Viju was now rubbing his hands inside my kurti and was simultaneously pressing his dick in the crack of my ass holding my hands.

jen2952: Dattu pulled my skirt down. I was just in my kurti. Viju’s tongue was running all over my neck and was kissing me violently on my neck and licking my neck and ear lobes and this aroused me. Then viju pulled my kurti and left me in my bra and panty. By the kissing of viju on my neck and back I was getting a bit aroused automatically in spite they were forcing on me and had stopped opposing their acts. Then both of them pulled down their undies and both became naked in front of me. My eyes bulged as I saw cocks for the first time. It was pretty big compared what I imagined seeing young boys or of my brother when he was young. Viju pushed me on the sofa and pressing his two fingers against my cheeks opening my lips shoved in his cock. It smelled yuck at that time. I felt bad but was helpless. First I felt a bit weird to suck their dicks but I didn’t knew what my body was doing it started liking the manly touch over my naked skin for the first time. Viju was moaning “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ummmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooh oooooooooh hhaaann isis tarah aur andar apne muh me lo aur chooso” now I started to enjoy their meat in my mouth and also listening to these words I began to suck more violently and taking their dicks till the fullest length I can. I sucked their tips and their balls.

jen2952: After 10min of sucking viju first ejaculated in my mouth. It felt yuck and I was about to spit and he kept his hand on my mouth saying, “yeh terko mast taqat degi, thuki ti kay hai”. Viju after ejaculating moved out while Dattu’s pulled my hair and put his dick in my mouth and I sucked for another 5 min and then his dick ejaculate. He also came in my mouth and I was made to suck in the last drop of Dattu’s dick. Then Viju came near me making me stand against the wall. Viju then lowered the straps of my bra and then opened the hook of bra. My boobs were exposed to them. Both of them were delighted to see my boobs. Viju took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hard pinching my nipples while sucking the other and biting my nipples. I was crying “aaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyeeeee Ooooooooooohhhhh Haaaaaiii mmmmmaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr gaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeee Naaaaaaahhhhhhhiiiiiiinnnn” but my cried had no effect on him. Dattu pulled my panty down. Now I was totally naked in front of two peons.

jen2952: They were now looking my body like hungry dogs. I always most of the time had clean shaved cunt at that time after my friend had suggested its better in that way. In fact I had shaved the other night only. They were very delighted and Viju said “terko dekhe aise nahi lagta ke paheli kabhi chudi kuy re dutta, aise chutt meine blue film sirf dekh ta”. Then viju came near me and started to kiss my lips and sucked them while he started pressing my boobs again. I was moaning “Haiii hmmmm ahhhhh ”. Dattu was kissing my legs and rubbing my thighs this created an arousing feeling in my pussy. He was sucking my pussy like hungry dog. He inserted his index finger in my pussy and moans of pleasure like “aah ooh yes yes ahhh aur aah aah” were coming out of my mouth. He finger fucked me for a long time. He then sucked my pussy for 10min. and then I had the orgasm of my life and he kept on licking my cunt as my body shuddered and said to me “wah terko to roj chodna padega abhi”. Viju lifted me in the arms took me inside and made me lie on the principal’s bed and pulled my legs apart as wide as he can. I closed my eyes as I was now going to be fucked. [/size:1cqg6ibl]

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