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Chapter One

The clock said 2:00 A.M. and Erica couldn’t sleep. Insomnia was rarely an occurrence for her, so not being able to sleep was not something she was accustomed to. It didn’t help to masturbate either, because she’d already done that without success. What she really needed to send her into blissful unconsciousness was for her husband to give her a good hard fucking, but alas, that wasn’t going to happen either because he was still traveling this weekend.

Erica hated it when Matt travelled, but the job paid very well and kept the bills paid, so they existed with the sex they could get on the weekends he could come home. They lived for the weeks that Matt was home during the school year, because they could go at each other all day every day and really experience some kinky encounters.

Erica didn’t know why she was even wasting her time getting worked up again. She wasn’t going to get the fuck she needed. “Well, I might as get up and watch some TV,” she stated aloud though no one was around to hear. At least it was Friday night so she didn’t have to get up early.

She walked into the living room after a quick trip to the kitchen for a soda, and headed for the TV. It was then she heard the noises coming from downstairs in the basement. It sounded like her 18 year-old daughter, Amy, had her radio or TV turned on. The basement was pretty much her daughter’s domain and the rest of the family didn’t venture down there much. It also wasn’t unusual for her to be up late on Friday, chatting on the phone or IM’ing with friends on the Internet.

With that, Erica cheered up a little. At least she wouldn’t be up by herself. Maybe her daughter would like to come watch a movie with her.

Making the decision, Erica headed down the stairs to the basement below. The basement itself was fairly large with a good-sized living area and a separate bedroom for Amy. It also had a door leading outside to the driveway. Matt and Erica had caught Amy sneaking out that door before, and had hoped that issue had ceased.

As she got closer to the basement, the sounds became clearer. They were sounds that Erica had heard before. She could not believe her ears, but they were the sounds of a porno! The grunting, moaning and gasping was unmistakable, but it seemed that Amy had the volume turned up kind of loud. Where did she get a porno, and why was she watching it?

The living area of the basement was deserted. Though the TV in there was on, it was neither showing a porno nor was the volume turned up. The noises were coming from Amy’s bedroom.

Erica walked slowly up to the door listening close to discern what was happening. She could see light coming from underneath the door.

The emotions running through her right now were so mixed that she could not interpret exactly how she felt. ‘Is Amy having sex in there? She can’t be watching a porn movie, there is some “not right” about it all.’

Erica stood by the door and listened intently. The next thought was completely unusual for a parent who thinks she just caught her child having sex in the parents’ own home, “Shit, even she’s getting fucked.”

Erica put her hand on the door knob and tried it ever so slightly. It wasn’t locked. You would think if she was having sex that she’d lock the door to prevent this from happening to prevent being caught by a parent, but there it was, unlocked.

She continued turning it and opened it slightly. Of course, with the lights on in the room there was no spill of light from the hallway. The angle of Amy’s bed from the door also kept the participants inside from noticing the door open. Even if either were a factor they may not have noticed anyway. The sight was so incredulous that Erica could only stare.

She had already convinced herself that Amy had snuck a boy in and they were having sex, but the real case was nothing less than shocking.

It was a gangbang.

She knew what one was. Her husband, Matt, was a special fan of movies containing them. He loved to fantasize about them while they were having sex, but Erica was sure his opinion would be different of this one.

It never occurred to her that it was anything but a gangbang. Rape was never even a question in her mind. It didn’t take a psychologist to figure out that her daughter wasn’t a victim, but rather a willing participant.

She had chided Amy for cussing several times in the past and suspected her language wasn’t the cleanest while away from home. I mean what kid’s language was still perfect out there, but the filth that was flowing from her mouth was beyond bad language. Amy was cussing a streak that a drunken sailor would be proud of.

At the moment, there were 3 other participants in the room with her. All boys, all naked, and Erica knew all of them well from the years she has watched them grow up. She had served them cool drinks and snacks. She had bought little boy birthday presents for them years ago.

In those days, she never would have imagined that today she’d be watching them fuck the shit out her daughter.

At the moment Amy was on her back with her legs spread wide and over the shoulders of Bobby. The other two were Shaun and Rusty. They were all on the bed together and while Bobby was getting the main action, Shaun and Rusty were fondling Amy’s tits and anything else they could get to considering Amy was nearly bent in half.

It suddenly occurred to Erica that she should do something. She should yell for them to stop. She should walk in and kick those fuckers out of her house.

That didn’t happen though. Erica was mesmerized. Beyond that, she was enraptured with the scene before her.

She also noticed that she was very, very excited.

Her trembling fingers moved down her standard sleeping outfit of an oversized t-shirt and a pair of cottons panties to discover that her panties were soaked.

“This should not be turning me on!” She thought.

But it was. Oh fuck it really was.

When she touched her panty clad pussy, she almost gasped out loud. Her clit was hard and aching to be touched. She couldn’t imagine doing anything else other than touching it.

So, while standing in her daughter’s doorway watching her being fucked, Erica masturbated.

She started with her hands over the material of her panties, but quickly pulled it aside to get to the flesh underneath. Soon, she removed them altogether, and really got to work with both hands working magic on her horny sex.

Suddenly from the bedroom, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Bobby had frozen in place and was apparently pumping Amy full of cum.

“Fuck yes! Fuck yes!” from Amy.

Bobby pulled out and got off the bed. Amy’s legs fell down onto the bed, and for an instant everyone, including Erica, caught a glimpse of the globs of cum oozing from her daughter’s freshly fucked pussy.

It didn’t last long, Shaun was next, and he was ready. He crawled in between her legs and sunk his cock directly to the hilt for those sloppy seconds.

Bobby stepped off to the side and nursed his cock that had not quite gone down.

Amy wrapped her legs around Shaun’s waist and tried to help him fuck her. Rusty, ready for more than playing with himself, stuck his cock in Amy’s face where she eagerly accepted the offered member and began slurping on his cock loudly and messily.

Erica was crouched in a weird angle, with one hand sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt, and the other hand playing with her clit.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she barely contained the scream as she had an earth shattering climax. Instead it came out as a barely audible whisper.

She had cum now. Reasonably, she should come to her senses and stop this from happening, but instead it had the opposite effect on her. She wanted more. One orgasm was not going to be enough for her this time.

Amy was no longer talking filthy non-stop. Instead, she was reduced to moans, grunts, and groans through a mouth full of cock. Where did she learn to suck cock like that! Holy shit, it was amazing. Her supposedly innocent daughter was nothing close to innocent.

Soon Shaun had enough and with a barely concealed scream, unleashed his load of cum into Amy’s cunt to mix with Bobby’s. He immediately crawled off and headed for the opposite side of the bed from Bobby.

He said, “Get her pussy Rusty, I want her to suck this cum off of my dick! I hear she loves it!”

Rusty wasted no time pulling away from Amy’s grasp and heading for her pussy. He grabbed one of her legs and rolled her over into the doggy style position. Once again, during the switch there was a glimpse of strings of cum hanging from her pussy down to the covers on the bed.

Amy seemed upset at first to lose the cock from her mouth, but when Shawn crawled on the bed in front of her, poor Rusty practically had to chase her as she crawled to the cock instead of waiting for it to get to her.

When she got to it, she made a very big deal of letting them see her lick the gooey cum mess off of it and sucking it into her mouth. She loved the show she was giving as

Rusty positioned his torpedo at her well lubed entrance, and slammed it home.

“I love cleaning up messy cocked boys!” stated Amy.

“Do you like it boys? I’ll clean you all up!”

Rusty was pounding her for all he was worth. In between his legs you could see the massive amounts of cum that Rusty was forcing out of her cunt and onto the bed.

Erica, was feeling insatiable. He pussy was on fire, and she couldn’t put it out. Should she ask to join in? She could really use some cock! Fuck, she really needed it!

Rusty started moaning, “Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh fuck yes! Take it bitch!” and unloaded into Amy’s pussy.

Erica came at that same moment, a little louder than last time. The thought of joining them put her over the edge, even though she knew that she most likely wouldn’t.

As it turned out, her decision was made for her.

“What have we here!?” stated a voice coming from the direction of the door leading outside.

Erica, caught in the throes of her orgasm could only continue to finger fuck herself and cum as she looked toward the voice.

It was coming from Billy who had just come inside the home from that door. He wasn’t alone…

Inside the room, Amy was still hot and ready to go. She was licking the mess off of the cocks that had just filled her with cum. Coincidentally, they were still very stiff and ready for more. Even with their stamina, it was apparent from the new development that she had planned on more than the three tonight.

The relief team had arrived.

Not only was Erica caught watching, but they had seen her masturbate to an orgasm.

“What are you doing Mrs. Martin?” asked Billy. “Have we interrupted something?”

Erica was the mom; the grown adult here. She should have had something adult to say, but in her state all she managed to stammer was a guilty, “I…I w..was watching.”

“Did you like what you saw?” Billy continued, “Of course I guess that is apparent,” he snickered.

As mentioned, he wasn’t alone. There were two more with him, and Erica didn’t fool herself as to why they were there. It was to fuck her daughter.

Erica was confused. “How do I get out of this?” she wondered.

To make matters worse, from the bedroom, she saw Amy and the others emerging to see what was happening.

Without a plan, without even the inkling of one, Erica stood motionless; mouthing incoherently, but with no words coming out to explain herself.

Billy solved the problem. He walked up to Erica, wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulling her close to himself, kissed her.

Erica struggled, but Billy was strong and she really didn’t last long anyway before she was kissing him back.

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