My Sister the Urinal


Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the story My Brother’s Urinal, but there is no need to read that first. Special thanks to Alice_Rosaleen who edited this story.


I waited in the car for my sister, wondering how I was going to get the smell of piss out of my car.

An hour passed.

I still waited.

Two hours and the bar had closed 15 minutes ago.

I couldn’t believe her. My little sister, her first week at UT, her first night out on sixth street and she goes and pees her pants in front of everyone. Then she accidentally pees on my girlfriend, well my ex-girlfriend now thanks to Becky, my brat of a sister.

I also couldn’t believe what I had done. I spent the next half hour out here in the car in a daze. Pure rage.

“We’re done!” Lacey had said.

“What?” I had said.

“You’re fucking bitch of a sister pissed all over me!”


I still could not understand.

Then she showed me the bottom of her pant legs, soaked through, right before she stormed off. Right before I stormed into the bathroom. Right before I finally let go of my resentment towards my sister in one unspeakable act of cruelty and revenge.

As my sister cried, covered in her own urine, I pulled out my dick and punished her by pissing all over her shirt, then all over her naked pussy as she sat bare ass on the bathroom floor. How she could do that in such a disgusting place was beyond me.

But I couldn’t stop myself. Even when I started to feel bad about what I was doing and how I was sounding, my insults and taunts clanging loudly off the bare walls, I kept going. I had the impulse over and over again to apologize even as the stream splashed in her mouth and she gagged- but I didn’t.

Because the thought of pissing, especially of a girl wetting herself, had always turned me on. And in so many moments during our childhood I found myself wondering as my sister rushed to the restroom if this would be the one time she didn’t make it, if this would be the time I finally saw the dark stain spreading on her shorts.

But I never thought of my sister in as a sexual being.. Not even as I fulfilled one of the fantasies no girl had ever let me do, or even talk about. Not until she started playing with herself in that puddle of piss. Then I had to leave before my erection became obvious to her. This was my sister and here I was taking advantage of her. Yeah she had always been a pain in the ass, but this was too far.

So I waited. Wondering what the hell I had just done to my life. Wondering what my parents would say. They had always taken her side in everything, always telling me it was my responsibility to take care of her as she demanded to be treated the way she thought she deserved.

I don’t think my parents knew they were playing favorites, and I don’t know if I would even call it that. It was more like they coddled her. That we were only two years apart meant nothing. In high school, I worked for everything, including a spring break trip to Ireland through with my history teacher. She just complained once and they sprang for the whole trip that I busted my ass a summer to afford.

I studied hard and got a scholarship to UT. I didn’t just coast and get in on a fluke ACT score. They went to all of her track meets, but never read a damn thing I wrote for the student newspaper. And it was the countless little things, the times I would have to chauffeur her around, always wondering when she would have to stop and go home to use the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to get away.

And then she follows me to college

And then she fucking tattles like she always does.

And suddenly I’m in fucking high school again.

I went back and forth as I waited for her, wondering what the hell was taking her so long. I knew the bartender Heath was more bark than bite, so I imagined her crying it out for a while and then in making her clean until closing time. I move back and forth from shame from feeling even the slightest bit aroused by my sister, to regret, to seething anger about how precious Becky always got to be treated, and then back again in a vicious festering circle of self-loathing.

I saw her emerge a little after two. The lights were bright enough still to make out everything. She was clearly soaked from head to toe, I could see that parked across the street. She looked around vacantly, not even looking for me, not even ordering an Uber. She was so fucking dumb sometimes. I saw a group of drunk girls heading up toward Sixth Street pass her. One of them even stopped to say something before storming away.

And Becky just stood there.

I honked the horn.

She jumped like a startled deer. After a moment of recognition, she made her way to the car. I unlocked the door and she made her way to the passenger seat, clearly covered in more urine.

I couldn’t help it. I lashed out.

“What the fuck Becky?”

“I’m sorry,” She said quietly, her eyes making friends with the floorboard.

“Did you wet yourself again?”

“No,” Becky said.

“Then what the hell happened?

Her eyes were blood red as she stared at me. I shrank back for a second, a flash of anger I had never seen from my bratty and spoiled baby sister suddenly slapping me across the face with the very violation I had inflicted.

“Everyone thought it was a good idea to pee all over me! I wonder who gave them that fucking idea?”

We were both quiet for what seemed to be an eternity.

“I’m really sorry Becky,” I said, my words shattering the silence. “I didn’t tell anyone to do that to you. I shouldn’t have… well know… peed on you in the first place. Just, just whatever you want. Whatever can make this better.”

“It’s okay,” she said softly.

“Really?” I couldn’t believe it.

How could anything be okay?

“Not really, but okay enough.”

“But I-”

“Look I know you were trying to be a dick. And I know I should be just ashamed… but I liked it. I want to do it again.”

“You want people to pee on you again?”

“I want you to piss on me again. And other people too. And fuck I don’t know, I just liked it and I don’t know what I want! I just want to go home, shower, and sleep.”

I drove us home in silence.


“I know what I want.” Becky declared it like a royal proclamation the next morning.

I barely had time to process her meaning as I looked up from my cereal to see her stride into the kitchen with a new confidence.


“Last night you said anything I wanted. And I know what I want.”

“Okay…” I said slowly, not liking where this was going already.

“I want you to take my virginity.”

“Jesus Christ, Becky! No way I’m doing that.”

“Mike you have to.”

“You’re my sister.”

“That’s why I want it to be you. Look last night I had time to kind of think things over and I want more. All night, being treated like that, like I wasn’t even a person… It was so fucking freeing!”


“Look you never had to care about what Mom and Dad thought. You were the fucking genius making the grades, running the newspaper, the one they never had to worry. Not like me. You had to keep tabs on me like a babysitter. Mom and Dad even gave you the car so you could lug me around. All I’ve ever wanted is to fit in like you, not be so awkward…”

She started to cry.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry just calm down.”

She continued after collecting herself, somehow never missing a beat. It was like she had the speech rehearsed in her head so perfectly that nothing I said even mattered.

“You’re off at college having sex and Mom thinks you’re just so perfect while Daddy thinks I need a chastity belt! So yeah, freeing. When I was in there, with all those men using me like that, no one had any expectations of me. I just let all my pride go and I got to finally be the filthy slut I’ve always wanted

“And it was all because of you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“I should be thanking you. Instead I’m going to threaten you.”

I knew what this meant.

“I don’t want to be a virgin anymore.”

“Why with me? With your brother? Isn’t that worse?”

“That’s why it’s so hot. Because it’s wrong. Because it’s so desperate and humiliating. I want to be the type of girl who will do anything. But I want to be safe. So I only want you to fuck me, but I want you to arrange something like the other night. I want at least a half-dozen guys. And this time, I want to suck them off.”

“I don’t think Heath-”

“Then not at the bar. Let’s do it here.”

“Here? How the fuck am I going to-”

“That’s a problem which can only be solved by the sibling who peed on the other.”

“Hey,” I teased. “You peed on my girlfriend first. Well, ex-girlfriend…”

“Then you should be happy to have someone other than your hand to play with.”


My friend David set it up. We had known each since high school, one of those friendships that continue on so long as it had the momentum of proximity. I’d always known he was into weird shit, and he knew a lot of our friends were into the same kinks. And the idea of using my baby sister turned him so much that I almost regretted letting him help me with the planning.

Together, Becky and I picked Saturday night. That gave David and I a week to plan, discuss, and work through the details. At first, the whole idea felt twisted and wrong to me. But it quickly became something that Becky and I bonded over. My sister was the epitome of every fake and forced porn scene I’ve ever watched or read; only her desire to be debased, taken, and used was entirely genuine. Becky told me she was up for anything so long as it didn’t involve kids, animals, or shit; other than that she wanted to be surprised about what happened.

I thought at first I might need to put out ads on Craigslist so no one would know, but enough of my friends had apparently used Becky’s services at the bar the night before that David said it didn’t matter. My sister’s reputation was already ruined. Word was spreading, and I even turned down a few guys who I felt should be below my sister’s standards. I even managed to convince one girl, my friend Heather, a plucky redhead, to record everything. She said she didn’t know if she could do more than watch, but that the party idea was to cool to miss.

At first I found myself wondering if Game Of Thrones had just desensitized everyone to incest. None of my guy friends even cared when I mentioned that I would be fucking my sister in front of them. None of them were creeped out or revolted. In fact, most said it one of the reasons they were coming to watch. And as the week progressed and Saturday got closer, I found myself less and less reluctant, and more and more excited.

Things between my sister and I had started to resemble an actual adult relationship. We had come to see each other’s perspectives on a lot of things. We had time to talk about our parents, to get over a lot of the things that should have been buried and forgotten years ago. It only took me making the time to talk, and Becky’s newfound ability to actually talk about her fetishes and ideas without any sense of shame or reluctance.

I never before found my sister attractive, but now I couldn’t help but notice her breasts, smaller but still impossible to notice. I couldn’t help but sneak glances at her tight ass she bent over, even as I somehow pretended I wasn’t seeing my younger sister in a whole new way. Seeing her as a new adult finding something for herself and pursuing sex with confidence was something indescribably tantalizing. She was unbelievably sexy. And knowing the way she wanted to be used, knowing that it matched everything running through my head about truly being dominant over a woman, well it changed everything. Instead of dreading this year, I was looking forward to the time I would get to spend with Becky learning about each other in the most intimate way.

There were a few ground rules we had discussed, but for the most part she wanted to be surprised. She went out around noon Saturday gave me a peck on the cheek, telling me to have everything ready for her return. Becky wanted a day out, on me of course, the works, new haircut and makeup, to be all done up for the scene.

She also wanted video, so I tasked Heather with holding my iPhone throughout the night. I heard a few grumbles as Becky arrived twenty minutes late. A lot of the guys have been drinking water and beer and holding it for hours. One of the guys couldn’t take it and used the bathroom ten minutes before she arrived.

If I had been sore about eating the cost of her day out, my opinion changed once I saw her outfit. The part in her dress barely covered each of her breasts and if I looked just right, I could see the slight change of color of her darker pink nipples. Becky had styled her hair to one side in a flattering and sophisticated way. I didn’t know enough about the name to say how, I just saw someone that both wasn’t and was still my little sister. Gone was the little girl wearing pigtails or a ponytail, just hanging out in jeans or T-shirt, and in walked this blonde bombshell completely in my command.

“Oh good everyone’s here!”

Somehow Becky now commanded the room. Somehow the shy meek little girl making a mess in the bathroom of a bar last week could address six strange guys and a girl with the newfound confidence of someone who no longer cared who knew what she really wanted her or who she really was. And that attitude was intoxicating to everyone who witnessed it.

“So I’m not going to talk anymore unless you tell me to. And of course I’ll say anything or do anything you tell me. Mike has told you the rules. Have fun with me!”

The crowd of men parted and in the middle of our living room I positioned a plastic child’s swimming pool. It was only four feet in diameter according to the box, but Becky squealed with delight when she saw the idea. I expected her to get out of her clothes but she stayed slinky red dress. As she knelt down to the kiddie pool, I could see her dress rise to reveal the curve of her ass just where it met creamy white thigh.

Her face looked pretty, beautiful even, and if she hadn’t been ready to be used by a gang of guys, I might’ve said she belonged on the cover of a magazine. Instead I just watched as the first of my friends used my sister the most humiliating way imaginable.

“Well I’ve been waiting over all week for this so I guess I’m first. Where you want it?” Dave said.

“Any way you want to use me.”

It wasn’t strictly true. She was fine with the guys there doing anything but actually penetrating her. But David had been telling guys that all week.

“Then suck my cock.”

He was nothing impressive, honestly his balls were what I paid attention to the most. They seemed disproportionate to the rest of him, which Becky swallowed it easily. Then she looked up at him wide-eyed. Her cheeks seem to bulge a little bit as he filled her mouth with the first load of urine of the evening. She struggled to keep up, breathing heavily through her nose as he continued unloading his bladder directly that her throat. Eventually it became too much and she coughed, sputtering a few splashes onto her face and down her neckline.

By the time he finished, Dave had a hard-on, one that was a few inches shorter than mine, but plenty thick. Instead of backing away and letting someone else have a turn, Dave decided to grab my sister by the back of her head and use her face. She seemed to relish in the treatment, desperately trying to open her mouth and move her head back into position every time he gave her a second to breathe.

“I’m to use every inch of your face.”

She moaned her agreement and he slapped her across the cheeks with his cock. He moved it up and down her forehead, his balls in her greedy mouth as she slurped and sucked.

“That’s it, suck Daddy’s balls. But ask me.”

“Can I suck your balls?”

“Say ‘Daddy can I please suck your balls?'”

“Daddy can I please suck your balls?” She begged desperately.

“Yes be a good slut and suck Daddy’s balls.”

She looked up at him past the cock blocking her vision, devoting everything to sucking her new daddy’s balls. She moved back and forth making a slurping sound she took each nut past her lips and into her mouth as he jerked himself off into her face.

“Do you like that your brother is watching?”

I could see most of the guys either adjusting his pants or pulling out his penis for attention.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said dutifully.

He shoved his cock back into her mouth, grabbing her by the hair and forcing her to choke. Saliva dripped down her chin she coughed, and clung to the head of his dick.

“Come on, give someone else a turn,” someone called out.

But Dave never stopped, not even as Caleb fished out a large black cock that dwarfed any other I’d seen in person. He hesitated for a little bit, as if not quite being able to bring himself to piss on an actual person. Eventually he gave a low moan and out came a lightly colored yellow stream. He soaked her ass from behind, avoiding Dave as he continued to fuck her mouth.

And then the floodgates literally burst. The guys formed a circle around her. Dave moved back and started stroking himself. Most of the men took off everything, finding places around the room to stash their clothes away from the towels spread out around the plastic pool.

Heather was the only one still fully dressed, keeping most of her voluptuous breasts conservatively concealed under a tight T-shirt. She moved in and out of the crowd easily, recording the evening and short five minute videos I tried to stay out of. She slapped a few guys on the ass and occasionally asked who was next to get the best angle for each of the streams.

For a good half-hour, guys took turns aiming at every inch of my sister’s body. Her clothes were soaked after the first two, her makeup smeared and running down her face from each successive spray down. She took off her dress and left it in the pool. The guys all hooted at her nipples, puffy, large and hard at all the attention, slick and slippery with urine. Each quickly became the new target for the next man.

Then before anyone else even had a turn in her mouth, Dave blasted his load onto the side of Becky’s face, hitting her forehead, cheek, and nose, at the same time as another man peed into her open mouth.

At one point, six of my friends were soaking my sister at the same time. Guys would crowd in and out, shuffling around to make room for each other and Heather. The pool filled with more and more urine, and guys became insistent that she try and swallow all of theirs. Two of my friends worked together, holding the head of their dick only a few millimeters away from each other, peeing at the same time and laughing as urine splashed out of her mouth.

The depth of the urine in the pool reached up past her ankles, only about halfway full, but still more than I’ve ever seen collected one place. I could smell it on her, hell I could smell it across the room. I did my best to hold my own pee. I had something special planned.

So did Dave. More than anyone he had been excited about using my sister. Maybe it was because he was my only friend from high school who came with me to Austin. Or maybe he was just kinkier than I ever thought, but he got really into the whole daddy/brother thing. Everyone else seem to shy or nervous to speak aloud, but he kept going with his dirty talk as he stroked himself hard again, inspired by seeing our friends wash his cum off her face with their pee.

He egged everyone on, shouting out questions without any sense of shame.

“You like being Daddy’s little piss slut don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“Tell Daddy what’s in your mouth?”

“Pi-ss” She swallow most of it and spat out the rest. “Piss Daddy.”

“Tell everyone you’re Daddy’s worthless whore.”

“I’m Daddy’s worthless whore.”

“Why are you a whore?”

Becky paused. But the answer was obvious.

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