Big Ass Maid Fucked In A Hostel Room


Hello guys, this is Asmit. I am a great fan of Indian sex stories. On Desitales, I love reading Naukrani and Incest stories as those things excite me very much. The heroine of the story is our big ass maid Rani. But before going to her, let me tell you more about myself. I am from Bhubaneswar, I am a student and recently completed my graduation. I have a well built athletic body, handsome munda with a cock size of 6 inches.

So without boring you further, let me come to the story.

I did my graduation while living in the hostel. I had a girlfriend whom I used to fuck a lot. And we were very active in sex.

After one year, I broke up with her. When you have everything and suddenly it vanishes, you feel quite boring. So it became a boring life for me in the hostel.

So one fine day our caretaker brought a lady to our hostel and told us she was our new maid who will be do all the domestic works.

About her, she was tan colored, no makeup, and was wearing a saree which revealed her sexy cleavage. Her stats would be 36-28-38. She had a good body shape. And her ass – she had a big ass and I wanted to lick it the moment I saw her.

She started coming to work on a daily basis

One day I was sitting and studying in my room. There were only a few boys left in the hostel as most of them went home. Then I was waiting for Rani to come.

Rani came and as usual, we had some conversations. I came to know that her husband was a drunkard and beats her up when he was drunk. In my mind, I had already considered it as an opportunity to get closer to her.

So she was cleaning the floor and her ass was rubbing my thighs while cleaning the areas under my table. I don’t know whether it was intentional or not. But I was getting aroused. I don’t usually masturbate a lot as I go to the gym regularly. So I had not masturbated for fifteen days.

Then she turned around and looked at me and smiled. I was getting madder with lust by her actions. And my little boy was getting bigger and bigger. Her cleavage was almost completely visible.

I was unable to control and suddenly got up, went to the bathroom and jerked it off.

Then I came back relaxed and saw Rani staring at me.

Me: what happened?Why are you staring at me?

Rani: hila lia.Wo bhi itni jaldi maine socha tha tu hi ek hai mard yahan.

Me (shocked): what are you saying?

Rani: aisa bhola mat ban mein janti hun tu mughe dekhta hai aur mughe chuta bhi hai.

Me (after gathering some courage): han toh tu hai hi aise chez

Rani: ti mere gaand ko aisa kyun dekhta hai

I understood she wanted me. So I said, “muje tere gand ke ched ko aur tere chut ko cahtna hai”

Rani ( blushed): mere gand kia malai hai jo chatega.

I went near her and kissed her forehead. Then I turned her back, raised her saree and went under it. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and began to press it.

Rani: kia kar raha hai (but without resisting) chod mughe!

Then I parted her ass cheeks and smelled it. The aroma of her ass hole was mesmerizing. I was going mad. I put my tongue in her ass hole and began to lick it.Then to make her more excited I just rolled my tongue in her asshole and bit it just like I was eating it.

She was going mad by my acts.

Rani: chat mere gand ko mera pati to mere muh pe bhi kiss nahi karta tu aj se mera pati .Mein rani tu raja.

Then I moved towards her pussy. It had hairs on it. I preferred shaved pussy but in that mood, I didn’t care at all and put my tongue inside her pussy.

She began to moan even louder and to make it worse, I pushed my one finger inside her asshole and another in her pussy and put my tongue fully inside her pussy hole.

She started to shiver as I began increasing my pace. Within minutes, she cummed in my whole face with a huge moan. When I came out of her saree her eyes were still closed and she was breathing heavily.

Then she opened her eyes and looked at me. She started kissing me passionately. We kissed for almost 10 minutes.Then we moved to the second base.I gently started kissing her boobs and began kneading them. I was handling her boobs harder and harder by each passing second. She was finding it difficult to hold back and soon she cummed again.

Then she asked me to unzip my pants. I asked her to do it herself. She did instantly and I was totally naked I front of her with my dick saluting her.

She started to shake my dick and give me a handjob. I asked her to give a blowjob to which she said it was her first time blowing a dick. So I took her head and brought it near my dick.

She soon became a pro after my dick went inside her mouth. I was deep throating her. After some time, I made her fully naked, parted her legs, spanked her ass hard and then I entered my dick in her pussy. She was waiting for it.

I began pumping her. I fucked her pussy for more than 15 minutes. She was moaning loudly during the entire time.We had forgotten that we were in the hostel and we didn’t care.

Then I turned her to doggy style sex position. I just wanted anal sex and fuck her wonderful ass. She said she was an ass virgin and it would pain a lot. So I searched the room and found the hair gel. I put a little of it in her asshole and tried to penetrate. It was difficult. Even I felt some pain on my dick too.

After a moment’s pause, I pushed my dick with more force and this time it entered Rani’s big ass. I didn’t pause anymore and kept banging her from behind. Till then I hadn’t cum because whenever I felt I was about to cum, I paused which really helped me to hold back from cumming. Rani too started enjoying the anal sex.

Then I was about to cum and this time I didn’t want to stop as I was fucking my most favorite part in her. I asked her where to cum and she told me to cum in her pussy.

I understood she was also nearing another orgasm. So I inserted my penis in her vagina and kept stroking her.

Soon I cummed inside her pussy and she too came almost at the same time. She hugged me tightly. And we laid still for some time.

Then she got up and dressed up. Luckily nobody was anywhere close.We fucked many times later also and tried different positions when we got the chance.

Later after completing my graduation, we decided to stop it mutually and ended it with a good bye sex.

So now I haven’t had sex for more than six months.

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