Mom’s Horse Hunger


Chapter 1

Patti Adams rolled over in bed. She blinked her eyes and squinted, the
light from the window bright. She stretched, her lithe teenage body
writhing erotically. She kicked the lightweight sheet from her naked
body and enjoyed the warmth of the morning sun.

Dropping her legs over the side of the bed, Patti stood, catching a
glimpse of her shapely body in the mirror. A horny smile spread over
her soft pouting lips.

She padded to the window and peered out. Her pale blue eyes brightened
as she spotted her mother going into the barn. “She must be going to
ride Blazer.”

Quickly, Patti pulled on a pair of tight faded shorts and a loose terry
top. Barefoot, she raced from the bedroom and down the stairs. If her
mother was going to ride this morning, she was going to ride, too.

* * *

Alice, Patti’s mother, stepped into the coolness of the barn. She
closed the door, her heart pounding. “Hi, Blazer,” she sighed, her
voice giving away her high emotional state.

She walked over to his stall and stroked her hand over the streak of
white down Blazer’s forehead.

“How are you this morning?” Tremors swept through her pussy, and her
thighs ached. She found Blazer exciting. It was an excitement she

Blazer tossed his head and whined. His thick mane slashed cross his
muscled neck. His big brown eyes flared and his rubbery lips trembled.
He, like his mistress, sensed the excitement in the air.

Alice led him from his stall. Her knees turned watery as she leaned
against the giant animal. “Oh, Blazer,” she gasped, stroking his flank.
“I think I must be crazy.”

Blazer turned his head and nudged her playfully.

Alice laughed. “You wanna play, huh?” She bent over and picked an apple
from a basket. “You want this?” She put it between her teeth.

Blazer took a step, snorted, then gently took the apple from her mouth.
Noisily, he chomped, then whinnied his thanks.

“I have a lot more for you to chew,” she whispered hoarsely. She stared
at the giant beast, remembering her first sexual contact with the
beautiful beast. It seemed so long ago. A shiver raced up her spine. A
restless night, and now …

Blazer took a step forward, nudged his face between her two large tits
and rumbled his lips. His long tail swished, and he snorted again.

“Oooo,” Alice gasped. She stumbled back, falling into a pile of hay.
Her legs flew high in the air.

Blazer lowered his head, nuzzling his cold nose and big lips between
her legs. He whinnied, shook his head.

The action had Alice trembling. She reclined in the hay, humping her
jean-clad crotch into the horse’s face. “Ooo … oooo, Blazer!”

Patti heard her mother’s voice. She sounded strange. Instead of opening
the barn door, she peered in the window first, getting the shock of her
young life. Her mouth dropped open. Her mother was humping her pussy
against Blazer’s mouth. She leaned against the wall as the shock
weakened her.

Alice, oblivious to her daughter’s spying, scrambled to her feet. “You
want my pussy, huh? Like you always do.” She panted. “Maybe I’ll strip
for you and you can eat me.” Her own words still sounded strange to her

No matter how many times she had fucked around with Blazer, she always
yearned for more. A mental picture of her in the woods, her wet pussy
humping against his snout, swirled in her head. She shuddered with
desire. Her tongue flicked nervously over her dry lips, moistening

“How about some tits first?” she giggled lewdly. “I like having my tits

As if responding to her question, Blazer shook his head up and down.
His front hoofs pawed the hay-strewn floor of the barn.

Quickly, Alice tugged at her blouse. She had the buttons opened in
seconds. Tits heaving, she pulled off her blouse and folded it neatly
over Blazer’s stall.

She turned to face the giant stallion, her face flushed with passion.
“How do you like my tits?” she giggled hotly. She brought her hands up,
cupped her mammoth tit-globes and shook them. “Oooo, Christ!”

She felt suddenly foolish, baring her body to an animal. The feeling
passed. The excitement raging in her pussy had quickly canceled out the

She lifted her fleshy orbs of creamy tittie meat. “Lick them, Blazer.
Slobber your spit over them.”

Blazer snorted, shook his head and brought his slobbering mouth to her
huge tits. With his tail swishing, he feasted on her tits gently,
enjoying the spongy texture of her skin.

“Oooo, Blazer!” Alice gasped. She stroked his white streak and fondled
her tits. His spit soaked her fingers and tits equally. “Oooo, Christ,
I love it so much.”

She knew she always would. Alone on the farm for six months with only
Patti, sex was the only thing she could think of. With Blazer, she
sensed she would never need more. The chestnut stallion would do it

Patti gawked through the small window at her mother. Her blue eyes
widened in disbelief. “Oooo, Mommy,” she whispered, wishing she was in
the barn, too. She rubbed her small budding tits through her blouse.
Tiny nipples hardened into bullets.

Alice staggered away from the wet slurping mouth of the giant horse.
“How would you like some pussy, my handsome stud?” She was reeling. She
rocked on her feet. Her glassy eyes glowed. There was no stopping her.
Blazer had turned her, like always, into a fiery ball of unleashed

Trembling fingers unsnapped her jeans. The sound of her zipper echoed
in her head like rumbling thunder. She pushed, and her jeans fell to
her ankles.

Blazer took a step toward her, nudged her belly with his snout. The
action rocked her. He shook his mane and bumped his cold wet nose
against her belly again.

“Eeewww!” she squealed. Her feet tangled in her jeans, and she fell
back, cushioned by the hay. Quickly, she kicked off her jeans and
stared up at the stallion as he loomed over her. “Ooo, Blazer. Blazer!”
She was quivering with anticipation.

Blazer tossed his head high and brought it to her crotch. The aromatic
scent of Alice’s turned-on pussy flared his big nostrils and he rumbled
his lips. He jabbed his snout against her crotch and pushed.

“Ooooo, Blazer,” Alice gasped as tremors swept through her pussy.
“Holy, Christ!” She jammed her cunt up against his mouth and quivered
in bliss. “Jesus, Blazer! Unnn!”

The heady scent of her cunt went straight to the animal’s head. He
banged his hard mouth against her crotch and chomped at her clinging
panties. His teeth nibbled and caught her panties. Alice’s panties
ripped, coming away in his teeth.

Alice was astounded. Lights flickered behind her wide eyes. “Ooo,
Blazer. You’re so forceful.” She writhed in the hay, talking to the
giant beast as if he understood.

Patti didn’t believe her own eyes. Her mother was naked with Blazer
above her. She found that her entire body was shaking. “Mommy,” she
whispered. “Oooo, Mommy.” She leaned against the side of the barn, too
weak for the moment to watch.

Alice squirmed in the hay, laughing and giggling. Drunk with passion,
intoxicated with joy, she intended to satisfy her lust this morning,
even if Patti was in the house. “You want my pussy, Blazer?”

The huge beast whinnied, his big brown eyes glowing. The scent of
Alice’s pussy was stronger with her panties off. He dropped his head,
the muscles in his sleek powerful body rippling. He pawed the earth
with his hoofs and bobbed his head.

Alice gasped. She squirmed in the hay, naked and hot, a fire burning
out of control in her wet seeping cunt.

She wriggled away from him and scrambled to her feet. “You can’t have
me yet,” she giggled. “I’m going to ride you first.” She rubbed her
flushed excited body against the animal’s smooth shiny coat. His
prickly hairs jabbed at her flesh like tiny needles. “OOO! Unnn!” Her
knees buckled, and she grabbed his mane to keep from crumbling to the

Blazer stood his ground. Excitement coursed through his powerful body.
He turned his head, his thick-muscled neck straining. He nudged her,
almost knocking her over. His cold nose brushed against her shoulder.

“Unnnn,” she hummed. Dizzy with desire, she pulled on his mane and
hauled her trembling body up onto his back. She straddled him, shaking
as her pussy came flush against the smooth hair of his back.

Blazer dropped his head and, highly agitated, pranced around the barn.
His thick brown tail swished back and forth, snapping up occasionally
and whipping at Alice’s legs.

Alice squealed, bouncing up and down on Blazer’s back. Tits flopping,
head jerking back and forth, soft dark hair swishing over her flushed
face, Alice maintained her balance as Blazer pranced around the barn.
She gripped his mane tightly.

Pulsing muscles inside Alice’s cunt beat against her empty channel.
Warm sudsy pussy juice flowed from her empty cunt, soaking Blazer’s
back. “Ooo! Ohhh! Blazer!” Her eyes popped as the barn felt as if it
were spinning.

Alice lost her balance and fell from the horse’s back, tumbling into
the pile of dry hay. She was sprawled out, her pussy exposed, pulsing,
oozing. She writhed, sighing dreamily.

Patti gasped, covered her mouth with her hand. She whooshed out a sigh
of relief. Through the smeared window, she saw the look on her mother’s
face and knew she wasn’t hurt. She gulped and moistened her dry lips.
She stared at her naked mother writhing like a snake in the pile of dry
hay. “Oh, shit,” she mumbled, wanting to be there and enjoy the same

Drunkenly, Alice stared up at the giant stallion. “Eat me, fucker.
Chomp on my cunt.”

Pent-up passion raged unleashed throughout her body. She rolled over in
the hay, giggling as the hay jabbed into the flesh of her tits, soft
belly, and thighs.

“How about my asshole?” she moaned, propping her twin ass cheeks up in
the air. She wriggled her hips, offering her heart-shaped ass to the
giant animal. She laughed, then gasped as Blazer’s wet lips caressed
her ass.

Blazer dropped his head. His mane caressed Alice’s thighs and ass as he
nosed through her ass cheeks. He snorted from the scent of her asshole
and juicy pussy. He rubbed his thick lips over her ass crack, soaking
her wrinkled asshole in warm drool.

“Blazer … my hole … inside!” She jammed back, making Blazer neigh
and jerk his head back. “Don’t stop. Oh, Christ, don’t stop!”

Blazer brought his head back to Alice’s jerking ass. He chomped
playfully on her ass cheeks, making them red and glistening. He
attacked her ass crack again, his thick broad tongue stretching the
tight ring of her asshole. His tongue was stretching her asshole wide,
invading her narrow ass canal. She clawed the hay, twisted and
squirmed, then humped back at her horse and creamed.

Blazer held firm, allowing Alice to bang against his mouth with her
ass. He used his tongue. The scent of the horny woman had his halls
rumbling. His thick cock peeked from the loose skin of his sheath.

With her eyes rolling back into her skull, Alice flipped over on her
back. She sobbed incoherently, watching through glazed eyes as Blazer’s
head swooped down to her cunt. “Chew my pussy! Chew it!” She humped up
from the hay.

Patti stared through the window, hypnotized by her mother’s erotic
actions. She felt dizzy. Her virgin cunt felt as if on fire. She wanted
to leave, go back to the house and get herself off, but she couldn’t.
Watching her mother had her glued to the window. She brought her hand
down, whimpering softly as she stroked her wet pussy.

Blazer attacked Alice’s cunt. Loud chomping noises blended with Alice’s
squeals of pleasure. Warm pussy juice flowed over his rubbery lips and
into his flared nostrils. He snorted, banging his hard mouth into
Alice’s blood-crammed clit.

Alice saw fireworks. “Yeahhh, Blazer!” She humped up recklessly, jammed
her clit into his mouth.

Blazer ground his mouth into her hot bubbling cunt. His tongue jammed
the entrance to her pussy, then pierced the hole in one quick darting
stab. Her cunt muscles pulsed greedily against the welcomed invader. He
snorted, bringing his tongue quickly from her writhing body.

“Oh, Blazer!” she cried. She squiggled in the hay, lifted her legs,
captured Blazer’s big head. She attached herself to him as if she were
a bag of feed.

Thighs clamped to his head, she ground her pussy into his mouth. Spasms
ripped through her pussy as Blazer’s mouth chomped hungrily on her
excited cunt. She held tight, racing toward the peak and an orgasm that
would leave her as weak as a kitten.

Blazer tried shaking free from her grasping thighs. Strong jerking
twists dragged a screaming Alice through the hay. He whinnied, the
sounds muffled by Alice’s pussy. His eyes flicked, and his tail
swished. He was still a prisoner of Alice’s pussy and gripping thighs.

Alice sensed she was about to cum. Her eyelids fluttered. Her mouth
opened wide, but only garbled sounds rushed out. She clawed the hay,
twisted her hips, riding Blazer’s mouth as she climbed higher and
higher towards an explosive climax.

Blazer shook his head violently, dragging Alice around as if she were a
rag doll. His big glassy eyes seemed to bulge. His prick stiffened and
more hard thick prickmeat became exposed. His tail flicked with nervous

Alice arched her back, strained her neck. “Gonna cum! Gonna cum!” she
chanted drunkenly as she approached her orgasm. “Gonna cum … Cum …

Through the closed window, Patti heard the faint sound of her mother’s
voice, the cries of her mother’s passion. They engulfed her, turned her
into an entranced spectator. Her own young teenage body responded, and
she shivered as she thought about the pleasure her mother was

“I’m cumming!” Alice wailed. “Oooo, God … I’m cumming!” Hot intense
orgasms zipped through Alice’s writhing body. Spreading from the
scalding depths of her exploding pussy, pleasure swept outward,
engulfing every inch of her naked tingling flesh.

Alice’s screams made Blazer even more nervous and agitated. His cock
poked out, fully extended and throbbing for release. His balls rumbled
painfully. He snorted. The gushing fuck juices from Alice’s cunt had
turned into a river of the bubbling hot pussy cream. He lifted his
head, bringing Alice with him.

Alice went insane. Hard lightning jolts of pleasure shot through her
empty pussy. She ground her hips in a tight circle, mashing her pussy
against Blazer’s mouth and mangling her cut into the hardness of his
teeth. Her screams filled the barn, drifting out to her enthralled
daughter, exciting the innocent child.

“More, fucker! More!” she screeched as Blazer lifted her from the hay.
She yelled in a mixture of fear and bliss as he thrashed her about.
“Blazer! Blazer!”

Blazer’s whinnying sounds were lost in Alice’s erupting pussy. He
stepped back, dragging her from the hay pile and onto the floor. Her
screams had his muscles twitching nervously. His front legs pawed the
earth, and his brown eyes glowed. He chomped, his tongue stirring the
fiery passion in Alice’s cunt.

Alice moaned, writhed, and grabbed her flopping tits. She mangled them
in her hands as she drowned the stallion in hot buttery pussy cream.
“I’m still cumming,” she shrieked, beating her pussy into the hardness
of Blazer’s mouth. “Ooooo, heaven, I’m cumming!”

Patti heard and was shocked. She knew from her own limited experience
what was happening. She saw the pleasure on her mother’s face and
instinctively knew her mother was truly in bliss.

Alice was fast losing her strength. She held tight, her thighs aching,
her pussy burning up with desire. She used all the strength she could
muster and jabbed her cunt one last time into the horse’s mouth. The
orgasm that followed devastated her. She twisted her hips, taking the
attack to the stallion. She smashed her cunt into his mouth and
collapsed back on the dirt floor, writhing in whimpering joy as she
skittered down from the tremendous orgasm she had just experienced.

Blazer had no intention of stopping. He dropped his head. His mouth was
sudsy with frothy pussy-cum. He chomped on her exposed pussy, making
Alice whimper like a baby.

Alice, dazed from her overpowering orgasm, blinked, gazed at the horse
feasting between her legs. She gasped, too weak to take anymore of his
exquisite mouth. She scrambled away, catching sight of Blazer’s huge
cock sticking out at attention.

“Oh, my God,” she cried, pulling herself to her feet. She staggered
about. “Later, Blazer,” she gasped, an image of his giant dick etched
in her mind. “Later, then I’ll treat you.”

Patti’s heart skipped a beat as she watched her mother begin to dress.
She snapped herself from her trance and tiptoed away from the barn,
then ran quickly into the house.

Alice finished dressing. She led Blazer back to his stall. “Nice,
Blazer.” She soothed the agitated beast with her words, calming him.
“Later,” she promised. “Later I’ll take care of your cock.” She giggled
and left the barn, squinting against the bright morning sun.

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