Ileana D’cruz Foreign Trip adult story


Ileana D’cruz was new in Bollywood but still she had made her mark with some hit films like Burfi and Main tera hero. She was young, pretty and had a figure which turned heads.. She had 32B boobs, a slim 24 waist and a tight 38 ass.. But her smile was the thing which gave men hardons… This is the time when she was most sought after actress in Bollywood.. She signed a contract for an ad film and had to go to Dubai for the ad shoot.. She left for Muscat at 8 pm at night and reached there by 2 am in the morning.. She got into a cab alone. But after travelling for about a mile the car broke down and she got separated from the rest of the crew and was left all alone.. She tried to call up the director but there was no connectivity.. She was feeling scared all alone in a foreign city.. She was wearing a black halter top that showed off ample amount of cleavage with no bra inside and tight denim shorts that barely reached mid-thigh.. She was looking like a complete slut. ilena dcruz

Suddenly, a taxi stopped in front of her.She asked the driver, “Will u go to Hotel Intercontinental?”.. To her relief, he agreed and she sat inside the taxi.. While driving the taxi, the driver was constantly eyeing her through the rearview mirror.. He had made up his mind that he had to fuck this babe tonight… He stopped his taxi and picked 3 more men… 2 of them sat behind with Ileana and 1 of them sat in front with the driver.. The driver said ,” This is one hot chick… Lets fuck her nice”… He stopped the car in front of a cabin and got out… Ileana was already feeling uncomfortable but when the taxi stopped, she shouted, “What the fuck man!! Why have u stopped the car”.. Immediately, the 4 men were on her and 1 of them shouted, “You better keep the abuses down otherwise….”.. She tried to wrestle her through but she was no match for the 4 burly Men… She was picked up forcefully and taken inside the cabin. When they got inside the cabin, she gasped… The room was full of video cameras, sex toys and walls were full of pictures of hot models fully nude and getting fucked.. She was thrown on the bed and the 4 of them just gathered around her and stripped out of their clothing… She screamed, “What the fuck are u doing?? Just let me go”… 1 of them slapped her hard and said, “I told u to keep the abuses down”… Now, just see what happens to u… Listening to this, Ileana shuddered and backed away on the bed… 2 of them just grab her tits and pull her towards them… They tear off her halter top revealing those 32B boobs.. Her shorts are roughly pulled down revealing that she was not wearing a panty.. The men chuckled, “So she has come prepared for a fuck”… Ileana was feeling humiliated lying nude in front of these men… Her shaved pussy turned on the men… They started groping her tits and her body.. They played with her boobs for a while and then they got into action… One of them pushed his tongue in her mouth while 2 of them got to work licking her pussy and asshole… The 4th one was sucking her tits. The 4 men were mad with lust and were licking her pussy and asshole furiously… After 5 minutes of non-stop sucking and licking, Ileana shuddered and came hard. “Wow, this bitch is turned on as well”, they exclaimed…

ileana dcruz pussy fingering

Till now, their cocks had grown to full erections… The biggest of them was 12 inches long and the smallest was 10 inches long… Ileana gasped wondering how could she take all of them. Now the first one shoved his cock in her mouth and started face-fucking her making her choke on his dick.. The other asked her, “Are u a virgin”.. She stammered, “Y-yes”. She added, “ I will give u money or whatever u want but don’t take my virginity”.
He said harshly, “Babe, we r gonna enjoy ourselves, even if u don’t enjoy”.
Saying this, he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and rammed it in… Ileana screamed out, “Oh! You mother-fucking bastard, pull out”… Hearing her abuse again, he started spanking her ass hard and started ramming even harder making her scream…. She was then flipped over into doggy style position and the guys continued pussy and face fucking her…. One of them smiled and got in position at her asshole… He savagely thrust his 12 inches cock inside her asshole and the scream she gave out could be heard all the way back to india!!
To quieten her, the 4th one shoved his cock inside her mouth.. All they could hear were moans… This savage fucking continued for about 15 minutes when the guy in her pussy shouted, “ I am gonna cum inside her”… That anal guy too shouted the same… Till that time, she had got about 6 orgasms and she was semi-conscious.. Suddenly, both of them increased their speed and within 10 seconds, both had shot atleast 7-8 ropes of hot jizz inside her pussy and ass each.. Still two people were left, they quickly took their position and starting ploughing inside her… By that time, both the other people had got back to full erection.. They both smiled and were ready for the onslaught.. What Ileana was about to get was the thing she had never expected in her whole life.. They both smiled again and then rammed their cocks inside her already full cunt and ass respectively…. This was the ultimate strength of Ileana’s tolerance… She screamed out so loudly that she was not able to speak properly for some time… They shoved a dirty handkerchief inside her mouth and resumed the fucking.. After 15 minutes of this hardcore fucking, 10-11 ropes of cum were shot inside her pussy and ass respectively…
They pulled out and asked her to suck their cocks clean… They said, “Babe, u have one tight cunt and ass.. But don’t u worry, it will not be so in the next few days..”. She stared at them in horror.. “What do they mean by 2 more days”. They seemed to read her mind as one of them replied, “Nothing much.. U r just going to fuck about 100 more men in the next week.. Then, u r free to go”. She was shocked but there was nothing she could do about it… So for the next week, she was a whore with people fucking her brains out for money.. After 7 days, she was not even able to walk..
She somehow managed to reach the police station to report the rape.. But she was in for a shock.. She went there to lodge a complaint but inside, she was raped again by all the police officers. After this incident, she went to the airport and somehow reached india.. There, she reported the incident but no one took her seriously.. Here too, the police inspectors and constables raped her the whole night inside the police station.. Ileana had finally become the ultimate whore.

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