Secretary to Slut – Susan’s Journey


group sex story of secretary susan

Foreword #1 : All characters in this series are over 18

Foreword #2 : This is pure fantasy and could contain events which may not happen in real life

Foreword #3 : If you are looking for quick bangs from the first paragraph then you may be disappointed. This first chapter really sets the scene for the adventures to come. Hopefully it will leave you waiting for the next instalment of Susan’s adventures.

She walked slowly down Main Street wondering to herself. It was a quiet, rundown, almost a little sleazy area of town that Susan Green found herself in but, in need of money, every interview was as important as the last. Her appointment was for 10:30 so she had a few minutes to kill. She didn’t want to seem over eager by arriving too early.

Dressed in a smart, dark navy business suit, skirt just above knee level and a silk white blouse, she looked as professional as ever. It had been a warm day outside so Susan had no coat and just a small patent leather handbag clutched in her left hand. As she walked, her mind wondered. Was she doing the right thing, did she have any other options, why . . .?

Why . . .

Susan, now 23, had graduated two years ago with a degree in Legal Studies. She found a job as a secretary at a law firm and was progressing well. It had meant moving away from her home town and family, but that was progress she thought. Soon she had bought a small two bedded apartment and life was everything she had hoped for. Well educated, her work had rather taken over to the detriment of her personal life. She hadn’t had a boyfriend since leaving uni and was a little naive when it came to the bedroom, but she was happy. The money was coming in, the job was enjoyable and she didn’t want for anything. She couldn’t complain.

Then, a year or so ago, it happened, she met Sam, Sam Kaminsky. Sam was a client and the one thing you were never meant to do was build personal relationships with clients. But there was something about Sam. Whether it was his self confidence or gift of the gab she couldn’t say, but she was soon smitten. He had it all, the look, the status, the manners, the money, the lifestyle. He had what she had only ever dreamed of. Young and impressionable, she found herself falling for him.

Within a couple of months she had pretty much moved in with him. He had a grand, five bed detached house, no, come on it was a bloody mansion!, in the to be area of town. Good food, parties, everything she wanted. It was too good to be true. Even her love life seemed to be picking up, albeit she still played a little coy. An old fashioned type of girl, she wanted to save herself until she was married. No, Susan wasn’t a virgin, that went on a regretful drunken night at uni (a story for another day), and maybe that was the reason she now wanted to wait. She was happy though, which is what mattered.

The came the knock. That fateful knock. Some six months back, there was a knock at the door. Susan opened the door and was met with two burly police officers on the front step.

“Mrs Kaminsky?” the taller office enquired.

“Sorry no, we’re not married,” Susan replied and explained that Sam was out.

The officers explained that they had a warrant for his arrest and that the property would be seized as a proceed of illegal activities. She would have to leave immediately or be arrested too as an accomplice.

“What, how . . . ” she stammered but then the officers thrust legal papers in her hands and she realised that she would have to comply for now.

Packing as much as she could carry, and luckily this was most of her stuff, she moved back to her own place and tried to phone Sam but to no avail. What was happening? Was this the end?

The following day she turned up at the office as usual but there was a strange atmosphere. Hardly having sat down, the phone rang. It was one of the company partners who asked her to come to the board room. This was quite out of the ordinary so Susan was immediately a bit worried. Arriving in the board room, she found both company partners sitting stern-faced around the desk.

“Take a seat Susan!” they demanded almost in unison.

She sat down and they continued to explain the dilemma.

“We know you have a relationship with a client, which, as you know, is against company policy. That, we have turned a blind eye to Susan, but now it appears that Mr Kaminsky has been arrested for fraud, embezzlement and living off the proceeds of crime. We understand that you have not been directly implicated in these offences, but you can also see how it appears from our side. We are truly sorry Susan, but this leaves us with no option but to ask you to resign.”

Totally not what Susan expected, her heart dropped and she struggled to keep a tear from forming. She couldn’t afford to lose this job. It was her life and probably her future career which was at stake.

“Isn’t there something I can do to put matters right?” she said, “I’ve been loyal to the company, and haven’t done anything wrong.”

It was to no avail, and within an hour Susan was marched off the premises.

Suddenly life had been turned upside down. Yes, she still had the house and yes she still had money but how easy would it be to rebuild?

So . . . wind forward six months and her worst fears are becoming reality. The money is running low, the house is at risk and her relationship with Sam does seem to have affected her ability to find another job in law. Now she was getting desperate. She had applied for many jobs in law or outside and was always turned down . . . too experienced, not experienced enough, you name it, she had heard all the excuses. She sat in her bedroom feeling sorry for herself. A tear in her eye, again she perused the local papers. Something caught her eye, an advert stood out amongst the others:

Local company offers training for positions in the pleasure industry. Rates competitive, hours flexible, no previous experience required. Must have a can do attitude, flexibility to take on any challenge and a constant desire to please. Interviewing now for immediate start.

What the fuck! thought Susan, pleasure industry . . . must be a typo and they mean leisure industry. It is a strange advert but, to be honest, nothing ventured, nothing gained. It couldn’t harm to get an interview, could it? After all, she wasn’t committing to anything just by turning up. She phoned the number, spoke to a very pleasant receptionist and made an appointment.

Today was the day and she was almost there. It had been a thirty minute walk from her apartment but the weather was good so there was no point in wasting money on public transport. No turning back she thought. Today could be the day, the start of the rest of her life! She smiled to herself and continued on her way.

Susan turned that final corner and found the offices. From outside the building was rather nondescript. Your typical downtown office block, two stories high with what looked like a number of offices and some warehouse space, probably built in the late eighties and in need of a bit of TLC. She walked towards the doors, tinted so you could not see in, and pressed the buzzer. There wasn’t an obvious sign outside so she hoped it was the right place.

“Hello . . . can I help you? Do you have an appointment?” came a female voice. Susan recognised it as the same voice that she had heard on the phone when she arranged the interview.

Susan pushed the button again and explained who she was. Shortly the doors buzzed and Susan pushed her way inside.

Nothing unusual, the reception are was a bit clinical but not out of place in any office she thought, maybe this will be alright after all. She spoke to the receptionist, a well dressed young lady in her early thirties and was offered a seat. Before turning away Susan noticed the receptionist’s name badge, but not a name, a number . . . . #1.

“Please take a seat whilst I let them know you have arrived,” the receptionist said, still smiling. Susan wandered towards the seats and the receptionist went into a backroom to make a call.

So now Susan sat nervously in the reception. From a furnishings perspective there were a dozen or so office chairs arranged around four low tables and the large reception desk opposite the entrance door. There were no company brochures on show and just a silver metal sign behind the reception desk spelling out the company name and a logo which she couldn’t quite make out, rather strange it looked like a set of lips but they were more vertical.

She still had little idea what the company did and now there was just a little something about the receptionist which stuck in the back of Susan’s mind. First of all was the demeanour, was she overly friendly for a receptionist? Yes, the welcome was there but it almost seemed like Susan was being welcomed as a cherished friend, or maybe the way somebody would welcome a would be lover? Was she just a little bit overly friendly in her mannerisms? Why did she have a number and not a name? No, Susan thought to herself, it is just my mind playing tricks.

The other thing she noticed was her blouse. Was it a trick of the light, with her sheer satin blouse, or was she not wearing anything underneath? And were her nipples pierced? There was the outline of something hard under the blouse but Susan couldn’t quite make out the shape.

Susan waited.

In the meantime, #1 sat at a screen in the back room and picked up the phone. She spoke quietly, “Master, she’s here and god she looks good; early-twenties, around five nine, size 8, large hips, small but pert breasts (I’d guess a B cup), shoulder length blonde hair, pale blemish-free skin, full lips . . . you must see!”

A deep but quiet voice confirmed and #1 activated the CCTV camera high up in the reception wall. She zoomed in on Susan and pressed the image capture button on the CCTV console.

Perfect, just perfect,” replied the voice on the other end of the phone “#1 please show her in, she will fit in well. We’ll have a FUCKING good time together, if you know what I mean. Does she suspect anything?”

#1 laughed, “Green by name, green by nature. She doesn’t have a clue!”

The call ended and #1 returned to the reception desk.

“Ms Green, or may I call you Susan? Mr Master will see you now.”

She opened a door to the right of the reception desk and ushered Susan through.

“Please follow the corridor, Mr Master’s office is the last door at the end on the right.”

Cautiously Susan set off. Inside the offices the lighting was much darker and gave the impression of moving through a high class hotel with many rooms leading off the main corridor. The rooms on the right of the corridor had metal signs with names. She noted several of the room names; TRAINING, MEDICAL, FITTING, RESEARCH, PUNISHMENT. She stopped, PUNISHMENT, strange name for an office room. Must be somebody’s joke she thought.

On the left, most of the rooms just had numbers, again a little like a hotel. As she walked she listened. She could hear voices from behind some of the doors but couldn’t quite make out what was being said. Everybody sounded happy though, maybe a little too happy. At the end of the corridor, on the right, was a large wooden door with a simple sign saying MASTER’S OFFICE. This must be the one, she thought.

Susan knocked and a quiet yet commanding voice replied “Welcome Susan, do come in.”

She opened the door and walked in. A big surprise. The room was more like a luxury hotel suite (minus the bed) than an office. Yes, there was a big mahogany desk but also two luxury leather sofas and a large bathroom with what seemed to be a hot tub. Susan was met by a middle aged gentleman, tall (over 6 foot she thought), well built and around the mid-forties. She shook hands and noticed the strength and confidence of the handshake.

“Good morning, Mr Master,” Susan said.

“Please!” came the reply, “just call me Master, we do not stand on ceremony here.”

Strange thought Susan but there was something about Master that she found comforting. The voice, calming, relaxing, almost hypnotic! And those eyes, she could barely look away, but when she did they seemed to follow her everywhere.

“Sit yourself down,” continued Master pointing to one of the sofas. “I think you’ll be more comfortable on here.”

Master was right, the sofa was very comfortable, especially after the walk to the office.

“Did you walk?” enquired Master “You must be thirsty!”

Susan hadn’t noticed before, but actually her throat felt totally dry and she gladly accepted the offer. Master pressed a button on the intercom and a stunning girl, couldn’t have been much older than nineteen, walked in carrying a jug of water and a couple of glasses.

Again something seemed out of place. Was it the smile, the slightly too short skirt, the extra button open on the blouse giving a full view of the her larger than average breasts, definitely pierced this time. Or was it the name badge . . . this one said #4. Susan tried to blank it out of her mind. She had an interview and that was all that mattered. Master poured a glass of water and offered it to Susan. Feeling thirsty, she downed it in one and filled the glass up again. Again her imagination was running riot, was there an aftertaste, slightly fruity, must be cordial she thought.

“So, Susan, tell me why you want this job,” asked Master.

Susan explained her background, how she lost her previous job and how she needed an new opportunity. She sounded a little shaky, especially when she talked about her previous job. Another drink calmed the nerves. She still felt the taste was a little unusual but for sure she was feeling more relaxed.

Master filled her in on how the company was a market leader in the pleasure industry (must mean leisure thought Susan again) and that they were looking for a trainee to help develop and promote existing and new products or services. Master also explained how, for the right candidate, this could develop into a client facing role covering many positions. The hours were a little unusual, but very flexible and the pay was good. Susan considered . . . still not really what she wanted, but as a short term it would ease the cash flow burden. What’s the phrase? Beggars can’t be chooser, and she could always keep looking!

The more Master continued, the more Susan relaxed. He continued to explain how the company was one big family where everybody looked out for each other and that the company valued, above all else, those who would go the extra mile to keep the clients happy.”

She concentrated on every word, almost in a trance like state. What was it about Master? Never had she met anyone like this.

“So, you see. The client is number one. Everything we do as a business is to serve the client. Whatever they want, they are never wrong and we never question. A happy client is a repeat client. That said, our clients need discretion. We are a very private industry and what goes on in business stays in business. We have some very high profile clients so we can never talk in public about our work. As you can imagine it does mean that I cannot give you too many details at the moment about what we do as we have to honor our client’s confidentiality, but suffice to say that the rewards are very satisfying, for both you and your clients.”

“Now Susan,” please tell me about yourself continued Master.

Having taken another drink of the cordial, Susan explained her background as a secretary and why she was now looking for another role.

“But what about you!” Master inquired again, stressing the word you.

Taken aback Susan replied “Sorry, what do you mean?” She took another drink of the cordial.

“Well,” said Master “Let’s start by your family. Is there a Mr Green?”

“Erm . . .” not quite knowing if she liked this questioning “No, I am happily living alone at the moment and away from my family.”

“Good” smiled Master. No complications he thought to himself. He continued to press. “Alone? Doesn’t sound too exciting. I would have thought you’d have many friends and lovers. Are you experienced?”

He paused waiting for some response. None came.

“Experienced . . . you know, how many times have you done it? Surely you have experience. You know what we are about. It is the pleasure industry and the name says it all. We fulfill our clients deepest fantasies. An angel like you, do you have a problem with that? If you do we can end the interview now if you want.” secretary fucked by many

Again no response, but he could see Susan starting to look a little flushed in the cheeks. Good, he thought, the serum is taking effect. Susan was quite right about the aftertaste and her defenses were starting to drop.

Master continued, “My dear, you didn’t think this was anything else did you? Sex sells, and sells well. Yes we have our products but that is only part of the story. Without our services we could not survive and that is where you come in. You will learn the products and how they can be used to service our clients. So what’s in it for you? Other than the money . . . . mmm let’s see . . . you’ll discover your inner self, experiences you never knew existed . . . try it my dear, once you have the bug you’ll never want to go back to a boring office job”

Master laughed out load, then paused. “You look a little hot? Am I embarrassing you? Are you not the fuck slut I took you for?”

Why was she still here? Why was she listening to this? Susan was not a prude but she would have run a mile from everything Master was talking about. It just wasn’t her! But here she was, hanging on to every word, and what words! Again she hadn’t noticed, but, the more that Master continued, the more that Susan was becoming aroused. Was he seducing her? Was it the drink? She didn’t know.

She did feel hot but not the same feeling as being out in the sun. She was flushed pink and, deep in her loins, there was a mild tingling feeling. Mild? No, it was more than mild and it was getting stronger. She needed to do something about it, but how could she? Not in Master’s office. Not in an interview.

Master noticed and smiled, “I can see that you are enjoying our little drink Susan. It is one of our best sellers and now and it is working its magic on you. Relax my girl, don’t fight it -”
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Not even having the chance to finish, Susan interrupted. “Damn. I knew it. Drugged!”

“Drugged?” enquired Master. “Really? Am I forcing you against your will? Feel free, walk away if you want and I won’t stop you. You’ve just lowered your inhibitions and we are seeing the real Susan. That’s what has been bottled up inside and like a good champagne, open the cork and it all flows out. Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable? Show us a glimpse of the real you!”

Again without realising, Susan found herself removing her jacket and was left wearing her white blouse, a little sheer she had thought for an interview but the only white one she had. Shocked, she then noticed that her nipples could now be seen clearly protruding through the fabric of her bra and blouse. Looking like little walnuts, they were much bigger than normal.

She leaned back in the sofa and at the same time splayed her legs giving anyone in the room a good view of her white cotton panties. Never would Susan have done something like this, but it just seemed right under the circumstances.

“Well, well, well, I can see that somebody is really excited to be here”. Master looked down at how damp the panties looked. He could now make out her engorged pussy lips straining to escape at each side of the knickers. “Now that does make for pleasant viewing. I think you need to relieve yourself, don’t you? But first, down to business. If you want the job, please sign this contract and you can start your training on Monday.”Was it the voice, was it the drink or was it her own innermost desires? Susan just couldn’t help herself, she had to have this job but she also needed release. The passion, the itch, the burning fires deep inside. Nothing mattered. She had to cum, she just had to cum. She started rubbing her pussy lips through her sodden panties.

Under her panties her lips, normally petite with just a little view of her inners poking through, were now greatly enlarged, glistening with juices, pulling apart and exposing both her inner lips and just the slightest glimpse of her pussy opening.

She continued to rub her lips through those sodden panties. Then she found it, her clit, a clit she never realised she had. A hard little nubbin just poking out between the top of her pussy lips.

She just had to rub. “Mmmmm, aaaghhh, oh god,” she moaned. The feeling was like a million nerve endings converging in that small area where her clit could clearly be felt through her panties. She had never experienced anything like this and god she was fucking enjoying it. “I’m going to cum,” she shrieked, still rubbing vigorously.

“Susan!” Master’s voice boomed in a commanding manner. “You cannot cum, you will not cum, not until I let you cum!”

She pleaded, her voice getting a little ragged as she continued to rub. “But Master, I must, I need to-”

He cut her off. “Sorry Susan, if you want to cum you just need to sign here. So simple, just sign here!”

The words echoed around her head. JUST sign here, SIGN here, HERE!!!. She knew she shouldn’t, but the desire to cum was too much. SIGN HERE!!! Susan found herself picking up the pen and signing. She didn’t even read what she had signed but she knew she needed release.

Master smiled. “Well done Susan, now cum for me, CUM!” he ordered.

She pulled her panties to one side between her legs exposing those pussy lips, all slick with her juices. Pushing first one then two fingers into her tight hole she moved them in and out, slowly at first then building up speed. That feeling inside, she was on fire. She closed her eyes and dreamt. Imagining that her fingers were a monster cock fucking her tight twat, she visualised Master pounding into and out of her. Stronger and stronger the fire built, taking over her whole body. Still her fingers moved in and out, faster and faster.

She moaned. “Aggghhhhh, cummmming, I’m cummmmming!”

Suddenly she threw her head back and screamed “yesssssss,” as she came.

She was in ecstasy, overcome with a wave of emotion as the orgasm exploded through her whole body. Wave after wave pulsating out from her now sodden cunt. Her pussy contracting around her fingers, now motionless. Shaking on the couch, her legs fully splayed and her fingers deep inside her swollen pussy, she looked ever the slut that Master imagined.

She was still. Panting deeply, she opened her eyes and withdrew her fingers, moving the panties back over to cover, well almost cover, her pussy lips. Gradually getting her breath back, the only evidence of her orgasm was a large damp patch on her panties.

“Well, well, well Susan. You really did enjoy yourself, didn’t you.” Master was beaming. “And we have it all on tape as a reminder,” he continued, pointing at a small camera up near the ceiling.

Master smiled again then continued “Now Susan, you will be back here at 10:00 on Monday and we will start your training. He handed her an envelope. These are your joining instructions. If you are having second thoughts Susan then do remember that we have the tape. It would be so easy for it to find its way onto the internet. Imagine, your friends, your family, your work colleagues finding the video. You wouldn’t want that, would you!”

Oh god, Susan thought, what have I done!!!

Master helped her up, showing her the way back to the reception.

“Monday” he said cheerfully “We’ll see you Monday.”

Sheepishly, Susan walked out into the bright daylight.

As she left Susan didn’t notice the receptionist smiling . . . “Welcome on board #5, we will enjoy your time here,” she said under her breath.

With the doors closing behind Susan, Master turned and smiled. “So #1, I think we can conclude that our latest serum works well. Just a few drops and look at the reaction.”

Unbeknown to Susan, #1 had been watching the whole event on the CCTV screen in the room behind the reception. “Yes master, I’ve never seen one quite so receptive. So receptive, we shall have fun with this one,” she said.

Master turned and walked way “You couldn’t be more, so naive so receptive, so promising! For now though, it is time for #3 to continue her training.”

Susan walked briskly back to her house. Confused, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. That feeling, that orgasm, was it heaven? But who was she now?

Susan had no idea what was to come . . . . but she must admit, the day had been very rewarding.

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