sex story-Fucking My Sexy Neighborhood Widow


Our house had two portions, in one of which we stayed and the other was let out to a small family on a nominal rent. My parents and I consist our family. I, Arjun did my PG and await my applications for job to bring favorable reply. The new tenants were an old couple with a daughter of about story,english sex story,

They agreed for our terms for rentals and we gave them the place, which consisted of two bedrooms, with attached bathrooms, cots and mattresses were also there. In one room there was a study table and book shelves. They had brought their own kitchen utensils and gas connection and gas stove etc. I asked them repeatedly whether they want any more facilities.

They said no and they started to live. I have been talking with the man and his wife, their daughter never came up for discussion. In the dividing wall between the portions, there was a door, which was never opened, and a window opening from our store-room to their store-room.

Our store room is not properly lit and when I open the window, because I am in the dark, the other party may not even recognize me. She was there. Short stature, about 5’4″ wih full boobs, narrow waist, big projecting ass, etc. Her face was not visible as she was searching for something. Time was 11 am.

Her parents would have gone for work and my parents also have gone for work. I made a shshsh sound, she turned her head and saw me. There was a shocking look in her face. I asked her what is her name. Shanthi, she said and asked back what is your name, I said my name is Balu. Just to keep the conversation going I asked what are you doing. She said nothing.

Have you finished cooking, she replied yes, my amma did all the cooking. What do you do, she replied I watch TV, read books, or sleep. Come this side, we will talk, I said. No, baba, I am not supposed to go out at all. Come to the back yard, you can jump over a small wall and come to my house, I have a lot of books, we can sit and read together, I have a computer,sex story,english sex story,

we can watch movies together. NO, No, If my parents come to know they will kill me. No, they will not know. You stay just for a short time and then you can go back. But she ran away from near the window as if to avoid me. I called Shanthi. She did not come. I kept quiet. After some time she came peeping in and seeing me at the window, she laughed loudly and I too.

After long arguments she agreed to come for a short time, say just for half an hour. I said yes, agreed. She came via their backdoor, jumped over the dividing wall and came to our back yard and walked into our house. I took her hand and took her inside our house. I showed her around and then I took her to my bedroom and showed her my computer. I asked her to sit on my bed.

You are beautiful, Shanthi, that is why I wanted to call you to come to my room. I took her both hands in my hands and looked into her eyes. Sher had a youthful charm in her face. I took her hands to my face and kissed them. She was shocked. I asked her to lie down in my bed and move so that I may also lie near her. She said no, no, dont lie near me.

She got up and sat in the chair. I did not press her. I knew she will come around one day. I gave her a book to read and asked her whether she would sit and watch a movie in the computer. She asked what movie. I said English, or Hindi, or blue. She asked blue what is the blue movie. I told her I cannot tell you have to watch it and make out what it story,english sex story,

She smiled. Poor girl, does not know the world. After some time, she said she will go and come again next day for watching movies. She went the same way she came. Her body nature was amazing. Her boobs were firm and erect that it filled her bra and blouse. Her ass also filled her rear. Her thighs were huge.

I put my hand on her thighs casually, she did not know what amount pleasure it gave me. Next day as soon as I called her, she came we straight went to my bedroom and sat on my bed. I told her that as soon as she comes she has to give me a kiss on my cheeks. She asked why. Because I like it. Give me now. She turned her face and gave me a kiss on one cheek.

I said no on both the cheeks. She gave on my both cheeks. I reciprocated and planted kisses on her both cheeks. She was thrilled and looked at me surprised. I told her I want to kiss you in many more places. She asked me where do you want to kiss. I told her behind the ear, on her neck, at her nipples, stomach, etc. She laughed not today some other story,english sex story,

Let kiss today on your ears and neck. Before her consent, I kissed her on her neck and behind her ears. They are very erotic points and I could see her having ghoosepimples all over. I mildly pushed her and made her lie in the bed and buried my face on her boobs and caught her nipples with my lips. She was looking at my face, but did not push me away.

I kissed her many times on her ears, neck and boobs and she was enjoying my act. I told her I want to do this every day. Do you agree, she just smiled and did not object. I just kept my hand on her thighs and moved it up and down. She did not allow my hand reach her pussy. We played this kissing game for more time. Since she did not object I knew she was enjoying it.

After some time she said she is going. I said ok. She went away. Next day she came wearing a nighty. As usual I took her to my bedroom and gave her a tight hug. surprising she was not wearing a bra under her nighty. I ran my hand down below and I think she did not wear any underwear. Underneath her nighty she was nude. I was thrilled but I did not show story,english sex story,

I was in my t-shirt and lungi without any underwear. As usual we sat in the bed and hugged and kissed. She was taking the lead and allowed me to kiss her ears, neck and then when the turn came to kiss her boobs, I asked her to open her nighty and show me her boob so that I can kiss on it.

She starred on my face and then unbuttoned her nighty and opened up her chest to expose her melons. I just looked at them to enjoy their sight, with the nipple hardened and projected. I took time to lick around her nipples and sucked her nipples mildly one by one.

Santhi was moaning and enjoying my act with her eyes semi closed I put my hand one her boob and squeezed each softly and then hard, while sucking her nipple. My one hand was busy unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her nighty. My cock so stiff that I thought it may story,english sex story,

My hand touched her soft back, ass mound, her abdomen, and then her pussy, fully hair covered pussy. She did not resist any of my actions, or rather wanted my detailed exploration. Now her totally nude body was totally out of her nighty. Slightly fair in color, she was a thing of beauty. There was no accumulation of fat and every inch is just hard and with full of muscle.

Opening her legs wide I sat between them and placed my hands on her hairy pussy. Why so much of hair, why dont you shave it off, I asked. She said she does not have any razor, and she did not know how to shave. I said wait, I will do it. I went to the bathroom I asked her to come there. I applied water over her mat of hair to make it soft.

She kept one leg on the top of the commode so that I will have free access to the area where there is hair growth. I took my shaving brush and applied soap lavishly on places where there is hair growth. In between my acts, I did not forget to suck her boobs which were projected towards me. I applied soap on her anus also.

Then taking the razor, I just drew it across her pussy and quick came of her hair in a thick mat. Washing my razor, I again pulled it all over her pussy lips, anus to remove all her hair. There was no hair remained in her public area. It was brilliant and glowing. Her fair color was exposed and I just stood looking at it and enjoyed the story,english sex story,

Shanthy reposed confidence in me and did not doubt my intentions. she was just acting as I told her to do. I poured water and washed her pussy and anus. I applied soap again and washed her pussy and anus. While doing all this my erect cock thrust against her face many times. I washed my cock and wiped it and put it in her mouth.

Wiping her body thoroughly we walked to my bedroom. My erect cock was a matter or surprise for her. She took it in her hand and examined it closely. Then she started to cry, shedding tears. I asked what is the matter. She was not replying but going on crying. After long persuasion, she told me that she was married and lost her husband within 10 days in a scooter accident.

She lamented that she did not get a chance to enjoy sex with him. He was eager, but said the fear go away and let friendship develop and then we will do. In the night he will fondle my boobs and let me handle his cock. His cock was not this big. It was the punishment of God that I should not have sex. I am sorry, I am going away. I will not come here any more.

Dear Arjun, don’t get angry with me, just understand my situation. Before I could reply her she had gone. I realized that I loved that girl. If I marry I will marry only her. I made up my mind and told my mother that I want to marry Santhi and Santhi only, talk to her parents and get her for me. When my father came they both talked, he asked me whether I have ever touched her or spoiled her.

I said no. There may be more beautiful girls available in our community, why you are particular about this widow. Finally they talked to the parents of Santhi. It was a shocking thing for them. However they were happy that their daughter is being salvaged and she gets a new life. The marriage took place on an auspicious day and Sandhi came to my house as dulhan.

sex story-Fucking My Sexy Neighborhood Widow

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