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I, Ajay, 19, one day skipped my classes and came home, got into my casuals, put on the TV and was watching some English channel, but it was boring, switched it off and then opened my laptop, all porn videos stored in the disc have been seen many times and boring, searched the net, may sites were closed.

Indian sex story

Put out the laptop, went to the kitchen to see any snacks remaining for munching. Suddenly from the far off kitchen window I could see the window of the flat in the neighboring block, a lady was doing exercise in front of the mirror. I could not see the mirror, the lady was in fantastic shape, big boobs, narrow waist, big ass, thick thighs, clean shaven arm pits,

with hair tied on top and she was jumping with legs spread and hands lifted up and legs come close and hands down. I could imagine she is doing exercise in front of a large mirror. She did not wear, but wore a polka panty. Though her window and our window are just opposite to each other and she could have seen had she turned her head, she was concentrating in her exercise.

And I hiding from her direct view hid my self to see more action. She must have started the exercise just then and later she may remove her underwear when she starts perspiring and show me her pussy. She was so beautiful, that I wanted to jump across and go and kiss her,

But jumping from the 9th floor window to the other 9th floor window however close it may appear to be is a great risk. Though I had hand ful of snacks, I didnot munch for fear of her hearing the sound and sensing my presence here so close. After taking a gap again she started to twist her body and touch her tight toes with her left hand and vice versa.

WoW, her boobs and erect nipples were indeed a sight. Within a minute I could see her skin glowing with perspiration. Overhead fan is swirling in full speed. She takes a gap for about five minutes before she starts with her next. She looks like to be of my age. I could not make out which floor it may be.

Now she started again, first making faces at her own image, smiling and then hands stretched up, bowing forward and touching her feet, rising up and then bending backwards. Her boobs were pushed so much forward and I would have taken the whole thing in my mouth. My chhota was already erect and protruding inside my bermuda.

Then something happened which was quite unexpected. She put her palm over her pussy and started to rub it over her panty. As she was enjoying the act, her face showed some contortions. I was watching intently as to what she is doing next. Oh OHHHHOOOO she pulled down her panty exposing her clean shaven pussy. I was amazed at this visual, quite unexpected.Indian sex story

My mother who uses the kitchen most would not have seen this kind of scene, or she would have asked the girl to close their window while doing exercise. In that case I would not have had this golden chance of see this golden execise. The girl, after removing the panty, was inserting her middle finger into her fuck hole and making in and out exercise.

Initially starting in a slow exercise, she proceeded making it faster and vigorous, beinding forward, with half closed eyes. What can I do with a fully erect tool on this side of the wall to help a girl on the other side of the wall struggling to get some pleasure out of her finger. She stopped, looked at her hand, chose two fingers and inserted both the fingers instead of one.

It was so agonizing for me. When the girl next door is struggling, I am here with one of the finest cocks in the world standing helplessly. I do not know her name, or their flat or door number, or their phone number. I put on some clothes, locked the door, ran down, went to the watchman on the next block and asked for the name of the tenant of this flat, He was most non cooperative,Indian sex story

he asked who are you, why do you want so much information, Then I came back to our watchman and asked him to talk to the watchman of the next block and ultimately after parting with couple of hundred rupee notes, they gave all the information I needed.

I dialed the number from the veranda of our 9th floor and called, hellow, Geetha, I understand you are very much interested to do exercise everyday. She asked who are you, I said I am your neighbour and have seen you in your tracksuit going out for jogging etc. I am Ajay in your next block, can I join you in doing physical exercise.

I am very much interested but it is boring to do it alone. If there is a companion, we can do it with a competitive spirit it will be interesting. She said ok, come to the terrace, we will do it in the open. I went with her, on reaching the terrance I told her that I used to watch you doing the physicals and then ending with fingering.

What, what do you mean, when did you see, she threw spate of questions. Finally she agreed, and told me not to tell anybody, I said no, why should I, especially when we are friends. She said her husband soon after marriage left to gulf and bought this flat for her stay. His parents used to be with her, But they went away as their daughter came for delivery. Now she said I am alone.

I dont want to have sex with any stranger. They are dangerous and will start blackmailing me. I told her I am a simple man, student, and have no experience in sex, no girl friends, I must be younger than you in age. I would like you to teach me about sex. But you should not make fun of me.

She laughed and said ok ok, but you look simple, first of all let us do some exercise and then we will decide. We exercised for half an hour and then she told me, you look ok. Just lower you underwear and let me see your cock. I lowered my jockey and my semi erect cock was getting fully erect. Lovely, she said and said it is of the same size as that of my husband.Indian sex story

Let me smell and taste it. She smelled it and licked it and said it smells and tastes just like that of my husband. I told her, then show me yours also. She said, no, not here, we will go down to my flat, in my bedroom. We went to her flat, she closed the door and bolted it from inside and lead me to her bedroom. She removed all her clothing and went to the bathroom in her panty.

She called me also to come so that we will have bath together. I went inside her bathroom, She removed her panty and I removed my t shirt and jocky. She directed her shower handle on me and washed my armpits and my cock. Then she washed her body, pussy and its interior very meticulously. After drying our bodies we went to her bedroom and stretched into her bed.

Geetha was in her youthful glow and she pulled me to her side and sealed her lips on mine. After a long and passionate kiss, she told me that she will teach me how to kiss. By a good kiss you should be able to arouse a girl. We went on kissing and she came over me and kissed me and we lying by the side of each other kissed. She showed me different methods of kissing.

It was so arousing that my tool stool erect like a steel rod. Then she asked me to press her boobs and lick around her nipples and suck them. She was moaning loudly. She was very much aroused like me. Then she said we will do some oral sex. She showed me how to lick her wet cunt and lick her clitoris. She opened her legs wide and guided my head to her pussy.

She opened her cunt lips with both of her hands and showed me her clitoris and asked me lick it and then suck it softly. Then she asked me to get on to a 69 posture, and took my cock into her mouth. It was only for a short time. Then she asked me to get up and come upon her and took my cock tip into her fuckhole and asked me to push it in slowly and softly. It was very tight.

She said it is a long time since a cock has entered her hole and hence she said it will take time. She said she learnt all these things only from watching porno videos. By the time I was deeply inside her she asked me to take it in and out slowly and gradually increase the speed. I felt like being in heaven.

Then she asked me to lie down on my back and she straddled me with her legs on either side of me and took my cock inside her cunt. She was moving it so nicely that my cock was pressing against her clitoris. Her orgasm was very near and she told me to get my orgasm also so that we both can enjoy together.Indian sex story

I shot my cum into her and her own fluids were copious and it wet the bedsheet. We went to the bathroom and cleaned our private parts. She told me very much about pregnancy and she said she will take all precautions. We fucked for three or four times that day and then I returned home fully satiated. I made it a practice to fuck her daily and do some physical exercises.

Geetha was very hot girl and wanted me to stay with her in the night also, but since my parents would be there and what reason could I tell them for my disappearance in the night. But she took advantage of me every minute I was with her.

After our half an hour work out, she will take me to her bedroom and make me naked and sit on me with her legs on either side of me and put my cock in her hole and fuck me. I get her boobs nicely to suck and I get her cheeks to kiss, when she she moves backward and forwards. Till her husband took her away to gulf I fucked her to my heart’s content.

Indian sex story

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