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Hello my sexy readers, Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked. I was wrapped in the urine-wet whale dupatta going towards the lift of my apartment, got into the lift, pleasured by those fucks,pain in legs and with those started moving to my floor. As soon as the lift door opened on my floor, I was shocked and ashamed to find myself wrapped just in a dupatta and being exposed in front of the society manager waiting outside the lift to go to his place.

Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked.

He was mesmerized and shocked to see me like this and had mixed grin, shock, naughty, shy and innocent feeling on his face, quickly glancing it I started to run to my room door, the manager who was in his late forties did not want to miss a chance. He chased to me and grab the dupatta from behind as I was running hold the dupatta through my boobs, it got brushed over my nipples and he hold it by his strong grip, the brushing made it pleasurable for me and I stood still stark naked in front of my room, in front of the society manager.

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He got courageous because I was displaying my all assets to him with no hesitation and protection, and then came near me and touched my nipples in his nails and I moaned hard.By this, he held me and carried me over his arms naked, my boobs over to his right chest and my ass pointing towards the ground, he headed to the Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked. lift and pressed for the ground floor. It was 5 am in the morning and I was in the arms of 40+ old men carrying me outside the building, he took me to his car and made me sit in the backseat and started driving the car, I slept for a while and woke up on a sudden brake. Looked myself, the manager the car and covered my boobs and pussy in my arms.

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Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked. I was taken again into a lift unknown and moving towards the 5th floor as the door opened and we started moving, I noticed it to be a building like pg/hostel and moving on I only noticed boys dresses, baniyans and underwears dried in compounded. I had an idea it to be a boy’s hostel and reading a board/panel stating st mark’s boarding boy’s hostel.

We stopped in front of a room he dropped me down and started knocking the door saying open the door very urgent, me your father open the door. The door opened and the son name Praneet shocked to see his father with a naked girl and his father winked him and said happy birthday son here your gift.The 18 years old boy got excited and I fallen down noticed his tool raising in his pajamas.Both the father and son started pulling me up and inside their room while so the neighboring hostel room opened his door to check who it was and rubbing his eyes saw me going inside the room naked.And then he didn’t disturb us.

The father-son duo had started undressing themselves and were in only underwear. They laid me on his bed and Praneet was licking my nipples and the manager digging his dick in my pussy.Praneet probably had his bladder filled while licking the boobs, he started to pee and the position was such his pee was directed to my pussy and the manager’s cock and lubricated my pussy.I was in seventh heaven and was moaning high with moans àhhh oh hhhhh and mm mm hmmm mm.

Those were loads and noticeable I guess and it was 10 mins to 7 am in the morning and as the manager unloaded his warm gush of cum in my pussy. There were knocks on our door and saying fucking Praneet who is in their your fucking. Let us enjoy too. Praneet stood up, went opened the door, I sensual started covering my boobs with Praneet’s underwear which were too short to cover my boobs and exposing my leaking pussy with shining urine on it.The group of boys was mesmerized seeing me and shouted hurray.A statement from behind came

One more statement came Tere papa ne apna kaam khatam karli dekh tera lamba lund aur unki choti lund.I heard it and saw the manager’s cock and giggled seeing the size of the penis. Raged praneet came near me fondled my boobs with his legs and shouted bitch I am gonna fuck you in the assembly in front of everyone and grabbed to the door by gripping my hand and from door I was carried to the assembly by a group of boys touching me everywhere a few shouting and waking all the hostelites.

Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked. On the dais in the assembly Praneet inserted his hard dick inside my pussy and I was groped and licked all over the body by the group.Making me moan ah ph oh hmm mm mm mm I even noticed camera flashes and video been recorded.Finally, Praneet removed his dick and unloaded all his cum on my face. Couple or more guys after Praneet came and fucked me as they liked.

Then after a while, I woke up to find the manager sitting dressed on a chair waiting for me to wake up on the assembly dais. I woke up to find loads of cum on my body. I body smelled urine and I tremblingly got up. The manager took me to my room and left me inside. I fell on my bed woke up to see the time 7 pm. Still smelly and had made the blanket and bed smelly.Got a bath. And thought the entire incident sitting naked.While the thought I had masturbated and cummed twice again on the bed… Couple or more guys fucked me as they liked.

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