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From the moment I parked into the compound, I knew there was something strange about the compound, the agent who took me round the neighbour and showed me other better house was shocked when we entered the compound and I told him that I was taking any apartment thats free.

Pa Rabiu my landlord a man in his mid 70’s with his huge tribal marks that ran across his face in a very ugly way like the person who drew the tribal mark did it with anger, he had no teeth, you would be puzzled at how eats, married to threw wives, Mama jumoke his first wife who is very troublesome and guessed cuz of her constant headache thats why he married Mama sikiratu who invariably trailed her path but hers is that of being too sexually active, never says a word without sex involved in it, I guessed again that Pa Rabiu couldn’t quench the raging fire burning between Mama Sikiratu’s thigh, that’s when he married Mama Bode, the large compound has a bevy of beautiful women, first is Pa Rabiu’s nine daughters and then my neighbours Esther a working class banker who feels everybody in the compound is an illetrate and needs to see the world, then Felicia a girl into buying and selling who has sworn to be Esther’s competitor in all that she does, we are only three male tenants in the compound, I , Tunde who gossips more than any girl I have met and Onos who is a staunch jehova witness.

My first morning in my new house, I heard a loud bang on my door, from my deep sleep I jumped out of my bed feeling irritated for whoever that was for disturbing my sleep as I shouted angrily
ME: Who be that wey dey knock like craze person?…. And I heard the husky voice of my landlord with his yoruba laddened accentLANDLORD: Is ya lanlordi o! why is curse be the first thing that came out of ya mouth this early morning

I apologised as I opened the door to Pa Rabiu with a long chewstick that he had in his mouth, chewing like a goat who was its cud, he had his daughter by her side, A dark chubby girl who should be around 16yrs, she gave out a faint smile as Pa Rabiu began to talk

LANDLORD: Ma binu! this is my daughter Morenike, she are sabi book very well like I father, She want to be a lawyer like you ni, when she are big, I want you to mature her!

I couldn’t grab a meaning out what he said as I looked confused and puzzled, my eyes now on the little girl and she understood from the look in my eyes and she decided to help out

MORENIKE: Unculu what Baa’mi is trying to say is that since you are a lawyer, you should help to teach me as I want to be a lawyer too while in return I’ll run errands free for you

It was then I understood what my old landlord was ranting about all morning, I shook my head in acceptance as I turned to the landlord

ME: Oh! landlord I agree, I’ll willingly teach Morenike as far as she is a good girl

LANDLORD: Good ni? Morenike is the goodest girl of all my pikins, the rest are ajagbidi, can’t you see her tobi english?

I fixed classes with Morenike every saturday and sunday evening, on the first of day of the said classes, I wore boxers and singlet as I opened my door to let her in and few minutes into the classes Mama Sikiratu who turned out to be Morenike’s mother began to knock heavily at my door! I quickly rushed to the door and it was Mama Sikiratu, the moment she saw me on boxers, she sat down on the ground and began to cry

MAMA SIKIRATU: Yeeeh! oti tan, I knew it ni, this young blood have put his thing in my daughter ni o! can’t you see he is sweating o!

She stood up from where she sitting on the floor and rushed me, using her dirty hands from the filthy floor she placed them and squeezed my singlet tight to my neck as she was shouting

MAMA SIKIRATU: Morenike! Morenike! Come out let me see if you can still waka, this boy go don use this long thing scatter your small waist

{pointing at my groin region}

Tenant you suppose give this thing to matured people and not small Morenike.

The neighbours all gathered as they await Morenike whom for no reason decided to waste time before she came out and when she finally did, everybody saw that was just mere allegation and nothing had gone wrong, they all burst into laughter as Pa Rabiu walked in on us and from afar shouting as he came closer

LANDLORD: I know is Mama Sikiratu that is disturbing our calmness in this compound

She turned to Pa Rabiu immediately and said

MAMA SIKIRATU: This one you carry fish give rat! if him chop am, I will not allow una rest for this compound

Pa Rabiu began to laugh as he clinged to his chewing stick and said

LANDLORD: Mama Sikiratu! Is that thing in the young boys waist that you want to chop! as if I given you the fish you will not chop? you have been chopping this fish since your small and yet you no want to remain for your pikins to chop

She sighed as she used both hands to hit in between her thighs, a body language that meant “na you sabi” and Pa Rabiu turned to me and apologised as the crowd dispersed and I opened my door and Morenike followed me into the house, I became scared and cautious as I began to teach her again, we continued for another 10 minutes before Morenike raised her hand to ask me a question, I paused and looked her and she asked

MORENIKE: Unculu can you ibasun?

I became vexed at why yoruba people always coin their language in all that they speak, so I queried her

ME: What is Ibasun?

MORENIKE: {smiling} Unculu can you faaji? as in knack me well

I was shocked as I stood up looking at her and she continued

MORENIKE: Unculu my big sisters need to know, they said if you faaji me well that they will still come and try test it

That was when fear gripped me as she took her hands straight to the button on her shirt and…

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