Sexy Night With Lesbian Cousins


This is story about my lesbians cousin’s how they enjoyed each others company. After reading my story kindly leave your feedback on my personal email address . My father have 2 elder brothers each have one daughter. I am the only son of my father. My elder cousins name is Archana next is Aparna and my name Abay. We three cousins very close to each other. We use to meet every summer holidays and use to stay 15 days in each cousins place. This routine was from child hood. We all use to play with each other and enjoy the holidays to fullest. Archana is 23 year old and Aparna is 21 and I was 18 years. Archana is very sexy with big breasts and very nice tight ass . I was always fascinated about Archana ass. Aparna is skinny have nice curve and use dress very well. I was medium built 6 ft tall.

Now coming to the incident, this was happened few years back. As usual for summer holiday we all meet in my house and this time I noticed change in behavior in them. Use to speak slowly and lot of personal talk to each other. Some sort of hiding from everyone. Whenever I was with them they are normal. I have seen them many times lock the door and be with each other.

I started feeling lonely because they started spending more time with each other. But night we all use to sleep together in my room. I have a big cot 3 of us can easily sleep.

First day I slept nicely and morning when I got up they both still sleeping. They both hugging each other and sleeping. Later in the day I have noticed many times both holding each others hand smiling and giggling. I was not sure that they are involving in lesbian sex I was thinking they must be share each others personal things. About their boyfriends and all. That day afternoon we all are playing some card game that time also I have noticed they purposefully touch each other, smiling and giggling.

I noticed Archana I think she was not wearing her bra I could see her tits making tent this made me hot too. Then night we all had food and came for sleeping. They asked me do you have girlfried friend I told no. What about boy friend and they giggled. I started smiling and told no.

Then I asked what about you too. Archana replied yes I have a girl friend and a boy friend too. I told oh that’s nice where are they. She told Aparna is my girlfriend and you are my boy friend. She gave me a kiss on my cheeks. She use to love me like a small brother. And she also kissed Aparna. This time she kissed on her lips. They couldn’t control for a min and then controlled.

Then we started talking and we switched of the light. After sometime Aparna asked me are you sleeping I told no ok ok sleep early morning will have lot of fun she told. Then after sometime I slept off. Next day also similar things happened so I was little curious to know what’s happening between them.

Night we came to sleep I acted very sleepy I told I will sleep. They looked happy by hearing that. Then I pretend to sleep. After sometime Aparna asked are you awake I was awake but did not answer.

Then she touched my shoulder to check am I sleeping or not. They started talking and slowly started kissing each other. They switched on small light. They are hugging and kissing each other. I was shocked to see that I opened my one eye started watching them. Occasionally they are checking am I sleeping o not. Then after sometime Aparna told looks he is in deep sleep. I did not open my eyes for a while, I heard small moan so slowly I opened my eyes.

Archana was next to me she is completely nude I can see her big ass Aparna is other side I can’t see her. Both are kissing each other. I was very excited to see that. Then Aparna slide her self little down and started kissing Archana boobs they both are moaning and enjoying. My pennis became hard by seeing all these. Then Archana came on top of Aparna and they are kissing each others pussy. Archana pussy was in Aparna mouth and it was very near to me I was so tempted to touch her ass. She has a big ass. Aparna is spreading and squeezing Archanas ass and linking her pussy. Then they came to crisscross position both are pressing each other’s pussy.

They did that a while I was very hard and very much exited. Then Archana opened her bag and took out big pink dildo. I was shocked to see that. They applied some gel to the dildo and Archana started inserting the dildo to Aparna pussy. Both are completely lost I am watching everything they both are not bothered at all. Even I was very excited I started putting my hand inside my shorts and shaking my dick. Aparna noticed that suddenly she pushed Archana and they switched of the light. All three are silent for a while. Then Archana came next to me and told please don’t tell anyone. I told ok I will not tell. They took a promise and all. Then I asked I liked to watch what you do. Is it OK everyday if I watch. Archana told ok Aparna was little hesitant. Then I told shall I hug you once I hugged Archana Aparna dint come near me.

Then I told you guys can continue. Archana told naughty boy, then she hold my dick and told it’s very big and hard. Then she told Aparna it looks better than our artificial dildo. Aparna took it in her hand and told yes I was vibrating in her hand. Then she told it reacts well too. Then Archana started kissing me I was pressing Archana breast meanwhile Aparna started locking my dick. I was feeling so good. For my luck for the first time only I was enjoying two girls. Then I told I want to kiss their pussy.

Then Aparna sat on my face and asked lick her pussy. I was lost in kissing Aparna meanwhile Archana sat on my dick she was very wet it just slipped inside her pussy. It was my first time I was feeling damn good. Her pussy was hot and tight. She started moving slowly. She did a while I was about to come I told her I am about to come please stop. She stopped and she told Aparna it’s far better than dildo the way he vibrates in my pussy I couldn’t control I came twice one his dick. Then Aparna asked me will you come inside me she was lying on the bed and asked me to come on top. I slowly entered inside her but she was feeling little pain she asked me to apply gel.

Then I entered this time I ended easily I started moving inside her . Her pussy is much more tighter I was banging her. Archana started kissing my ass she was biting my ass I was enjoying all those. Then Aparna told she is coming out I was not ready she came out I Cound feel the hot flow. Then she asked me to stop.

Now Archana was ready she bent down in doggy style her big ass was looks stunning. I asked her I don’t have condom is it OK to come out inside you. She told ya it’s fine I am in safe period you can come. She was in doggy style at the corner of the bed and I was standing and put my dick from back. APARNA was sitting on the bed and she was kissing Archana breast.

I started rocking Archana from back. This was very nice feeling I was hitting her ass harder. Every time I hit her my balls use to hit her ass I was feeling great she was also moaning after few minutes. Then she wanted to lie down, she lied down and my penis was inside her pussy from back. Aparna was spreading her legs wide open and gave it to Archana mouth. In this position her pussy is very tight after few strokes I told I am coming out can’t hold anymore she told ok do it harder and come with me. I hit few strikes really harder and harder and we both came together.

From that day we three of us did this whenever we meet. We three enjoyed a lot. We had awesome fun . Now both are married I really miss them a lot. But whenever we get a chance we enjoy.

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