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Cole and I weren’t the types to like about toys or anything in the bedroom. Sex was just normal, hot sex for us, no toys needed. I didn’t think that we needed any help in the bedroom, but he had been pondering the idea for a while.

“Baby, just think about how much fun it would be if we got you a vibrator. I could play with your clit while I fucked you with your toy, making you cum over and over. It’s so hot when you have one orgasm after another!”

Couple days later, I found myself thinking about it. So I started looking on Amazon and found one that didn’t look too bad. I sent Cole a picture, and he said, “Go for it baby! Pick whatever one you want, and I will get it for you!” I picked a pink one out that was a little longer than my hand was. It had multiple vibrator settings, and the reviews were really good. It wasn’t too long before it was at my house. I have to admit; I could feel myself starting to get wet just thinking about the fun that we could have.

The night we decided to use it, I was a little nervous. Yes, I have masturbated before, but I have never put anything inside me other than my fingers or Cole’s amazing dick.

I got it out of the box that was sitting next to our bed. I turned it on and started rubbing my clit with it. I let out a moan, surprised how good it felt. My panties were wet in no time. Cole took my panties off and took it from me.

“It’s my turn, you sit back and let me have some fun.”

He leant in and kissed me softly as he ran in across my nipples. My nipples were instantly hard and poked through my t-shirt. He tweaks one nipple with his hand. “Baby, you don’t need your shirt anymore.” He put the vibrator down and pulled my shirt over my head. He kissed me a little harder, and he kneaded both of my breasts and rolled my hard nipples in his fingers.

I let out a cry as he latched on to one of my nipples and sucked on it while his hand played with the other. He soon switched to the other breast as he gently scratched down my chest and stomach. His fingers found my soaking wet pussy, and he dove a finger into my tight hole.

I love it when he sucks on my big nipples and fingers me at the same time.

He took his finger out and unlatched from my breast and said, “I love it when you get a little loud  as I play with your sexy body and I love the way your pussy juices taste.”

He sucked my juices off his fingers and then kissed me hard! I wanted to ride his face as he lapped up my juices.

“Baby, I want to ride your faces as you eat my pussy! Please baby; I want to fuck you!!”

“No. I’m not finished with my girl yet,” he said with a twinkle in his eye. He then picked up the toy again and drove it into my pussy. It hit my g-spot, and I almost came right then!

“Oh baby, yes! Fuck my pussy with my toy!” I cried. I started pinching and rolling my nipples as he watched. He loves it when I play with breasts. I could feel my orgasm building. He startled licking and sucking my clit, and he fucked me with the vibrator.

“Ah, I’m gonna cum! Ooooh, don’t stop baby! Oooh, don’t stop!” I screamed! I came hard, but he didn’t stop. I felt another orgasm building and came again. and again. My body shaking like crazy and my hips bucking. Next thing I know the toy is out and Cole is eating my pussy, lapping up my juices. I came hard, and his face was covered in my juices.

“Mmm you taste so good, but I’m not finished.” He stood up, flipped my over on to my stomach and grabbed my hips. He drove his hard dick into my tight, now dripping pussy, fucking me hard from behind.

“It’s so hot when you cum more than once baby! Oh, you’re so fucking tight and wet!”

“Oh, baby! Aaahhh! Fuck me with your hard dick baby!!” I cried as another orgasm hit.

“Arrr I’m cumming!” He pulled out and stroked his dick for a second and came hard, all over my back and butt. “Baby, I’m sorry! I meant to put a condom on, but I had to fuck you!”

“It’s okay baby! Thank you so much, that was amazing! Could you go get me a wash cloth and clean me up?” I asked.

“Sure thing!” as he went to the bathroom. He came back and helped myself up. I turned around and licked his cum off his semi-hard dick.

“Well do you like your toy?” He asked.

“Yes, baby. I do! I didn’t think I would, but I like it! I love you!”

“I love you too baby, and I’m glad you like your toy.”

I gave him a quick kiss and got dressed. We got back in bed and cuddled while we watched a movie until we fell asleep. Needless to say, I will be keeping my toy ?

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