Five Decades of Masturbation – Starting Young



Although it’s been some time since the last posting, I thought I’d chime in on the main question of how a wife gets over her shyness about masturbating in front of her husband.

Since I’m new to MH, here’s some brief bio info. My wife, ‘Anne,’ and I have four kids and eight grandkids and in our mid-60s marvel at how deep our love continues to grow. Our marriage is centred on Jesus as Savior, and we’ve been blessed to see our children and grandkids love and walk with Lord. With age, the spirit is often much more willing than the flesh! Anne had a full oophorectomy at age 45, and I’ve had prostatic surgery for BPH. Even so, our sex life is abundantly fulfilling. We tried almost every position, technique, including toys, clothes (light bondage and for stimulation), food, shaving (ourselves and each other), etc. to creatively stir our juices and maximise our pleasure.

Masturbation has been and is a very important, intimate and treasured part of our nearly five decades of marriage and sexual intimacy. We know and urge each other to jill-off and jack-off whenever we get a twinge of horniness that won’t go away. Anne often invites me to jack-off with her or next to her, and she plays a hands-off, passive, or active role, depending on my desire to put a show on for her or I need her skilful hands, mouth, and lips at essential moments.

We engage in lots of mutual masturbation. And that’s my KEY tip for wives that want to lose their shyness and freely masturbate for their hubbies. Anne was quite shy about masturbating in front of me in our early marriage, even though she jilled-off without inhibition (we early on looked at Scripture, talked about the healthy view of sex taught to us by our respective, strong and loving parents, and received good teaching from such pioneers on Christian sexual freedom as Charlie Shedd) as a teen and in our early marriage.

Because we were comfortable to masturbate, we incorporated it into our foreplay. Our hands naturally roved over each other and ourselves. Soon we discovered the tantalising practice of lying next to each other and drifting into our world of masturbation ecstasy. Anne would hear and see me expressing my pleasure as I masturbated, and she began to do he same.

These elder days, we find masturbating in front of each other a spiritual and holy experience. We, particularly she, are totally uninhibited in our touching, body expression, and verbalization during masturbation for each other and ourselves.

Practice produces perfection, and we plan on years of practising!

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