marriage heat – “Please Daddy?” (Part 1)


This story contains elements of the Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DD/LG) relationship which is a sub role play of BDSM.  Mainly the wife likes calling me ‘Daddy’ and I call her ‘Princess.’ If this is a hot topic for you, I apologize in advance and suggest possibly reading one of the many other brilliant written stories here on MH.  We all want to keep this a safe place for Christians to come and share in their sexuality while encouraging one another.  Thank you and enjoy to those who continue to read.

please daddy

Man, I haven’t written for MH in months.

It’s been a stressful year. I think back to some of the ideas I had started.  Sex Playlistwas fun, and I worked on a few more songs and started looking at the suggestions but never posted anything.  Heck, even writing this story I’ve had this outline written up since November, and this day itself happened back in early October I believe. (I also told the wife to write what happened herself…but she’s taking too long—I’m still going to read her account later…maybe post it? Hmmm, we’ll see). [At the time of posting this officially, it’s been over a year since this happened :P].

At the time it had been a rough few months.  Constant arguing between the wife and I.  As always we try to keep it away from the babies but every once in a while I would say something snide and then she would slam something down and there would be some more snide comments until one or both of us were too upset to speak.

But at this point, I’m sitting there watching another movie based off of My Little Ponyand all I can think about is I’m horny and she sure does look good.  Even through all the arguing my little princess will figure a way to make up for it.  There would be a few good days after we made love and then back to the arguing.  Our sex life hadn’t suffered at all but sometimes I felt like that was the only thing that was keeping us together.

I was over it.  The fighting. I was sick of it.  I was sick of her screaming at me and getting sensitive over every little joke I made when I was trying to get back to my normal sarcastic self that made her laugh all the time.  Instead of getting a laugh she would say something smart or rude back and I would tell her to calm down I was just joking with her.  Then I would say something like, “I can’t joke with you anymore. I will just stop talking.” And then she would say, “That’s not what I meant! GAH!” Stomp, Stomp, Slam!

Again…it’s been a rough year.

But I wanted to get past it all.  Get back to who we were. I was tired of walking on eggshells.  Fortunately, I knew my cock was able to help with a lot of that.

Evie was good with her Rainbow Rocks…again.  Thank goodness The Friendship Gameswas coming out soon. I was tired of hearing those same songs…ugh. Like I’m a Brony, but there is a limit to watching anything.  Every day when you have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Charter for a wide range of choices is just going too far…

But I digress.

Little Michael had his crackers and loves MLP as much as his big sister so they’re good.  The movie just started so we got plenty of time. Jean is walking from the kitchen after finishing her snack. I grab her by the hand and take her to the room. I tell Evie to watch her little brother and she groans a reluctant “Yes.”  So much sass for a three-year-old…but I guess that’s my fault. I taught her that sarcastic attitude.

Jean is asking me “What’s wrong,” as I close the door.  While she’s facing the bed I whisper in her ear that’s she’s in trouble and I’m horny so I’m going to get what’s mine.

The fun things about being a Dom is pushing my Princess’s limits. I tell her she’s not allowed to cum until I say so.  She must ask when she’s close but hold it until I give her the okay. She opens her mouth to protest and I tell her to stop talking.

She must hold her climaxes until she has permission.  Even if I keep going.

She asks if she can ask me to stop.  I tell her no.

She must hold it and if she climaxes before I say so she will get twenty with the belt.

“I’m not sure if I can handle twenty,” she coos.

“Then I guess you better hold it,” I whisper back in her ear as I tower over her.  “Oh, and before I forget, you’re not allowed to talk except to ask to climax or to answer any questions I have for you.”

“Okay,” she says with an excited groan.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I’m already hard to the point my pants hurt but hearing that sweet voice of hers say Daddy causes me to jump against the restraints.

I already knew where I was going to start.  I had been missing something since we had gotten married. As I’ve said before, but for all the new folks (hello!) we didn’t wait until we were married but I’m thankful the two of us have only ever been with each other.  And one thing I use to always do was woe her and take my time undressing her, back when we were dating and probably into the first year of our marriage.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depends on how you look at it, there is such easy access when married that little spark can flicker away. Lots of her asking as we climb into bed for the night.  No heated kissing or tickling fights or play fighting turning into sex. Questions…sex sometimes can be asked for—if asked correctly, but not always.  Always makes sex chore-ish, a request, a duty, instead of passionate.

So today I was going to take her back to when we were teenagers on the cusp of adulthood and take my time.  Plus, it would add to the torture of how long she would have to hold it. I start with her neck.  A gentle kiss.  I look down and watch as her breath quickens and her busty chest follows. I’m still behind her as I kiss up to the jaw line, her cheek, and then bite her earlobe.  A small hiss leaves her mouth as I gently grind my teeth.

My hands, they’re on their own journey as they caress her body. They reach down to her thighs and put a little pressure as they crawl their way up to her stomach and ease up just before grabbing her breast. They slide back and head to her exposed arms and gently trace up and down her goosebumps as her thin hair stands up on end. My fingers play with her fingers.  Hers twitch slightly as I tap off of them to grab her shirt.

Its over her head without a seconds thought.  My mouth continues to leave kisses and gentle bites on the other side of her neck as I undo her bra.  There is a small sigh from her as her hard nipples feel the cool air of the fan blow against them. My hands go back and grasp those big juicy tits like life depends on them.  She throws one of her arms up and runs them through my curly dark brown hair.  I grab her hand and place it back to her side and whisper for her to not move. She swallows a little bit and whispers another Yes, Daddy as I make my way back to her breast.

Her nipples are so hard and just waiting to be pinched but I grab under her breast and gently bounce them in my hands as I continue to kiss her neck. My fingers trace her areola as I make sure to leave her nipples wanting more. I don’t leave them wanting long as I roughly grab them and pinch and pull.  She gasps in pleasure and that same arm goes up to grab me again. A chuckle mixed with a groan escapes her pursed lips as she brings it back down to her side. I laugh in her ear and pull again. There is a small little bit of lactation since she’s pregnant again—I know we’re shocked to, read Barely Breathing to understand why we’re shocked.

I love how big they get when she’s pregnant, they’re already big as it is but they step their game up when she’s pregnant and because they hurt I get to touch them a lot, just to help her of course.

She’s trembling now. Trying to stay still is taking its toll on her so I decided to give her something to do. I push her over the bed and lean over with her.  I kiss and scratch her back as I lean back up.  With both of our jeans still on I tell her to grind against me. Her moans start eagerly as her ass feels just how hard I am. I’m so hard and these pants are so constricting it hurts but I stay in control of her and me. After the grinding starts to help a trail of pre-cum travel down my leg I tell her to crawl up further on our king-size and lay down.

My shirt finally comes off as she does what she’s told.

I lay down on top of her, our chest touching.  She’s so hot, her ivory skin is turning that flustered cherry I love so much. There is so much kissing and biting as our lips meet for the first time in those moments.  I trace her jaw line down to her chest watching as a small smile creeps over her freckled face. I reach those hard nipples; her areola is twisted a little so I know she’s eagerly anticipating whatever I want to do to her. I bite and suck feeling some of the undeveloped milk—colostrum—leak into my mouth.  Not the greatest taste but I know when she’s lactating that’s when she’s the horniest.  This is our last kid so I’m sure going to miss that.

My hands trace her thighs massaging the inside next to that covered and beautiful pussy of hers. When I let my hand gently grace her slit I see she’s soaking through—taking my time has really paid off but now it was time to have some real fun and let the torture begin.

Make no mistake about it, I was horny and as hard as a rock and a hard place but she had been irritating me, so she was going to work for that first orgasm today. Without hesitating I rip off her pants and underwear in one swoop.  No resisting here. She blushes even deeper as the fan creeps over us again and her wetness gets a little chill from the fan. I go down on her, touching and kissing her thighs and the outer lips but never-EVER going full pussy; not just yet.

Her legs are shaking uncontrollably and I swear my cock is about to bust out of my pants, but I still got this. My hand goes up and starts playing with her clit. My God, she is sopping wet. Another gentle tap, and then another.  She breaths deeply each and every time and her legs rupture with another shake. I start to put a little more pressure and stay on her clit.  I get going, faster and faster.

She’s there, right on the edge of the climax.  That cliff is so appetizing, she’s been waiting so long and she wants to jump off.

“No,” I tell her when she asks. She groans as she forces herself to hold it.  I know her limit so a few more quick shakes and then I finally stop.

“That was only the first peak.  It’s way too early,” I chuckle.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. The two of us cover up.  I mean, I’m in my jeans, but it’s clearly obvious something is up and I don’t want my daughter to see.  Jean’s hair is a mess and she’s flustered as she covers her chest and sits up with me.  We say, “Come in, Evie,” at the same time.

“What are you guys doing?” she asks us.

“Nothing, we’re just laying down.”

“Don’t lie to your daughter,” I tell her.  I’m big on staying truthful to our kids.  My parents, as holy as they are, never wanted to admit when I caught them in lies and as parents ourselves we’re supposed to do better.  No, I’m not about to tell my three-year-old I’m making mommy hold her climaxes.

“We’re playing a game Evie,” I tell her. As truthful as it’s going to get without traumatizing my daughter. I hear Awesome as I wanna Be is about to begin in the Battle of the Bands. So I tell her to go back out there and watch that and her brother.  I hear Michael giggle from his high chair as the song begins and she runs off while closing our door.

As soon as the door is closed I throw the covers off of Jean and slide her back down on her back. I’m sucking her nipple hard as I rub her clit as fast as my wrist will move. I’m pressing that little button of hers like my life depends on it and even though she hasn’t cummed she still is a mop bucket of lusciousness.

Her legs are causing earthquakes and tidal waves and she asks for permission yet again.

“Nope,” I say with her nipple still in my mouth. By now I can feel my pre-cum staining my underwear with excess and I just have this desire to be in that pretty little mouth of hers.

“Play with yourself,” I demand as I stand up off the bed and take off my pants.  As I strip the rest off my cock bounces free.  Even though I’m free, I’m in that hard mode where it just hurts to be hard.

When I lay back down in the bed I’m by her head so she can suck. She reaches up and I tell her to just stroke it, still keeping control over her and I.

I notice she’s doing that weak pussy touch. I tell her to play with herself harder.  She pushes a little more but not enough.

I use my hand to help her push harder and she hisses in ecstasy but when I let go she softens up again.

“You better step your game up or I’m going to do it for you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she moans as her legs tremble.

“Last chance,” I say as she continues to stroke me, I’m leaking pre-cum into her hand as she strokes it back on my cock giving me some lube.

“Daddy?” she asks me innocently but I know she’s playing games.  Fine then, I’ll do it for her, but it’ll cost her.

I smack her hand away and start playing with her clit hard and fast.  She asks within seconds, and I say no.  But I don’t stop this time.  That’s what she gets for playing games. Plead after beg is coming out of her.  I keep telling her no.  Finally, she says she’s going to if I don’t stop.  She’s lasted a lot longer than I thought.

“You better hold it,” I tell her.

“I’m trying—gaaaa! But you’re not making it easy,” she growls at me. She’s not even stroking me anymore; she’s putting all her energy into holding it.  I stop and she sighs a breath of relief but I quickly smack her pussy with my hand and she sputters again throughout her whole body.

“I said hold it,” I tell her. I get down to her pussy with my mouth and begin to eat her out.  Three times I stay down there getting her closer and closer.  She queries and each time I tell her no as I keep going, only coming up to tell her to hold it.  She’s all over my face, and she smells absolutely intoxicating.  I tell her to play with her nipples as my cock continues to throb in pain waiting for its own release. She’s a quivering mess and I love it and I know she does too but holding it is getting rough for her.

I crawl back up and this time tell her suck me.  She greedily stuffs me into her mouth—anything to get her to climax.

I keep playing with her clit as she blows me and her other hand plays with her large tits pinching those nipples just to give me an extra show.

“Does sucking Daddy’s cock help you control yourself,” I ask her.  She pulls me out with a satisfying pop and I’m dripping wet with her saliva.

“No,” she says as she strokes the mouth lube all over my cock before hungrily going back for me.

I moan with her as we continue to use my hand on her beautiful and sopping wet pussy.  Her mouth is so warm and her tiny flustered and freckled hand on my black cock looks so delicious.

“Not at all?” I ask her with a chortle through the groans.

“Uh-huh,” she moans looking me in the eye as she shakes her head with my cock still stuffing her mouth. I look down and as my hand continues to play with her I look and see jelly in place of her legs.  Her ankles can’t even hold herself up anymore.  She’s almost there and well, I guess she’s suffered plenty.

“Daddy,” she groans taking me out of her mouth and stroking her saliva with a tight grip on my hard cock.  Even though I’m in pain from no release she feels so good as she slides up and down on me with that grasp. “Daddy, please!? PLEASE, Daddy!?” she cries.

“Go ahead,” I whisper to her with a smile.

I just watch as this gate is just opened from her mind and travels all the way down her body. The ripples travel and hit her lower half as it releases itself.  I knew she was going to squirt.  When I make her hold it she always does but I had pushed her way beyond the normal time I let her hold it.  She gushes, everywhere.  The flood gates had been opened as her pussy juices spray everywhere. My hand splashes them all over her legs before the large droplets fall down to soak our bed.

I’m laughing in a high stupor as she holds my cock.  She groans and growls as her climax just keeps going and going for as long as I keep playing with her clit. She’s so loud I’m afraid our daughter might run in to find out what’s wrong with mommy. There is nothing but a large puddle appearing on our bed and her legs look as if she just took a shower and didn’t dry off.

She finally grabs my hand and pulls it away so her climax can stop.  I’m still laughing. She just had one of the biggest climaxes ever and I gave it to her. There was such a big release in my own mind that I had pleased my Princess that much.

I couldn’t wait to stick my cock in-between all that ripeness.

To be concluded…

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