marriage heat – Pushing Buttons


hot wifeSince being married my husband and I have always shared chores around the house, and especially since we were renting , it had to be up to par with the inspections.

Well, just recently my beloved bought himself a new video game. I never was one to get into these games but he loved it. The first few days he played it almost religiously, like a kid who couldn’t get over a new toy. I didn’t mind… At first.

Lately, he’d come home and get straight into it, forgetting about house chores or barely making conversation with me. A few times I had tried distracting him with my sensual charms….to no avail. Even walking past him NAKED didn’t get his attention. So I’d wait until he got off the game and come to bed, but by the time he eventually decided to turn the TV off , it was well into the early morning, and I’d fall asleep.

This one night I had come home after a long shift at work to find that , again, nothing had been done. I was frustrated.

Later, i decided to give the feminine charisma another go. Again, no response. As a woman who’s husband wasn’t noticing her, and finding that a 32 inch screen was more exciting, I felt quite confused and a bit hurt.

I went to the storage cupboard, and i came back and stood at the end of the couch.
“Well, since its seems that I’m the only one in this house who does anything around here…aand since you spend so much time with your new flat screen wife. You can sleep on the couch!” I threw a large woolen blanket and a pillow down onto the armrest. At this point, he had finally looked up at me with his big brown eyes, and finally saw my frustration. I stared at him for a few seconds, then stormed to our bedroom, slamming the door behind me. I didn’t want to do that, but I had felt I might as well be living alone. I slid into bed, still angry, and a few minutes after, I had heard the TV being switched off.
I woke up to find he had already gone to work. Unusual because I didn’t hear him come into our room that morning to get his clothes.
I got up and went to work. After work I head home quickly to get changed for dinner and women’s bible study at my close friends house each Wednesday night. By this time, my husband has gone to the gym so I didn’t run into him that afternoon.
Bible study had ended and I came home. Walkin through the door I felt noticed the carpet had been vacuumed (as I always can tell when they have or haven’t been). Washing had been taken off the line and put away and all the dishes were done. There was even a dozen cupcakes sitting on the kitchen counter (my husband is quite the baker).
But where was he? I didn’t see his car parked out front.
I walked to our room to change my clothes when …
I almost screamed. My husband had given me such a fright, i had to take a few seconds to collect myself. He sat at the end of our bed in his boxers and no shirt, revealing his defined muslces.
“You scared me! What the hell?! I didnt think you were hom-”
“Come here.” He stopped me.
I looked at him for a few moments.
His eyes pierced me, like daggers.
I didnt hesitate, i slowly walked towards him.

He slid my dress down my shoulders, making a blue pool at my feet. Still eyes locked on me he unclasped my bra.

After yanking my panties off me and placing me on the bed naked, He leant over me and stared me down. That look he gave when he was serious, but it was sexy serious. I loved it.
His tongue began running up and down my body, and to my breats. He sucked on them for a little which got my pussy so wet.
He slipped his fingers inside me, ohhhh how it felt good.
The quiet room now became filled with moans. Loud ones.
I could feel his fingers hitting the spot and his thumb on my clit. Damn he knows how to do it well!
I felt my climax building, he stopped briefly. I was about to open my eyes and asked what was the hold up when i felt his long tongue on me, damn! he suddenly stood up and took his boxers off
“Screw it” he whispers.
I felt his member enter into me, and we made love. Theres nothing like make up sex… No matter how angry i am at him he knows how to make me weak in his arms.
We both exploded and After we lifted the covers over our bodies and i layed on his chest.
He pushed my curly black hair aside off my face.
“Baby i am so so sorry. I let that game consume me. I feel terrible. I havent done bible studies, i havent given you any time, i havent done anything.”
His lips pressed against mine.
“Can you forgive me baby?”
I smiled. “Well.. After all that, i might have to”
“Babe, i only wanna play with you from now on. You know how i like pushing your buttons”

So for the rest of the night we sat on thr couch together and he taught me how to play this game. But since then, weve never let it get in the way of God or our marriage. And even if he does like that game, he knows i can offer better ‘games’ than a flat screen can?

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