UK sex club – A Quickie Between Friends


The night was getting on, and Bridgitte’s family didn’t look like they would leave the hotel anytime soon. Steve and I were left drinking by the bar when Bridgitte slid up to me and whispered in my ear. I smiled at her, as I usually do when she makes suggestions like that. She squeezed my bum as she left to go back to her family. I whispered in Steve’s ear. Steve was Bridgitte’s husband and a bit of a naughty boy at the best of times. Fifteen minutes later we left the party to go up to my room in the same hotel. We were getting undressed as soon as we were inside. Everything was off and I pushed him onto the sofa. “Is she going to join us soon?” asked Steve. I shook my head and knelt between his legs. My hand surrounded his cock and I pulled on it a few times. “She‘s gonna be a while,” I replied. “We have two options! One – we tease the shit out of each other until she turns up, or, two – we shoot down each others throats and hope she doesn’t notice.” Steve’s cock was stiffening nicely in my hand. I lowered my head and licked his bulbous knob. His cock twitched as much as my hand let it. I circled his cock with my lips and dropped my head down on him, sliding his cock all the way in as far as it would go. I bobbed up and down on his cock a few times and eventually removed my hands. His cock was stiff enough to stand on its own and I loved the feel of it in my mouth. Our only point of contact was between my mouth and his cock. I pulled back on it causing it to come away …

from his body. Then it sprang back and hit his stomach as it left my mouth like a springed coil. “Number two it is then,” replied Steve. I started to get concerned until I realised he was talking about our previous conversation. “Good choice!” I replied, smiling. Once again I pulled on his cock with my hand. I’m not sure what I like the most, wanking another cock, wanking my own cock or sucking on one. At that precise moment I wanted to stroke him and wank his cock. I started to tell him what a gorgeous cock he had, how I loved to make it stiff, suck on it and how much I loved having his cum spurt all over my face and down my throat. It was such a big cock by the time I had finished. “Fuck, I can’t wait to take the whole fucking lot,” I whispered to Steve. I pulled hard on his cock. On every up stroke I told him what I wanted and looked him in the eye. “I’m gonna do this ’til your balls burst.” I pulled once more using short sharp snaps of my wrist. “And when they do, every fucking drop is gonna slide down my throat.” Two more yanks with my hand. I looked down to see the effect it was having on his cock. “Cum on you fucking beauty, cum for me.” I grasped his balls with my other hand and fondled them. “Fuck, you‘re gonna make such a fucking mess by the time I‘m finished with you, aren‘t you,” I directed my words to his cock. I heard a brief whispered sound float through the air. “Yes…” I started to pump my fist faster. “You fucking said it – you beauty.” I squeezed his balls slightly. I could see pre-cum ooze from his knob and instinct took over. My tongue was out and I was licking all over his reddened knob; savouring his juices. “Fuck that was nice,” I said as I pumped my hand some more. “Come on, I know you want to spurt for me, come on give it to me,” I prompted, desperately. I had finally shut up as my mouth was occupied on the end of his cock and my hands pumped his shaft with ever increasing strokes. “Fucking suck on it you dirty bitch,” commanded Steve. It was his turn now. “Suck on it, go on, suck on it.” As I sucked, and as I pumped his cock, the first jet of blissful fluid shot into my mouth. It came as a shock, to be honest it always did even though I knew he was so close. “Fuck yes, take it all, fuck yes,” he instructed. Of course, I had every intention of doing just that. I swallowed, I loved it, loved the taste, loved the smell, loved the hardness and intensity, and I loved the action of his cock pumping out this fluid in response to me sucking and wanking him. With both hands wrapped around his cock, pulling at it, trying to keep it in one place, I swallowed his spunk. Spurt after spurt jetted into my mouth. I started to giggle as it all started to subside. I finally released his cock from my lips. Some spunk tried to escape but I quickly scooped it back inside my mouth. I savoured the taste before swallowing. “My fucking turn now,” said Steve. We got on the bed and ended up in a sixty nine position. He was on top and his mouth and hands were all over my cock doing the same to me as I had done to him. I loved sucking on a cock when I knew I would soon be spurting myself. It wasn’t long before I too filled his mouth with my cum. I was still sucking on his cock when there was a knock on the door. “Bridgitte,” I said. Steve nodded. “Well at least you‘re hard for her. What will be her first words?” I asked. We both said the same sentence at the same time. “You two, I need my pussy licking right now.”

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