A Case of Mutual Seduction


I guess you could say Janice and I were destined to be together. I first saw her at work. She was an intern with the company and there for three months of training. After she had been with us a couple of weeks, a group of us asked her to join us one evening for drinks at our favorite hangout. Once the evening got underway, I found myself sitting across from Janice. We both joined in conversations with those around us for awhile, but then our eyes met and almost immediately I became aroused. I could tell she was experiencing something similar because her nipples had become much more obvious beneath her form fitting blouse. I pretended not to notice but little did I know then that Janice had me in her sights as a potential lover. A few days later, a female coworker who had been with us that night told me she noticed the way Janice and I had looked at each other and could tell there was a mutual sexual attraction. Taking my cue, I asked Janice out. Because she was new in town, I suggested a tour of the city and dinner afterward. That evening I took her to the most romantic restaurant I knew and, for the next few hours, it was as if we were the only two people in the room. As we talked, I kept thinking how Janice had the most pleasant voice, beautiful hair, smile, gorgeous eyes and the softest and most delicate of hands. My head soon began to swim with fantasies of having those hands sliding into my pants and stroking my engorged cock as I slowly inched my own hand up her thigh …

to explore her wet pussy. Well, despite my fantasies, and maybe hers as well, nothing sexual happened between us that night. I really wanted to see her again so after a tender embrace and kiss goodnight at her door asked if she would like to join me the next weekend at one of my favorite resorts. She accepted the invitation and so as not to make her uncomfortable, said that I would book a room for each of us. Naturally I was hoping this might change once we arrived and the sexual tension we both seemed to be feeling could be released in a night of wild sensual pleasure. When the weekend finally came and we had settled in at the resort, Janice and I spent the day hiking, playing tennis and having another romantic dinner. Later that evening, after a nightcap and conversation, we kissed goodnight and, because no comments on the room arrangements had been made, went to our respective rooms to sleep. By then my head was filled with all types of erotic fantasies and my cock in a state of perpetual erection. Eventually I drifted off to sleep until, in the middle of the night, there was a light tapping at my door. Upon opening it, there was Janice in the most revealing nightie and no panties asking if she could come in and sleep with me. Well, sleep is what we didn’t get. In seconds we were feeling and groping each other in a tangled mass of limbs while our tongues probed deeply as we kissed. I wanted her to feel my full erection so I cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her slightly up and hard against me. As we slowly edged closer to the bed in our dance of lust, whatever we had been wearing began to trail behind us on the floor. We had barely made it to the bed when Janice pushed me back onto the mattress and straddled my thighs. Sitting upright, she grabbed my cock and moved her smooth hands along its rigid length. I reached upward touching her perfect breasts and playfully caressed her nipples. Moaning softly, Janice moved her warm wet pussy rhythmically against me. Then, moving slowly back along my thighs and legs, she leaned forward to begin licking and sucking my cock and balls. When she saw I was about to explode, she pulled herself up to mount me and I thrust into her as hard and deep inside as I could. I gave her what she later called, the best ride of her life, until we both came at nearly the same time. I can still remember the feel of my cock pulsing inside her as she climaxed with my hot ejaculate spurting into her. With both of us spent, Janice lay on top of me for some time. She had me stay inside her all that time because she liked the way it felt. Later, we spent the rest of that night and the next experimenting and fulfilling our mutual fantasies. But it didn’t end there. A year later we were married and things only got hotter and better.

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