Group sex story – Emmy’s First Gangbang


Emmy’s First Gangbang. Emmy’s first gangbang happed a few months after we me Stephan. I had been back from Georgia for about 2 weeks when Stephan came over while Emmy was at work. He told me he had a surprise for Emmy that night. He instructed me to stock the fridge with beer, and take her out and get her dk. After 2 months of fucking her while I was away Stephan Learned quick that Emmy got super wild when you got just the right amount of alcohol in her. On the way back to our apartment I knew she had the right amount when she pulled my cock out and started sucking it. She was wearing a tank top with a sexy little skirt, tights, another set of fuck me heels and no panties. While she was sucking me I was busy making sure she stayed nice and wet the entire drive home. When we got home I told her to grab some beers and meet me up in our room. When I got up to the room Stephan was there with four other friends. All of them were black, and very well hung. They all had on t-shirts and gym shorts and were clearly eager for Emmy’s arrival. Emmy walked into the bedroom with a beer in each hand, she had already stripped off her shirt and skirt in preparation for me, clearly not expecting the group of men waiting for her. Stephan took the beers from her handed me one and started drinking the other, while his friends grabbed her and fed her to her knees. Within seconds she had 4 cocks surrounding her and she wasted no time before she started gagging on them. As I watched there …

were instances of her trying to shove two of these enormous pythons into her tiny mouth. They had her down there sucking their cocks for about fifteen minutes before Stephan and I finished our beers. He moves to her picks her up and throws her on the bed with her head hanging over once side. One guy immediately moves between her legs and starts licking her already swollen clit. Stephan is in the process of face fucking her small head, while two more of his friends are on either side of her being stroked. This entire time I’m sitting in the corner watching this and slowly playing with my cock. At this these guys can no longer wait. The guy eating her pussy gets up and slides his entire 8” member into her tight pussy. She must have been soaking down there because he slid the entire thing in in one smooth motion. After that initial push she dropped Stephan’s rock hard member long enough to shout out, “Fuck my slutty little pussy, blow all your loads deep in me.” The thought of her unprotected uterus being filled with not just Stephan’s seed but four other black men’s got me so hard I blew my first load all over my hand. Over the course of the next 45 minutes each of them took turns blowing their loads deep in her pussy. Afterwards she would suck their giant black cocks clean. After each had a go at her now gaping cum filled cunt she had me lay on the bed. She sat on my face and began sucking me. I had never seen so much cum in my life. I spent a good five minutes cleaning her, and there was still more coming out. The guys being too impatient to wait for round two started to work his dick back into her pussy while I was still cleaning her. She wouldn’t let me up yet, so as I’m down there cleaning her his balls start hitting the top of my head. I can’t help but inadvertently lick his big black cock while I’m eating the cum still being fed out of her pussy. Feeling me down there he pulls out and fes his cock in my throat, and fucks my mouth before turning his attention back to her dripping cunt. Stephan on the other hand took the opportunity to slide his cock in my unsuspecting ass. He fucked me for about 10 minutes before telling me to get up. Then man in her pussy took my place laying on the bed, she lowered her pussy onto it and waited for Stephan to exchange my ass for hers. They started working in a rhythm making her scream in orgasm. Her open mouth was quickly filled with hard cock that had been covered in her pussy juices only a few minutes before. Stephan lasted only a few more minutes before unloading a stream of seamen into her ever widening hole. His friend quickly pulled out of her pussy and filled the void left by Stephan’s cock. He barely lasted another minute before adding to Stephan’s deposit. Each guy had a go at her ass again adding all of their cum to the deposit in her ass, and a few more took turns in her pussy again. After each time one of them blew their loads she had me clean them with my mouth. After a good two hours of fucking all of Stephan’s friend leave except for him. I make my bed down on the couch, and Stephan and Emmy take a shower and crawl into our bed. Throughout the rest of that summer Stephan would surprise her with the same friends and a few new ones. Within the next two months she fucks between fifteen, and twenty of his friends in four different gangbangs. By the end of that summer my fiancé’s once tight pussy and asshole have been stretched to the point that only several cocks get her off.

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