Arabic/Muslim woman on train


I’ve always been turned on by curvy women – even as a teenager. I was 18 years old and took the train to High School in Boston. I’d come across all different types of people, everyday – all ages, shapes, ethnicities, etc. One day, as I was walking towards the train station I noticed a woman in front of me pushing a baby carriage.

She was Arabic/middle eastern/Muslim and wore a head scarf; she was wearing one of those full dresses that I often saw women of this ethnicity wearing. I instantly noticed her hips and ass – her hips were wide and her ass jiggled with each step. She wasn’t fat, but she DEFINITELY had a chubby ass; and her dress was so thin it contoured to her figure as she walk, either she was wearing a thong or no panties at all. My eyes locked onto her ass as she walked and chatted in a foreign language on her cell phone. Each of her ass cheeks would bounce up with each and every step – I could see the shape of her ass perfectly in this dress, even the split between her ass cheeks. I couldn’t stop looking at her – the world stopped around me. My cock ached as I stared at her ass – I had to adjust a little, so people couldn’t notice my boner as I was wearing gym shorts on that morning. I followed closely behind her down into the train station and onto the platform as we both waited for the train to Boston. She continued to talk on the phone only occasionally stopping to check on her c***d. I was so excited from the walk that I had to take my book bag off and …

hold it in front of my waist, so the bulge in my gym shorts wasn’t noticeable. The train arrived within 5 minutes. It was extremely crowded, as it always was during the week at 8 am. The doors opened but no one got off, the Arab lady was still in front of me and tried squeezing in which was especially difficult given the baby carriage; several people tried squeezing in further to accommodate her – and I was just a couple feet behind her. I’m 18, but I’m small and have a baby face and look 15, so nobody seemed to mind me squeezing in. The Arabic woman turned around, made eye contact me, then looked away with an annoyed expression on her face – I don’t blame her, her cd’s carriage really took up any of the remaining space. She had a pretty face and looked to be in her 30’s. As the doors closed, the train was crammed. I was wedged against the door and the side of the first seat. The train began to move. I looked down and saw her ass was literally 3 inches from my still aching boner. My heart began to race – I put my book bag down on the floor. Now there was really nothing between my throbbing cock and her fat ass. I was scared to move closer and touch her ass with my boner or hand. I pictured her freaking out screaming, yelling and me running from the cops lol. Besides fear, contemplating doing this drove me wild with excitement and horniness. I wasn’t really experienced with woman, sex or anything related and I definitely never met an Arabic woman before. Suddenly, the train stopped – there must have been traffic or a backup on the track. Moans and sighs of the unhappy morning commuters broke out. I noticed she tried using her cell phone again, but seemed frustrated – they won’t work in the underground subway tunnels. Her cd began to fuss and just then she leaned forward a little – accidentally pressing her fat Arabic ass against my boner bulging through my gym shorts. On my God – is this real, did it just happen? For not actually having intercourse this sensation was amazing – my cocked was literally throbbing for her ass and when it pressed up against me – even with clothing, it was instant ecstasy. Her dress really was a thin material – I could feel the contours of her fat booty as she moved around – my young, rock hard cock brush across her cheek and felt it hit her crack and enter it a little. I instantly felt scared as I thought “if I can feel this, so can she!” As I thought this, she looked glanced back at me – not sure what she was thinking considering I look so young. She stood straight up again, but I was still only inches away from that amazing ass. At this point my heart was pounding and I could feel wet pre-cum in my shorts. I moved in again, hitting her ass cheek with my throbbing, hard cock – the feeling of ecstasy instantly returned. I aimed to slip my throbbing cock between her ass cheeks again – she shifted her hips perfectly and I was able to find her crack. She definitely was either wearing a thong or no panties, there’s …

no way my dick would fit between her cheeks like this with regular panties. The train was jammed packed and there was really no where for her to move – she definitely had to feel me and know what I was doing at this point. The way her cheeks had swallowed my cock through her dress was beyond amazing. I grew even braver and began to thrust my hips forward, gently dry humping her ass – my thin gym shorts and her thin dress were a perfect match; the sensation made my cock drip — there were so little fabric between us and the way my cock fit between her big ass cheeks, it was almost like penetration. My heart was racing – and the adrenaline rush was amazing. Here I was, a teenage white boy, with my cock buried between this married, Arabic mothers’ fat ass cheeks! The train began to move – which made it easier for me to dry hump harder. Her ass cheeks were literally wrapping around my cock like a firm hand shake. I needed to cum. I’ve never tried anything like this before, but my desire to cum over powered any logic and I knew I didn’t have long since I would be getting off the train in two stops. My young cock ached from the stimulation and my balls were swollen and full of cum. I pulled my throbbing cock out of my gym shorts and slid it back between her cheeks – the sensation was phenomenal. As the train moved, I began to rub and dry hump her with momentum. I was so lost in ecstasy that I wasn’t thinking straight and with each dry hump, I grew closer to climaxing – not even thinking about where I would cum. The train went around a corner and everyone lost balance a bit, my cock slipped and pressed hard downwards toward her asshole and pussy, but still between her cheeks; she OBVIOUSLY felt this and tightened her ass cheeks in surprise. This put me over the edge and I felt my cock convulse and the first squirt of cum shoot – I pressed hard against her ass as I shot several long strings of cum. I felt my warm seed around my cock and all over her ass crack. I shot quite a bit of cum on her ass; she had big, wet cum marks on her dress. She felt the warm liquid and immediately looked back at me– luckily the train had just arrived at the station and I rush out and ran. One of the best rushes ever

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