Erotica sex story – My Mother’s Panties


Chapter Four

It felt good to be home. Jessica greeted me as I walked in.

“Welcome home,” she said with a pleased smile. She looked great in light blue Capri pants, flat shoes, and cream blouse open at the neck, collar turned up. Her thick auburn hair was pulled back, held in a band at the back of her neck.

Her head nestled under my chin when she hugged me. She rose onto her toes and kissed me, her soft brown eyes sparkling.

“So, tell me everything,” she said, taking my overnight case.

Jessica followed me up to the bedroom. I dropped the box I was carrying on the bed and kicked my shoes off.

“It’s done. The house is on the market. Furniture has gone to a consignment outfit. Mom’s clothes have been donated to charity, and the things I want to keep are on their way to storage.”

I took off my shirt, planning on taking a shower to wash the trip off me. Jessica sat on the bed and asked, “What’s in the box?”

I sat on the bed next to her, reached out, and stopped her from opening it. “I have a story to tell you before you open it.”

I was reminded how comfortable and adventurous my wife was with intimacy as I related my adolescent experiences. She smiled, amusement dancing in her warm brown eyes.

At one point, she laughed lightly and said, “Like father, like son. I found a pair of my panties in Carl’s room.” Then, when I finished my story, she asked, “Did you ever want to have sex with your mother?”

I stopped and cast my mind back. Had I?

“It’s hard to answer you truthfully,” I said. “Probably not. Did I want to have sex? Sure. I was a virgin and sex was a preoccupation. If she’d ever done more or wanted more, I would have. Mom was a beautiful woman and I lusted after her body. But I don’t remember wanting to have sex with her.”

My wife smiled at me. “At least I know why my panties turn you on so much. So, what’s in the box?”

“Go ahead and open it.”

Jessica did. She pulled out silver framed photographs, inspecting each, pausing at the one of Mom in a bikini.

“You’re right. I’ve never seen this one. She was a real beauty,” Jessica said, setting it aside. Then she continued removing mementos and, as the box emptied, she pulled out a small package. Opening it, she studied the five panties it contained.

She held up a pair of full-cut, pure white, silk panties, with thin elastic at the waist and legs. “Were these the ones you wore?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Did you wear many of your mother’s panties? Back then?”

“No. That was the only pair. Twice. I wore them twice when I was fourteen.”

Bending, I removed my socks, preparing to shower. Jessica replaced the box, keeping the photo of Mom in a bikini out.

“This one should go on your bedside table.”

Unbuttoning my shirt, Jessica studied me. When I looked at her she smiled and said, “It turns me on. I can picture you as a teen and playing with yourself, using your Mom’s panties.”

She moved to my side and put her hand on my arm, rubbing gently. Staring into my eyes, she continued, “It really turned me on, Ken.” In a quieter voice, she said, “Lilly and Carl are out for the day. You’ve been gone for four days. I missed you.”

My wife had never been shy of her sexuality. It’s what made our marriage so strong. She was as inventive as me, if not more so. In her soft brown eyes I could see a familiar sparkle of heated arousal, the kind that made my blood rush.

She slipped her hand to my crotch and fondled me, asking, “Are you too tired from the trip?”

“Not anymore,” I assured her as she fondled me into a full erection.

Standing suddenly, she went to her dresser, opened a drawer and fished around, pulling out a pair of white silk panties, full-cut, thin elastic; a pair I’d encouraged her to by years ago.

“I’d wondered why you’d wanted me to buy these,” she said, bringing them over and sitting next to me. “Now I know.” She looked into my eyes and smiled, her eyes twinkling. “Will you wear them for me?”

Putting them in my hand, I felt the silky material. She added, “And I’ll wear sexy panties, too. I’d like to see you wearing them with an erection, just like you did as a teen. It excites me, Ken.”

Lord help me! Jessica was a constant source of surprises.


She stood up, moved back to the dresser, smiling. Pulling out different panties, she showed me each. “This one? Or this one?” she asked. Then she smiled broadly. “This one. I’ll wear these for you.” She pulled out a pair of white, gossamer thin panties. “You’ll be able to see my pubic hair with these, just like you did with your Mom.”

Searching, she found the matching bra. “Perfect. I’ll change in the bathroom.” She smiled at me, her eyes twinkling. “You change here.”

With that, she disappeared into the en suite. I stood and removed my shirt, studying the panties she’d given me. I felt the same stir of excitement that comes with an erotic fetish. Removing my pants and underwear, my cock stood out, high and proud. When I picked up the silky panties, a small thrill hit me – my wife’s panties. Silk caressed my foot when I put it in, then the other, and once again I felt the sensual caress of silk as I pulled the full-cut panties up, my cock straining. Silk caressed my ass. Silk caressed my cock. I pressed Jessica’s panties to my cock and I was fourteen years old again, horny and excited.

The bathroom door opened. Jessica emerged and I inhaled sharply. She’d hidden what she’d selected. My wife emerged in a white gossamer bra that showed her beautiful breasts, her dark pink areolae and large nipples. Making me catch my breath, Jessica wore a lacy white garter and white stockings making her legs look so long. And her matching gauzy panties let me see the full glory of her dark pubic bush, trimmed but full.

My cock bobbed inside the panties, tenting the silk. Jessica smiled and moved to me. Her body touched the tip of my erection. She fondled my erection sending chills of excitement through me.

“I’m so horny,” she murmured. “I can’t believe how sexy it is to see you in my panties. I never knew it would be such a turn on. Do they feel good? Like when you were a teen?”

“Yeah. Can’t you tell?” I asked, fondling my wife’s beautiful breast, feeling its mature weight and lightly pinching her nipple through the gossamer bra.

Jessica teased the tip of my cock, rubbing it with her palm, and a pulse of pleasure hit me, my erection jerking. She pushed me backwards. My knees touched the edge of the bed and I fell onto my back.

Smiling, she bent over and rubbed my cock through the silky panties, at the same time touching her pussy.

“You’re so hard, Ken,” she murmured. “So big.” Looking at me, she moved onto the bed, straddling my thighs, my feet hanging off the edge. Still caressing my cock, she said, “I’m so turned on right now. Feel.”

Taking my hand, she brought it to her panties and I felt her shape, full and lush, so sexy. I loved the sight of her pubes through her panties, dark brown and erotic. Deep in her crotch, when I rubbed her, I felt a hint of dampness. Jessica was leaking!

I rubbed her cleft, found her clit, and rubbed it gently. Jessica inhaled deeply, smiled, and eased her hand inside the leg elastic of my panties, reaching up to hold my shaft. Silk moved as she stroked me. I pulsed. A damp spot formed on the white silk.

Removing her hand, she moved up, straddling me, and slowly settled her pussy on my shaft. When she started humping my cock, I groaned quietly and reached for her bra, pulling the cups down, then caressing her still-firm breasts.

Her eyes narrowed with heat. Reaching into the waist of my panties, she placed her hand along my erection and pressed it up against her pussy, humping me slowly.

“What does it feel like to cum in silky women’s panties?” she asked. “What was it like to spurt into your mother’s panties? Was it exciting? Did it feel illicit and taboo?”

I groaned, cock flexing, and started humping gently.

She rubbed her pussy on me, her hand pressing, looked down and said, “Look at the wet spot, Ken. You’re leaking so much. Would you like to cum in these panties? Or would you like to spurt cum all over my pubes and watch me wear my wet panties all day, knowing your cum is soaking them?”

“Fuck, Jessie!” I groaned.

“Or would you like to fuck me, cum in me, and make me wear these silky white panties, knowing I’d be leaking your semen in them?” She smiled slyly. “I’ll wear a skirt so you can feel me anytime you want, reach up my skirt to touch my wet panties. Would you like that?

I groaned, humping slowly, my tip rubbing up and down the silky white panties. Jessica removed her hand from inside and leaned over me.

“Imagine me in cum-soaked panties, Ken. Imagine us at dinner, Carl and Lilly at the table not knowing. Just the thought makes me so horny. Do you think they’d be able to smell your cum?”

She bent over me and kissed me, then whispered, “What do you think Carl would do if he knew his mother was wearing cum-soaked panties? Would he get excited? Would he get an erection? Would he go to his room and masturbate?

“And what would your daughter do if she knew? What would she feel knowing her father’s semen was wet in her mother’s panties? That her mother was leaking cum at the dinner table? Do you think she’d play with herself under the table? Would our thirteen-year-old get horny? She’s discovered masturbation, Ken. I’ve seen the signs in her panties.”

She kissed me again, humping my shaft slowly. “I’m so horny. Fuck me, honey. Please fuck me.”

Groaning, I rolled my wife off and onto her back. She smiled, her knees rising, and reached for the crotch of her panties, pulling it aside to expose her sexy pussy, her dark brown pubes, her gorgeous cleft. I tugged the front of the silk panties down releasing my erection, settled over her and guided my cock to her cleft. With one shove, I penetrated her.

Jessica moaned. Pulling back slightly, I thrust again, arousal driving me, and buried myself inside her, her pussy snug and warm and slippery.

“Yes,” she whispered. “Fuck me, Ken. I’ve missed this.”

She held my hips and curled her pussy up at me, rubbing her clit against me. Wearing her silky panties, with her wearing her sexy black panties, we fucked each other, urgent, fast, hard thrusts. My wife groaned and fucked back at me, faster, urging me on with her hands. I fucked her hard and fast, too turned on by her arousing words. And far too soon I felt my orgasm stir, cock swelling, balls tightening.

“Stop. Wait,” Jessica said suddenly, pushing me. “Take your panties off. I want to wear them.”

I pulled them off, my cock waving, glistening. My wife tugged her panties off, took the silky white panties I handed her, and pulled them on. The waist went all the way up to her navel, the material loose. Smiling, she pulled the gusset aside as I moved back over her. I had a vision of my mother wearing panties just like them and groaned as I found my wife’s entrance and thrust, burying myself in her.

Jessica gasped. “Now. Cum quickly, honey. I’m so close.”

I started fucking her again, my groin slapping against her. Jessica grabbed my hips and urged me on, murmuring and groaning, staring at me. I thrust into her snug, slippery pussy, my cock swelling, an ache building, and as my climax arrived, I kissed her, thrusting into her. My cock swelled. Semen burned up, and exquisite bliss hit as I spurted hard, hard, a beautiful release. Withdrawing, I thrust into my wife hard and the kiss broke with Jessica gasping, her pussy suddenly milking my cock and i exploded, sweet bliss, cum erupting. The fury of my orgasm took over and I fucked and exploded, fucked and spurted, cumming hard, completely, cock swelling and pulsing until I slipped over the top and slowed, sweating, drained and satiated.

When my penis softened, I pulled out of her and rolled to the side, my pulse still thumping.

Jessica smiled. “God that felt good! I needed that.” A twinkle danced in her soft brown eyes. She reached down, pulled the gusset of the white, full-cut silk panties over her pussy, and said, “I wasn’t kidding. I’m going to wear these panties all day and let your cum leak into them. And I’m going to wear a short skirt so I can flash you when the kids are around. By tonight, I’m willing to bet you’ll be desperate.”

Mentally I groaned. “What did I do to deserve you?” I asked.

“You’re a lucky man, Ken,” she observed with a laugh. “I think you should thank your mother’s panties.”

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