In our Friend’s Condominium By Emi Tsuruta – part -3


(Part-1 , Part-2 )Since we started getting more serious, Ryosuke and I have been spending a lot of time alone together, but actually I guess I first met him because he used to come down to the lounge outside the English classes where I was studying. He was always talking to this other girl, Asuna, and I kind of knew her because she had arrived at the college at the same time as me. At first I thought that the two of them were going out, but it turned out that they are cousins.

Apparently, Asuna’s parents knew that Ryosuke was going to college here in California, so they arranged for her to come here, so he could look after her or whatever. I get along pretty well with Asuna and this other girl, Satomi, even though they were in a different class from me. Every day after our classes were over, we would go out to the lounge, and Ryosuke would always be there waiting. At first, it was like he was coming to check that Asuna was doing OK, but then we all started hanging around together. Ryosuke didn’t really feel comfortable hanging around with three girls, so he eventually started bringing along two of his friends, Futoshi and Kenta. Futoshi and Kenta come from rich families, and are different from Ryosuke in a lot of ways. Ryosuke is pretty smart, and he tells jokes all the time, and makes us laugh. He was sort of like the leader of our group, making plans and everything. At first, when Ryosuke and I started spending more time together, I think he was trying to get the others to pair off, but actually Asuna and Satomi are pretty shy, and so they mostly talk to each other and me. Ryosuke kind of treats Asuna like she’s his kid sister or something, teasing her and ignoring her and stuff, but she does act a bit like a kid sometimes. I think that the two guys feel kind of weird about Asuna being Ryosuke’s cousin too, so anyway, nothing has really happened between them and her. As time went by, Ryosuke and I started to get more serious about each other, and so we stopped hanging around as a group as much as we used to. Maybe, I worry too much, but sometimes, I get the feeling that Asuna doesn’t really approve of Ryosuke and me going out, and I wonder if she told Ryosuke’s parents about us. Ryosuke doesn’t seem too worried about it though, but he doesn’t worry about much really. What brought all of us back together recently was that somehow Kenta managed to talk his parents into paying for a place of his own. We all helped him move in. He doesn’t have much stuff, so really it was just an excuse to get together, and talk and stuff. Kenta’s brother or someone had sent him some Japanese videos, so after supper, we sat around watching them. When it started getting late, Kenta invited us to sleep over. At first I wasn’t so keen, but Futoshi offered to drive Asuna, Satomi and I to pick up our pajamas, toothbrushes, bedding and stuff, so we finally all agreed. My host mom, Loretta, kind of gave me a strange look when I dashed in, and just grabbed my stuff. Satomi came in too, and explained that I was staying with her, so Loretta told us, “Have a good time,” and we headed out again. We finally got back to Kenta’s place, and started setting up the bedding. Satomi and I put out some futons on the floor of the bedroom while Asuna got Kenta’s bed. The three guys just kind of crashed on the carpet in the living room. At first, we were all too excited to sleep, but I was pretty tired, so I kind of nodded off, while the others were still talking. The next morning, I woke up with the sun streaming in on my face through the windows. I felt something pressing against me, and opened my eyes to find Ryosuke lying right there next to me. I guess he must have slipped in after the others had gone to sleep. At first, I just kind of snuggled up next to him, but as I began to wake up, I saw Satomi lying on her futon just on the other side of Ryosuke. I kind of freaked, and shook him to wake him up, but he was already awake. I whispered that we should get up before the others saw us, but he said not to worry because they’d all gone to bed pretty late. I looked up at the alarm clock. It was something like six thirty in the morning. I put my arms around Ryosuke, and tried to relax. Ryosuke was smiling this big grin, and then he leaned over, and kissed me. My heart started racing because I kept thinking about Satomi and Asuna lying right there next to us. I knew how Ryosuke was and how he tends to get carried away even when there are people around. Satomi was facing away from us at first, and I couldn’t really see Asuna because she was on top of the bed. I tried to breathe softly, so they wouldn’t hear. Ryosuke as usual didn’t seem worried at all, and he started to move his hand inside my pajama top. I was wearing big flannel pajamas, kind of like the ones guys wear, but with a pink curly Q pattern. I pulled the blanket up, so the girls wouldn’t see. I could feel Ryosuke’s fingers sliding up my stomach right to the edge of my bra. It was too tight for him to get in, but somehow he managed to get his arms around to my back, and undo my bra. He started to undo the buttons on my top, but I kind of gestured for him to wait. I pulled my arms in through the sleeves into my top, and then let him pull the bra down and off. I put my arms back through the sleeves while he hid the bra under the futon. Satomi was lying there the same as before, so I guessed that she was still asleep. I could hear Asuna breathing above on the bed. Ryosuke put his hand back up my top, and started to run his fingers gently along my breasts and around my nipples. We both started getting pretty excited. Suddenly, Satomi rolled over on her back, so we could see her face. Her eyes were still closed. We just kind of froze there not daring to breathe, afraid that she would wake up, and look over. She didn’t, but even Ryosuke realized that we shouldn’t fool around there in front of them, so we got up, and walked out into the kitchen. On the living room floor, Kenta and Futoshi were snoring away. I was so nervous. Still, it was kind of nice to snuggle up with Ryosuke indoors for a change. I stood at the sink just out of view of Futoshi and Kenta. Ryosuke came up, and hugged me from behind. My heart was pounding away in my chest, as Ryosuke slowly slipped his hands into my pajama bottoms. I started to breathe more heavily as he gently ran his fingers through my pubic hair, feeling for my pussy. He slipped both hands into the waistband of my panties, and suddenly pulled them down taking my pajama bottoms with them. I was kind of shocked. I covered my bush with one hand, and moved the other hand around to cover the crack of my bottom. I peeked around the corner at the boys, as Ryosuke tried to get me to lift up my feet. I stepped out of pajamas, and felt this rush. Suddenly, I was standing there with no bottoms on, just a few feet away from where the boys were sleeping. If Kenta and Futoshi woke up, and saw me, boy would they be shocked. Ryosuke and I usually don’t even hold hands in front of them, let alone kiss. I pulled down the hem of my pajama top to cover my pubic hair, and then turned around to face Ryosuke. He made this disappointed face, so I lifted my top back up to show him my bush. I was so excited that I walked over to the doorway, and stood there flashing my pussy at the sleeping boys. I spread my legs, and could feel this kind of sticky feeling down there. Kenta didn’t have any curtains yet, so the room was lit up bright by the morning sun. Ryosuke came up behind me, and slid his hand down between my legs. My face felt hot from the embarrassment, and I tried to back up out of the light, but he held me steady as his fingers found my weak spot. I rocked my hips, guiding him in closer. Part of me wanted to hide, but it felt too good. Then all of a sudden, Ryosuke stopped, and left the kitchen. I backed up to get out of the light, feeling a bit disappointed. Then I realized he had gone to get his condoms. I felt kind of nervous standing there all alone in the kitchen with no bottoms on. I pulled my top down again, and cautiously peeked around the corner. Ryosuke came back holding his bag, looking so sad. “I can’t find my condoms,” he whispered. I looked at him in shock. He had always been so good about things like that. “Do … does Kenta have any?” I asked. He shook his head no. “Wait a sec. I think there’s a convenience store or something just down the street a bit. I’ll go buy some.” “I’ll go with you,” I blurted out. “Like that?” he smiled an evil grin. I covered my pussy with my hand. “No, just wait while I get dressed.” “We don’t have time. Just grab a sweater or something.” I tiptoed into the living room, and picked up my p.j. bottoms and panties where Ryosuke had thrown them. I stopped to look down at Kenta and Futoshi. Ryosuke motioned for me to flash him my pussy again, so I did, but just for a second. “They don’t know what they’re missing,” he cracked. I was worried that they might wake up, but they still seemed to be fast asleep. I went into the bedroom, put on my panties and p.j. bottoms again, grabbed the white sweater I had brought, and pulled it on over my head. Ryosuke had already opened the door, so I quickly pulled on my running shoes, and followed him out into the hall. He had Kenta’s keys in his hand, but we left the door open just in case. We tiptoed down the stairs trying not to make any noise. Outside, it was a bit cool but very sunny. “How do I look?” I asked, pulling the white sweater down as far as it would go. “Like a girl in her pajamas and a sweater,” he joked. We both laughed. He hadn’t brought any pajamas, so he was already in his street clothes. I held his arm as we walked along the path that leads through Kenta’s condominium complex. There was grass on either side of the path and a few trees here and there, so it was kind of nice. We even found an empty tennis court and an outdoor swimming pool. “Pretty nice place,” Ryosuke said enviously. I just held him tighter. I didn’t care how rich Kenta was. I looked up at Ryosuke with wide eyes. It was still pretty early, so we didn’t see anyone along the paths or even when we got to the street. There were cars parked here and there, but no people. I guess everyone was still asleep. We finally got to the store. A bell went off when we opened the door, but there was no one at the counter. Ryosuke waited there for the cashier to come out, but I didn’t want to be seen in my pajamas, so I went to the back to hide. I stood at the far end of the aisle, and looked out the big front window towards the street. A car drove by, but otherwise it was still pretty quiet. I could hear Ryosuke talking with the cashier. The cashier must have noticed my head over the shelves, because when Ryosuke went to find the condoms, I caught the clerk staring at me from the other end of the aisle. As soon as I looked at him though, he immediately tried to pretend he hadn’t been watching me. Ryosuke bought the condoms, and came walking down the aisle stuffing them into his back pack. He was smiling widely. “Seems you’ve got a fan,” he said, gesturing towards the front where the cashier had been. “Seems a bit shy though.” I just laughed. I felt so happy, like I was on a vacation or something. “Here, can you hold this for a second?” Ryosuke handed me his bag, and then kneeled down in front of me, his back to the window. “What …” He turned, and looked out the window to see if anyone was coming, and then lifted up my sweater. “What are you doing?” I whispered frantically moving the bag to my left just in case the cashier came back out, and saw. Ryosuke untied the string on my pajama bottoms, and then undid the button. I put my hand down to try to stop him, but he just brushed it away, and started to pull my pajamas down. “Hey!” “Shhh! He’ll hear you.” Ryosuke nodded toward where the cashier was. He pulled my pajamas down till they were around my ankles, leaving my panties on this time. “Kyaaa!” I squealed. “Shhh! I said. Here, lift your foot.” With my free hand, I pulled the sweater back down to cover up my underwear. It felt really weird standing in the middle of this convenience store in my undies, but for some reason, I found it kind of funny too. I giggled a bit, and Ryosuke smiled up at me. “Hurry up, or I’ll pull your panties down too.” I held my legs together, and leaned down to pull up my bottoms, but Ryosuke got his hand up my sweater, and was fumbling for my panties. I thought he was just kidding around, so I didn’t really fight, but when I tried to pull away, I almost fell over. He let go of my panties, but managed to get my p.j. bottoms off my feet. “Hey, give those back.” I was kind of shocked that he had actually taken my bottoms off out here in public. He grabbed his bag, and started walking away. I looked down at my bare legs. “I can’t walk around like this.” “Sure you can. You can’t see anything anyway. Your sweater’s too long.” I tried to pull it down to cover up, but it sure didn’t feel that long. My underpants are made of this thin cotton, and I was starting to feel kind of funny again, excited or whatever. Ryosuke stuffed my pajamas into his bag, and walked towards the door. “Thank you!” he yelled at the cashier as he walked out. I ran after him holding the sweater down. Once we were outside, I started to talk louder. “C’mon, Ryosuke. This is… this is… I mean we’re outside and everything. I don’t think this is such a good idea.” “If you just act normal, no one will notice.” Another car drove by, but the people inside didn’t seem to notice us. “I don’t know, Ryosuke…” “C’mon, let’s go.” He crossed the street, and walked back up into the condominium complex with me running after. Some of the apartments had lights on. I tried to pretend like everything was normal, but every time I let go of my sweater, it would pop up exposing my undies. I tried to pull it back down, but Ryosuke took my hand, and started pulling me along. “Who cares if people see your underwear? They’ll think it’s a swimsuit.” We walked by the swimming pool and tennis court, and I stopped fussing with the sweater. I took a deep breath, and tried to calm down. We finally got to Kenta’s building, and used his key to get in through this side entrance. I started up the stairs. We were getting close to where everyone was still sleeping, so I began whispering again. “Now what are we going to do? They might be awake by now.” About halfway up to the second floor, Ryosuke grabbed me from behind. I tried to pull away, but he got his hands up my sweater again, and started pulling down my panties. I grabbed at them, but fell forward, and put out my hands to stop my fall. He lifted up one of my legs, and pulled my panties right off. I started to feel funny again, like something was tickling me down there. I bent over, and reached down to try to get back my panties, but then I realized that my bare bottom was sticking straight up in the air. I reached around to cover up, but he caught my arm, and pulled it aside. I felt so embarrassed with my bare behind sticking way up in the air. I tried to wiggle free, but that only made Ryosuke more excited. He leaned forward, and I felt his lips touch my bottom. Shocked, I felt, like, this electric charge run through me. I could feel his tongue probing around trying to find my most sensitive place. He soon found it, and I shuddered. The cool soft wetness of the tip of his tongue felt so good. I slouched forward onto the stairs, and he spread my legs wide apart. My head was swimming. I wanted to run, to hide, but for some reason, instead, I tilted my rear end up to make it easier for him to get at me. His tongue slid right into me. I spread my legs further apart as his tongue bobbed out again, and started circling in just the right spot. I tried to think straight, but the softness of his tongue was making it impossible to focus. I was swimming up and up. I would be just at the point when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore. Then he’d stop, and just tease me for a while. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly. I would gasp, and reach down to hold his hand, but then he would start again. He was driving me crazy. Finally, one time with him flicking away, I was going up and up, and I lost control. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I just let go, and I remember this wave of pleasure, an orgasm I guess, kind of washing over my body, endless delight. It was incredible. And then it was over. I was still gasping, but I slowly began to come out of it. I could feel the hard steel of the stairs on my legs and breasts. I still felt light-headed, but I began to realize where we were. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t catch my breath. I turned around. Ryosuke looked so calm. “Did you like that?” I smiled, but was still too out of breath to say anything. “Hey, listen I’ve got an idea.” He looked back down the stairs, but there was no one there, no noise at all. He sat me down, and I felt the cold step on my bare behind. I was still pretty high, and I began to get excited again. He started to pull up my sweater, but I felt too weak to resist. He pulled it right off over my head, and then started undoing the buttons on my pajama top. “Wha- …” I couldn’t believe it. He pulled my top off, and suddenly there I was sitting naked (except for my shoes) in the stairwell of Kenta’s building. I looked at my watch, and it was just past seven. I wonder what time people get up here. Ryosuke stuffed my clothes into his bag, and tied it shut again. “What … ah … ah … what are you doing?” I covered my breasts and pubic hair with my hands as I became more and more nervous about where we were. He put out his hand. “I just thought we’d go for a little walk. That’s all.” I remember my whole body shaking, but I stood up. Ryosuke took my hand, and started leading me down the steps toward the door leading back outside. Finally catching my breath, I said, “Oh Ryosuke, I really don’t think this is such a good idea.” “OK, maybe you are right. Wait here a sec. I’ll see if anyone is there.” He let go of my hand, and continued down the steps, and then opened the glass door that went outside. There was another door on the right that led to the corridor where people lived. The light from the glass door was so bright. I looked down at my naked body in the reflected sunshine. This can’t be happening. Ryosuke went out and away from the building until I couldn’t see him anymore. He still had all my clothes, and I was standing there naked. I didn’t know what to do. I began to worry that someone would come down the stairs, so I walked down, and cautiously peeked out to see where he had gone. My heart was pounding like a jackhammer. For some reason, he was hopping and skipping around on the grass. Taking a deep breath, I reached over, and opened the door calling out to him. There was this big apartment building just behind him, so I tried to keep as far back as possible, so they wouldn’t be able to see me. “Ryosuke!” My voice sounded so loud in the morning air. Worrying that people would wake up if I called again, I waved for Ryosuke to come back. “C’mon out, Emi. The weather is beautiful.” I could feel the breeze on my whole body, and it was quite warm, but there was no way I was going to go outside stark naked. I was already starting to panic when I heard a door slam on the other side of the door just behind me. “Quick, Ryosuke, someone is coming.” His face changed, and he ran back towards me, but I couldn’t wait, so I started bolting up the stairs. I heard someone coming up after me, but I wasn’t sure if it was Ryosuke or the other person, so I ran all the way up to the fourth floor. I cautiously opened the door to the corridor, and peered around the corner. There was no one there, so I ran back to Kenta’s apartment, and quietly opened the door. I breathed a big sigh of relief to have made it back safe, but immediately realized I was still naked. Kenta and Futoshi were still asleep on the living room floor. I took off my shoes, and quietly crept into the bedroom. Asuna and Satomi seemed to be asleep too. Thank heavens. Hurriedly, I knelt down, and pulled my jeans out of my bag. Oh no! Ryosuke still has my underwear. I waited for a minute to see if he would come in. Satomi rolled over, and I decided I couldn’t wait. I pulled the jeans on over my naked skin. It was such a weird feeling wearing no underwear. As I looked around for a shirt, Ryosuke finally came in. “Phew! That was close.” I signaled for him to be quiet, as Satomi continued to toss back and forth. I finally found a shirt, but as I started to put it on, Ryosuke came over, and took my hand again. He pulled my shirt back up and off me as he led me into the kitchen. “What are you doing? They could wake up at any moment.” He had this naughty look in his eye. He reached down, and started undoing my jeans. I moved as far from the two doorways as possible, but I didn’t stop him. I guess I should have, but actually I was still feeling high from our encounter in the stairs. I couldn’t believe he was actually going to try to do it here in the kitchen with all our friends sleeping in the rooms right next. I shook my head no, but he grabbed my wrists with one hand, as he pulled down my jeans with the other. Half panicked, I peeked over into the living room, but Kenta and Futoshi still seemed to be fast asleep. I was even more shocked when Ryosuke pulled his own shorts down and stuck out his … well, you know. I hadn’t really even got a good look at it before, and here it was sticking straight up. He ripped open a condom, and took my hand, and guided my fingers to slide it on. His member was like pulsing up and down as I ran my fingers along its length. He seemed to be enjoying it, so I gave it a playful little squeeze. He got this weird look on his face, and started to breathe faster, so I let go. He turned me around, and got me to bend forward. My legs were caught in the jeans wrapped around my ankles, so I lifted one leg up and out, and spread my legs. I was half frantic with fear and excitement. He dug his fingers into my hips, and then I felt him entering me from behind. It slid right in. I kind of twitched, and shuddered as I felt him filling me up. Right away, he started to thrust in pretty deep. I was gasping for breath, but tried not to make any noise. He put his hand over my mouth, and pushed it in even harder. My whole body was on fire. Everywhere he touched me felt good. I was so wrapped up in these feelings that I almost didn’t notice when Satomi walked by rubbing her eyes on the way to the bathroom. I almost had a heart attack, but she closed the door without looking this way. Ryosuke had noticed too, but instead of pulling out, he kept on thrusting. All my feeling was going to where our bodies were joined. I was being swept along on a wave, and Satomi was just a memory. I struggled to remember, but my body took over. There was just this feeling of Ryosuke being there inside me, and that was all. He exploded inside me so much so that I felt it right through the condom. I followed a few seconds after, caught up in the wave. Ryosuke pulled out pretty quickly, but I fell forward onto the floor. My mind was in haze, as I just lay there unable to move. Still dazed, I looked down blankly at my jeans wrapped around one ankle. Ryosuke signaled for me to go to the bedroom, and I slowly did. I pulled the jeans off, and collapsed onto my bed as Ryosuke closed the door from the outside. “Wow!” was all I could think. Slowly I began to come back down to earth. Satomi came back into the room rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “What are you doing?” Looking down, I realized I was completely naked. “I was hot,” was all I could think to say. “What if the boys see you?” She seemed pretty freaked out, so I sat up, and reached down for my jeans. Shoot! Ryosuke still has my underwear and stuff. I got up on all fours, crawled over to the door, and opened it a crack. “Ryosuke, can you hand me that bag?” Kenta and Futoshi were starting to stir. I began to realize I would have to change quickly before one of them tried to come in. I needed to shower too. Shoot. I slowly rose to my feet, and gathered my stuff. Satomi looked completely shocked. “Wha- … wha- … what are you doing?” “I was going to have a shower.” I remembered the bra, and pulled it out from under the futon while Satomi looked on. I opened the door, and walked out into the hall. Ryosuke moved to block the view for the boys, but he gave me a little slap on the tush as I scurried into the bathroom. I was still feeling pretty high, but anyway, I took a shower, and finally got dressed. When I got out, Satomi gave me a strange look. I wasn’t sure how much she had seen or suspected, but it looks as if she hasn’t said anything to the others. Still this is definitely the closest we have come to getting caught yet. I guess it was a few days later that I finally got up the nerve to talk to Ryosuke about how worried I am about what we’ve been doing. He listened to what I said, and nodded, but he didn’t look like he wants to stop even after being seen by Satomi. She is acting a bit cool towards the two of us, but I don’t see her much anyway nowadays, so I guess it doesn’t matter. I am still worried about the next time, but I guess I shouldn’t be blaming Ryosuke for all this anymore. I mean if I really wanted to stop I guess I should have said so right from the start. Now it’s like I’m actually beginning to enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I want to keep on doing these crazy things, but the one thing I do know is that that I don’t want to break up with Ryosuke. Not yet anyway. What do you think?

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