On My University Campus – By Emi Tsuruta -Part -2


Last time (Part 1), I was telling you about how I met my boyfriend Ryosuke, and the two of us started going out. I liked him, and he liked me, but we were having trouble finding a place to be alone together. We were sitting in the park one day, when he kissed me. One thing kind of led to another, and before I knew it, we were making love right there in the park! I don’t think anyone saw us, but there were people around, so they could have. On my way home, I was pretty jumpy.

I kept wondering if people could tell what I’d done. I tried to act as if nothing had happened, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I got home, my host mother Loretta asked, “Did you have a nice day?” I didn’t know what to tell her, so I just kept quiet. The next day when I woke up, I still felt worried, so I wore this big bulky sweater and baggy jeans to school. Now that I think about it, I was probably overcompensating, but at the time, I just couldn’t stop worrying about it. I wanted to hide my body, hide my face so that no one would figure out. By the time I got to school though, I began to realize that I was overreacting. I saw Ryosuke in the hall, and he was joking with his friends the same as always. I’d been worried that he’d tell everyone what we had done, but everyone seemed pretty normal. I guess he hadn’t mentioned it. I went to class, but just to be safe, I sat in the back corner. Usually I sit up at the front, but I was still worried that someone might have seen me roaming around without my panties. I tried to calm down, and concentrate on the class, but my mind kept drifting back to what we’d done. The more I thought about it, the more embarrassed I got. I started to feel hot. I’m pretty sure my cheeks must have been bright red. It was so hot I decided to take off my sweater. I accidentally pulled my blouse up with it, and several of the boys turned to look at my bare tummy. I pulled the collar of my blouse up tight around my neck to hide my breasts, and I folded my arms in front of me to cover them up. That blouse is actually pretty conservative, but I couldn’t help feeling like I was showing too much. I was so flustered I don’t think I wrote a single word in my notebook all class. Afterwards, I met up with Ryosuke again. He was jabbering away cheerfully about some movie he wanted to see. I don’t know how he can be so calm. I guess he could tell I was upset. For the next few days, we just kind of hung around in the cafeteria, and chatted, like we used to. Slowly, I realized that things weren’t so bad, and I began to calm down. Time passed. I kept going out with Ryosuke, but he was cool, not pressuring me or anything. I guess what changed things was this one day when I came home from school, and nobody was home. I thought it was kind of strange because Loretta, my host mom, usually comes home pretty early, so she’s there when her kids, Brandon and Jennifer get back. I guessed that she must have picked them up at school, and gone out somewhere because their car wasn’t in the driveway. I went upstairs to my room, and took off my dress. I lay down on my bed, and got out a book I had bought. It was about places to visit near Oceanview, the town in California where I live. I lay there a while, leafing through the book. The house was so quiet. Usually when Brandon and Jennifer are home, you can hear them playing. I sat up, and looked out the window at our backyard. Sometimes I can’t believe how warm it is here in California. Here it is the middle of winter, and there are still leaves on the trees. I undid my bra, and slipped out of my panties, when suddenly, I heard the phone ringing downstairs. Oh, that might be Ryosuke. I grabbed a t-shirt out of my drawer, slipped it on, and then ran downstairs to get the phone. Sure enough it was him. “Hi Emi, what are you doing?” “Not much. I was just looking through this book on places to see in California.” As we were talking, I looked down, and realized that my t-shirt wasn’t really long enough to cover my … well, you know my private places. There was this tuft of black hair sticking out from under the hem of my t-shirt. I was standing by the front window, so I began to worry that someone might walk by, and look in. “Listen, Ryosuke, can I phone you back in a minute? I just wanna go upstairs and …” “That’s OK. It’ll just be a quick call. I just wanted to ask you about …” He kept on talking, but I was more worried about being seen. I noticed these people going by on the street outside. I quickly backed up into the kitchen to hide. I began to feel like I had the other day in the park, sort of this tingly feeling all over. My host family could come home any second, and here I was standing half naked in our kitchen. “So what do you think?” he finally asked. “Oh, sorry. Listen, can I call you back?” I peered out the back window, hoping there wasn’t anyone out there. “Naw, c’mon, Emi. It’ll be fun. Everyone will be there.” I sat down, but the feeling of the chair seat on my bare behind made things even worse. I was starting to get excited. My fingers wandered around down there, massaging my hello kitty to life. “Ryosuke, why don’t you just come on over?” “Naw. You remember what happened last time.” Loretta had given him a bit of a hard time. “It’s OK. Nobody’s home right now.” I slid my hand up my shirt twiddling my nipples. “Really?” he said, interested. However, before we could do anything, I heard a car out front. I quickly pushed my shirt back down, and stood up. “Oh no. They’re back. Listen. Let me call you back.” I hung up, ran out and up the stairs before they could come in. I slammed my door shut, and lay down on my bed breathing heavily. “Emi, we’re back!” Drat! There goes my chance to be alone with Ryosuke. “Oh hi. I’m upstairs,” I called out. To clean off, I decided to take a shower. I took off my t-shirt, and started going through my drawers looking for a clean towel. I was worried with Loretta home, but I was too excited to get dressed yet. I was kind of enjoying being naked. I wrapped the towel around my breasts, and went out into the hallway. I peered down the stairs, but they were all still down there. I finally nipped into the bath room, and had my shower. That was kind of a close call, but I guess I’m safe now. After my shower, I went back to my room, and pulled on a powder blue tube top and matching shorts. I called up Ryosuke, and arranged to meet him in the park. After supper, I biked over. I was glad to see Ryosuke, but I was too nervous to tell him what I had done. I really wanted to kiss him, but I didn’t want to seem too forward. I was nervous with all these people around, and I felt kind of embarrassed in this tube top. It covers my breasts of course, but you could see my bellybutton. We just sat there, and talked, and after a while, he kissed me good night, and headed back. Anyway, the next day I was calmer, wondering what had gotten into me. Then one day, it happened again. It’s kind of a long story, but basically, there is this garden on our university campus which charges admission fees. Ryosuke and I got free passes through the Japanese Student Union. The garden is supposed to look Japanese, but actually I’ve never seen anything like it back home. Still it is nice enough with this gazebo, sitting next to a pond, and a tea arbor at the back. Sometimes after school, we go, and sit in the gazebo, and enjoy the view till it closes. Not many people go there although it is supposed to be a tourist attraction. Anyway, one day after we’d be going for a while Ryosuke suggested that we hide at closing time, and let them lock us in. I was worried, but he said it’d be fine, so I agreed to try. I wasn’t dressed special that day, just jeans and a white t-shirt, but Ryosuke didn’t seem to mind. We went in as usual, and then at 4:30, we hid behind the arbor. We could hear the main gate squeaking as it slammed shut and the jingle of keys as the porter locked us in. We waited for a little bit longer till we were sure the porter had gone. Then we came out, and checked the gate. Sure enough it was locked tight. “How are we going to get out?” I asked. “Don’t worry. There is an exit out back.” He took me over, and opened it to show me. I worried that the alarm might go off, but it didn’t. It was pretty quiet except for the sound of cars going by outside. “C’mon. We’ve got the place to ourselves now.” He seemed pretty happy to be alone at last. I was still worried though. I kept worrying that a guard might come. We went to the gazebo, and sat there, but there was no sign of anyone. Ryosuke sat close, and put his arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder, and tried to relax. My heart was beating pretty fast though. Ryosuke leaned over, and kissed me. His lips were so soft, and he had this pleasant manly smell about him. I put my hands on his chest. He is not a big man, but I could still feel his muscles through his shirt. It is kind of nice to have his strong arms wrapped around me. I felt so safe. We began to kiss, more and more passionately. He started touching my breasts, but I didn’t protest. I just sat back, and took it all in. Soon he started to pull up my t-shirt. I was still worried though, so I motioned for him to stop, and looked all around to see if anyone was there. Ryosuke was kind of horny by then, so he didn’t really listen. He took a hold of my jeans, and undid the front button. The walls of the gazebo were high enough to hide our lower bodies, so I didn’t stop him as he pulled down my zipper. He motioned for me to lift my behind up, so I did. I felt so strange as he pulled my jeans and panties all the way down to my ankles. I sat my bare bottom back down on the cold painted wood of the bench. Ohmigod. I’m naked again. Ryosuke undid his own pants, and pulled out his you know what. I thought this all was pretty silly and dangerous, but I played with his penis a little to humor him. He got down, and licked my pussy a bit getting it all wet. I could hardly believe we were doing this right on campus, but before I knew it, he lifted me up, and got me to sit on his penis. I braced myself, expecting it to hurt, but I was so wet it slid right in. It felt good actually. He kind of bounced me up and down on top of him, each bounce thrusting in a bit deeper each time. I kept lifting my behind up, trying to get off of him, but he’d just pull me back down. His penis seemed to grow larger with each thrust. The leaves rustling reminded me of where we were, but by that time, I didn’t care. It might sound strange, but it was almost like I wanted to be seen. Ryosuke pulled my shirt up, and I lifted my arms to let him take it off. He pawed at my bra strap, and finally got it off too. I couldn’t believe it. I was completely naked right here in the middle of campus. It was such an incredible rush. I don’t know why, but I was loving every second of it. It was so exciting. Ryosuke got me to stand up, and bend over, so he could thrust in better. He kept hammering away making me flinch. I felt like an animal doing it in the wild. The excitement was so intense. I didn’t want it to end, but before long, I came. He must have come too because we both just sort of collapsed and fell over onto the ground. It took me a while to regain my senses, but when I did, I was even more shocked than last time. I couldn’t believe I had done it right here on campus in broad daylight. Over the fence, I could see the literature building where some of my classes are held. I had this nightmare vision of the boys in my class all pulling out binoculars and watching. I knew this was unlikely, but I did feel terribly exposed, out here in the open. I started gathering up my clothes and pulling them on, but Ryosuke was just sort of laying there. Once I was dressed, I kneeled down and helped him get back dressed too. Both of us had mud stains on our skin and clothes. “C’mon, Ryosuke. Snap out of it.” He was pretty far gone, kind of off in a dream world. I was still sort of excited, but my sense of danger had returned, so I knew we should go. Eventually, he got up, and we headed for the exit. Luckily when we came out, there didn’t seem to be anyone around. We found a washroom to get cleaned up. Even though it didn’t look like anyone had spotted us, I was so jittery. In the girls’ washroom, I cleaned up as best I could, but I was still kind of out of it, in shock. I heard a knock on the door. “Emi, are you OK?” It was Ryosuke. “Uh … yeah … I’ll be out in a second.” I washed myself off with soap, dried myself with a towel, and then straightened my clothes as best I could. I still looked kind of disheveled, but maybe it would be OK. When I came out, Ryosuke smiled. “Um … uh … sorry,” he said sheepishly. I tried to smile, but I felt so weak. “Let’s just go home.” I was too frazzled to bike home, so we took the bus. Ryosuke came as far as the bus stop near my house. He gave me a gentle goodnight kiss, and then got on the bus going the other way. I felt really sad to see him go. I went up to my room, and lay there for a while. Now that I have had time to think about it for a while and write it all down, I feel a little bit better, but at the time, this was all pretty intense. I felt guilty I guess, for having sex on campus, and also worried that we might have been seen. I really liked Ryosuke, but I wasn’t sure if we should be doing all these dangerous things. It was a very strange time for me.

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