In the Woods with My Boyfriend – By Emi Tsuruta -Part -1


Hi. My name is Emi… Emi Tsuruta. I’m from Japan originally, but my family moved around a lot when I was a kid. For the last couple years, I’ve been studying here in the States… at a small liberal arts college in southern California. School is going well and everything, but actually, I have a different sort of problem. Pull up a chair, sit back, and I’ll tell you all about it. To tell you the truth though, I’m not even sure if I should be talking about this or not. You see, it’s about this guy I’m going out with – Ryosuke, his name is. He’s a nice enough guy, clean cut, goodlooking and everything.

We get along alright, but the thing is he’s kind of into – how should I put this – getting me naked I guess. And I’m not talking about in the shower or home alone, but other places. You know like, public places. Now I know what you’re going to say. Isn’t that dangerous? Don’t we get caught? That’s the problem actually. I’m worried about that too. The first time we did it I don’t think anyone saw us, but it is dangerous. Like we’re out there, and there are people wandering around. Someone could happen by, spot us, and call the police or whatever. It is scary. The thing is though that I kind of like him… Ryosuke I mean. He has this strange side to him, but he has other good qualities too. He clearly likes me, and he’s nice to me most of the time. He takes me out, tries to think of fun things for us to do. It’s kind of nice to have someone like that in your life, you know? So anyway, I’ve been wondering what to do. I wasn’t sure who I could talk to, so I decided to write about it, post it here, and see you what you all think. When I first came to Oceanview a year or two ago, I felt kind of lonely because I didn’t know anyone. That’s when I met Ryosuke. He’s from Japan too. He showed me around, introduced me to people, gave me advice on what classes to take. Before long, we started going out. I am pretty shy really, but I found him easy to talk to. He knew what I was going through because he’d done the same thing, come here from Japan to study. Anyway, after we’d been going out for a while, Ryosuke started looking around for a place where we could be alone together. I live with an American family, and so does he, so it was a bit awkward. I did invite him to my house to meet Loretta, my host mom, but she’s a bit protective of me I guess. She knows my parents, and doesn’t want anything bad to happen to me. That’s understandable, but it kind of made it hard to spend time alone with Ryosuke with her or her kids always hovering around. I was kind of nervous about meeting his host family too. They’re kind of rich, and we weren’t really sure how they’d react either, so mostly we stayed away. Anyway, sometimes after school, we’d go to this park not too far from our university. We’d park our bikes, and sit on a bench, and talk about all kinds of things. One day, we both had the afternoon off, so we had lunch, and then biked over to the park. At that time, there weren’t that many people around. Ryosuke put his arm around me, and we just kind of sat there, watching the birds and the trees blowing in the wind. I felt kind of happy just to be there with him. Then suddenly, he leaned over, and kissed me. I was kind of surprised. That was the first time we’d kissed, but I did really like him and all, so I just kind of leaned back, and let him kiss me. His lips were so soft. It felt good to finally kiss him, to know for sure that he liked me the same way I liked him. I was just kind of lying back, enjoying the kiss, when soon, I felt his hand cupping my breast through my t-shirt. We were in public, so I pushed his hand away, and glanced around the park trying to see if anyone was watching. It wasn’t so much that I didn’t like what he was doing. I just didn’t want anyone to see us. Back down the path, there were some high school boys on their bikes. They didn’t seem to be paying any attention to us, but they were right there. I pointed them out to Ryosuke. He nodded, stood up, and held out his hand. I wasn’t sure what he was planning, but when I took it, he led me into the woods behind the bench. I don’t think we’d ever gone into the trees before. There were all these branches and mosquitoes, but Ryosuke was quite forceful all of a sudden. I was just kind of swept along by his determination. He led me down the hillside till we came to this little ravine. At the bottom, there was a little creek. Ryosuke piled up some leaves on a patch of open ground, sat down on them, and waved for me to sit next to him. I just looked at the leaves. “I can’t sit there. My skirt will get all dirty.” He got up on his knees, and came over to where I was standing, and kneeled there looking up at me. He moved his eyes down till he was looking straight at my mini-skirt. He kneeled there staring at me, and I began to get this funny feeling deep down inside, a warm anxious kind of feeling. I knew what he wanted to do, and part of me wanted to be with him too, but I was still worried about those boys back up at the top of the hill. Before I could stop him, Ryosuke reached up, and started undoing the belt on my skirt. I didn’t know what to do. I mean I like Ryosuke and everything, but here we were in this big open park in the middle of the day. Back up the hill, I could hear the boys yelling. I began to worry that maybe they’d seen us head down this way. Ryosuke pulled my belt loose, and started to undo the zipper at the side of my skirt. I guess we’d both been looking for a place to be alone, but it never occurred to me that he’d want to do something here of all places. Ryosuke is usually quite calm, but now he had this wild look in his eyes. Once he’d gotten my zipper open, he pulled my skirt and panties down with a yank. I was like completely freaking out. I covered my pubic hair with my hand, so embarrassed. I could feel his hand on my bottom and his fingers probing around down there. I didn’t want to, but I felt these waves of excitement welling up inside me. I tried to make them stop, but the feeling just kept getting worse. Just when I thought I was going to burst, Ryosuke pulled away, and went to get a condom out of his bag. Then he undid his zipper, and I saw for the first time his… his… well, you know… his manhood. It looked so big and out of place. I kept thinking, “Oh my god! What are we doing? This is crazy.” I was just so shocked I didn’t know what to do. Ryosuke gently pulled me down onto the leaves. He got up on top of me, lifting my t-shirt up to get at my breasts. I could feel his you-know-what poking at the gates of my yoohoo, begging to get in. I looked up at the blue sky, wondering why we were doing it here of all places. I was breathing fast, struggling to take his size. He humped away, wild with excitement. I was excited too, but I was frightened, worried someone might come, and find us. Before I knew it, he came, spraying his seed deep inside of me. I just lay there in shock I could feel the leaves sticking to my backside, goo all over, the wind nipping at my exposed skin. I pulled my t-shirt down trying to hide my wet pussy. I swear it was so weird, but at the same time, I felt happy too. We’d finally done it. We’d had sex! Ryosuke finally sat up. He got out a wetnap, and wiped the goo off his still erect penis. “How do you feel?” he asked, looking over at me. What a question! As I lay there wondering how to answer, I realized he was staring down at my pussy. I sat up, and covered myself with my hand. “Um. I’m OK… I mean, good. That was interesting.” I wasn’t really used to all this, so I didn’t know what you’re supposed to say. He understood though, and smiled. Suddenly remembering the boys, I looked up the hill. “Where are my clothes?” “Oh. Uh, over there.” He nodded toward the bank of the stream. I was going to get him to fetch them, but I was still pretty excited, so I stood up, and walked over to where they were. It felt so weird walking around with only a t-shirt on. I could feel Ryosuke staring at my bare bottom. I covered the crack of my behind with my hand, and said, “Don’t look.” Ryosuke just grinned. “Emi, you have an incredible body.” I was happy he likes how I look. I peered over at him, wondering if he wanted to do it again, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to stick around what with all these people nearby. “We’d better go.” I found my skirt, and further down, my panties. They had fallen in the mud on the bank of the creek. I got down on all fours, and pulled them out. Ryosuke was just standing there ogling my patootie and smiling. Quickly, I slipped on my skirt. I was about to pull on my panties too, but they were all muddy. I wrang them out, but that didn’t help much. “Here we’d better get those cleaned,” Ryosuke suggested pointing at my panties. I frowned. “What? You can’t wear them wet like that. C’mon. I know where we can go.” I edged down towards the creek, intending to rinse out my panties, but Ryosuke shook his head, noting that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear them. I didn’t want to walk around without them. That day, I’d come in one of my shortest mini-skirts. It was a struggle to keep it down even when I was wearing panties. I tried to push my skirt down, but you could see my thighs all the way up. I guess the skirt more or less covered my pussy, but I could feel the breeze between my legs, and it was giving me the willies. I knew I was naked. “What am I supposed to do? I can’t walk around like this.” “Sure you can. No one will notice.” My hello kitty was tickling like crazy. Unconcerned, Ryosuke headed up the hill. “Ryosuke!” I called after him. He stopped at the top of the hill, but I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to put on these wet panties, but if I went up there, the boys would see me. I finally put the panties away, and slowly, reluctantly, headed up after him. Luckily, it looked like the boys had moved on. There were still alarm bells going off in my head, but Ryosuke just calmly got our bikes. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I gasped. “There must be a laundry mat around here somewhere,” he mused. “I can’t ride like this,” I reminded him, pointing to my bare pussy. He looked at me, still a bit horny from before I guess. “Sure you can. Come on. Let’s go. It’s almost supper time.” “Hey wait up.” I finally got on my bike. The seat felt cold and hard between my legs, making me feel all funny inside. I tried to ignore it, but the feeling wouldn’t go away. We started passing all these people. I could feel their eyes on me, staring at my bare thighs, no doubt wondering what I had on under this short skirt. It was maddening. I kept trying to push the skirt down, but once I started pedalling, it would ride back up. I was so sure that people could tell. They kept staring at me even after I rode past. “Ryosuke! Wait up!” We were getting near there entrance to the park. Riding through the park was bad enough, but going out onto the busy street would be even worse. I stopped to look around. Ryosuke was on the other side, talking to someone. He waved for me to come over. I got off my bike, pushed down my skirt, and walked over to where they were. “Emi, this is Seiji. He’s in Poli Sci, senior year.” “Ryo, I’d heard your girlfriend was a looker, but they weren’t kidding. Nice to meet you, Emi.” I know Seiji was trying to be nice, but I was too embarrassed to appreciate it. My mind had gone blank. I’m sure my face must have been red by then. The tingling between my legs just wouldn’t quit. The two of them chatted for a while, until Ryosuke finally asked if he knew of any laundry mats nearby. Seiji didn’t, but he no doubt wondered why we were asking. I don’t think he suspected, but who knows? He did keep peering down at my thighs. Anyway, soon they said goodbye, and Ryosuke nodded for me to get on my bike. I don’t think he realized how embarrassing this all was, or maybe he did, and was enjoying watching me squirm. We rode around for quite some time. Every time we passed some guy, he’d do a doubletake, and then stare at my backside. I’m pretty sure they could see my butt cheeks, because otherwise, why would they stare? I wanted to cover up, but I needed to keep my hands on the handlebars to steer the bike. This one guy in mirror sunglasses gave me a thumbs up, clearly getting a real kick out of seeing my bare bottom. I was kind of horny myself from our earlier sex, and the way the seat kept rubbing against my kitty. It was weird, but kind of kinky. Eventually, we found a laundry mat. I was hoping no one would be there, but there was this American guy at the back waiting for his own laundry. At first, he ignored us, but when I got out my panties, he sat up, and took notice. I’d managed to push my skirt back down, but I’d sure he must have guessed I was commando. He kept staring at my rear too wondering what was beneath my skirt. I put my panties in the wash, but we couldn’t leave in case this guy or someone stole them. I sat down, but the guy kept staring at my thighs trying to peek up my skirt. Ryosuke eyed the guy edgily, but neither of them wanted to fight. Once my panties were dry, we found a washroom, and I pulled them on. I felt so relieved. This was all so new. What I want to know is, is this kind of stuff normal? What do you think? What should I do?

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