Janice and Richard’s Stable Time

It had been three weeks since Janice and Richard’s first experience with their beloved dogs. Since then it became almost a nightly ritual for the two of them. It was no secret between them, they both wanted to explore further. For several days, the two looked up all they could about horses. Having seen the movies and stories about sex with them, she knew she had to try it for herself. Finally, they decided to do it on that coming Sunday afternoon. Richard carried a thick woven blanket under his arm as the two proceeded to the barn. They were both giddy with excitement as they opened the doors and saw the beautiful stallion, Warrior, in his stall.

He was a magnificent beast, a dark chocolately brown in color. Janice slowly approached the magnificent beast and began to gently stroke his coat. She could hardly contain her excitement as she crouched down and looked him over. Slowly she stroked along his belly and down to his furry sheath. Warrior snorted as he shuffled his foot. Richard moved closer as he watched his wife’s long slender fingers glide along the horse’s mammoth sex organ. He could feel his pants becoming uncomfortable tight as his engorged shaft begged for freedom. Janice moved in closer, bringing her crimson lips closer to thick tip. Her lips nibble and delicately kiss along it before she tries to part her lips wide enough to allow its entry. Richard felt the restricting khakis becoming unbearable, reaching down often to readjust his plump erection. Janice’s eyes lifted, looking directly at her husband as she drew her tongue across the head slowly. It was the most arousing thing he had ever seen. Warrior’s cock began to unsheathe itself in her grasp. She moved her hand slowly over the engorged muscle. Her lips brushed along it tenderly as her tongue tasted the warm flesh. She purred like a content sex kitten. She looked up at Richard and smiled. “Lay the blanket out over the bales of hay. God I want to feel him inside me” Janice said in an excited tone. Richard loved how into this she was. He never imagined he would find a woman so truly adventurous and perfect for him. He quickly spread the blanket over the stacked square bales. Janice continued to tease the thick shaft, feeling it slide further out of its sheath. It was time. Janice stood up and began to undress. She moved over to the blanket and bent over the bales, holding her legs apart. Richard led the horse over to her, tethering him as the one article instructed. Being their first time, they were taking every precaution they could. Richard crouched down and gave the large tool a few strokes as Warrior snorted. He quickly placed his front hooves on the hay on either side of Janice. Richard helped guide the enormous tip toward her dripping wet pussy. After several moments of maneuvering, she let out a loud moan as she felt it slide into her. He quickly released as Warrior’s instincts took over. The horse began to mercilessly hammer his oversized organ in and out of her in a lust-filled fury. Janice screamed as it plunged in and out of her. The rope Richard had used came untied, allowing the horse to shuffle forward. Several orgasms plagued her quickly weakening body as he abused her battered pussy. Her juices were dripping out of her with each stroke of Warrior’s cock. She moaned loud throaty sobs of pleasure as he claimed her for himself. She could feel her muscles stretching to their limits as he filled her with his thick shaft over and over again. It was the most glorious feeling ever, and to share the moment with the man she adored made it even more spectacular. Janice was trapped beneath Warrior as his haunches flexed. The magnificent beast was riding her harder than ever. Her voice was weak as she continued to cry out. Richard could not help himself any longer. He unzipped his khakis and pulled out his swollen shaft. The sight of the woman he loved being taken so forcefully by this beast was almost enough to send him over the edge very quickly. He stroked his cock slowly, meticulously teasing the head. She had never felt so full in her life. Though her needy pussy ached from the feel of the gigantic member inside her, it was a good ache. She could hear Richard’s moans over the snorts of Warrior and her own voice. The thought of him getting off on the sight of her being forcefully fucked by this brut was making her enjoy it even more. Suddenly, the door creaked open. They had both forgotten about Marty working today. He heard the noise and ventured further into the barn to see what was happening. Richard froze as he saw the young man come into view. Marty was in complete shock. He stood there with his mouth hanging open as he watched Janice shaking violently in the midst of an intense orgasm under Warrior. His eyes were wide and glazed over as his hand mindlessly slipped down to the growing bulge in his pants. It was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. Warrior gave a whiney as his equine semen flooded into Janice’s womb. His quickly deflating cock slipped free allowing the trapped liquids to gush out of her and pool on the blanket. It was a beautiful sight. Richard quickly grabbed the horse’s rope and led him back to the stall as Janice laid there in the glorious afterglow of the multiple orgasms. Her body was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat. Marty could not help himself. He had to get a better look. He had started to move closer when Richard came back. He saw the affect that the sight of his wife in this condition had on the boy. He quickly hatched a plan to keep him silent about what he had just witnessed. He took Marty aside and whispered quietly. Janice was still blissfully unaware of the intrusion as she ran her fingers over her inflamed pussy lips. Her lusts were still unfulfilled. The more that the couple explored their fantasies the more insatiable she became. Marty disappeared for several minutes as he ran from the barn toward the house “Close your eyes my love. I have a surprise for you. Don’t open them until I say so,” Richard softly told Janice. His wife complied and closed her eyes. Marty returned quickly, reporting to him what he had done. Richard urged Marty toward his wife’s perfect body. The now naked boy did not need much encouragement as he knelt by the bales of hay. Slowly he pushed the tip of his swollen shaft into her gaping pussy. She let out a soft moan as she felt him sliding in. Marty’s cock was nearly 3 inches longer and much thicker than Richard’s was. In her current state of mind, Janice did not comprehend the difference completely and just enjoyed the feeling. After several strokes, his cock was well coated in the stream of cum that flowed from her. He pulled free of her and shuffled around until he was at her head. Richard slipped away for a moment to retrieve what he had Marty procure for Him. He led Storm in as a confident smile crossed his lips. He stood a few feet away from his beautiful wife and admired her body before he spoke. “I want you to keep your eyes closed and roll over. Keep your stomach on the hay and your knees on the floor my dear,” he requested as he watched her quickly obey his wishes. “Now open your mouth.” He nodded to Marty who slide his thick member into her mouth. Janice immediately began to suck the flavorful cum off the warm flesh in her mouth. Storm sniffed at her dripping split as Richard lead him closer. A loud moan filtered out around Marty’s cock as the warm rough dog tongue made its first pass over her tender flesh. Janice shivered with delight as she spread her legs slightly farther apart. Storm’s tongue made long, slow swipes over her delicate crevice before pushing inside the abused hole, and soothing it with his tender licking. Her juices began to flow as each lick brought her closer and closer to complete heaven. Marty began to moan as the force of suction around his throbbing cock increased steadily. He stared in complete awe as the dog’s long pink tongue continued to lap at Janice’s well-lubricated little pussy. Richard began to stroke his neglected cock the entire time as he watched his wife writhe in ecstasy. He could see Storm’s large red cock slipping further out of its furry sheath. “You like being such a dirty little slut for me don’t you Janice,” he inquired. She nodded as she moaned around the mouthful of muscle. Marty was trying his hardest not to cum yet. He had seen videos of women who did this but never thought that he would be privy to such an incredible sight in person. Storm’s paws landed on the hay on either side of Janice’s slim waist as the red-hot tip of his cock stabbed wildly at her. She tried to squirm into position for him to enter. Richard watched on with delight as his wife desperately tried to get their beloved dog’s penis lodged inside her. Finally, Storm hit his mark and slid completely inside her. His hips moved in a blur as he wildly humped his new bitch’s sore pussy. This proved more than Marty could take. He threw his head back as a loud moan escaped his lips. The flood of warm milky cum soon followed. Janice drank it all down like a greedy slut as she tried to milk more from him. She still was not completely aware of what was happening. Her body was pinned down under the weight of the princely beast. She could feel the bulge bumping against her swollen pussy lips as it tried to enter her. She tried with all of her might to push back into him. Suddenly, Storm banged into her one more time, forcing the knot inside. Marty stumbled back as his limp cock slipped from Janice’s luxuriously soft lips. A loud cry followed as she gripped handfuls of the hay around the blanket beneath her. Richard smiled as he watched the sumptuous woman was ravaged by the swollen cock buried deep inside her. He moved closer to her, stroking her hair as he softly spoke to her. “Open your eyes my love” he whispered. Janice’s eyes opened slowly. In front of her, she saw Marty, sitting on the dirty barn floor, completely naked and panting still from the orgasm. Her eyes widened as she then turned her head to look at her loving husband who just smiled at her reassuringly. Richard watched his wife’s face contort in pleasure as the understanding sunk in. She knew that it was what he desired as well now. Storm panted hard as his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth. He was on the verge of filling her with an overwhelming flood of his liquid lust. He yelped loudly as the warm fluid began to spurt inside Janice, soothing her ache. The feeling quickly brought her over the edge yet again. Her body shook violently as her muscles gripped Storm’s cock tightly. As Storm’s climax faded, he climbed off her, standing ass to ass with his trapped bitch. Richard smiled contently as his exquisite wife lay panting on the bales of hay. Marty’s cock was once again stiff as steel as he watched her laying there in orgasmic bliss. Janice opened her bleary eyes and looked at her husband, a contented smile crossing her lips. Richard nodded to her, knowing what she wanted more than anything now was to have the one neglected hole filled. She could feel the large knot inside her slowly shrinking. Storm gave a few hard tugs before he pulled free of her before happily padding to the corner to lick him clean. “Marty I need you to do something for me,” Janice purred in a soft sultry tone. “An…anything” he stammered as he looked into her eyes. “Come here and fuck my ass Marty,” she stated. He was shocked by the invitation. Quickly he scampered to his feet and looked to Richard. Once he was given the nod of approval he sought, the boy moved behind Janice. Slowly, he guided the tip of his cock up and down her well-used pussy to gather the wetness that seeped from it. Once the bulbous head of his cock glistened with the secretions, he pressed it against her little puckered hole. He tenderly pushed his rigid tool deep inside her. She let out a loud groan as she felt him stretching her tight cavity. Her muscles strained to accept him into her as he hilted himself. With slow patient strokes, he worked his massive cock in and out of her tight little ass. Janice’s voice once again provided a sensual aria of moans as she bucked back into the 19 year old’s cock with a vengeance. She had become totally lost in the lusts that raged inside her. Richard played with her hair, telling her softly how proud he was of her. His words rocketed her deeper into the sexual abyss of pleasure. Her body trembled as Marty’s pace picked up. His balls slapped against her swollen lips and clit. It was not long before they were coated in the mixture of animal essence and a fresh dose of her nectar. Janice screamed with intense delight as her muscles clamped tightly down on Marty’s swollen shaft. His pace was fevered as he gripped her hips. Pulling her back into every thrust, he grunted loudly. Her bowels soon were saturated with Marty’s milky white fluid. “OH MY FUCKING GOD” he cried as his cum exploded into her. He withdrew from her cum filled ass and sat on the floor for several minutes while he recovered. His legs were still shaking as he reached for his clothing. Janice and Richard kissed passionately as he gently rolled his wife over onto her back. To the two lovers, nothing else in the universe seemed to exist. Marty dressed quietly before he led Storm back to the house, disappearing to do the work he was paid for. Richard’s lips slowly departed her mouth, beginning a journey down her body. The scent of lust filled his lungs as he made his way down her stomach. His tongue was soon greeted with the mixture of semen that leaked from both of her holes now. The taste was incredible. He greedily lapped at the ambrosia that oozed from her. Her moans were soft now, but still as passionate as her husband lovingly licked her clean. His raging erection throbbing painfully as he tried to scoop out every drop of the delectable treat from both holes. He had never tasted another man’s cum before but it did not matter to him now. He was so lost in the passion that seeing his lover so willingly satisfy their unspoken fantasies had sparked. Richard stood up slowly, helping Janice stand up. Her legs were still horribly wobbly from all of the action. He sat down on the blanket and pulled her onto his lap. She straddled him, her breasts inches from his face as she reached down and slowly guided the head of his cock into her sore pussy. He slid in with ease as she lowered her hips. His mouth latched onto her left nipple, sucking it hard as she began to bounce up and down on his lap. A soft mesh of moans filled the barn as the two embraced. “Oh god Richard” her voice quivered as she called out his name. Her pace quickened as his rigid shaft pushed deep inside her. She could tell he would not last long from all the excitement but that did not matter one bit. As long as she could please him, she was more than satisfied. He released her nipple from his lips, pulling her in closer for a passionate kiss. Their tongues teased each other, allowing her to taste the remnants of the treat he savored. She moaned deeply into the kiss as she felt her body tense once again. Her muscles flexed around Richard’s engorged shaft, milking him as she slowly rode him. Her orgasm was quickly matched with Richards as his warm spunk filled her womb with a new load. She melted in his embrace. The two laid back together on the bed of hay as the afterglow set in. Their bodies remained entangled as they fell into a blissful sleep in the barn. Richard’s arms remained wrapped tightly around her, holding her close to him. Never before had the two experienced such an intense trust or love as they did in those few moments before slumber carried them off into the darkness. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
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