First time sex story – Janice and Richard’s First Time

Richard and Janice had always had a great love for animals. They owned a large farm with several varieties of them from dogs to cow and horses. They even had a few goats and sheep. It was nothing spectacular but they were happy. Janice had been gone for several days visiting her sick mother in Colorado when Richard decided that he needed to fuck. He didn’t have the heart to cheat on Janice though. This left him with a serious dilemma. It was then Cassie, their beautiful black lab came into the picture. She had been outside romping in the summery breeze most of the day.

He always let her out to play a lot more before she came into heat so she wouldn’t be so upset being locked up later. Richard had just taken a shower and shaved. He kept himself well groomed at all times. Shaving always aroused him for some reason. It was then he began to think of Cassie in a whole new light. She was laying in the bedroom floor when he came out of the shower. His cock was hard as steel. He had saw a few sites on the net that had bestiality pics and both him and Janice had been intrigued but neither of them had thought they could go through with it. He called the dog over and told her to stay as she stood before him. She was a very obedient one, always had been. He walked around and looked at her before he gently lifted her tail. He looked down at her little cunt and wondered. His fingers traced around the hole before slipping inside and probing her a bit. She didn’t seem to mind it at all as she panted. He got down and knelt behind her. His mind was racing. Was he actually going to stick his dick in this dog’s pussy. His hormones got the better of him. He put the head of his cock to her pussy and slowly sunk inside? She whimpered slightly as she panted. He began to push deeper. It was incredible. He had never imagined how warm and wet a dog’s cunt would be. He held her hips and began to buck into her. He was getting close to cumming when Janice pulled into the driveway. He was so into the taboo act that he didn’t even notice her come into the house and upstairs to their room. She quietly opened the door expecting to find him masturbating. She was shocked when she saw his cock pistoning into Cassie. She stood there silently and watched. She could not believe how turned on she was by seeing her husband burying his cock in the dog. Her panties were becoming damp as she watched. She could not resist any longer and slid the thin straps of her sundress down and let it slip from her seductive body. Her hand pried her panties back and slipped inside. Her clit was throbbing as her fingers began to stroke it in rhythm with his thrusts. Suddenly an unexpected moan escaped her lips alerting him to the fact she was there. He turned and looked at his beautiful wife standing in the doorway with just a pair of satin thong panties on and masturbating while watching him. He didn’t stop, the thought of her getting off watching just made him fuck poor Cassie harder. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her muscular tan husband slam-fucking that dog’s cunt. It was amazing. He let out a loud moan as he flooded the dog’s cunt with his thick cum. Janice came seconds later. She walked over to her husband and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment watching him closer as he pulled out. Cassie trotted out upon his release of her. He moved to the bed and crawled up sitting next to Janice. She could not take her eyes off his cock. It glistened in the afternoon sunlight that streamed in through the window. She had to taste it she told herself. She pushed him back against the bed and stood up. She slide the damp thongs off and tossed them aside while he watched her. She moved onto the bed and straddled his face. The scent of her pussy always drove him wild. He reached up and pulled her hips down, plunging his tongue into the tight slit. She let out a loud moan and began to grind against his face. Janice leaned down and quickly slide his cock into her mouth. She sucked hungrily as he tongued her needy cunt. She could taste the foreign taste of dog on him mixed with his cum. Moments later she came hard for him. He lapped happily at her juices as they rushed out. Once she had cleaned him and regained her strength she climbed off and sat next to him. They didn’t say a word about him and Cassie. They didn’t need to. They both knew it would happen again and both of them would enjoy it. They sat kissing and touching and nuzzling each other. Richard got up to go get them both a cool drink, when Storm, their other black lab, slipped into the room. Janice laid back where she sat when Richard walked out and was enjoying the afterglow of the incredible orgasm and was oblivious to the dog’s presence as she laid there. Her legs were spread still and the scent of her pussy was strong but pleasant. Storm sniffed at her pussy. It wasn’t long before she felt the warm caress of a tongue against her tender flesh. She assumed it was Richard and just spread her legs wider. She moaned as her hands moved to her breasts. She kneaded them with her hands a she lifted her hips slightly. Her pussy opening in front of Storm, his tongue slipped inside. The dog began to lap at her sweet cunt harder and faster when Richard returned. He chuckled, causing Janice to open her eyes. She saw him standing there and quickly pulled back from the tongue probing her. She saw the dog standing there wagging his tail. Her husband just laughed and sat down the glasses. “Awe hun he just wants a taste,” Richard teased. “I am sure you wouldn’t mind cumming again.” She just looked at him for a moment, knowing he was right. She laid back and spread her legs, presenting her wet slit to Storm once again. He quickly sniffed at it and began his relentless tongue bath once more. It seemed more intense with Richard watching. He laid next to her and began to suckle her breast, nipping at it as the dog licked faster. He released her hard little nipple long enough to tell her “Reach down and spread your lips for him.” He once again bit her nipple hard before sitting up to get a better view of the dog’s tongue as it pushed deep inside her. Janice was writhing on the bed in ecstacy. He smiled evilly as he looked down and saw Storm’s thick cock slipped from it’s sheath, dangling down ready for some action. He could not resist it. He told her to get down on the floor on her hands and kneels as he pulled the dog back for a moment. She quickly did as she was told figuring he was going to let the dog lick her while she sucked him. She was mistaken. The moment he released Storm’s collar the dog went back to licking her. It was long licks, from her clit up to the crack of her ass. She wiggled as she moaned, her pussy dripping wet now. She spread her legs slightly farther to let him lick deep again. He saw this as the perfect invitation. He quickly wrapped his paws around her waist as he mounted her. She cried out as his claws scratched her soft skin. The tip of his cock poking at her wet flesh but not finding it’s mark at first. She begged Richard to stop Storm but he just smiled at her as he moved in front of her. His 9 inch cock was painfully erect once again. He began to stroke it in front of her as he watched. Storm hit his mark as his cock drove right into her snatch. She let out a loud cry. His hot thick meat was filling her cunt and thrusting wildly into her. She soon was pushing back into his cock as it penetrated her deeper. She could feel the swelling at the base. She knew that males would knot with the female but did not think it would be possible for him to get that huge bulge into her tight cunt. His thrusts were so quick and hard she quickly was brought to orgasm around him. Her eyes were glazed over with sheer lust as each lunge of the dog’s hips pushed her deeper and deeper into the mind-blowing orgasm. She screamed as her juices flooded out around him. Richard’s grunts become louder as he watched the dog ripping his wife’s pussy apart. He soon proved her wrong as she felt it push inside her with a painful thrust. She cried out in pain, begging Richard for help as she was jerked back and forth by the huge dog as he fucked her hard and fast. She had tears running down her face and her juices dripping out of her cunt as the dog’s cock mangled her tight hole. She couldn’t pull away and part of her didn’t want to. She came over and over again as Storm fucked her like a bitch. She screamed as the final orgasm nearly collapsed her. Suddenly he yelped as he flooded her pussy with the thin fluid. He pounded her hole a few more times as he pumped her full of cum before he began to try to pull out. She cried out in pain again as he ripped free from her with a wet pop. Her pussy ached from the dog’s abuse. A river of cum was rushing out of her, both Storm’s and hers. Richard could not take it any more. He grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth. Storm lapped at her cunt as the jizz ran out of her. His tongue felt good against her abused pussy. She shook slightly as he forced her to orgasm once again. She sucked harder on Richard’s throbbing rod as he fucked her mouth hard and fast. Seconds later he emptied his cum into her. She thought she would now get to rest but Storm was catching his second wind and wanting some more of that hot wet pussy. Just as Richard’s cock left her lips Storm mounted her again. His cock was stabbing at her tight little ass. She screamed for Richard who reached down and guided the cock to her pussy once again instead of helping free her from the dog’s lust. She screamed as once again she was knotted with Storm. This sent her body out of control as her pussy spasmed around him. He nipped at the back of her neck as he pounded her count. She could not help but cum four more times before the ordeal was over. He popped free of her and went to the end of the bed and contentedly laid down to lick himself. She dropped to the floor in exhaustion. Richard could not believe his beautiful wife had just went two rounds with that huge dog cock. He rolled her onto her back and crawled down between her legs. The cum was still seeping out of her. He had to have a taste for himself. She felt his tongue against her damaged cunt and jolted up. When she saw her husband lapping at her cum filled hole her eyes widened. She was in shock. She laid back and spread her legs wider. He promptly lifted them to his shoulders as he pushed his tongue deep inside her. He could not believe the taste of her and Storm was making his dick ache again. He had to have a piece of her now. Janice laid there moaning and writhing as he licked. He suddenly sat up on his knees and guided the head of his cock to her lips and forced himself inside her. She let out a loud moan as he slipped in with ease. She was bucking back like a depraved whore. She could not believe how all of this was affecting her. Her body shook as she came all over his thick cock. It was drenched in the juices and the remainder of dog cum inside her. He pulled out and with a brutal thrust shoved his cock deep into her ass. She screamed as he entered her tight hole, causing her to orgasm again instantly. Her juices squirted out of her this time as he held her legs up, pulling her back onto his hard cock as he thrust in. She pinched and pulled at her nipples while he fucked her. She was aching and tired but could not stop. The lust had gripped her soul. He reached down and roughly shoved 3 fingers into her sore cunt. She screamed again. The pain drove her wild. She bucked back harder as he fingered her stretched hole. He forced another finger in and filled her to capacity, fucking her hard and fast. He could feel his balls start to tighten and fought off the impending orgasm as best he could. He had to try now. There was no stopping it. He forced his thumb inside her. She had never felt so full in her life as he began to fist her. His cock pumping in and out of her ass as she screamed for more. She came hard, her pussy quivering around him as he punched deep into her cunt. Oh God she was turning into a complete slut right before his eyes. It was such a beautiful sight. He lost control and filled her ass with his thick hot cum. He withdrew his hand and collapsed on top of her kissing her deeply. They laid there for a while and rested, his cock still buried deep in her ass.
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