Animal tales – Colleen and Devil

“Colleen frantically ran upstairs to get ready for her date. She quickly stripped and hopped into the shower. The hot water felt so good on her skin. She washed and did a quick check to see if she needed to touch up the shaving she did in the morning shower. She wrapped a towel around herself as she got out and went into her bedroom. She shoved Devil off the bed. The big black lab plopped down at the foot of the bed and watched her. The message light on her answering machine blinked. She reached over and played the message. She stopped as she heard his voice. Once again he cancelled on her. She dried off and dropped the towel to the floor. “Well Devil it looks like me and you tonight.” She started looking for her slippers figuring she would slip into a baggy shirt and some sweats and her slippers for the evening. She got down on all fours to look under the bed and Devil took notice. All day she had looked forward to their date. She hadn’t seen Steve in almost a week and was incredibly horny.

Devil got up as her perfect round ass wiggled as she searched under the bed. She saw the slipper near the middle and resting on one elbow she leaned down further sliding her arm under the bed. Devil stuck his nose against her moist pink flesh. She jumped as he began to lap at her cunt. She tried to move to push him away but when she moved her hips back slightly to get her arm out it just shoved his tongue harder against her. She quickly squirmed and pulled forward. The warm long tongue of her black lab was driving her wild. She knew it was wrong to enjoy it, but she could not help it. He made slow long licks from her clit up past her tight little asshole. She let him lick for a few more moments. The tip of his tongue pushed into her. He could taste how sweet she was. He started stabbing his tongue in as he pulled out the tasty liquid. Her body trembled as she came for the dog. Realizing just what she was doing she tried again to push him away. Devil was not going to have that. She looked down and could see the large red cock poking out of the sheath. She gasped. He had her trapped. She kept saying “No Devil… go lay down Devil.” He didn’t listen. Suddenly she felt his paws wrapping around her midsection as he mounted her. The hot flesh was poking at her dripping wet cunt. It slapped against her several times before the tip of his large meat hit it’s mark and pushed inside of her. He was pumping like a maniac. She screamed and tried to push him off her. He started to growl at her, snapping at her whenever she would try to get away. She could feel her cunt convulsing around him. The heat was incredible. He pounded her without mercy for several minutes. She quivered as her body betrayed her. She had cum several times as the dog slammed his thick cock into her. She could feel him swelling inside her. She started to scream but realized if her neighbors came to see what was wrong they would find her there on her knees with the dog’s cock deep in her. She closed her eyes wishing he would stop. Her cunt was stretched to it’s capacity as the dog’s knot began to form. She tried to move forward, to avoid him getting hooked to her. It was useless. His grip on her was too strong. He pulled her back into him, forcing the full knot into her cunt. She quickly was brought to orgasm again. She could not stop now. She started to buck back into the dog as it let out low moans. He panted as he started to thrust faster. She moaned loudly as she came once again. Suddenly he let out a yelp and her cunt was flooded with the watery seminal fluid. The knot kept it from seeping out. She felt her cunt bursting full of his cum as he finally stopped thrusting. He collapsed against her, panting and slobbering on her back as he calmed down. After a few minutes he slipped free of her and laid down contently to lick himself. The dog jizz sloshed out of her quickly. She couldn’t move. Her legs were shaky as she rested there. She regained enough strength to lift herself into the wooden chair near the bathroom door. Her legs spread wide, her pussy ached from the ordeal. Devil seen the pink flesh again and walked over to her. His nose once again shoved between her legs. She didn’t fight him as he began to lick her. His tongue was warm and soothing as it cleaned the dripping cum from her. She quickly orgasmed again and pushed him away as she stood and stumbled to the bathroom to clean herself. Her mind was clouded with thoughts of Devil…. would she do it again? A few days since her experience with Devil. She had kept thinking about it. She knew that other people had sex with animals but she never pictured herself doing such a thing. It was immoral, but when she thought back to how his cock felt, how he licked her better than any man had ever done… her panties immediately were soaked. She had decided it was time to do it again. She returned home that night from work and quickly went to her room. She brought a jar of peanut butter with her to the bedroom. She found Devil laying at the foot of her bed. He immediately perked up when he saw her enter. His tail wagged rapidly. She stood there staring at the dog for a moment. She reached down and took his collar and lead him to her bathroom. She was slightly ashamed of herself for what she was about to do but she could not get the dog’s cock off her mind. She undressed in front of him and stood there for a moment. His nose instinctively nestled between her legs. She gasped as his cool wet nose grazed her clit. She pushed him back and sat down on the cool tile floor. She opened the jar of peanut butter and dug two fingers into it, scooping out some. She then smeared the thick brown substance on her left breast. Devil, of course, sniffed at it for a moment before he drug his tongue up her breast. Her nipple sprung to attention with a single lick. Her pussy was becoming wetter as his tongue glided over her skin. She arched her back and pushed her breast toward his rough tongue. He soon licked all the peanut butter from her. He again began to nose around her pussy. She spread her legs wide for him as he began to lick up it. It sent chills through her. She shuddered as she soon was brought to orgasm once again by the dog’s skillful tongue. She could see his cock peeking out of the sheath. She had to get a better look. She pushed him away and laid down. She placed her hand on his side and told him “Stay” He stood there while she slide under the large dog . Her fingers curiously explored his cock. He started to pant as it slid out further. She moved closer to him. She ran her tongue over it. It didn’t taste that bad. She slid the tip into her mouth and began to suck it as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. He started to pump into her hand and mouth. She felt his knot growing as his hips moved faster. She sucked a little harder. She soon felt the rush of hot thin fluid filling her mouth. She gagged as she tried to swallow it all. Some gushed around her mouth as he kept pumping. She let him finish before releasing him. She laid there panting herself for a moment after ingesting all that liquid. He laid down next to her and began to lick himself. She sat up, the dog cum dribbled down her chest as it dripped from her chin. She was incredibly horny at this point. Her fingers slipped down to her wet cunny. She stroked her clit slowly with her thumb as she pushed two fingers in and out of her wet slit. She moaned loudly as she brought herself closer and closer to cumming. Devil soon was on his feet in front of her. His tongue pushing against her fingers and her cunt. She spread her legs wider using her fingers to spread herself for the dog’s warm tongue. He lapped her into an incredible orgasm. As soon as she could muster it she rolled onto her hands and knees in front of him. He knew this position all too well. Quickly he mounted her. His cock was stabbing wildly at her but hadn’t hit it’s mark yet. She reached back and guided him in. A loud moan echoed through the room as she started to slam back into the dog’s cock as it hammers into her. She came again and again. Her moans turning to passionate screams. Not realizing how loud she had gotten she kept screaming. She didn’t hear the door downstairs open. He crept upstairs to check on her. He was shocked when he cracked the door open and saw her with the dog’s cock shoved deep inside her. He could not help but watch for several minutes. When he opened the door wider it creaked, alerting them both to the strange presence. Devil barked loudly but she was trapped. He stood there watching her. She was so ashamed of herself. His cock was bulging in his jeans. He couldn’t take it any longer. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it in front of her as he watched her pulled back hard against the dog’s big red shaft. Suddenly her horror went to a strange arousal. She watched his cock slipping back and forth in his fist as he stroked it. He was huge. Devil began to swell inside her. She cried out as the dog’s cock stretched her. His cum soon rushed into her. Jake’s eyes widened as he watched her writhing and moaning like a bitch in heat. After a few minutes Devil pulled free of her and laid down. Without a word Jake moved close to her. She was shocked but did not move as he moved behind her. He drug the head of his cock up and down over her messy cunt. The dog cum coating it before he stuck the head to her tight little ass. He thrust hard and shoved over half of his thick rod into her ass. She yelped as he pushed in harder. Another thrust and he took all of her inside. He pumped hard into her as he moaned loudly. “oh christ yes oh fuck oh fuck” He pounded her ass harder and faster as he kept playing back the image in his mind of her fucking the dog. Soon his cum flooded her ass. He pulled out and sat down on the edge of the tub. He stared at her in disbelief. She laid against the floor as she caught her breath. He spoke in a stern voice “so it appears I know something that you would not want the rest of town to know about… ” Her eyes widened as she stared at him. She could not believe she was caught let alone this 18 year old was going to blackmail her about it. “Please Jake there must be something we can work out.. to keep this between us.” She pleaded with him. “Well Colleen… it looks like we are going to have to do this more often… no one finds out and no one gets hurt.”
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