A Mommy-Slut: A Naughty Nurse Mommy


Although I was trying to forget it was incest and pretend it was just sex, Landon was really enjoying the taboo thrill of fucking his mother and committing incest.

So as I began riding his glorious prick, I asked, playing along, “Is this what you fantasized son, your MILF Mommy riding your big, hard cock?”

“Oh, God, yes,” he groaned, obviously liking my dirty words.

I continued riding his cock, always loving this position because like in oral sex, I controlled the pleasure.

“Keep riding me, Mom,” he groaned.

“Aren’t I your Mommy?” I corrected, that term somehow naughtier and nastier than simply ‘mom’.

“Yes, Mommy,” he agreed as I bounced on his cock, taking the entire big shaft inside me, creating such pleasure that even as my first orgasm was still dissipating, my second was already on the rise. “Oh yes, my hot Mommy.”

“Don’t you mean your hot Mommy-slut?” I escalated, really getting turned on by the idea of becoming a ‘Mommy-slut’.

“God, yes,” he groaned, as shocked as I was at how easily I’d been transformed into a slutty mother eager to serve her son. “Ride me, Mommy-slut.”

I rode him for a couple of minutes, but I struggled and kept slipping because of my heels. So I climbed off him and slid off my heels.

He stood up too and taking control again, ordered, “Go sit on the table.”

“Are you going to fuck Mommy?” I asked coyly.

“All night,” he answered, as I moved to the table, removing my dress and revealing the fact in addition to skipping the panties, I’d also worn no bra. Son or no son, Mommy-slut had planned on getting lucky tonight!

Once on the table and he’d moved close enough to me, I reached my stocking-clad feet to his cock and asked, “Ever fantasized about getting a foot job from Mommy?”

“Every day,” he moaned gratefully, as my feet wrapped around his cock as best as they could.

It was kind of awkward and I struggled to get into a rhythm, so Landon grabbed the heels of my feet, steadying them, and began to fuck my nylon-clad feet.

“God, your cock is huge,” I complimented, as I watched his mushroom top move between my feet.

“It’s a gift from you for you,” he joked.

I laughed, “I guess you’re right. I made that beautiful cock and had it inside me for nine months.”

“And you’ll have it inside you again… soon,” he added, “it’s the circle of life,” pumping his cock faster between my sheer silk clad feet.

“You’d better circle that thing soon,” I purred. “You’ve got Mommy pretty fucking horny.”

He smiled, spreading my legs wider, “Let’s see how wet and horny you are.”

I watched, unsure what he was doing as his fingers went to my pussy. He slid two fingers in, and then before I’d even had time to think… FUCK! His entire fist was filling me!!

“Holy shit!!” I gasped, feeling completely full! My entire body was quivering, immediately overwhelmed!

“Never been fisted, Mommy-slut?” he asked.

“I… oh shit… I have now… I can’t fucking believe this,” I gasped, breathing hard at the unexpected sensations as his enormous-feeling hand moved restlessly inside me, stirring pleasure in totally extreme ways.

“You have such a wet box,” he said, as I closed my eyes and allowed my son to fist fuck me… something I’d never even thought of… being fisted by my son, or even being fisted in general.

After another minute, he pulled his fist out, making an awfully loud slurping sound, and I asked again, “Are you going to fuck Mommy now?”

His answer was to lift both my legs straight up and to slide his entire cock in me in one fucking stroke as he smiled, “Does that answer your question?”

“Oh shit, Baby Boy, I believe it does,” I moaned, as his cock filled me.

“Oh yeah,” he said, gazing steadily into my eyes, “you’re such a hot Mommy-slut.”

“And you’re such a big dicked mother fucker,” I answered, the words sounding so hot and natural spilling out of my mouth.

As he began fucking me hard, the table shook and the lamp fell over. I begged, “Yes, give it to Mommy, son. Fuck your Mommy, fuck her hard. Make her your Mommy cum slut.”

His eyes were closed as he groaned, “God, yes, keep talking, you sexy slut.”

“Mommy loves your big cock buried in her cunt,” I continued, “my nylon-legs high in the air and my body for you to use as you wish.”

He kissed my leg as he said, “I expect you in thigh highs every day.”

“Yes, son,” I nodded, before adding, “although I also have a garter-belt as well as a pair of crotchless pantyhose.”

“Those are welcome too,” he smiled, looking into my eyes, “so long as I always have quick, easy access to your tight cunt.”

“Of course, son. Mommy’s landing field is always available for your Lear jet,” I promised with a saucy grin, knowing that there was no way I could resist this cock down the runway.

“Your 747 airliner needs refueling often,” he quipped back, as I leaned back and enjoyed his cock in my cock pit.

After a couple of minutes in this position, he turned me onto my side and entered me at a new angle, creating a new type of pleasure.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, my second orgasm still growing. “I could have you fuck me like this forever.”

“That’s the plan,” he said, as he resumed fucking me.

He fucked me hard and then slow.

He fucked me with deep strokes and then with half strokes.

He pulled out and tapped his dick on my clit three times.

My son knew how to tease and please a woman… how to drive her to the brink of euphoria and then calm her down… he knew exactly how to turn his Mother into a hungry cock slut and send her tail-spinning out of control.

Eventually, the fire inside was too much, and I needed to regain literal ‘fucking control’. I begged, “I need it now, son. Go sit on the couch so I can ride that big dick.”

He pulled out and smiled, “Mommy wants to sit on her son’s lap?”

“Mommy wants to fuck the hell out of her son’s lap,” I answered wickedly, trying to sound as nasty as possible.

He walked to a couch and sat down.

I followed him and turned around, eager to drop back on that rocket launcher.

He held my ass in place and guided my pussy onto his cock.

Then I began riding.

“Oh yeah, Mommy-slut,” he groaned, “ride your son’s big dick.”

And I did, using his hands on my ass and my hands on my knees for balance, I bounced back on his cock as if his legs were a trampoline and I was trying to win a gold medal at the fuck Olympics.

“Oh yes, I love your cock, son,” I moaned, as I took it all in me. “How I love your big cock!”

“You’re such a hot slut, Mommy,” he groaned.

“I’m your hot Mommy-slut,” I corrected, wanting him to know that I was in for whatever he had in store for the future… which was figuratively and literally true… although I suppose technically it was he who was all in.

“Yes, my beautiful fucking Mommy-slut,” he added, and oddly, considering the nasty name-calling, the word beautiful warmed me.

I bounced on his cock for a couple of minutes until my second orgasm was imminent. “Mommy’s going to come again, baby. Mommy’s going to come all over your big, Mommy-fucking cock.”

He bucked his ass up to meet my downward bounces and after only three of these hard crashes into each other I screamed, “Mommy’s coming again!”

I bounced for a couple more seconds before falling forward and landing on the floor.

As my body quaked and my cum leaked out of me, he picked me up and placed me back onto the couch. I weakly got onto all fours even as my orgasm continued and he moved behind and slammed into me from behind.

“Oh yes, you Mother-fucker,” I moaned. “Use Mommy. Fuck Mommy. Come in Mommy.”

He fucked me hard now, very close.

Yet, he wouldn’t come.

I wanted to feel his come explode inside me.

I wanted to be his cum deposit.

I begged, “Come for Mommy, baby, use me as your Mommy cum bucket.”

After a few more hard deep thrusts, he pulled out and ordered, “Knees, now.”

Although I wanted his cum in my cunt, I was also eager to feel his cum slide down my throat, so I quickly obeyed like the cum hungry Mommy-slut I was… and still am.

He asked, “Ready for my cum?”

“God yes,” I answered, gazing with rapturous anticipation as I watched him stroke his cock. I saw his shaft getting thicker. He was so close…

I was moving my open mouth towards its reward when he stopped me and said insistently, “My fantasy ends with you getting a facial.”

I hated facials, but I wasn’t going to tell him that.

I was the Mommy-slut and he the man.

I would obey whatever he wanted.

I purred, “You want to come all over your Mommy’s face?”

“God, yes,” he groaned, furiously stroking his cock.

I closed my eyes and mouth so he could make his fantasy come true, even though I was disappointed not to be able to have his load shot down my mouth and into my belly.

The first rope hit me right on the nose and I opened my eyes, wanting to see his cum shoot out of his great dick.

To my surprise, his next rope shot higher, and hit directly in my left eye.

Once the last rope splattered my face, I leaned forward and took his cock back in my mouth, tasting my own pussy juice, as I tried to extract every last drop of his cum.

When he pulled out, he ordered, again to my surprise, “Masturbate for me.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised since he’d already come and I’d done so twice.

“I want to watch you come again,” he said.

“You want to watch Mommy get herself off while her face is splattered with her son’s cum?” I pursued, liking to enhance the naughtiness of the situation, even as my pussy burned again.

“Exactly,” he nodded.

I moved back a bit to lean on a chair, and began rubbing myself, feeling compelled to obey my son.

“Oh yeah,” he nodded. “That’s so hot.”

I opened my eyes and saw his big dick dangling between his legs and thought about how great it had felt in my pussy.

“You love my cock, don’t you, my Mommy-slut?” he asked, seeing me checking it out.

“God, yes,” I moaned, rubbing myself faster, wanting to put on a good show for him.

“Stare at my big cock while your pleasure yourself,” he ordered. “This cock owns you now.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned, the idea of being owned by a cock both ridiculous and fucking hot in my perpetual state of horniness.

“Tell me what you want to be,” he ordered, as my hands rubbed myself faster.

“Your slut,” I declared, willing to do anything to please him, demonstrated by the reality I was drooling over his cock while frigging myself, wearing a load of his cum all over my face.

“More,” he demanded.

As I stared at his cock, I continued, “I want to be your Mommy cum slut, your Mommy fuck toy, your Mommy sex slave, your Mommy cock sucker, your Mommy live-in plaything and your Mommy Barbie doll.”

“Oh yeah,” he nodded. “You will dress to please me.”

“Yes, son,” I nodded, as my orgasm grew rapidly yet again, as I began slapping my pussy and clit… knowing that was what often triggered eruption when I was alone.

“Come for me, Mommy,” he demanded.

“Yes, son, yes, Mommy wants to be your Mommy-slut!” I screamed in triumph as my third orgasm of the night, two more than I’d had in any single day in at least a couple of years, ripped through me.

“Good Mommy,” he smiled, as he watched me come.

“Oh, I’ll always be a good Mommy for my son,” I smiled, as my body trembled with pleasure. “I’ll always be there to nurse you back to health.”

He chuckled, as he rubbed his cock, “I could use some nursing right now.”

“You’re insatiable,” I smiled, as he walked to me and slid his cock in my mouth.

“Oh, you have no idea,” he responded, as he began slowly fucking my face.

The End… or… just the beginning.

If enough people like this there could be sequels as:

A Mommy-Slut: An Anal Ass Training

Landon takes his mother’s anal virginity.

A Mommy-Slut: Blackmailed to Lezdom

Nicole watches the security video from that night and decides to blackmail Amy.

A Mommy-Slut: Daughter Makes Three

Mom is caught in the act of fucking her son and….


A Mommy Slut: DP’d by sons

Mom is caught in the act of fucking her son and….

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