A Mommy-Slut: A Naughty Nurse Mommy


Summary: Mom catches son in the act and can’t resist his big cock.

Note 1: This is a 2016 Halloween Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to TexBeethoven, Dave, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

Wishing for my son Landon to get off his ass and away from PlayStation, I had spoken with my employer Nicole, the town librarian, and gotten him a job. He spent more time gaming online than he did at school or doing any chores.

To my surprise, he actually liked the job. He really took to all the filing and other meticulous work, enjoyed relating to the customers and telling them where to go when they wanted a book on a particular subject. He even charmed our stick-in-the-mud boss Nicole and got away with teasing her unmercifully, frequently getting the dour, rule-ridden old bitch to giggle like a schoolgirl. He’d gotten so into the job that when the librarian asked him to stay late and work overtime to catch up on the endless filing… nobody except staff ever seemed to return a book to its proper place… he always agreed willingly. Even though my eighteen-year-old and I shared a home and a workplace, we soon took to driving separate cars to and from work to facilitate his extra-long hours.

Recently he’d even convinced Nicole to break with her strict all work and no play tradition and hold a Halloween party after hours. I originally hadn’t planned on going, but figured what the hell. I had nothing else to do, I’d bought a sexy nurse costume last year that I hadn’t used when my boyfriend, with impeccable timing, broke up with me three days before Halloween.

This year I was hoping to flirt with Gary, the new technology guy. Gary was pretty hot, and my pussy was going through a long dry spell, both literally and figuratively. I figured since Landon would be the only person at the library party under twenty-five, he wouldn’t stay too long, and then maybe I could get Gary to take me back to his place. I hadn’t had sex in over six months, and even that last time had been anti-climactic… so to speak.

Anyway, much to my surprise and even with Landon still in attendance, the party had gotten pretty wild, much of the conversation had turned hilariously scandalous, and I was quite tipsy, although not quite drunk. After a number of party poopers had gone home, the rest of us decided to head to a karaoke bar to sing and drink some more.

Landon, to my eagle-eyed surprise, hadn’t been drinking. Even so, he’d been pretty unreserved, claiming to get off on the party vibes of the rest of us who definitely had been drinking. Not old enough to get into the bar, he said he was going home. So did our boss Nicole; not surprisingly, she said she wasn’t interested in going to ‘any old’ bar. The rest of us made light-hearted fun of her as we sashayed boisterously outside to wait for a taxi.

Just as we got to the bar, I realized I’d forgotten my purse. The rest said they’d come back with me, but I told them just to go inside without me and I’d catch up.

When I got back to the library, I was a bit surprised to see that Landon’s car was still in the parking lot, but taking advantage of the slight windfall, I sent the taxi off, figuring I would have Landon drive me back home.

I unlocked the door and headed inside quietly, figuring I would scare him, or even them… it was Halloween after all.

As I approached the large room where we’d been partying, I heard my son growl, “That’s it, take my entire cock in that eager mouth of yours.”

I froze.

Who was he ordering around? Who was sucking his cock? It couldn’t be Nicole, could it? She was married. And a bitch. I had no way of knowing, but I’d always been convinced she was frigid. As in sharp icicles lurking in her cunt with catlike patience, ready to lunge at any unwary visitor and send him staggering towards the nearest hospital.

Then again I could be wrong. A voice that unmistakably belonged to my bitchy boss answered, “God, I’ve been craving this all fucking night.”

“I bet you have, you little cum slut,” my son responded, as I stood there just outside the door in utter shock at what I was hearing.

This obviously wasn’t the first time. They were very familiar with each other’s buttons and weren’t hesitating to use them. I, on the other hand, was astounded!

“Oh yes, I can never get enough of this huge fucking dick,” Nicole replied, shock compounding shock as I eavesdropped on the surreal conversation.

I should have burst in and blasted him… especially blasted my cradle-robbing boss. Yet, for whatever reason I didn’t. Instead I peeked around the corner to see them in action.

What I witnessed shocked me to the very core.

Nicole was indeed sucking my son’s cock… that was no longer a surprise… although my kicked-in-the-gut response to actually seeing it in action instead of just hearing voices was severe. It occurred to me that although I’d watched porn… lots of it in the last few months during my lengthy drought… I’d never actually witnessed two people having sex in person. But that wasn’t what had me reeling.

No, the surprise, other than the sensations that led to a slight leaking in my pussy (which made me wish I hadn’t gone commando today… as I often do), was the complete shock of my son’s size! He definitely didn’t inherit that tool from his deadbeat father. I must have been carrying a recessive gene from some long-dead super-stud Viking ancestor!

It was huge!

I mean massive!

I couldn’t believe it, but the sight of my son’s giant organ was making my mouth water!

“Oh yeah, you dirty, cock sucking bitch, take it all,” Landon ordered, treating the bitch like a bitch… which somehow made me happy… even as I heard and watched her gagging briefly on his long dong and sending surges of spit cascading sloppily down his shaft.

Oddly, my first thought was to wonder if I could take that much of his cock in my mouth. I then shook my head and backpedaled my thoughts as I realized I was contemplating sucking my own son’s big cock… I mean his cock… it’s not like I needed to perv out and add the adjective.

“I’m going to really pound that asshole of yours,” Landon added.

My eyes went big at his words. He was going to fuck her ass with that flagpole? That’s something I’d never done. I mean I’d allowed a guy to finger my ass on rare occasions, but it did nothing for me.

“Oh God, you nearly ripped me apart last time. I can’t believe your mother didn’t hear me screaming,” she responded.

“Yeah, she is a bit oblivious,” he chuckled.

What? When was that? At work? How long had he been fucking her?

“Yeah, she didn’t notice the time I walked past her with your cum all over my face, either,” Nicole laughed.

Suddenly angry, I stormed into the room and shouted at the top of my lungs, “What the hell is going on here?”

Nicole leaped to her feet in a panic, thankfully fully dressed, and stammered, “A-A-Amy!”

“Yes, I know my name,” I replied with frosty sarcasm, crossing my arms. “You didn’t answer why you’re sucking my eighteen year old son’s dick. You’re what… forty?!”

To my surprise, Landon didn’t move, flinch, or even try to hide his jutting erection as Nicole continued, “I can explain.”

“You can explain why you’re sucking my son’s dick and getting ready to take it in your ass?” I doubted, fiercely enjoying my sudden power over my boss.

Nicole broke down… which inside made me happy even though my poker face gave away nothing. She blubbered, “I’m so sorry, please don’t tell my husband.”

“Just leave,” I ordered, glancing at my son, who was watching with a look of amusement, totally comfortable with the fact that he remained naked from the waist down, sporting an enormous erection in front of his employer and his mother. I couldn’t help it… I took another look at his massive member. I broke my eyes away with an effort. “We’ll talk tomorrow when I’m not so pissed,” I promised her.

“I’m sorry,” she repeated, trudging past me to leave, her head down in shame.

I then turned my annoyance to my son, glaring sternly at his dick and not his eyes, “And you, young man, what do you think you’re doing.”

His answer surprised me. “Getting head from a hot bitch.”

“Excuse me?” I gasped, shocked to hear him talk to me like that, even though I’d just heard him say similar words to her.

He stood up and explained with noticeable exasperation, “Mom, I’m eighteen and constantly horny. And I prefer older women.”

“You do, do you?” I retorted meaninglessly, as he walked towards me still half-naked.

“And it’s your fault,” he added, as he actually began stroking his cock in front of me… his big, hard, delicious cock.

Fuck! Keep it together, Amy.

“My fault?” I questioned nervously, as he and his monster were now directly in front of me.

“Yes, you’re super-hot Mom, and even hotter dressed like a sexy, slut nurse,” he said.

“Excuse me? My son is calling me a slut?” I demanded sternly.

He continued, “I didn’t call you a slut, Mom. Just the outfit. But you wear sexy nylons every day just like today, and those short skirts that show off the nylons top to bottom, and your legs and especially your feet are so incredibly sexy, and… well… you’re a MILF, mom!”

“A mother you’d like to fuck?” I questioned, having heard the term before… especially in some of the May-December porn scenes I often watched. My son liked older women and I fantasized about younger men. Dangerous!

“Yes,” he nodded, “a Mommy I’d love to fuck.”

My mouth was hanging open in shock as he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down onto my knees as he said, with such confidence, “Why don’t you use that sexy open mouth to continue what you interrupted… Mommy?” He’d pushed me to the floor with such gentleness that I could have easily resisted, but the strength had gone out of me. Even the will had gone out of me.

I was completely shocked… and I was suddenly staring at my son’s huge dick, the head glistening with pre-cum… now invitingly poised a mere inch from my open mouth.

Maybe it was the wine.

Maybe it was the lengthy drought.

Maybe it was the scene I’d witnessed and the naughty talk that had gone with it.

Maybe it was his huge cock.

Maybe it was the heat radiating from his cock through the tiny distance separating it from my lips.

Maybe it was his strong, firm, confidence.

Maybe it was all of the above.

I didn’t stand up and slap him in the face.

I didn’t get up and scold him like a good mother.

I didn’t grab his dick and rip it right off him.

No… although I did grab his dick.

My body and sexual libido controlling me, I reached out and grabbed his dick… wanting to feel it in my hand.

“Good Mommy.” He groaned.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

I couldn’t believe how big and hard it was.

I couldn’t believe how the term ‘Mommy’ turned me on.

I couldn’t believe how much my pussy was burning at his words, at his cock, and at his masterful treatment of me.

“Go ahead Mommy, suck my cock,” he ordered, moving his hand to the back of my head and guiding me, again so gently, yet so irresistibly towards it.

I didn’t think… I acted.

I opened my mouth and unresistingly allowed my son to guide his big, hard cock in.

“Ooooh, yes, Mommy,” he groaned. “This I’ve imagined for a long time.”

As I wrapped my lips around his long, pulsing shaft I wondered how long he’d fantasized this. Just the thought was ludicrous, but this was real … I was on my knees, in my workplace, willingly sucking my son’s dick.

His big, juicy dick.

My head was swirling with consequence, but my pussy was burning with desire… what if someone else had forgotten something and came back in? What if word got out that I was an incestual cock-sucker? What if I got arrested and had to share a cell with a girl named Big Bertha?

And I began bobbing.

“That’s it, Mommy, suck your son’s cock,” he groaned, really enjoying not only the blow job, but relishing the incest. Landon had known me his entire life and knew me like a book. I was discovering that I was far from knowing all his secrets, but behind my motherly bossiness ‘for his own good’ was a deep and abiding love for the son I’d nurtured, protected and guided for almost as long as I could remember. There was a bond between us that nothing in this world could ever break.

I’d read a few incest stories online and they often turned me on, yet I had never envisioned actually doing it… never looked at my son that way… until now… until I saw his whopping great dick.

Fuck! I can’t deny it. I wanted this dick in my cunt. I was madly in lust with my own son!

“Deeper, Mommy,” he ordered, his hands still gently controlling my head.

I obeyed, wanting to see if I could possibly take all his shaft in my throat. I’d always considered myself pretty damn good at giving head. I liked doing it… liked the power of the position. Even though I was the one on my knees in a supposedly submissive position, I felt a fair amount of power. I controlled his pleasure, not the other way around.

I also love hearing a man groan… feeling a man’s legs tighten… and feeling his cock pulse as he spews his cum inside my mouth.

I don’t love cum, but I also don’t mind it. The taste is bland and the texture, once you get used to it, is no different than eating an oyster.

What I don’t like is getting cum on me. It’s sticky and gross.

I kept sucking, still trying to comprehend how I’d ended up on my knees, at my place of work, sucking my son’s cock. I was still processing the knowledge that far from objecting, I was really glad to be here, and couldn’t wait for more! Unbelievable!

“Take it all, my Mommy-pet,” he ordered, suddenly grabbing my head with both hands and pulling me in, forcing his entire cock down my mouth instantly!

I tried to breathe through my nose as I felt his balls resting on my chin and his cock tickling my tonsils.

“Oh yes, Mommy, show me what kind of cock hungry, Mommy-slut you are,” he said, continuing to hold me in place.

I couldn’t believe he’d just called me his ‘Mommy-slut’ or that the term and his rough usage of my throat had me leaking.

Unfortunately, after maybe five seconds, I could no longer control my gag reflex and I had to pull back with a loud gasp for air.

He said impressed, “Almost no one can hold all of it as long as you just did.”

I looked up and asked, “How many sluts have you made do that?”

“A lot,” he answered, as he stroked his cock in front of me and I watched avidly. “I learned a long time ago that size matters, and most women become eager sluts the minute they see this thing.”

“Is that a scientific fact?” I quipped to his cock, my gaze and my attention fully absorbed.

“My personal research has provided strong evidence for the hypothesis,” he replied, as he pulled me up and ordered, “Go sit on the couch.”

“You’re pretty bossy,” I pointed out, somehow completely turned on by his confident demeanour. I’d always liked a man that knew what he wanted and took it, but those men were few and far between.

“I know what a woman wants,” he answered.

I raised an eyebrow, “You do, do you?”

“Couch,” he repeated firmly.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” I mused, as I obeyed my son’s order and went to the couch.

“I can’t believe I waited this long,” he replied, walking over to me. As he dropped to his knees, he added, “Do you know how many buckets of cum I’ve wasted thinking about this?”

“Three?” I joked.

“At a rough estimate, three hundred buckets,” he responded expansively, as he moved his hands under my dress, reached for my panties, found none, and grinned in approval. One way or another, I’d planned on getting lucky tonight. As I watched him, my pussy burning, he added as he moved his face towards my pussy, “Mmmmmm, ready for action and shaved except a small patch above, very sexy.”

Before I could respond to his devilish words, his tongue made contact and I found something more urgent to respond to.

“Ooooooooh,” I moaned, watching my son eat my cunt.

I joked, “You’re just going to fly into my airport,” playing on the fact he was dressed as a pilot. Okay, half-dressed as a pilot. From the waist up. And naked from the waist down. With a fucking great joystick pointing right at me.

“Just enjoying your cockpit,” he wickedly replied, as I imagined his cock sliding into my cockpit.

“Oh my,” was all I could say as his tongue worked magic on my fevered pussy. Tipsy and horny are a dangerous mix, and I was completely at the mercy of every slightest whim of my strong-willed son.

“You taste delicious,” he complimented, as his tongue parted my pussy lips and went directly into my wet hole.

“You can have a home cooked meal any time you want,” I wickedly replied, realizing I’d just made a long term offer only after I’d said it, so caught up in the pleasure of the moment.

“Trust me, Mommy,” he replied, as his tongue tried to fuck me, “I plan on turning you into my very own live-in Mommy-slut.”

Those confident words should have scared me, yet at the moment they only enhanced the euphoria building inside me as I moaned, “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

His tongue trailed up my pussy and to my clit as he responded, “I’m serious, Mom. I need a few loads a day drained from this big fuel hose and I intend to be making many landings in you and on you.”

I couldn’t help but smirk at his ‘landing’ joke, but the idea of having a cock available at home without the exhausting bullshit of dating was incredibly appealing. I loved sex, I hated dating.

Before I could respond, he took my clit between his lips and shook his head sideways, which sent waves of pleasure through me as my orgasm power dived for a crash landing all over my son’s face.

“Come for me, Mommy, come right now,” he said, no, he ordered, as he focused on my clit.

“Yes, baby, suck on Mommy’s clit,” I replied, “Mommy’s so close!”

He kept licking, flicking and tugging until the passengers in my crowded cockpit, panicked by the crash landing, breached the entire circumference of my escape hatch and evacuated all over my son’s face! “Yes, Mommy’s coming!” I screamed, which was obvious as my juices flooded fully out of control and my son’s eager tongue lapped up as much as it could.

Still coming, and wanting his dick in me, I growled lustfully, “I need that cock in me right now!” I pushed him and he awkwardly fell onto his back. I apologized, “Sorry,” even as I got off the couch, straddled him and lowered myself on him, doing it so I wasn’t facing him.

Yes, I knew he was my son.

Yes, I knew I was about to ride my son.

Yes, I desperately wanted to fuck my son.

Yet, it was mentally easier if I wasn’t looking at him.

He groaned, as my pit engulfed his cock, “Ooooooooooh, yes Mommy.”

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