Jasmine’s Secret: Caught & Seduced


“Pounding you got me horny again,” she said, as she took off the harness and walked over to my desk.

“Does my Mistress need her slave to eat her out again?” I asked, as I weakly pushed myself onto all fours and crawled towards her.

“My pet knows me very well,” she said, as she oddly sat on the floor behind my desk.

I crawled to her and she asked, “So do you really like nylons as much as you say you do in your stories?”

“Of course,” I nodded, as I gazed fondly at her sexy toes in the nylon.

“I bought these after reading your stories, curious what all the fuss was about.”

“And was I right?” I asked, as I grabbed one of her feet and took it in my hands.

“You usually are,” she said.

“You should tell my husband that,” I joked, as she lifted her other foot to my face.

Wordlessly I took that as an order and I did something I had written about for years but had never done… I kissed and licked a woman’s nylon-clad foot.

“Oh yes, that feels nice,” she moaned softly.

The musky scent was intriguing, the taste of nylon and feminine sweat equally intriguing as my mouth soaked the entire sole of her foot.

“Suck on my toes too,” she ordered, “that always sounds so hot in your stories.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I said, as I did exactly as she instructed, sucking each toe in my mouth one at a time… something else that was in a couple of dozen of my stories… or more.

“So nice,” she said.

“So soft and sexy,” I responded.

As I moved my mouth off her first foot and was about to move to her second, a long drip of my saliva was attached from my lips to her toes which tickled under my chin… which made me giggle.

I was about to go to her other foot when she said, “I need you to eat me now!”

She stood up, shucked out her skirt, got onto my desk on all fours and ordered, “Eat my asshole.”

“Mmmm, I’ve never done that to a girl before,” I smiled, as I got off my knees and onto my desk behind her perfect tight ass.

“I like being your first,” she said, as I moved my fingers to her very wet cunt.

“Me too,” I agreed, as I buried my face in her ass and licked it while I teased her pussy with my fingers.

“Ohhhhh, that feels weird,” she said.

“Do you like it?” I asked.

“The tongue and fingers together feel really nice,” she answered.

“Good,” I said, “because I could eat your asshole all night.”

“Good, because you’re going to be pleasuring me all night,” she said.

I wondered what else she had in store as I replied, “My husband won’t be home until tomorrow.”

“And your kids?” she asked.

“At their grandparents,” I admitted.

“Delicious,” she said, her tone wicked, as she reached back and pushed my head deeper into her ass.

“Yes this is,” I concurred, which made her laugh.

After another minute or so, I asked, really wanting to taste her again, “may I eat your pussy again?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “eat away.”

I lowered my head and buried my face into her wetness.

“Oh yes… fuck… lick me,” she moaned.

I licked her more for a minute or two, but the position wasn’t the best and I said, “Can we try a different position?”

“Lift my legs up,” she ordered.

I was confused, but I grabbed her ankles and lifted up.

“Now move your hands to my thighs.”

I did.

“Now push me up even more.”

I wasn’t sure what she wanted was possible, but before I knew it I was staring at her pussy. I said in awe, “Well look what I found.”

“I saw this in some porno movie,” she said.

“I can’t believe you watch porn,” I teased.

“I know, I’m such a bad person,” she laughed, “you must hate me,” before ordering, “now get licking.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, as I held onto her while I buried my face deep into her cunt.

The positon was wicked and perfect, one I had never even fathomed in all my years of writing sex scenes, but no other position could allow a woman to really devour a cunt.

I licked.

I sucked.

Her moans increased.

I licked.

I sucked.

She demanded, “Suck on my clit, you fucking cunt muncher.”

I obeyed and in seconds, as I tugged on her clit, she screamed, as she came for the second time, “Yesssss!”

I hungrily lapped up all her juices as if I was in the Sahara desert and had just found an oasis to immerse my face into.

Finally, she said, “Cramp.”

I quickly moved away and helped her get into a more human position; I imagine most cheerleaders couldn’t have held that position for as long as she did.

As she stood up, she stretched her leg out and ordered, as she took her shirt off, “Take your dress off.”

“You’re insatiable,” I mock complained, as I watched her strip off her shirt so I could finally see her perky tits.

“It’s Christmas, I got you a present,” she said, as she walked over to her backpack once again.

I laughed as I questioned, “Turning me into your teacher slut and fucking me with a strap-on wasn’t my gift?”

“Okay, but I got you one more,” she laughed, as she pulled out a box.

“Get undressed and sit on a desk,” she ordered, as she walked over to me with a long box.

I grasped my hem and lifted my dress over my head, tossed it aside and hopped onto the desk assuming it was another sex toy, but when I saw what she was pulling out of the box I gasped. “THAT, Mistress, is the biggest candy cane I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s also the biggest Christmas fuck stick,” she smiled, as she moved to me and parted my legs.

“It’s like a foot long,” I said in awe, as I watched her rub it up and down my pussy lips.

“Eighteen inches, actually,” she said, as she began to slide it inside me.

“Well size does matter,” I joked with a moan as the candy cane disappeared in me.

She leaned in and kissed me. When she broke the kiss and began fucking me with the candy cane she whispered, “Merry Christmas, Mrs. Jones.”

“Tonight I’m Mrs. Walker,” I moaned, just before she kissed me again.


Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or whatever else you celebrate during this holiday season.

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