Jasmine’s Secret: Caught & Seduced


I was getting ready to leave at the end of the day, when I went to put the ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ tests in my bag and saw there was an envelope there. I pulled it out and felt that there was something inside it. Curious about both how it had ended up in my bag and also what was in it, I went to my door, closed it and returned to my desk.

I opened the envelope and saw a note and a pair of panties.

I pulled them out and realized it was actually a thong. I smiled, as I chuckled I wasn’t even wearing panties at the moment. I grabbed the letter and read it:

My pet teacher,

I see you wore the thigh highs today… good girl.

I expect them on again tomorrow as well as today’s gift.

A chill went up my spine.

I knew then it wasn’t my husband. He wouldn’t know I’d worn the thigh highs today.

I also was rattled by the term ‘pet teacher’. Besides being a term I used in a few of my stories and also a title of one of my first lesbian stories, it (along with ‘good girl’) was a clear message of submissive hierarchy (as used in many of my stories over the years).

Oh no.

Did this person know of my writing secret?

Was she a student? A teacher?

Shit, shit, shit!!!

Who? Who? Who?

I put the thong back in the envelope with the note and headed home, constantly glancing behind me all the way to my car.

On the drive home, I called my husband and again got his machine and stressed for him to call me the moment he received my message.

I was making dinner, having reread the brief note a couple dozen times, trying to figure out who could have written it. There were a couple dozen possibilities at least… from colleagues to students.

If it was someone who had found out about my writing activities, it was likely a male. In theory, men read way more online erotica than women. It also seemed that if someone was going to blackmail me it would be a male… not that a woman wasn’t capable of such a thing.

Yet, my instinct was that whoever was doing this was female.

Both the stockings and the thong were expensive and great quality… and very few men would have a clue how to select such classy lingerie. That said, thanks to my training, my husband knew what kind to buy… so maybe my theory was flawed.

Could it still be my husband?

He would buy me classy sheer silk thigh highs and, of course, he loved me in them. In retrospect the note didn’t confirm my husband wasn’t the naughty Secret Santa, as he knows I wear nylons to school every day… even on casual Fridays under my jeans.

A huge sigh of relief coursed through me as I once again assumed it must be him.

He loved me in thigh highs.

He loved me in a thong.

Maybe he was coming home tomorrow and was making sure I was dressed to please… well, that I could do.

Relieved that my secret was safe, I marked a few essays before I went online and sent in my newest Holiday Contest entry to be released later this week… an incest story called ‘Brother’s Dick: A Virginity Lost’ about a sweet virgin girl who discovers the joy of masturbating and eventually the joy of her brother’s big cock.

Once it was sent, I focused on a sequel I had been struggling with for a while, ‘What Mom Knows Fucks Her Sister’ that I had been working on… well, off and on (more off than on) for almost a year. After winning the incest story of the year for the previous installment ‘What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom’, I’ve struggled for a satisfactory, believable plot. Anyway, this aside is getting a little too self-indulgent (even for me).

I wrote a thousand words, then deleted a thousand words before deciding I still wasn’t sure how to get the aunt involved, other than an idea by a fan to have Curtis finally do the seducing on his own (which I didn’t mind)… but was still struggling writing it.

I went to bed, after sending Alden one more text (it wasn’t uncommon for him to not respond for a couple days, the Wi-Fi up north really is brutal) and reminisced about the time we role played in my classroom late one night a couple of years ago.

I had worn a cheerleader outfit and he played the teacher.

I sauntered over to his desk and said, “Mr. Jones, I need to have a passing grade to be allowed to cheer this weekend.”

He looked up from his grading and said, “Jasmine, I’m sorry, but you simply haven’t done enough in the class to be allowed to cheer.”

I leaned forward and asked, my tone dripping with intention, “Is there anything I can do for extra credit?”

He caught onto my forward implication as he looked up, past my cleavage, pausing only ever so briefly, and directly into my eyes as he firmly responded, “Young lady, that is incredibly inappropriate.”

“Let’s do some math,” I smiled. “I have three holes and you have one cock.”

“Jasmine!” he gasped, shocked by my blunt behaviour.

“Mr. Jones,” I said, as I walked around his desk, “I need a passing grade and I’m willing to do anything… and I do mean anything to get it.” Before he could respond, I moved my hand to his crotch and added, squeezing, “And I can tell you like the idea.”

He didn’t move my hand away as he repeated, “This is completely inappropriate.”

“What?” I asked, as I fished out his cock. “I’m just trying to use a little biology and physics in a math equation.”

He stammered, “J-J-Jasmine, this isn’t a good idea,” as he watched in awe as I dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

I bobbed for a few seconds before I purred, “Mr. Jones, you have a nice big cock. Way bigger than my boyfriend’s.”

“Is that so?” he asked, as he shifted from protesting to enjoying.

I moved to his balls and nodded, “Way bigger.”

“So does the head cheerleader bitch want to get fucked by a real cock?” he asked.

“I thought you didn’t think this was a good idea,” I teased as I took one ball in my mouth, loving swishing it back and forth.

“Ohhh,” he groaned, “if I’m going to risk my career for a little slut, I’m going to really teach you a lesson in fucking.”

“I love learning such lessons,” I replied, moving to his other ball.

After a few seconds, he stood up and took off his pants and underwear as he ordered, “Lay back on my desk.”

I obeyed, as I purred, “Are you going to fuck me with that huge dick?”

To my surprise, he moved around to the other side of the desk, grabbed my waist and pulled me so my neck was resting at the edge of the desk and my head was over the end and before I could even guess what he was thinking, he shoved his cock in my open mouth.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, as he fucked my face. “I imagine you’ve sucked a lot of cock already.”

I couldn’t respond, as he roughly face fucked me in a position I’d never experienced before.

“Oh yeah, you little cheerleader tease, walking around like you’re the queen bee of the school. You’re nothing more than a bimbo cum slut,” Mr. Jones accused, as his balls bounced off my nose.

I just allowed my mouth to be a vessel of pleasure as he roughly fucked my face.

“Oh fuck, every male teacher here has imagined using you like this, Jasmine,” he declared, as he kept roughly using me.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled out and ordered, “Stand up, slut.”

Wanting his big dick in my cunt, I quickly obeyed, this rough treatment really turning me on.

He chuckled, “You bitches are always submissive sluts when we break down that pretentious façade.”

“Yes, sir,” I moaned, as I got into position in front of him.

“You want my cock?” he asked, as he moved his hand to my soaking wet cunt.

“Yes,” I moaned, his fingers fanning the flames of a fire already out of control.

“You’re fucking dripping wet,” he assessed correctly. “Do you like being used like a cheap bimbo whore?”

“Yes, sir,” I moaned, as he aggressively rubbed my cunt with his rough hand.

“Tell me what you want, slut,” he ordered, slapping my ass.

“I want your big dick in my slut cunt, and I want it now,” I answered, desperately wanting to be fucked hard and rough.

He slammed his entire dick deep into me so hard the desk moved as my body rested on its cold surface. “Oh yes, pound me, sir.”

“Oh yeah,” he groaned, as he grabbed my waist and thoroughly fucked me. “I’m going to show you what getting the hell fucked out of you feels like.”

“God, yes,” I moaned, as my entire body quaked with pleasure with each hard deep thrust.

After a couple of minutes, maybe less, he said, “Let’s see how flexible you are.”

“I can do almost anything,” I purred, as I lifted one leg high in the air.

“Good,” he nodded grabbing my ankle and lifting it up as high as he could, before moving back inside me in one firm, hard thrust.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, as I used my hand for balance and he used me like a ragdoll.

“Oh yeah, you’re the perfect little fuck toy,” he grunted a minute later, as he kept fucking me, my orgasm building to a peak by the position, the hard fucking and the nasty talk.

“Oh God, I’m getting close, sir,” I admitted.

“Don’t you come yet, you dumb bitch,” he demanded, as he pulled out and added, “you still have one fuck hole for me to try.”

“Oh sir, your cock is a lot bigger than my boyfriend’s,” I said, pretending I wasn’t sure it would fit in my asshole.

“Of course it is,” he nodded, as he moved to the floor and ordered, “Come ride me, slut.”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded, as I moved to him, straddled him and went to lower my cunt back on his big dick, thinking he had agreed he was too big for my ass.

Yet, as I lowered myself down, he guided his dick to my ass and pushed me down solidly on his dick.

I screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuuck!”

“Oh yeah, so fucking tight,” he grunted, as he impaled my asshole.

“Too big,” I protested, even though I was loving the feeling of his dick deep in my butt.

“Oh, bimbo sluts like you will get used to it,” he said, as he ordered, “Now get riding, cowslut.”

“Yes, sir,” I obeyed, secretly smiling at the new term ‘cowslut’.

This position took me a minute to get used to, having never ridden anyone in my ass like this, but once I got into a rhythm I was really bouncing on his cock… taking his entire shaft deep in my rectum.

“You want to come from riding a cock in your asshole, you little slut?” he questioned, bucking his ass up to meet my downward strokes.

“God, yes, sir,” I whimpered, as my orgasm accelerated.

“Come, my little, bimbo cheerleader slut,” he demanded, knowing that the name calling always made my orgasms more intense.

I moved my hand to my clit and began rubbing furiously, even fingering myself, as he took control and began reaming my asshole.

“Now, you fucking ass slut,” he demanded. “Come!”

It took only seconds before my orgasm exploded through me, as I screamed, “Yessssssss, fuck!!!”

He pulled out a few strokes later, and ordered, “Knees.”

I quickly obeyed, even as my cum leaked out of me.

He shoved the cock that had just been in my ass into my mouth and face fucked me for a couple dozen strokes before he pulled out, grunted and spewed his cum all over me.

I took rope after rope of his cum until he smiled, “God, Jasmine, you do make one hot cheerleader.”

I looked up and asked, “So, is this as good as you imagined your cheerleader fantasy being?”

“Even better,” he nodded, looking down at me.

“Do I look eighteen?” I asked, scooping some cum off the school cheerleader outfit, which I was thrilled still fit me.

“With your hair like that you sure look young,” he nodded, as he slid his cock back into my mouth.

As I reminisced, I wished Alden was here to give me a hard ass fuck and a load of cum… alas, I was stuck with my rabbit.

After an orgasm and a late snack, I headed to bed, curious what my sweet hubby had in store for me tomorrow.


The next morning, I woke up to a text from my husband… it was from 12:30 in the morning.

Hi honey,

Sorry but the Wi-Fi here is terrible.

I should be home tomorrow.

I’ll try to get to a landline phone tonight so we can chat.

Love you.

I was instantly deflated. I’d really thought he was going to be home tonight and he’d wanted me to be in the sexy thong and thigh highs.

I was then even more concerned at the thought that maybe he wasn’t the one sending me gifts.

Shit, what if it was a colleague, or a parent or, worse yet, a student?! It’s one thing to write about being seduced by a student, it’s another to actually have it happen… fantasy was just that… fantasy. But deep down I loved my job and wasn’t willing to risk it for an affair with a student… even if 80% of my fantasies were doing exactly that. Fantasies are safe… they don’t have real life consequences. On the other hand…

That said, today was the last day of school and if I could make it through today I should be fine. I loved teaching until late in December, the 21st this year, and then not returning until the second week in January. So today, as was my tradition, I was going to play the original Charlie Brown Christmas show and use it to discuss the evolution of Christmas (or the lack thereof). I also always gave out candy canes to my students with a thoughtful Christmas wish, each one personalized (something I had done every year since my first… I had finished the messages on the weekend. It’s easy to say something nice to 98% of your students, and to the other two percent, I lie).

I put on my traditional Christmas ‘last day of school’ dress and headed to work.

That morning I found two boxes on my desk.

Instantly I was excited and nervous.

The first one I opened had a Star Wars t-shirt in it… obviously from my normal Secret Santa.

I opened the other one and gasped. It was a pair of ben wa balls and yet another message:

Pet Teacher

I hope you are wearing the thong I left you yesterday.

Today I got you something extra special that I expect to be nestled all snug in your sweet little shaved pussy until I come and retrieve it.

Now be a good girl and put your present in that sweet cunt of yours.

My eyes went big.

This is exactly what my husband would say. And if I hadn’t received his message that he wouldn’t be home until tomorrow, I would have been certain this was from him.

Yet, as I stared at the two balls, something I’d never experienced before, although I had written about them, I wondered if he was lying to me and was planning to come home today… he did love surprising me. Sometimes by arriving early, sometimes with gifts and sometimes with his dick slamming into me in some public place.

That made me recall when we were in Florida and my husband really pushed my submissive nature to the extreme. I had sucked and fucked him in a movie theatre, blown him in a cab, fucked him in a couple of bathrooms, tried making the mile high club (but was interrupted), and took it in the ass at a beach. So I was only partially surprised when we were at a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon and he suggested we have a quickie. I was still dressed for the matinee comedy we’d attended half an hour earlier where he’d fingered me throughout the show to the sounds of dialogue, laughter, and applause, but never enough to get me off… keeping me perpetually horny.

I asked, “Guys or girls?”

He shook his head, “Here.”

I was surprised. I questioned for clarity, “You mean right here?”

“I do,” he nodded, before explaining, “there’s no one here and our table is relatively secluded.”

“What if someone else shows up, or the waitress?” I asked, not really comfortable with the suggestion, even though my cunt was on fire.

“Then stop riding me and just sit on my lap,” he said, as he fished his cock out.

I joked, “Well, now I know why you made me go commando.”

“Come ride me,” he ordered, as he lowered his pants down just far enough to give me clear access to his erect pole.

“I can never say no to you,” I admitted, my desire to obey and ride his cock overriding, pun intended, the risk of getting caught.

“As a good wife should,” he nodded, something he would only say when we were being intimate… in truth he was a caring husband who respected me as a strong-willed woman, but also understood that my sexual needs included surrendering my mind, body, and soul to him.

I loved that he knew me so well, so even though we were in a public restaurant, I straddled his cock and lowered my wet cunt onto it… happy my dress would cover the view of my fucking him if someone walked by and I just sat quietly on his lap.

As I rode him, my pussy burning from all the teasing at the play, I instantly felt my orgasm grow.

I kept my eyes open as I bounced on his cock for a couple of minutes, watching for a waitress or other customers but thankfully no one came… but me.

“Oh yes,” I moaned, as my orgasm swarmed his cock.

“That was quick,” he teased, as I kept riding him.

“It’s your big dick,” I purred, as my orgasm kept coursing through me.

“People coming,” he said.

“Bathroom?” I asked, knowing he was going to want to come before we left this diner.

“Yeah,” he nodded, as I got off him.

I headed to the girls’ bathroom, and he followed me through the door a moment later. The diner was small enough, it was a single toilet and sink, so I locked the door and dropped to my knees, fishing out his cock and eagerly taking it in my mouth… always enjoying the taste of my cum on his cock.

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