Sex Slave on Board


“The problem is I’m short of cash” he said in French. Fortunately, both Ahmad and Hassan were multi lingual and had sufficient knowledge of Italian, Spanish, French and English to converse with different nationalities which had assisted them in their business transactions. “You can come with us provided you work your passage” Hassan replied in French. “I’m willing to do anything” Pierre exclaimed. “Anything?” Hassan grinned. “Yeah, absolutely anything; I don’t mind what I do.” “In that case, you’ll be our sex slave and get fucked by both of us whenever we want.” “Brilliant; I love being fucked.” The guys took him to the boat and Hassan told him to strip. Pierre did so without question and was happy for his clothes to be locked away. As soon as they were on the move, Hassan had his wicked way with him. “He’s a gorgeous fuck, Ahmad. Come and try him out; I’ll take over the helm.” Ahmad moved to the rear of the cabin and dropped his shorts to expose his erection. Pierre was indeed a beautiful fuck and he enjoyed it. They were soon at their venue and Ahmad set off to deliver their parcel of illegal drugs. As planned, the supplier gave him a pack of different drugs to transport to England. These had to be taken to London and he knew it could be risky so he upped the price. After some haggling, a figure was agreed and Ahmad was more than happy since it was higher than his bottom price. So far, they’d not been inspected by any customs officers or border checks apart from a brief visual inspection of their papers, but they knew the English authorities, especially at the port of London, were likely to be stricter. When he returned to the boat, the package was wrapped in several layers of plastic and hidden in the engine compartment along with old rags and tools. This would put the sniffer dogs off the scent and hopefully their cover story that they were sailing around Europe would be believed and avoid suspicion. Having Pierre with them helped since his reason for visiting was perfectly legitimate. Ahmad even agreed that they’d sail to Great Yarmouth as it was on the coast. Ahmad and Hassan had never been to England before so they too were excited. They’d also forged the registration documents to show that the boat was registered in France to make their entry easier. They arrived at the mouth of the Thames by lunchtime and made their way towards Tower Bridge. Hassan had searched the web and found St Katherine Dock which welcomed leisure boats of their size. Once docked and the dues paid for their stay of a few days, Hassan set off to the east end of London to deliver their cargo. Pierre was reunited with his clothes so he and Ahmad decided to visit central London. Both were overawed by the splendour and the expensive shops in Knightsbridge as well as the sights such as the Houses of Parliament. Hassan meanwhile, had found the contact and delivered the goods. Keen to find other contraband to deliver or sell on their way to Great Yarmouth, he made discreet enquiries. He was introduced to another dealer who was very interested in his services and negotiated a lucrative contract to collect and deliver yet more illegal items. By now, he and Ahmad had formed good contacts in each area which assisted their transactions and made good money. Life had moved on by leaps and bounds, so they were both very happy in more ways than one. A few days later, they left London and sailed up the east coast of England towards Great Yarmouth. On their way, they delivered and collected more goods as well as enjoying themselves. After several more days they arrived at Great Yarmouth harbour. They were sorry to say goodbye to Pierre since he’d been good fun but their trip along the east coast had been fruitful. They now had more deliveries to fulfil in Hull and were part of a criminal syndicate, so had a good supply of business. Their next trip took them to Hull and then Scotland, stopping at remote coastal places to do more business as they progressed. Both loved the thrill of living dangerously; they’d done so in their home country so were used to it. One of their contacts had organised fake passports and driving licenses for different countries to blend in as they travelled; their cover story being that they had Syrian parents, now deceased, and had been born in the country they were in at the time so were natural citizens. It was during their travels to Scotland that Ahmad had to visit Dundee. He was on his way back from the delivery when he saw a beautiful young guy sitting alone on a bench by a bus stop. There was something about the lad that immediately attracted him. He had everything he could wish for; a sexy body, good looks and a look of sadness. He’d found from experience that the latter made them more susceptible to his suggestions. He stopped the hire car in the lay-by and pretended to look at a road map. The lad seemed oblivious of him and suddenly stood up and went into the public convenience so Ahmad shot out of the car and followed him. He found him standing at the urinal with his dick out but not urinating. Ahmad stood beside him and looked down. “Nice cock” Calum turned and smiled at him. “Do you think so?” “Yes, I do. May I touch it?” Calum nodded and watched Ahmad’s hand take hold of his organ. It began swelling immediately so Ahmad slowly massaged it. “You like that?” “Yes” “Why were you sitting on the bench outside?” “Waiting for the bus.” “Where you going?” “Home” Calum replied with a sense of sadness. “Don’t you want to go home?” “Not really, but I’ve got nowhere else to go.” “I’m RG. Let’s have a talk outside.” Calum stuffed his cock into his trousers and zipped up as he followed Ahmad to the car. Once seated in the front seat with his holdall between his legs, Ahmad turned towards him and placed a hand on the leg nearest to him. He asked why Calum didn’t want to go home and he told Ahmad how his dominant father had sent him to boarding school, what a hateful man he was and how he dominated his mother. “He thinks I’m stupid and only good enough for a manual job so won’t allow me to continue my education.” “Is that what you wanted to do?” “Not really but I’m fed up with his attitude towards me. I think he hates me and I certainly hate him.” Ahmad said he was sorry to hear that and thought about the love his father had shown towards him right up to the time he was murdered by ISIS. “Life seems so unfair” he thought to himself “the hateful ones survive yet the kind ones are slaughtered.” “If you had the opportunity to live a life away from your father, would you do so?” Calum said he’d love to but couldn’t see how. Ahmad patted the upper part of Calum’s thigh and left it there as he told him about his boat and his travels. “Would you like to see my boat?” he asked hopefully. Calum said he’d love to so they set off to the Dundee marina where the boat was moored. 4. When they arrived, they found Hassan lying casually on a settee berth in the day cabin looking at gay porn. Calum looked at his semi naked body and felt his react. Ahmad introduced him and Hassan invited the young beauty to join him on the settee berth and look at the porn. Hassan looked at Ahmad and grinned guessing what he had in mind for the guy he’d picked up. “Ever been on a boat like this?” Hassan asked as he placed a hand on Calum’s knee. “No. It’s nice; very cosy.” “Would you like to join us on our travels?” The idea attracted Calum but he wasn’t sure. “It sounds a great life but my dad wouldn’t agree. He wants me to get a job and pay for my keep.” “Don’t tell him” Ahmad chipped in. “If you joined us you’d earn your keep by doing things on the boat for us.” Hassan could sense that Calum was very tempted. “I suggest we have a drink whilst you decide.” Ahmad agreed. He wanted Calum to join them and went to the drinks locker. He took out a bottle of whisky and poured three glasses. Hassan joined him and with his back to Calum, put something into one of the glasses. Ahmad smirked guessing what he’d used since they’d done the same before on another of their pickups who was showing signs of uncertainty. Hassan swilled the glass and passed it to Calum. “Cheers” Ahmad smiled and they took sips from their drinks. After several sips, Calum began to feel drowsy and his speech slurred. “I’m not used to drinking spirits” he giggled. “My father didn’t allow alcohol in the house.” “Your father sounds a right miserable bastard. Come with us and get away from him” Ahmad said. “It’s very tempting” Calum giggled and swilled the remainder of his drink. Within minutes he was slumped on the settee berth. “How many did you put into his drink?” Ahmad exclaimed. “Enough to knock him out” Hassan grinned. “He was hesitating and we can’t let a beauty like him slip through our hands. Let’s strip him and get on our way before daddy wonders where he is.” “By the sound of things daddy doesn’t care a fuck about him.” “Maybe not but we can’t risk it. Did anyone see you bring him on board?” “Nah, the place was dead” Ahmad replied as he helped strip Calum naked. When he was, they admired his beautiful body before moving him into the rear cabin. “Let’s try this gorgeous arse” Hassan grinned and dropped his shorts whilst Ahmad fingered Calum’s entrance. With a lubricated cock, Hassan plunged in and fucked it vigorously. “Yeah, fucking gorgeous.” When he’d finished, Ahmad took over but he was more gentle because he liked the guy. Two hours later, Calum woke to find himself naked in bed. As he rubbed his eyes he felt the room gently rocking up and down. He looked around with bleary eyes and wondered where he was; it wasn’t his bedroom at home, that’s for sure. He sat up in bed and noticed a porthole. He looked out and all he could see was an expanse of sea. “What the fuck” he said out loud. He climbed out of the berth and felt his head spinning. His arse felt sore as well but that was a nice feeling. He sat down again trying to remember what had happened. Slowly he remembered leaving school for good and waiting for the connecting bus that would take him home. The thought of meeting his father filled him with dread. He then recalled meeting an attractive guy in the public toilet who’d brought him back to his boat. There was another guy on the boat; he was half naked which caused his cock to twitch with excitement. He vaguely remembered having a drink but everything beyond that was a blur. “This must be the boat” he told himself and looked around for his clothes but found nothing. He heard voices the other side of the door so carefully made his way towards it trying to keep upright. “Ah, our sleeping beauty is awake” Hassan giggled and admired Calum’s naked form. “What’s happening?” Calum asked, “Why are we moving?” “That’s what boats do when they’re sailing the high seas” Hassan laughed. “Very funny but why am I on it and why am I stark naked?” Ahmad handed over the controls to Hassan and took Calum into his arms. Just holding his naked body caused his to react. “Sit down Calum and I’ll explain.” Calum did so with Ahmad’s arm around him. It felt good and he felt wanted even though he couldn’t understand what was happening. “We met on the outskirts of Dundee and I invited you to see our boat. We invited you to join us as a member of the crew and you accepted because you didn’t want to return home to your dominant father. Do you not remember?” Ahmad said with a deadpan face so as not to show he was lying. “Partly but I don’t remember agreeing.” “I expect it was the whiskies you had” Hassan chuckled. “You went at them with gusto. It was probably the thought of leaving home and not having to put up with your father, who sounds a complete bastard.” “He is” Calum replied trying to remember accepting the invitation and celebrating. “So, I’m a member of your crew?” “That’s right but I suggest you go easy on the alcohol until you know you can take it” Hassan laughed. “And what do I have to do?” “Just be your gorgeous self and help with odd jobs such as cleaning and in the galley” Ahmad replied and placed a hand on Calum’s naked thigh to gently rub it up and down towards his crotch. “And provide sexual services as and when required; you’ve got a gorgeous arse so I hope you like being fucked” Hassan added. “Yeah, I do; and that’s all I have to do?” “That’s it my love; just be your beautiful self and do as we ask.” “And keep your beautiful naked body on show the whole time” Hassan added. “What, all the time?” Calum exclaimed. “Yes, my love; whilst we’re at sea” Ahmad replied gently. Calum slowly took in what he’d been told but still couldn’t remember agreeing to it although the alcohol may well have affected his memory because he wasn’t used to it. He then felt something around his neck and touched it. “Why do I have a collar on?” “It’s a beautiful black leather one with small studs; it really suits you.” “Yeah, we always make our s..; members of crew wear one” Hassan added having nearly said sex slave'. "Consider it a uniform since you'll be naked most of the time." Calum nodded as he came to terms with what he must have agreed. "Where are my clothes and my holdall?" "Don't worry my love, I've carefully folded them up in your holdall and safety locked it away. You'll have it back when you need it" Ahmad assured him. "My mum will wonder where I am; she was expecting me home today. My father won't care but I need to let her know." Ahmad and Hassan had already thought of that having guessed he'd want to call home. It also avoided his father alerting the police about a missing seventeen-year-old. They explained to Calum that he could send a voice message to them and made out that it wasn't possible to make a direct two-way call so they got him to record a message which would be sent to his home number. Not knowing anything about boats, Calum accepted the explanation and recorded his message to his mum. It basically said he'd been invited to join some guys as a member of crew on their boat as they sailed to different countries. He sent his love but ignored his father, who'd no doubt be pleased to see the back of his son. Once recorded, Hassan sent the message making sure it contained no information that could identify their boat or who they were. To the uninitiated, the message had been willingly sent by their son who was now on the high seas, so wasn't likely to cause any concern. "Where we going?" Calum asked once his message had been sent. "The Netherlands first and then it depends on what new business we pick up" Ahmad casually replied. "We're couriers of whatever customers want us to carry for them." "It makes a living and enables us to sail around" Hassan added just as casually. They were so adept at making up stories that it became second nature to them. "Time to eat I think and after that I'm gonna fuck that cute arse of yours." Calum grinned; even though he couldn't remember agreeing to this life, it sounded good to him and certainly better than going home to his bastard of a father. He helped Hassan prepare their evening meal doing whatever he wanted. As he did so, Hassan frequently patted his naked bum and felt his cock which reacted on several occasions. To his surprise, he enjoyed the attention so welcomed it. By the time the meal was ready, Ahmad had moored in a small bay which seemed deserted but he said nothing. Afterwards, he was required to clear things away and wash up whilst the other two lazed naked on the settee berths. When he'd finished, Hassan invited him to where he was lazing. He told Calum to lay on top of him and immediately felt their organs swell until they were hard. Hassan told him to sit on his naked lubricated cock and ride it up and down. If he didn't ride it hard enough, Hassan slapped his buttocks and grabbed hold of his cock. By the time, Hassan had shot his load, Calum's arse was sore. Without any rest, he was told to join Ahmad but he first made tender love to him before turning him over and gently fucking him from behind. The action had no sooner finished when Hassan received a call. "We're at the cove now; okay, see you in five." He whispered something to Ahmad and the pair slipped on their shorts telling Calum to go into the end cabin and remain there. Once there, he heard the interconnecting door being locked and a few minutes later, two visitors coming on board. Calum pressed his ear to the bulkhead and listened to the muted conversation. It was obvious the four were doing business since haggling was taking place. He was also sure that he heard drugs being mentioned. He decided not to enquire what was going on so as not to get involved but he'd keep a close eye and an ear on things during his time with his two associates. That night, he slept with Hassan who gave him another hard fuck before they went to sleep. On subsequent nights, the guys took it in turns to have Calum in their berth but he preferred Ahmad as he was much gentler when fucking. Early the following morning, they set sail and moved along towards the French coast. On their way, they stopped to purchase supplies and Calum was told to stay well-hidden whilst Ahmad made the purchases. Hassan remained on the boat to guard Calum and took the opportunity to fuck him in the rear cabin. The guy had an insatiable appetite for sex. By the evening, they'd moored in another small cove which was miles from civilisation. Hassan called the clients and they ate whilst they waited for them to arrive. An hour later, they saw a torchlight moving along the path down to the cove. "I'll go and meet them" Hassan told Ahmad and instructed Calum to remain in the day cabin. Ahmad grinned knowing what his accomplice had in mind. The two visitors were in their early thirties and had come to collect their supply of drugs. Hassan handed them over and pocketed the money which provided a sizeable profit for him and Ahmad. Several minutes later, he brought the guys on board. "Here you are guys, he's all yours." The visitors gazed at Calum's naked body and gasped. "He's fucking gorgeous they exclaimed. Calum smiled wondering what the hell was going on; this was the first time he'd been shown off to anyone. Ahmad and Hassan sat down and watched the two visitors strip naked. They were soon showing erections and Calum suddenly realised what was going to happen. One of the guys sat down and told him to suck his cock so he bent over and started to suck. The other guy lubricated his cock and thrust it into Calum's arse. He let out a low grown as it breached him but had to continue sucking because the other guy was pushing his head up and down on the now long hard cock. The guy fucking increased the pace until he'd spilled his load inside of Calum's arse. He pulled out and the other one took over. Calum let out a loud "fuck" as the long hard cock was stuffed inside him. The sight of their sex slave being fucked thrilled Ahmad and Hassan who'd now stripped naked and were also showing off fully fledged erections. When the second guy had shot his load, Hassan took over and fucked Calum until he'd satisfied his needs. Ahmad then did the same leaving Calum's arse sore. "Join us for drinks guys and you can stuff this gorgeous arse some more" Hassan told the visitors. The thought of stuffing the young guy again made their cocks jump to attention. Ahmad pulled out the bottle of whisky and poured five generous glasses. Hassan put something into Calum's before giving it to him. He wanted him compliant for the long night ahead. When the guys had finished their drinks, they bent Calum over again and each gave him another hard stuffing. The following morning his head was still spinning and his arse was sore. He began to realise that life with Ahmad and Hassan wasn't as good as he'd hoped. Over the next year, Calum was used and abused by Ahmad and Hassan as well as being used as a sex toy for other guys who were willing to pay. He knew he had to escape as soon as he could but he was kept on the boat as a prisoner under close guard whenever they were in port. As they travelled around, Callum kept a close eye on what was going on. He realised his drinks were being drugged on occasions so pretended to drink them and either surreptitiously switched his with another's or pretended he needed to go to the head and poured it down the pan. His captors became casual over time so he noted where they kept their stash of forged passports and driving licenses plus other forged documents, and where they hid the stash of drugs they transported. It was when they visited London that his opportunity to escape arose. Three days before their arrival in St Katharine Dock, Hassan became unwell. He had a high temperature and Calum told Ahmad he had a fever and needed medication to bring the fever down. Calum didn't know what was wrong with Hassan, who now spent all day in his berth, but Ahmad accepted his explanation and said once they'd docked, he'd visit a pharmacy. Calum knew this would be his chance to escape with Hassan ill in bed, getting worse by the day, and Ahmad off the boat. As Hassan was out of action, Ahmad needed Calum to assist with the docking so he unlocked the locker where Calum's clothes had been stored and he hastily dressed in something warm since it was now November. As they made their way down the Thames toward the dock, Calum prepared a drink of water for Hassan. He'd seen where the knockout drug Hassan used on him was kept so whilst Ahmad was occupied at the helm, he slipped some into the glass. He held it to Hassan's lips and he greedily drank it. Within five minutes he was fast asleep. Calum washed the glass to remove all vestige of the drug and pocketed Hassan's keys plus his mobile phone. Once in the dock, he did as Ahmad instructed and tied the mooring ropes to the pilings. When the paperwork had been sorted out with the dock master, Ahmad went ashore to find a pharmacy telling Calum to stay on board and keep an eye on Hassan. As soon as he'd left, Calum unlocked the locker containing the holdall he'd brought on board over a year ago, making sure that he locked it up again. He unlocked the locker that contained the forged documents and helped himself to a wad of cash. There were various currencies but he found some sterling and stuffed it into his pocket. Just in case Hassan came to, he locked the connecting door between the two cabins so he couldn't get out. He next went to the engine compartment and cut two vital wires and removed two important items which he dropped into the water. Satisfied that the boat was now scuppered, he grabbed his holdall and went ashore. At first his legs felt unsteady having not been on land for over a year but within a few moments he felt fine. He hastily walked in the opposite direction to the way Ahmad had gone and once satisfied he was out of sight from the boat, he stopped and dialled 999. He asked for the police and told them he had vital information about two drug smugglers currently docked in St Katherine Dock. He gave them details of the boat's name and number, where it was berthed and where to find the stash of drugs. He also told them about the forged documents and which locker they were in, plus Ahmad and Hassan's full names having seen them on the passports. He'd guessed for a long time that the initials they used were fictitious. The officer taking the details asked for his name so he gave a false one. When he asked for an address he hung up. He had a mixture of satisfaction and sadness when he'd finished the call but his life had been hell for most of the last year. He'd been the sex slave on board and he'd hated it. Before he made his way, he found a drain and dropped Hassan's mobile phone down it. "Free at last" he said out loud and rapidly walked down the road. Where he was going, he hadn't a clue but anything would be better than his life on the boat. Once on a main road, he decided to go north. As he did so, the rain came down and soaked him. After forty minutes of walking in the cold and the rain, he saw a sign that said Shoreditch. He found an empty building that was due for demolition and huddled in a doorway. He was suddenly feeling cold, wet, tired and hungry. At the boat, Ahmad had returned with some medicine for Hassan. He found a note from Calum saying "Hassan asked me to go and buy some soup for lunch." It wasn't true of course, but he wanted to give himself more time to get away before Ahmad realised he'd escaped. His ruse worked although Ahmad was annoyed that Calum had left the boat and Hassan unattended. He went to open the rear cabin and was surprised to find it locked but thought nothing of it. He found Hassan sleeping soundly and wondered whether he should wake him to administer the medication he'd obtained. As he pondered, he heard someone boarding the boat. He assumed it was Calum and was about to berate him for leaving the boat before he'd returned. He opened the connecting cabin door and was confronted by two armed policemen pointing their guns at him. "You're under arrest" one of the officers said. "What the fuck for?" Ahmad replied wondering what the hell was going on. "We believe you have illegal drugs on board and forged documents." Ahmad was then handcuffed and led off the boat. He shouted that his mate was ill in the rear cabin but the two officers led him to a waiting police van. The boat was now swarming with officers searching everywhere. Two found Hassan slowly awaking and feeling as groggy as hell. His hands were handcuffed whilst another officer felt his temple having seen sweat pouring off him. Recognising that the prisoner had a high temperature, he called for an ambulance. Another two officers had now found the stash of drugs in the engine compartment and noted the sabotage. They next unlocked all the lockers using Ahmad's keys and found the stash of forged documents and the currency. With the evidence bagged they locked the boat and put a police seal across the door. "It's not going anywhere having had its engine sabotaged" the officer chuckled. "Someone had it in for these guys. The information provided was spot on." As he went ashore, he assigned an officer to keep watch in case anyone else turned up but he'd not seen any evidence of more than the two guys he'd arrested using the boat so he was sure he'd caught the main suspects. 5. As Calum huddled in the doorway a continuous flow of people passed by ignoring him. He was so cold and wet that he began to wonder whether he'd made the right decision by escaping from the boat but when he thought about the life he'd lived for the past year he knew he had. As nobody took any notice of him he shut his mind to the constant flow of people. Suddenly, he was aware of someone crouching down beside him. "Do you have nowhere to go?" Calum gazed into the guy's blue eyes and shook his head. "No" he replied sadly. "Where have you come from?" "It's a long story but I've escaped from a boat where I was abused." "You look cold and wet, and I imagine you're hungry. Would you let me help you?" Calum looked at him suspiciously remembering what happened the last time a guy offered help. "I promise I won't hurt or abuse you and you're free to leave whenever you want. I'm Ewan and I live just five minutes from here. What's your name?" Calum considered the offer trying to assess whether he could trust Ewan. He knew he liked the guy; he was the only person who bothered stopping although that could be because he wanted him for another purpose but something told him that wasn't his reason for stopping. He had kind eyes and looked genuinely interested in helping. He was also very attractive. "It's up to you Calum; I just thought you might like some help. I take it you're homeless." Calum nodded. He was homeless, cold, wet and hungry. The thought of going to wherever Ewan lived sounded very appealing. He also knew he'd learned a lot in the past year and reckoned he could now judge people. Ewan looked a kind genuine guy. "Thank you. I'd appreciate somewhere to get warm and dry and then I'll be out of your hair." "You're welcome, but first you need to get you out of those wet clothes and some food inside you." Calum smiled and Ewan's heart skipped a beat. The lad was beautiful despite his bedraggled appearance. Calum stood up and they made their way to Ewan's flat.<!--nextpage--> "Can I ask how old you are?" "Eighteen, nearly nineteen. You?" "Twenty-two and I own a mobile phone shop with a mate of mine. Daniel and I have known each other for years. He's two years older than me. Nearly there." Two minutes later, they entered a door beside a mobile phone shop namedE & D Phones Ltd’. “Living above the shop has its advantages” Ewan chuckled as he unlocked the door to the two-bedroom flat. It felt warm and Calum slipped off his soaking wet jacket. Ewan offered to hang it up to dry, so Calum gave it to him. “Would you like a hot shower? I imagine you could benefit from one.” Calum said he would so Ewan showed him the bathroom and gave him a clean towel and bathrobe since his jeans were also very damp. As he luxuriated under the warmth of the shower, he smiled to himself. Here he was again, stark naked under the roof of someone he’d just met. But this time he had a good feeling and was sure Ewan wasn’t anything like Ahmad and Hassan. He sure hoped so, since he wasn’t going through another life of abuse. When he’d finished his shower, and dried himself, he slipped on his underpants and the bathrobe. He opened the bathroom door and found Ewan in the kitchen. “Feeling better?” “Yes, much better; thanks.” “I’m having a lasagne tonight; would you like one? I’m not a cook I’m afraid so everything is readymade but it suits me.” Calum said he’d love one and felt his stomach rumble at the thought. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast and that had been early. When the lasagnes had been microwaved, they sat at a small table in the kitchen. The other rooms included a lounge, two bedrooms and the bathroom. The food was very welcome and tasty so Calum soon devoured it. This was followed by a vanilla yoghurt which was just as tasty. “Do you want to tell me why you’re homeless?” Ewan asked when they’d finished their meal and were sipping the remains of their red wine. Calum having watched intently when Ewan poured the wine to make sure no drugs were administered. He told Ewan his story, right from being sent to boarding school by his dominant father, how he’d met Ahmad and how he’d woken up stark naked on the boat which was now at sea. He then went through how he was sexually abused, especially by Hassan, and how he’d been used as a sex slave by him and Ahmad and made available to any guy willing to pay for sex with him. Finally, he explained how he’d escaped and called the police to inform them about Ahmad’s and Hassan’s illegal operations. “Wow, that’s a terrible ordeal and I’m glad you called the police. I assume you don’t want to return home in view of your dominant father.” Calum said he had no intention of returning home so he’d have to find a job and somewhere to live. “The spare room is not that big but it’s yours if you want it.” He then noticed the leather collar around Calum’s neck. Calum fingered it and asked if Ewan could cut it off since he didn’t have a key to the small padlock. Fortunately, it was thin so Ewan managed to remove it much to Calum’s relief. At last he felt completely free of his life on the boat. When it was time to go to bed, Ewan kissed his new friend lightly on the lips and wished him a goodnight. When Calum was finally in his bed it felt strange to be on his own. For the past year, he’d had to share with a guy in a bunk not much wider than this single bed. He finally slipped into a deep slumber. Calum woke with his usual morning erection. The difference was that he didn’t have Hassan or Ahmad fucking him whilst wanking him off. Did he miss being fucked? No; it was a relief just to enjoy a slow awakening. As these thoughts were going through his mind, Ewan knocked on the door. “Morning; thought you might like a cup of tea. Did you sleep well?” Calum nodded and said he did. It was probably the best night’s sleep he’d had for over a year. “I’ve got to get the shop ready for opening shortly but there’s no hurry for you to get up. Help yourself to whatever you’d like for breakfast.” “You mean I can stay here whilst you’re at work?” “Of course; after what you’ve been through you need a rest. I’ll pop up during the morning and at lunchtime.” Calum was amazed that Ewan would leave a guy he hardly knew in the flat on his own. “Is there anything I can do to help, like cleaning or ironing.” Ewan was touched by the offer and moved to the bed to hug him. There was something about this guy which turned him on. Calum had the same feeling and was still getting used to the fact that someone he’d just met was being so kind to him. “I should call my mother to tell her I’m back in the country so I’ll go out and find a public call box.” “When you’re ready, come into the shop and I’ll organise a mobile phone for you.” Calum thanked him and watched him leave. Had his life at last turned a corner? He so hoped so. For a few more minutes, he lay there contemplating before he got up and walked naked into the bathroom. After his shower, he rummaged in his holdall for something to wear. Apart from pulling out the clothes he’d worn the previous day, he hadn’t looked inside it since Ahmad had locked it away a year before. Deciding that he’d stay for a while whilst he sorted himself out, he unpacked it and inspected everything. His school uniform was put to one side since he’d certainly not require that again. He tried the other things on and was pleased to see that everything fitted him reasonably well. He selected what he wanted to wear and hung the rest up in the small fitted cupboard and placed the non-hanging items in a drawer. In the kitchen, he found a packet of cereal, milk, bread and butter. He then boiled some water in the kettle and made a small pot of filter coffee. He sat down at the table and ate his cereal. As he did so, he looked around. “Perhaps one day I’ll live in a place like this” he mused. When the cereal had been consumed, he slipped two slices of bread into the toaster and waited for them to pop up. He could imagine himself living in a flat which would be home but first he had to get some work. The money he’d taken from the boat would only last a few weeks. With breakfast eaten, he washed up and tidied things away. He prided himself on being tidy and organised, which was more than he could say for Hassan and Ahmad. He’d spent his time clearing up after them and doing their chores. With everything clean and tidy in the kitchen, he wandered into the lounge. He noticed some dust on some of the surfaces and specks of dirt on the carpet. He looked in a hall cupboard and found a cordless vacuum cleaner plus a bag of dusters. After twenty minutes, he’d given the room a good clean. As he lifted the previous day’s newspaper off the coffee table, he came across a magazine. He immediately recognised it having seen the same one whilst in Brodie’s room at the boarding school. It was the latest edition of GT, otherwise known as Gay Times. When he’d put the vacuum cleaner and duster away, he sat down and read it. Around mid-morning, Ewan appeared. “Wow, you’ve been busy; this room looks very clean and tidy.” Calum smiled and said he’d used the vacuum cleaner and dusted the surfaces. Ewan was again touched by the gesture and took him into his arms. He was very tempted to kiss him but held back from doing so. He then glanced at the coffee table. “Ah, I see you’ve found the GT magazine. I should tell you that I’m gay so hope it doesn’t bother you.” Calum grinned. “Of course, it doesn’t; so am I which is why I agreed to go with Ahmad to his boat. What I hadn’t reckoned on was being drugged and made a sex slave for the next year.” Ewan again told him how sorry he was and what a terrible ordeal it must have been. “I’ve got a mobile phone you can have. It’s one of our demonstration models which the manufacturer gives us. I’ve put a ten-pound Pay as You Go' SIM card in so it'll last you a while. We can top it up for you when it runs out." It was a Samsung smartphone and Calum handled it with fondness. He'd never owned his own mobile before because his father wouldn't let him have one, despite telling him that all his school friends did. "Thank you" he smiled and gave Ewan a light kiss on the lips. As their lips touched, Ewan felt his whole-body tense with pleasure. He so hoped this gorgeous guy would stay. "I'd better get back to the shop, otherwise Daniel will wonder where I am. When you're ready, pop down and I'll introduce him. He's not gay by the way. He's married and has a baby boy." "Can I do any shopping; perhaps something for tonight's meal?" Ewan had planned to pop out during the afternoon but decided to accept Calum's offer. "Thanks, I'll leave it to you to decide what; I eat anything apart from shellfish. I prefer basic food so nothing fancy" he grinned. "Do you need any cash?" Calum said he had some but didn't admit he'd taken it from the boat, which reminded him he'd still not counted it. He said he'd call in downstairs after he'd done the shopping at the supermarket he'd noticed on their way to the flat yesterday. When Ewan had left, he called his mother knowing that his father would be at work. As soon as she heard his voice she screamed with delight. "I've missed you son. Where have you been all this time?" "Traveling to different countries on a boat with two other guys" he replied before asking "And has father asked about me?" guessing what the answer would be. "No and I'm not allowed to mention your name." "Typical" "He's a good man really." "Don't make me laugh. He hates me and he treats you like dirt." "Are you coming home son?" "No way; I'm living in London now." When he'd finished shopping, having purchased some readymade chicken dishes complete with vegetables, he called into the phone shop where Ewan introduced him to Daniel. "Hi, I understand from Ewan you've had quite an ordeal. To be kidnapped and held on a boat all that time must have been a nightmare." Calum nodded wondering whether Ewan had also told him about the sex but didn't comment. "Ewan tells me you'll be looking for a job; any idea what?" "Not really; whatever I can find. I've only got a fewO’ levels.” “What subjects did you enjoy the most?” Daniel asked. “Not sports; I hated those but I liked English and maths and got my O' levels in those plus general science." Daniel looked at Ewan and nodded. "We're looking for someone to work in the office at the back of the shop so we can concentrate on sales. The job would be varied and involve simple accounts work, answering emails with our input, answering the phone, opening post plus keeping the office tidy. We'll give full training. Would you be interested?" "Me?" Calum exclaimed hardly believing what he was hearing. "Yes, you Calum" Ewan grinned. "From the little I've seen of you and heard what you've been through, I think you'd do well. You seem organised, have a calm nature and intelligent." Calum was still overcome with amazement; he'd not expected anything like this. Many of his teachers had said he was intelligent and could do well but he'd been told so many times by his father that he was useless that he believed him. "Have a think about it and we'll talk this evening" Ewan added. Just then two customers entered the shop so Ewan and Daniel went to serve them leaving Calum to look around. He peered into the back office which was just large enough for a desk plus some filing cabinets and off to the side was another door which led to a storeroom. The office clearly needed organising by the look of things but he was atidy poof’ so that wasn’t a problem. Just then, Ewan came up behind him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “It’s a bit of a mess I’m afraid but there’s little time to sort it out which is why we badly need someone. Daniel’s not keen on office work so it falls to me but business is booming so I have little time these days.” “And you think I’d could do the job?” “I’ve no doubt about that but you need to be sure it’s right for you. You can also continue living in the flat upstairs with me if you want. Have a think about it, and we’ll talk this evening.” Calum agreed and returned to the flat. Once there and he’d put the shopping away, he sat down and thought about the job. He liked Ewan, and Daniel seemed pleasant enough, and the job sounded interesting. He was also sure that given sufficient training he’d be able to do it, plus he’d have a roof over his head. It all sounded perfect but he asked himself if he was rushing into things. As he thought things through, he spoke to himself out loud. “The money I’ve got won’t last long and I’ve not much to offer an employer in the way of experience or qualifications. I’d also have to find somewhere to live if I didn’t accept it and I haven’t a clue how expensive it is to rent a place in London.” After due deliberation, he made his decision which he’d give to Ewan when he came home. At just gone six that evening, Ewan came in. He looked forward to seeing his new flatmate and so hoped he was going to stay. To his surprise, he found Calum in the kitchen busy preparing the meal. The table was laid and everything seemed ready to go. “Wow; this is nice” he exclaimed as he gave Calum a hug which was followed by a kiss on the lips because he couldn’t stop himself. Calum was equally as pleased to receive the affection so made no attempt to move away. It certainly confirmed his earlier decision. “The meal will be ready in twenty minutes.” “Mm, it smells good.” Whilst they ate, Calum asked more questions about the job, how long the shop had been in business and how successful it was. Ewan was impressed and answered all of Calum’s questions. “And I will be given training?” “By my personally” Ewan smiled. The more he thought about it, the more excited he felt. “And as I said, you’re welcome to continue living here. I’m sure we’ll get on well together” he added hoping against hope that Calum would say yes. Calum thought some more as he continued his meal. It was a generous offer, the pay and conditions sounded good and he could continue living with Ewan. Although he was being ultra-careful after his experience with Ahmad and Hassan, he had a good feeling about Ewan. Finally, he said he’d like to accept and thanked Ewan for the opportunity. Ewan couldn’t stop himself from getting up and giving Calum a hug and another kiss. This one was more intense during the moment it lasted and it caused his body to react down below. “Coffee?” he asked trying to sound casual. Calum smiled and said he’d love one. As he watched the pot of filter coffee being made, his mind wandered and his eyes roamed over Ewan’s sexy body. His own body reacted and he imagined what it would be like to sleep with him. 6. The job went well and Calum enjoyed it. Within three months he had a good understanding of the business and could deal competently with customer phone calls and handle most of the paperwork without Ewan’s intervention. He’d also re-organised the office which made Ewan and Daniel wonder how they’d managed before. For once, they could find things without having to turn the office upside down. More importantly, it enabled them to concentrate on customers and within a very short time business was increasing. At the end of the three-month period, the other two took him out for a fancy meal and announced he was being given a salary increase. Calum was tempted to write to his father and tell him how well his useless' son was doing but he didn't because he had no intention of giving his father the opportunity to make a negative remark and spoil his happiness. As far as he was concerned, he had no wish to speak to his father again. His personal life with Ewan was also going well. Despite working with each other, their home life wasn't strained in any way; in fact, quite the opposite. There were several occasions when things could have progressed further sexually but neither made that final move to show the other how they felt about each other. There was no doubt in Ewan's mind that he loved Calum but knowing what he'd been through, he didn't want to make the first move. Calum had gradually realised he loved Ewan but was afraid to say anything in case it upset things between them. "It's six months now since I found you homeless and brought you back here." Calum nodded, not wanting to be reminded of his time with Ahmad and Hassan. They were now a slowly receding memory and he wanted to keep it that way. "How do you feel things are going for you? Do you still like the job?" "I love it. How about you and Daniel; am I meeting your desires and standards?" Ewan smiled. "You certainly are and Daniel is highly delighted that he doesn't have to worry about the office side of things; it's never been of interest to him and it's allowed me to concentrate on dealing with customers who are now coming in their droves. "And how about us; are you happy living here?" "Yeah, it's great. You're not wanting me to leave, are you?" Ewan grinned and sat beside Calum on the sofa. "Of course, I'm not. I love having you here. You certainly meet all my desires but I wanted to make sure you were happy. You mean a lot to me Calum." Ewan looked at him wondering if he'd said too much about his feelings. He wanted to say he loved him but held back. Calum gave one of his winning smiles which did nothing to quell the reaction he was having on Ewan's body. "I love living here. To be honest I've never felt so happy." Ewan's heart fluttered and he gave Calum a hug. This caused a bulge to form in his crotch but he didn't care. It was Calum who instigated the kiss and it was intense. When it ended, both had a hard-on. Calum gazed into Ewan's blue eyes and paused for a moment as he pondered whether to say what he was feeling. "I also love you" he added and waited for Ewan's response. He needn't have worried. Ewan wrapped his arms around him and kissed him passionately. When they came up for air, he gazed into Calum's beautiful eyes. "I love you too; have from the moment I met you. I've also never felt so happy. You're the guy I've been waiting to come along for such a long time." "Really?" "Yes, really. I love everything about you and you make my body tingle with excitement as well as turning me on." As Ewan said this, he took hold of Calum's hand and pressed it against his erection. Calum's own organ went up a notch as he fondled it through the denim. "How about we go to bed." Calum nodded. His heart was racing with so much excitement that he couldn't speak. He followed Ewan into his bedroom and they fell into each other's arms. As they kissed, they slowly undressed each other until both were standing naked. "You are so beautiful" Ewan gasped. "So are you" Calum replied as he gazed at Ewan's sexy body. They slipped beneath the duvet and things just happened. They made love to each other and it was beautiful. Their hard cocks rubbed against each other causing them to become even harder as they kissed and fondled one another's body. Ewan was desperate to take things to the next level but held back. Knowing what Calum had been through, he didn't want to push things. "Can I suck you?" Calum nodded his approval although he'd have been happy to feel Ewan inside him. Ewan slid down beneath the duvet and took the hard cock, which was already leaking pre-cum, into his mouth. Calum let out a small gasp as the hot lips surrounded the head of his cock and a tongue gently licked. Slowly Ewan licked all over it and down the length. Calum was in heaven. This was so different to any of the sex he'd experienced during the time he'd been with Ahmad and Hassan. Even the sex with Brodie and Angus hadn't been as sensuous as this. After several minutes of sucking, Calum felt his climax rising. His body started writhing up and down and Ewan knew he was near. Suddenly waves of warm creamy cum shot into his mouth and he felt a sense of pleasure. When he'd sucked Calum dry, he moved back up and kissed the gorgeous guy in his arms. "Can I suck you off or would you like to fuck me?" Ewan's heart raced with excitement at the thought of fucking this beauty but he wanted Calum to decide. "What would you prefer?" "To be fucked" Calum grinned. Ewan smiled and told him to go onto his side. Calum did so and heard Ewan opening the bedside cabinet drawer to get a condom and lube as he waited with anticipation. Once prepared, Ewan gently pressed the head of his hard cock up against the younger guy's yielding entrance. It slipped in easily and he soon had the full length inside. He then proceeded to fuck. Calum loved the feel of the slim long cock inside him. It was so different to what he'd experienced before. This was done with love instead of sexual greed. After several long minutes, Ewan felt his seed rising and he shot his load. He'd not had sex for a long time and this was perfect. Thereon, Calum slept with Ewan. Calum was overjoyed. At last he'd found someone who was kind, gentle and considerate. Ewan was also happy having found the love of his life. Over the next two months, their love for each other grew and both knew they'd found the right man to share their life with. Daniel noticed the change and commented on their happiness one day. "I'm so pleased for you Ewan; don't let him slip away. Pop the question." Ewan thought about it and decided to take the plunge one evening. "Are you happy with life?" "Very" Calum replied with a big smile on his face. "I love you so much Calum; you know that don't you." Calum threw his arms around his lover and kissed him. "And I love you too." Ewan paused whilst he thought whether to ask his next question but decided to do so. "Would you marry me, or if you prefer, a Civil Partnership?" Calum gasped. He hadn't expected this, although he'd dreamt of doing so at some point in his life. He nodded enthusiastically and said yes. They kissed and their bodies reacted in the usual way. The following morning, they announced their news to Daniel who was overjoyed and congratulated them. They agreed a date to hold the ceremony and where to hold it. Neither had many friends so it would be a small affair with a simple reception afterwards at a local restaurant. A few weeks later, Calum said he'd like to visit his mother and tell her the news. He also wanted her to meet Ewan even though he'd never admitted he was gay because of his dominant father. Ewan said he'd love to meet her so Calum called her one morning to arrange a date. "I've got something to tell you mum and there's someone I'd like you to meet." His mother was intrigued but asked no questions. Whatever it was about she could tell it was important to her son by the way he talked. They arranged to visit her the following week and decided to catch a fast train from Euston which after one change, got them into Dundee at midday. Ewan hailed a taxi to take them to Calum's home although he no longer considered it as that. "Nervous?" Ewan asked as they made the short trip. He sensed his lover was, by his silence. "Yeah; I'm sure she'll be okay when I tell her and she meets you." Ewan squeezed his lover's hand to calm his nerves. Calum turned and smiled. He so loved this guy and wanted to kiss him but he was conscious of the driver who glanced at them in his rear view mirror every so often. He was probably being hypersensitive but he was still wary of showing his love for a man in public. As they entered the street, he told the driver which house it was. They stopped outside and Ewan paid the fare whilst Calum looked to see if any curtains were twitching. The neighbours never seemed to miss anything so he was sure someone would be watching. Once out of the taxi, he paused for a moment and watched it drive away. "I'll be right behind you my love" Ewan whispered. His thoughts went briefly to his own parents who'd never known their only son was gay. By the time, he had the courage to tell them, they'd been involved in a terrible train crash and died from their injuries several days later. That was four years ago, and he still wondered how they would have taken the news but he liked to think they would have been supportive. "Okay, let's get this over" Calum chuckled as he strode up the path towards the front door with his head held high. He rang the bell rather than use the key he still had and which he'd leave behind before they left. A moment later his mother opened the door. For a moment, they looked at each other. She couldn't believe she was at last meeting her son again and he was shocked to see how frail she looked. Finally, they melted into each other's arms as he stepped inside. Ewan closed the door and stood behind Calum whilst the embrace took place. As they hugged, Calum's mother glanced at Ewan wondering who he was. She'd expected a young lady to be with her son, not a man. When the embrace ended, Calum started to introduce Ewan but his mother invited them into the living room. They looked at each other and shrugged as they followed her. Before they sat down, Calum took the plunge. "Mother, this is Ewan; he's my boyfriend." Ewan stepped forward and offered his hand which she weakly shook. "These are for you" he smiled as he passed over the bunch of flowers he'd purchased at the station. She looked at them and smiled, mouthing athank you’. She then looked at her son clearly confused. “Let’s sit down; we have something to tell you” Calum said now feeling nervous that things were not going well. She sat in her usual chair whilst Calum and Ewan sat beside each other on the small sofa. She noticed the affectionate way they looked at each other but still couldn’t understand why Ewan was here. Calum explained that he and Ewan had met on his return from his period at sea and that he’d offered him a job at the phone shop he owned with Daniel. “Since I didn’t want to return home because of … well you know why Mother, Ewan invited me to live with him until l had sorted things out. Over time, we fell in love with each other.” “You should be very proud of your son, Mrs McGill. He’s a talented young man and has become indispensable in our back office. He’s also a kind, generous, loving person and I love him with all my heart.” Her eyes were now almost popping out of her head having realised what was being said. “Ewan and I are engaged to be married and the wedding will take place in four weeks’ time.” She let out a small gasp as the final piece of the jigsaw fell into place inside her mind. “You mean you’re…” “Gay; yes Mother, I’m gay. Always have been; you must have realised that long ago. The only reason why I never said anything was because of father; which is no doubt the reason he hates me.” “He loves you really” she interjected with little conviction. “Come off it mother. He’s a dominant bastard who’s never shown any love for me because I’m not like him, and he treats you like shit. I never will understand why you put up with him.” “He’s your father” she replied half-heartedly knowing full well that her son was right. “You’re very welcome to attend the wedding Mrs McGill but sadly we can’t extend the invitation to your husband because of the way he’s treated Calum.” “Oh” she exclaimed “I couldn’t possibly do that; he wouldn’t let me” she replied without thinking. “Exactly Mother; he controls you like he tried to control me but the choice is yours. If you decide to accept, I’ll pay your fare and overnight accommodation.” She looked at her son and then Ewan, aching to accept the offer but she knew she couldn’t because of her husband. Calum was right; he was a domineering man and made life hell if he didn’t approve of something. “Thank you for the offer but I can’t accept.” She quickly added “Not because I don’t want to; I wish you every happiness together and a lovely wedding.” Ewan sensed sadness in her eyes and he felt sorry for the woman. “Thank you, Mrs McGill. We’ll be thinking of you.” With nothing further to say, Calum stood up and Ewan did the same. “You might as well have this; I shan’t want it again” Calum said and passed her his front door key. He felt like saying that he’d never be visiting again but he could see his mother had heard enough for one day. Instead, he’d call every so often to keep in contact. Ewan gave her one of his business cards and said she could contact Calum on that number and at that address should she need to do so. She took it wondering where she could hide it from her husband. She also had to fabricate the name of someone who’d given her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She loved flowers so she wasn’t going to throw them out just to stop him asking questions. They said their goodbyes and walked out. Once outside, Calum gave a sigh of relief. “Are you okay?” Ewan whispered. Calum nodded and walked down the road. Their return train wasn’t for some while so he suggested they took the bus into Dundee and found somewhere for lunch since he was starving. Four weeks later, it was the day of the wedding. Daniel acted as Ewan’s best man and Calum invited Andrew, his school friend, to be his. Andrew was delighted to hear from his friend and gladly accepted. It was a wonderful day for everyone, and one that Calum never forgot. His only regret was that his mother hadn’t been there to see how happy he was and that his father never recognised his son’s achievements or shown any love towards him. But, his new husband more than made up for that and loved him forever. His life as the `sex slave on board’ was also a forgotten memory. ~~~~~ Comments are always welcome so feel free to email me

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