Sex Slave on Board


Calum hated his father for sending him to a boarding school for boys. He was just fourteen and the school was in the depth of the country north of Kirkton in Scotland and about forty miles from Dundee where he’d been born. He’d always been an effeminate child which angered his father who was a dominant man. “It will make a man of you” he’d told his only child but Calum knew what would happen once there.

He’d been bullied at junior school because of his mannerisms and expected the same to take place at the boarding school but his father was not one to argue with so he just accepted his lot. The only gain was that he’d be away from his father. His weak mother just sat there saying nothing, knowing that if she did, her dominant husband would tell her to shut up. With everything packed, he was bundled onto a bus that would take him to the school. He’d known he was gay from an early age but he certainly couldn’t tell his father so he kept his secret to himself and used the internet to find out everything he could about being gay. He looked at porn even though he knew he was underage and enjoyed what he saw. He couldn’t wait to find a like-minded guy to experiment with and explore their feelings with each other. He was proud of his body which was smooth all over apart from a nice clump of brown pubic hair which matched that on his head. He was met by a prefect who introduced himself as Brodie, and took him to the dormitory he’d occupy during his time at the school. He seemed nice enough and helped him with the large suitcase that contained everything he needed. The school uniform was dark blue with a yellow badge and he felt conspicuous in it because of its newness but imagined it would soon meld in with others after a while. He looked around the large room that contained six beds and saw a notice on one that said Calum McGill'. They dumped his case on it and he set about unpacking. "When you're done, come down to the prefects' common room on the ground floor." Calum nodded as he inspected the limited space he had to store his things. Having looked at other beds, he noticed everyone had a case tucked beneath it so removed the essential items and left the others inside his case which he slid beneath his own. Once done, he made his way downstairs to find the prefects' common room. He later found out that you had to be seventeen to be a prefect by which time they were studying for their A levels. Calum doubted he'd do that but time would tell. "Ah, here's our new boy" Brodie grinned and grabbed hold of Calum's arm. "This is Calum and he's mine so keep your dirty hands off him" he told the others. "You're welcome mate" one of the others replied, "he looks like a poof so he's perfect for you". "Fuck off" Brodie replied which caused the other guy to respond "Go fuck yourself; that's what you like doing mate." He then turned to Calum and said "Just watch your arse mate". "Don't take any notice of him Calum; he's only jealous." Calum wasn't sure what to make of the banter but it did make him think that perhaps Brodie was also gay. He then went through the registration process with Calum and explained the rules of the school. "Basically, anything goes here, provided you don't get caught out" he laughed. Just as they'd finished, the school bell rang and there was a sudden rush of feet along the corridor. "Lunchtime; I'll show you the refectory." Brodie led him along the corridor into a large hall that was decked out with tables and chairs. There was a hubbub of chatter as boys of all ages lined up for their meal. They joined the end of the queue and waited to be served. "Meat pie or fish?" the buxom woman behind the counter asked Calum when it was his turn. "Meat pie please" he replied and watched her dump a portion onto a plate. "Cabbage or carrots?" she asked so he opted for cabbage and watched a dollop of that land on the plate before being drowned in gravy. At the end of the counter he collected his cutlery and a glass of water before Brodie led him to a table that was occupied by boys of his age. "I'll leave you here. Prefects sit on the top table. Your mates will take you to your classroom." He then whispered into Calum's ear "See you around with a bit of luck." Calum thanked him and sat down on an empty seat between two boys. "I'm Andrew, what's your name?" "Calum; I only arrived this morning." "Which dorm are you in?" Calum thought for a moment trying to remember. "It had a red door and was on the first floor." "Red B4; brilliant, that's mine too" Andrew replied excitedly. "We can be friends if you like." "He's a poof so watch out" the boy the other side of Calum remarked. He turned towards him and gave him a dirty look. "I take it you're not." "No fucking likely; only wimps like him are poofs. You're not one, are you?" Calum ignored the question and asked "And what's your name?" "None of your fucking business." Calum decided to get on with eating rather than respond. "It's Angus" Andrew whispered seeing that the boy concerned was deep in conversation with his mate next to him. "He reckons he's a big shot but he's not really; just be wary of him." Calum nodded as he took another mouthful of the meat pie which was more appetising than it had looked. When the meal was over and the afternoon bell had rung, Andrew led Calum to the classroom and introduced him to the teacher. To his surprise, he enjoyed life at boarding school because he no longer had to see his dominant father each day but the bullies soon picked up on his effeminate mannerisms so bullied him incessantly, both physically and mentally, calling him a poof plus a variety of other names. Andrew was given the same treatment so they looked after each other and became good friends. Sports and physical exercise were frequent pastimes and both enjoyed the activity afterwards when they could look at the other naked boys having their shower. Often there'd be comments such as "Watch it guys, the poofs have arrived" when he and Andrew entered the communal shower area but they ignored the banter, secretly enjoying the naked bodies on show. The class they both particularly enjoyed was that of swimming. For some reason, unbeknown to everyone, swimming classes were always conducted in the nude so the two lads had a whole hour of enjoying the naked delights of the other pupils. Calum found that the art teacher, whose name was Fraser, was very attentive towards him. He was never quite sure why since he was certainly not that good at the subject but Fraser frequently placed a hand on his shoulder, gently squeezing it as he did so during classes and often did the same if they met elsewhere in the school. Brodie also kept an unhealthy watch on him and frequently tried to trap Calum in a corner so he could be with the younger pupil. "One of these days I'll have him" Brodie told himself each time they met. It was during the autumn term of his second year when the attention from Brodie and Fraser increased; not that Calum was bothered about it, since he enjoyed their attention. Andrew was still his best friend but nothing sexual had taken place. The worst attention however, was from the bullies. He was hopeless at football and had just finished a game when three bullies from the year above pounced on him. It was a drizzly cold November day and the pitch was muddy so he was looking forward to having a hot shower whilst he surreptitiously gazed at the other naked boys, all of whom were now fifteen and well into puberty. He was the last off the pitch as he'd been at the far end trying to keep out of harms way, when the three suddenly appeared and grabbed him. "Let's take the poof behind the pavilion" the ringleader said. Calum struggled but was no match for the larger boys. He looked to see if the teacher was still around but he'd gone back to the main building to have his own shower in private. He seldom supervised the boys, who in his view could shower without his presence. Once at the back of the pavilion one boy stood behind Calum pressing his hard cock up against his buttocks and placed a hand over his mouth to stop him from shouting for help. Another grabbed his arms whilst the third yanked off his top, his boots and socks and then his football shorts leaving him stark naked. "Let's fuck the poof" the leader laughed and pulled his own trousers down whilst the other two bent Calum over. He felt his entrance being fingered and then spittle being used to ease the entrance of the older boy's erection. As the head breached him, pain shot through his body since this was his first time. He knew struggling would not be of use since the guys holding him were much stronger. To his surprise, once the guy's cock was fully inside him, he enjoyed the feeling. The guy then fucked with all his might until he'd deposited his load inside. As soon as he pulled out, another took over and when he'd done the same, the third had his turn. When they'd finished, saying he was a good fuck and to expect more, they pushed him naked onto the ground and rolled him in the mud. They disappeared as quickly as they appeared and Calum was left alone. When he got up, he realised they'd taken his clothes. He could hear his classmates leaving the pavilion and was tempted to shout for help but didn't. Instead he waited shivering in the cold for them to go before he carefully made his way around to the front of the pavilion. He was just about to turn the corner when he saw the three bullies leaving the pavilion laughing their heads off. When they were out of sight he made his way in. "Hello, what's happened to you" Fraser said as he met Calum about to enter the pavilion. Not sure whether he should tell the truth, he walked to the shower area with Fraser's arm around his muddy shoulder. "Did those three bullies do this to you?" Calum nodded still unsure whether he should say he'd been raped by them. He guessed if he did and the matter went to the headmaster that they'd get their own back on him, which is what happened at his previous school. Besides, he decided that he enjoyed being fucked so wouldn't mind more. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up" Fraser was saying and gently led him into the shower area. It was then that they saw his football gear lying soaking wet on the floor and his boots full of water. "The bastards" Fraser muttered as he picked the items up and emptied the boots of water. "Shower off the mud and I'll take you to my room for a hot bath." Calum did as he was told, wondering how he was going to get from the pavilion to the main building since all he had to wear were his trainers that he'd put in a locker. Fortunately, it was the end of the school day so the boys were having recreation time. When he'd showered, and dried off, with Fraser watching every move and enjoying the young man's nakedness, he gave him the coat he'd been wearing. At least it covered Calum's nakedness so they made their way back to the main building. Once inside Fraser's room, he took him to the bathroom and ran a hot bath. He helped the lad into it and admired the naked flesh again feeling his own body react. Whilst Calum soaked in the warm water, Fraser quickly washed his football gear and dried it in his spin dryer. He also stuffed newspaper into the wet boots to dry them out as best he could. When he'd finished, he helped Calum out of the bath and wrapped him in a warm bath towel to dry him off. Not that Calum needed the assistance but Fraser enjoyed holding the lad's naked body and feeling his naked form. "You have a beautiful body" he said, more to himself than to Calum. His own body had reacted as it always did when he looked at or thought about young men of this age and having a naked one in his arms had caused his cock to become very excited. Once dry, he ran his hand over Calum's naked buttocks feeling the young flesh and used his other hand to cup his genitals as if to check they were dry. "Beautiful" he muttered. "You're also well endowed." "Thank you, Sir" Calum replied rather enjoying the attention. "You can call me Fraser when we're alone. Let's sit by the fire until your clothes have dried; we can't have you returning to your dorm naked can we" he chuckled. He led Calum into the small living room and snuggled in front of an electric fire with his arm around the young lad's shoulder. It felt nice and Calum enjoyed the attention as well as the warmth. He could never remember doing anything like this at home. "Are you looking forward to going home at Christmas?" Fraser suddenly asked, pulling Calum out of his thoughts. "My parents are abroad for two years so I've no home to go to" he replied matter of factly. Fraser asked where they were and he replied Cairo in Egypt. "My father is working over there." "Aren't they coming home for Christmas or arranging for you to join them there?" Fraser asked, somewhat amazed that parents would not want to have their offspring with them during the festive season. "My father says Christmas is a complete waste of money so doesn't celebrate it" Calum replied whilst staring at the fire. Not being with his miserable father when everyone else was enjoying themselves suited him. "You poor thing; what will you do?" "Dunno" Fraser pondered for a moment. "Would you like to spend Christmas with me? I don't have any family now so will be alone and would welcome your company." Fraser was thirty-five and an only child whose parents had both died of cancer three years before. Calum liked Fraser and felt comfortable with him so accepted the offer. It would certainly be more enjoyable than any previous Christmas he'd had in recent years. His mother had tried her best to make Christmas festive but her miserable dominant husband always overruled her. When Calum returned to the dorm he found Andrew sitting on his bed. "Where have you been? I was worried about you" he exclaimed, which Calum found touching. He'd never had anyone concerned about him before. He told him what the bullies did to him and Andrew was horrified. "Are you going to report them?" "Nah; they'll deny doing it and then beat me up." "Was one of them Angus as usual?" Calum said he was and Andrew chuckled. "He's a closet gay. Have you not noticed how he gazes at all the naked guys in the shower and at swimming?" "Can't say I have; too busy looking at them myself." "In future, we must make sure we stay together so they can't kidnap us like that." "Those three against us two wimps?" Calum laughed. "Angus is not aggressive like the other two and my dad taught me self defence so if the other two tried something, they'd get a shock. They'd never expect me to react; a sudden punch in the throat and a knee in their balls would soon shake them off. I'll show you the technique if you like." Calum had never been one for physical violence but he let Andrew show him. Having seen the technique, he was surprised at how effective it could be if the occasion arose. "Did it hurt?" Andrew asked after he'd finished demonstrating his sudden attack strokes. "Did what hurt?" "You know; when they... did it to you." Calum laughed "You mean when they fucked me. At first it did but once the first cock had breached me, it felt fucking brilliant. You should try it some day." Andrew nodded hoping that one day Calum would on him. Unbeknown to them, Angus and his two mates were involved in another incident later that day. Having had such an easy time with Calum, they'd decided to try their luck again on another boy but unfortunately, they were seen by a prefect so were immediately marched to the headmaster. Angus argued that he'd tried to stop them, which was partially true because he liked the boy concerned. He'd even tried to dissuade them from fucking Calum since he fancied him too, but the other two were heterosexual bullies and nothing would stop them as they loved humiliating younger boys. On this occasion, no actual sexual activity took place but the two bullies stripped him naked and threw his clothes out of the window. "You're a disgrace to this school so I'm expelling both of you immediately since you already have a disciplinary warning for bad behaviour on file. You, Angus MacDonald, will receive a disciplinary warning since I believe what you've said about trying to stop them. However, unless you also want to be expelled, I suggest you choose your school associates more wisely." The two boys were marched to their dormitory and told to pack whilst the head contacted their parents. Both knew they'd be in for a rollocking when they got home. Angus hastily retreated to the common room thankful that he'd got away with a warning since his father would have given him a beating had he been expelled. By the time, he walked into the room, the news was flying around the other boys. "I tried to stop them" he said in his defence. "Good riddance to the bastards" one boy commented and others agreed. Angus slunk into a corner and suddenly realised that Calum was sitting there with a big grin on his face. "I'm really sorry about what happened earlier Calum; I tried to stop them." "Maybe, but you still stuffed your cock up my arse" he replied with a big grin. Angus wasn't sure what to say since Calum didn't seem angry. Calum then whispered into his ear "Perhaps you'd like to do it again sometime without me being held down." Angus grinned. "Are you serious?" "Sure; you enjoyed it, didn't you?" "It was fucking awesome; you're the first guy I've ever fucked." "So why make derogatory comments about me and Calum?" Andrew asked. "I knew if I didn't, those other two would have beat me up and called me all kinds of names." "You mean, like poof and arse licker" Calum grinned. Angus nodded and looked to see if anyone else was listening in to their conversation. "So, you really are a closet gay" Andrew chuckled. Angus gave a half nod. It was the first time he'd admitted his sexuality to anyone. "If my dad finds out, he'll kill me; you won't tell anyone, will you?" The other two boys told him that his secret was safe with them. He then asked if he could be a friend of theirs so they agreed having felt sorry for him. Over the next few weeks, they found several opportunities to explore each other's naked bodies including sucking and wanking each other, but no penetrative sex took place despite aching to go that far. The nearest they got to that was Calum giving both a good rimming followed by some fingering. 2. Leading up to the Christmas break, Brodie showed more interest in Calum. Before they were expelled, he'd overheard the two bullies bragging about how they'd stripped Calum naked and then fucked him. He was surprised he'd not made a complaint and wondered if he wasn't that bothered about what had happened. He made a point of seeking out the lad and whenever they met with nobody else around, he'd stop and talk to him with an arm around his shoulder. Often their conversation touched sexual topics and Brodie felt his body react. He knew he had to take the plunge because he was aching to see what Calum was like to fuck. One Saturday afternoon, his luck was in. He met Calum in the corridor without Andrew, who seemed like a limpet. "Hi" he grinned. "Hi Brodie" Calum grinned in reply. "Doing anything special?" Calum shook his head guessing that the prefect had something in mind. "I've found a great porn site" he whispered, "interested?" Calum nodded, hoping that his assessment of Brodie was correct and it would be gay porn. Brodie led him to his room and once inside, he locked the door. Prefects had the privilege of having their own room which although very small, gave them privacy and the chance to do what they liked. He knew other prefects watched straight porn because he'd heard them talk about it. He'd even heard of one guy taking one of the female cleaners to his room one day and he guessed what happened between them. He knew he was taking a risk but he trusted Calum. "You won't say anything, will you?" Brodie grinned. "What do you take me for? I'm not a snitch. Besides you'd deny it." Brodie grinned; he liked Calum and was tempted to take him immediately but decided to assess his reaction to the hot gay porn he'd found online. They settled side by side on the bed having removed their shoes, and perched Brodie's laptop across their legs. "Look at the size of that guy's cock" Brodie giggled. "Yeah, fucking gorgeous" Calum replied as he watched it slip into the other guy. His own had jumped from flaccid to hard and he involuntarily felt it. Brodie smiled as he noticed the action. His own had also gone hard so decided to take the next step. He reached over and felt the bulge inside Calum's sweatpants. Weekends were the only time they could wear such garments and most boys took the opportunity to do so. The hard organ reacted even more to his touch. "Mm, that feels nice. You like being fucked?" "Yeah" Calum replied still riveted to the cock on screen fucking the other guy's arse. "Want me to fuck you?" Calum took an intake of breath and turned to look at Brodie. "Yeah" he replied excitedly and moved his hand into Brodie's crotch. As he expected, the guy was big and much larger than his. Without saying anything, the laptop was put to one side and Brodie pushed the younger guy back down onto the bed. With expert hands, he slipped off Calum's T shirt and then his own. Their lips touched and as if he'd done it countless times before, Calum opened his mouth to let Brodie's tongue inside. The kiss became intense and hands explored each other's bodies. Their sweatpants were soon discarded leaving just their thin white briefs to cover their complete nakedness. Brodie's hand slipped inside to feel Calum's naked organ. He gasped whilst still kissing, enjoying the feel of the hand around his hot cock. Still kissing intensely, he moved a hand back onto Brodie's erection and then plunged his hand down inside to feel its naked form. The kiss briefly stopped whilst they each discarded their underwear leaving them stark naked aching for more. "I'm gonna fuck you" Brodie muttered. "Yeah, I want to feel your big hot cock up my arse" Calum replied. Whilst Brodie hastily prepared his cock, Calum lifted his legs over his chest to expose what Brodie yearned. With his cock prepared and Calum's entrance lubricated, Brodie slowly pressed in the head of his big thick cock. The six-inch shaft slipped in with ease, which surprised him, but once inside he gently fucked and gradually increased the pace until he could no longer hold back his desire to release his load. By now he was fucking with gusto and he could see from Calum's eyes that he was enjoying every second. Finally, his eruption ended and his body stilled. "Fuck; that was good. How was it for you?" "Fucking awesome; I hope we can do that again." Brodie grinned. "You can count on it mate but I'm now gonna give you a blowjob you'll never forget." He did and Calum learned a lot from it. Every weekend leading up to Christmas, they sneaked back to Brodie's bedroom and repeated the activity. When Brodie had shot his load, he sucked Calum off so both were sexually satisfied. Finally, the Christmas holiday arrived. Fraser had told Calum not to tell anyone that they were spending it together since a thirty-five-year-old teacher spending it alone with a pupil would be frowned upon by the headmaster, the Trustees and most of the other staff. "If anyone asks, just say you're spending it with friends as your parents are away" he told Calum. The only people who did ask were Andrew, Brodie and Angus, all of whom had family to go to, so Calum gave a vague reply. It was agreed that Calum would take a bus to the nearest town and Fraser would pick him up from there to avoid comments from anyone. Nobody queried the plan or the fact that his parents weren't coming home. The bus dropped him off at a stop on the outskirts of town alongside a public convenience. He sat on the seat by the bus stop hoping that Fraser would collect him otherwise he'd be in the shit with nowhere to go for Christmas. As he sat there, he wondered what would happen with Fraser. "More to the point, will anything happen?" he chuckled to himself, feeling his cock react inside his briefs. So far, Fraser had only touched him in a sexual way when he'd had the bath following the rape by the three guys behind the pavilion. On all other occasions, he'd put an arm around him and gently fondled his buttocks, and each time his cock had reacted as had Fraser's from the size of the bulge that formed inside his trousers each time. "I'm sure he wants to fuck me" he said out aloud and the thought of them being naked in bed together caused his cock to go even harder. Suddenly he was aware of Fraser's red Vauxhall Viva pulling up at the curb side. He hopped in having tossed his holdall into the back. "Sorry; got held up; the head called a staff meeting at the last minute" Fraser explained as he placed a hand on Calum's leg. He said it wasn't a problem, enjoying the warm hand within inches of his erection. "I'm so glad you agreed; I'm sure we can have lots of fun. The last three Christmas holidays have been somewhat lonely." The hand inched nearer to Calum's crotch but never quite got there before he pulled it away. Calum decided to trust his luck and returned the affection by patting Fraser's leg. "I'm very grateful for the invitation, otherwise I haven't a clue what I'd have done." "Have your parents asked what you're doing for Christmas?" "Nope; I hate my father and he thinks I'm a wimp so we don't communicate. He doesn't allow my mother to communicate either, so I've no idea what they're doing nor they me." Fraser shook his head in disbelief. How a father could treat his only child like that was beyond him. It made him feel more relaxed about inviting Calum and what he hoped they'd get up to. As these thoughts went through his mind, he suddenly realised that Calum's hand was now in his crotch with his over it. Whether he'd moved it there or Calum had instigated it, he wasn't sure but he enjoyed the feeling. He pressed the hand firmly onto his erection and savoured it. Neither said anything and even when he had to use both hands on the steering wheel, Calum's hand remained in place. There was now no doubt in his mind that the young man was up for anything. Fraser lived in a two-bed cottage thirty minutes' drive from the school. He'd lived alone for many years so agreed to live in at the boarding school to assist with safeguarding the pupils as well as his job as the art teacher. He'd always kept his sexuality to himself but meeting Calum had brought his feelings to the fore. He also knew that if his sexual interest in Calum became known, he'd lose his job but his body overruled his common sense. Even if that did happen, he had his artistic skills to fall back on, which he was frequently tempted to use. With the car parked in the small driveway, Fraser unlocked the front door. He visited each weekend to make sure all was well and the last weekend he'd purchased a small Christmas tree and decorated it. As soon as they walked into the open plan living room with a cottage style kitchen to one side at the rear of the property, Calum noticed the tree and made straight for it. "You like it?" "I love it. My father wouldn't let me have a tree, real or artificial" Calum replied excitedly as he looked at the presents at the base of the tree. "Some are for you" Fraser smiled and put an arm around Calum's shoulder. "For me?" he replied excitedly but stopped himself from checking the labels. "Yes, for you" Fraser smiled. "But...I've not got anything for you; well, apart from a bottle of wine in my bag" he grinned. Fraser laughed "I didn't expect you to; I just wanted to show you that not everyone is like your father." "I'm aware of that. He's a bully and an idiot." "But he is your father" Fraser smiled. "Yes, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean I've got to respect him when he doesn't respect me or my mother." "True, which is why you need friends Calum." As Fraser said this he took the young man into his arms and kissed him. The kiss became intense and both felt their bodies react. When it ended, neither said anything as he led Calum upstairs, taking their holdalls with them.<!--nextpage--> Calum looked around the double-bedded room, realising it was Fraser's. He started unpacking his holdall and indicated for Calum to do the same so he guessed they would be sharing the same bed. "This is for you." Fraser took the wine from Calum wondering how a pupil his age had managed to purchase alcohol but he made no comment. "Thank you; very thoughtful of you. Let's make ourselves more comfortable." He placed a T shirt and a pair of sweatpants on the bed and stripped to his underpants. He looked at Calum to indicate he was expected to do the same. As he did so, he saw Fraser remove his boxer shorts and for a moment stand stark naked. Calum was impressed by the lean body and his manhood. He decided to do the same and once naked, took a T shirt and a pair of sweatpants from his holdall giving Fraser every opportunity to admire his naked body. "Beautiful" Fraser smiled and watched him slip on the T shirt and the sweatpants without any underwear, as he'd done. Downstairs, Fraser prepared a light lunch and was delighted that Calum wanted to help. After they'd eaten, Fraser suggested they play Monopoly. He hadn't played it for years and was surprised at how quickly Calum picked it up, having never played it before. When the game was finished, Calum sat on the sofa with his legs across Fraser's and his hand resting in Calum's crotch, gently feeling the organ beneath the material of his sweatpants. "You've got a beautiful cock" Fraser crooned, "I'd love to suck it". "It's yours whenever you want it" Calum giggled. Fraser felt his body react and pondered whether to immediately take the young man up on his offer. Instead he slipped a hand inside Calum's sweatpants to feel the naked flesh. As he did so, he remembered it was Calum's sixteenth birthday two weeks before the term had ended, having made a point of checking the records. "What did your parents give you for your sixteenth birthday?" Calum looked up at Fraser and laughed. "Nothing as usual apart from a religious card. It's all my father allows." Fraser shook his head in amazement and hugged the young man's body in his arms. He lowered his head to Calum's and their mouths met. The kiss soon became intense again and both their tongues explored. He squeezed Calum's now hard cock and felt his own react the same way. He was desperate to take the young man to bed, but was unsure whether to do so. Calum took the lead and slipped his hand into Fraser's sweatpants. He grasped the long hot cock and gently ran his finger across the slit. The effect had Fraser panting for action so made his decision. "Would you like to go to bed?" he asked innocently. Calum nodded and immediately withdrew his hand and moved his legs off Fraser's. When he was standing with a hard cock pushing out his sweatpants for all to see, he slipped them off to expose all. The T shirt followed and he stood stark naked for Fraser to enjoy. "Come on then" Calum giggled and held out his hand. Fraser took it and sat up. He nearly took the hard-flapping organ in front of him into his mouth but instead stood up and led the young man upstairs. He'd dreamt of doing this ever since he'd first met Calum. In the bedroom, he flicked off the covers and stripped off; his erection standing out proud. He told Calum to lay flat on his back on the bed and straddled his legs. He bent down and took the hard organ into his mouth. He hadn't sucked cock for a long time and he couldn't remember when he'd last had full sex with a guy. This was his ultimate dream come true; a gorgeous sixteen-year-old as randy as hell and all his. He'd always been good at sucking cock so Calum was given a treat. After several minutes of sucking the shaft, his balls and the head, Calum finally erupted into his mouth. His own organ was still rock hard at the thought of what he wanted to do next. He told Calum to roll over and reached over to the bedside cabinet to grab the lube. He then realised he'd no condoms. "Shit" he exclaimed. "I don't suppose you have any" he grinned. Calum shook his head with a big grin on his face and said he wasn't bothered. Fraser asked if he was sure and Calum assured him he was so Fraser lubricated his tool and offered it to the entrance now facing him. As it breached him, Calum relaxed, enjoying the feel of the long cock. He wasn't as thick as Brodie's but he was just as long. As Fraser sank his full length into the young arse, he wondered how many others had been in there. He'd been twenty-two before his first full sexual experience but these days it seemed young people were fully experienced by that age. "Oh my, this feels so wonderful." "Yeah, fuck my arse" Calum giggled. Fraser did, but still couldn't get used to the terminology young people used these days; not that he was old, but from Calum's perspective, he was positively ancient. When his climax was rising, he pulled out and shot his load over Calum's entrance. Once fully satisfied, he cleaned the young lad up and hastily dressed into his sweatpants and T shirt whilst Calum looked on. "You've got a nice body." "Do you think so?" Calum smiled and kissed him. There was something about older guys that he rather liked. The Christmas with Fraser was the best Calum had ever had. When they weren't eating, and drinking, they were playing games or in bed having sex. Fraser also decided it was the best he'd had too and didn't want it to end but sadly it had to and they made their way back to school. "Don't forget; if anyone queries why you've arrived back with me, you must say I saw you waiting at the bus stop so picked you up." Calum smiled at the choice of words but assured Fraser he'd not divulge their secret. From thereon they had sex whenever the opportunity arose. Brodie also made sure that he enjoyed himself with the younger boy whenever he could which made Andrew wonder what his close friend was up to each time he went missing. Apart from the sex, life at school jogged along in much the same way. With the two bullies gone, Calum and Andrew had less bullying but when they returned after the Christmas holiday, Angus wanted to be their close friend. He also wanted to have sex with them. The dormitories were not possible venues because of the risk of being caught, so they used empty rooms and even a broom cupboard on one occasion. Well before the Easter holiday, Andrew invited Calum to spend it with him before anyone else could. Calum accepted and Andrew was delighted. "I'll have him all to myself for a whole two weeks" he told himself excitedly. Just before the Easter break, Fraser asked Calum whether he had anything planned. He was disappointed when he said he had. Brodie also asked and was equally disappointed. When Easter arrived, Andrew's mother collected them from school. Andrew introduced him and she welcomed Calum which made him feel good. His family lived in a modest three-bedroom house just over an hour's drive away. He had an older sister who was now nineteen and his father worked for the local council. His mother was a housewife who kept the family together. "We don't have a spare room Calum so you'll be sharing with Andrew but I'm sure you'll be comfortable." Calum said he was sure he would and thanked her. When they arrived, Andrew rushed upstairs and told Calum to follow. The room was small with a camp bed squeezed into the gap between Andrew's and the window. "We can share mine" he grinned knowingly "mum will never know". They took off their school uniforms and hugged each other for a few moments, feeling one another's organ through their thin white briefs. Knowing that lunch would be waiting for them, they each slipped on slacks and a casual shirt. Andrew's sister worked in a local shop and arrived home at six just before her father. Calum was made welcome by everyone and he noted how the family bonded together and clearly loved each other which was so different to his. When the two lads eventually went to bed, they stripped naked and looked at each other. Andrew was versatile but wanted to feel Calum inside him. They crawled into Andrew's bed and pressed their naked bodies together. "Are you sure this is safe?" Calum whispered, "Is anyone likely to come in?" Andrew shook his head and explained the family had a rule that nobody entered another's bedroom without first knocking and waiting to be invited in. "So, plenty of time for you to slip into your bed" he giggled. The closeness of their naked bodies caused both to react so two hard cocks were soon pressing together. "Fuck me" Andrew implored and turned to face the door. Calum lubricated his tool and pressed against Andrew's yielding entrance. They'd decided to dispense with protection despite knowing the dangers but the excitement of feeling a naked cock inside each other's arse, well outweighed the risks in their humble view. "Ah yeah, that feels so beautiful" Andrew gasped as Calum's shaft slowly filled him up. He then felt the organ gradually build up to a steady pace for several minutes. He wanted to shout out to the world how wonderful it felt but that was not possible. After several minutes, Calum felt his climax rising so he pulled out and told Andrew to turn around and delve beneath the duvet to suck him off to a conclusion. He wasn't as good at sucking cock as Fraser but he did the deed and accepted his boyfriend's load of creamy cum into his mouth. "That was beautiful" he exclaimed once he'd reappeared. They kissed and Calum could taste his own cum on Andrew's tongue. The remainder of the two-week holiday was spent playing computer games during the day and viewing gay porn when the rest of the family were out. Every night they had penetrative sex, changing who did the fucking each night. Both were sad when it was time to return to school and Andrew's mum drove them back. Calum thanked her profusely for letting him stay and she said he was welcome to visit anytime. But, he never did again. The final term was spent studying for the exams which would end their basic schooling but Calum still found time to have sessions of sex with Andrew, Brodie and Fraser. Finally, his compulsory schooling came to an end and Andrew, who'd be returning to continue his studies for two more years, was devastated that his closest friend would not be with him. Calum's parents had returned from Cairo and his father had written to tell him in no uncertain words that he was to get a job as soon as he finished school. "I doubt you'll have achieved much during your time at school so you'll have to find an unskilled job." Having read the letter and his father's derogatory remark, he immediately tore it up. "I shall also be leaving home you bastard" he muttered as he did so. With his holdall packed, he took the bus that would take him to the stop on the outskirts of the nearest town where Fraser had picked him up at Christmas. As he waited for the bus that would take him home, he looked at the public convenience nearby. He felt an urge to have a pee so he walked in knowing he had another twenty minutes to wait for his bus. Unbeknown to him, a young man had seen Calum get off the bus and enter the public convenience. 3. Ahmad was twenty-two when he witnessed his parents being murdered by ISIS in his home town because they wouldn't comply with their strict rules. Soon after, he was forced to watch his best friend being thrown head first, off the top of a building because he was deemed to be gay. Being a closet gay, Ahmad was now desperate to escape from the ISIS regime in his home country of Syria. Hassan, a gay friend of his and a year older than him, felt the same way, so they made their plan. Ahmad's father had taught him how to skipper a boat so once they'd selected the one they wanted in the nearby harbour, it didn't take long to have it on the move in the dead of night without alerting the harbour master. By the time the boat was noticed missing, they were well on their way and because of the local unrest, Ahmad knew that all the boat registration records had been destroyed. He was an expert at forging documents so with Hassan's computer skills, they soon had the necessary paperwork to show that the boat was registered in their name. Ahmad and Hassan were used to dealing in anything to make money and they'd saved sufficient between them to buy fuel on the way. Their ultimate plan was to get to Europe where they reckoned they could transport whatever came their way. They were both good at persuading others to buy their wares and to beat down their suppliers on price. Their first stop was at Cyprus to refuel the boat and whilst moored, Hassan got talking to a guy who wanted some illegal items transported to Palermo in Sicily. With a fully fuelled boat and their first load of contraband, they excitedly set off on their new life. To the casual observer, they were two guys casually sailing from country to country in a thirty-two-foot cruiser. At Sicily, Hassan made his way to the address he'd been given and delivered the goods. The guy was delighted and asked him to deliver another assignment to an address near Naples in Italy. Whilst Hassan was away making the delivery, Ahmad came across a young homeless guy. He got talking to him and persuaded the guy to accompany him to the boat. His name was Luigi and he was eighteen. It later transpired that he was gay which was why he was homeless because his parents, who were strict Catholics, had told him to leave home when he came out as being gay. After a period of sweet talking, Ahmad persuaded Luigi to join them on their travels. He knew that Hassan had ceaseless sexual desires so decided the lad would come in useful to satisfy their sexual needs and make a useful addition during their travels. When Hassan returned, he told him about his find who he'd hidden in the cabin. "Yeah, we can have lots of fun with him" Hassan giggled "and when we're tired of him we can dump him somewhere." Hassan was the more brutal of the two guys and had no hesitation indumping’ what and whoever he no longer required. In case Luigi changed his mind, Hassan suggested they set sail with their new contraband which would be hidden out of sight from Luigi. Once the mooring lines had been released and they were on their way, Hassan went into the cabin to meet Luigi whilst Ahmad remained at the controls. “Hi, Luigi, I’m BJ” The two guys had agreed to use initials instead of their real names to remain anonymous. Hassan had chosen BJ since they were his uncle’s initials and Ahmad had adopted RG as they were his father’s. Luigi thought nothing of it and accepted the initials thinking they were actual names. “Thanks for letting me sail with you” Luigi replied and Hassan felt his body react as the young lad smiled. “Yeah, well, you’ll have to earn your passage” he grinned. “So, let’s see what sort of body you’ve got.” Luigi looked at him not sure what he was being asked to do. “Come on, strip off and show all” Hassan grinned and felt his cock go from flaccid to hard as he thought about having a naked lad in his presence. Luigi duly obliged and within no time had stripped naked showing off a nicely bronzed smooth body. The clipped pubic hair was all he had apart from the black hair on his head. His cock was of average size but Hassan was more interested in the guy’s arse since he was a top and loved fucking guys. He told Luigi to bend over and fingered the beautiful entrance. The lad was nervous as well as excited. He loved gay sex but he was nervous of Hassan who he sensed he’d have to obey. He was conscious of Hassan dropping his shorts and then felt the head of his large cock pressing against his entrance. The lubricated naked organ slipped in with ease once he’d relaxed and accepted the full length. He glanced out of a porthole and could see they were already at sea so unless he jumped ship, he was trapped. The fuck was good and he enjoyed the feel of Hassan’s big cock up his arse so he decided life wasn’t that bad after all. When Hassan had delivered his load of cum, he slapped Luigi’s naked arse and told him to go on deck and mop it. Luigi looked at his clothes wondering if he should take them. “You won’t need clothes whilst you’re with us on the boat. From now on you’ll remain naked so we can fuck you when we’re in the mood and admire your sexy body.” Luigi nodded and made his way on deck. He enjoyed sunbathing in the nude but to be permanently naked was a new experience for him. When he’d gone, Hassan gathered together Luigi’s clothes and stuffed them into the holdall he’d brought on board. This was then locked away in one of the lockers out of Luigi’s reach. “He’s a nice fuck” Hassan commented when he joined Ahmad at the controls. Being a cruiser, these were at the fore of the main cabin off which there was the small galley. “Want to try him out?” Ahmad grinned and immediately felt his cock react inside his shorts. Whilst the weather was warm, all they wore on board was a pair of shorts with nothing else so hard-ons had a habit of showing. He handed over the controls to Hassan and went onto the open deck to find a naked Luigi busy mopping away. “Okay?” he asked casually as he admired the lad’s nakedness. Luigi nodded and finished off what he was doing. When he’d put the mop away where he’d found it, Ahmad told him to join him at the stern of the boat. He told him to bend over the rail and Luigi felt another naked cock enter his arse. He found Ahmad much gentler than Hassan and enjoyed the fuck. As they neared the bay of Naples, Luigi was told to remain inside at the back of the cabin and out of sight. He’d got used to being stark naked and sleeping with the other two guys in the small cabin at the rear. He was required to share a berth with the other two guys each night during which he was fucked by each of them. During the day, Hassan would invariably fuck him twice and sometimes more so was now used to being used as a sex slave. He also had to wash pots in the galley whenever they had a meal but decided it was better than living on the streets each day not knowing where the next meal was coming from. Hassan found the delivery address he’d been given and made another customer very happy. This time he wasn’t given another delivery but was told where to seek out such customers. Within a few hours, he’d found another guy who wanted contraband delivered to another part of Italy down the coast north of Rome. After that they were used to take another delivery to a sleepy place near Nice in France. Life continued like this for several weeks and Luigi was fucked senseless each day. “It’s time we had a new sex slave” Hassan commented to Ahmad one day. “I’m getting tired of him.” Ahmad was happy to dump the lad so they moored at Marseille and told Luigi to disappear. Hassan wanted to just dump him but Ahmad gave the lad some money to help him on his way so once dressed he disembarked and disappeared as quickly as he could. He’d never been to France so had no idea where he’d go but his arse was now feeling sore so he wasn’t that unhappy. Over the next few months they made their way up and down the coastline of Spain, Portugal and the west coast of France. Sometimes their cargo was legitimate but mostly it was contraband which pushed up the price. They also found more young guys to use as sex slaves and when they’d had enough of them, they were dumped. In Calais, they collected another cargo but this one was human. Pierre was nineteen and from nearby. He was desperate to get away because he’d fallen out with his family. When Hassan explained he and Ahmad were going to England once they’d made a delivery further up the coast, he became very excited. He had a good friend who lived in Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk coast and planned to stay with him.

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