married sex – Anticipation of release


I’ve been married a few years to my awesome husband, I love him in ways I never knew were possible. We’re very busy im a night nurse, he’s a mechanic, we have two small children, sometimes an entire week can go by before we have the chance to be intimate. But if we could we would make love every day, we used to before we became parents. When two people who are very attracted to each other and have high libidos are forced to wait due to life’s circumstances it can be very frustrating, but the frustration builds into anticipation and when you finally get to each other it’s an incredible release.

It had been seven days, seven long agonizing days watching him come home and undress at the door, clothes and skin covered in grease from a long hard day at work, watching him play with our children, watching him doing everything but making love to me was torture. This particular day he came in and began to undress, normally I look away and pretend I’m not watching but this day I stood there in the living room, a woman frozen with desire watching my handsome husband removing his clothes down to his boxers to head to the shower. He turned to walk to the bathroom and he saw me standing there, biting my lip, insides churning with desire like a schoolgirl daydreaming over a crush.

“What are you looking at?” He said, smiling that wicked grin that drove me wild.

” Nothing go get dressed” I said, bend me over this couch right now was what my mind was saying,  the grin turned into a big smile as if he could read my mind. I could tell by his stare for those few moments we were both sharing unspeakable thoughts until ” Daddy daddy!” Tiny shrieks of joy and thundering feet came running to him and pounced on his legs, laughing he picked up his children and began their ritual of horseplay before his shower. My knees are weak, I felt the wetness in my panties from the arousal of just the sight of him coming home, in the distance the voice of Dora the explorer from the television snapped me back to reality.

I busied myself around the house, he showered, we played with the children and I went to cook supper. I was standing over the stove stirring the contents of a saucepan when he came in to refill his drink, I ignored him, afraid to meet his eyes because of the moment we shared earlier. I felt his chin stubble on the back of my neck, my heartbeat quickened he nuzzled my neck, then kissed my neck hard his hands on my breasts and quickly down into my shorts, his big rough hands pushed into my panties, I couldn’t help it I moaned quietly as he groaned when he felt the wetness. I reached up and turned him towards me I kissed him hard on the mouth, crushing his body to mine, he put his hands on my behind as if he was going to put me on the counter and take me there, as much as I wanted him to I pushed him away ” let me put the kids to bed after dinner then your mine”

I laid the kids down in bed, read them a story, watched them drift off to sleep then got up, I could hear a fire crackling in the fireplace as i entered the hallway, but I veered into our bedroom, to my lingerie cabinet. I rummaged through the drawers each négligé with special memories and I found my husband’s favorite, it was a wedding gift. Black sheer button up the front, all around sexy with a black thong, I put it on and walked slowly into the living room.

There stood my love, stoking a blazing fire standing beside it , I walked up to him, and looked confidently in his eyes, watching them take me in. I reached up and touched his cheek, his hand grabbed my lower back and pulled me to him, rough hungry kisses his tongue searching mine. I couldn’t wait I started rubbing my hands all over his muscular torso, I wanted to feel every inch of his hard body. The rough kisses slowly moved down my neck again and to my shoulders, around my breasts, I moaned deeply in anticipation, I could feel him smile, proud of his effect on me. He put my nipple in his mouth and began to kiss and suck knowing it drives me wild his hand on whichever breast his mouth was neglecting for minutes that felt like hours, it was too much I shoved his hand into my panties, breathing “please” into his ear. His rough hands went to work he knew exactly where to touch me, working in slow circles on my clit, the sensation was intense, he continued to kiss my mouth, neck and breasts while his hand kept it’s agonizing circles, my body burned with fever from the fire and the pleasure and I felt it building, suddenly he inserted two fingers inside me, I groaned, working my hips in rhythm to his fingers then the long awaited orgasm hit stunning me, paralyzing me, I felt hot fluid gush out of me around him while I squeezed his back and cried out in relief. I kept kissing him, he picked me up and bent me over the arm of the couch and plunged inside me quickly, roughly, it was ecstasy. His slow steady thrusting, his hands on my hips pulling me into him with each thrust, the heat the tingling from head to toe then the burst of sensation accompanied by hot fluid gushing out of me, I couldn’t stop the profanity laced moan and I shuttered. Back and fourth we went until we couldn’t move

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