Double Penetration


At my bridal shower, one of my friends gifted me a big purple dildo and while I was initially embarrassed to receive that in front of my family, friends and future in-laws, I would later be grateful for it.  I grew to enjoy the “life-like” feeling and that it had a section cup strong enough to use in the shower.

I used it in front of my husband as part of foreplay but was beginning to get curious what it would feel like to have double penetration. I had been fingered while giving a blowjob before but now I wanted to feel the 8 inch dildo fucking my pussy while I sucked my husband’s cock. I shared my fantasy with him and he eagerly agreed.

I used the suction cup to secure the dildo on the headboard of our bed and got on my hands and knees. The dildo slide right into my wet pussy and my husband stroked his cock while watching me grind against the huge dildo. I was so turned on that I begged for him to put his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I had 8 inches in my pussy and 7 inches in my mouth. It felt so good and my husband’s cock was getting ready to explode. He filled my mouth with cum and I swallowed every last drop as my pussy tightened around the dildo making me came as well.

I slept well that night!


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