Our First Day As Husband And Wife


Wow, it was all so surreal! We were married! I just woke up in the arms of my new husband, naked and in bed with him for the very first time. Our first night as husband and wife.

We got married the day before in a huge, beautiful white church followed by a reception at the Astoria World Manor. Then everyone stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, where my husband and I consummated our marriage for the very first time.

Now it was morning, a little bit of rain fell that day, but we were cosy in our room together, just with each other. My husband turned, half asleep and lay his arm on me, and then woke up. He touched my face tenderly and kissed me.

“Good morning, beautiful lady. How’s my lovely wife this morning?” He said,

“Wonderful and grateful to God, especially now you’re my husband. How do you feel, handsome?” I replied, caressing him.

“Like in a beautiful dream. I’m blessed by God, married to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known. Only it’s real which makes it even better.” He said and then he kissed me.

We walked about Manhattan, Times Square and when we got back to the hotel, we sat in the lobby, and had a cup of tea.

Finally, bedtime came. The whole thing had still not quite registered with us. It was thrilling, though. My husband hugged me, and he lifted my dress over my head. I sat on our bed, naked and pulled the covers over me. I wasn’t as nervous as on the first night, but it was still so new to me.

My husband stripped naked and slowly slipped into bed with me.

He touched me so tenderly, ran his fingers up my arms to my neck before gently feeling my breasts. All this was still new to him too, and I could feel that he needed to touch me. He stroked my breasts and then embraced me with one hand on my back as he kissed my chest and my breasts. He moved his hand down, stroking the folds of my ladyplace and sweetspot, making me very wet.

With his hand still between my legs, he cupped my face with his other hand and kissed me before I spread my legs further, welcoming his man part. I took him in my arms, and kissed my new husband back with a passion.

I savored feeling his sexy body as we loved each other. I loved the sexy sounds coming from my husband as he thrust inside me passionately, clutched me. I met his thrusts with my pelvic area to pleasure my husband, and own pleasure was increasing too.

I began to cry out as a beautiful orgasm suddenly swept through me, causing my body to slightly tremble and my husband embraced me tighter and dug his face in my neck as he came too, moaning as he convulsed.

When we came down, my husband kissed my neck before laying his head on my chest, both of us exhausted from our orgasms.

We slept blissfully in each other’s arms, and then late afternoon the following day, we went to Sweden on our honeymoon!

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