The Magic Key


The Magic Key

“Stephanie?” my brother asked.
“Yes, Stephanie.” Mom replied, “Do you have a problem with her?”
“No, not really. It’s just that I didn’t think of her as a babysitter.”
Stephanie is in high school. When we got our computer, she’s the one we hired to set it up. Dad and mom are OK with computers, but Stephanie really knows her stuff. To tell you the truth, I didn’t think of her as babysitting material either. But I guess a girl does what a girl has to do to earn a couple of bucks. Sometimes you are so good at what you do that you put yourself out of a job. Since we hired her to set up the computer, we haven’t had to call her back. The only problem is that she has the parental controls screwed down so tight, it’s like watching a Disney film.
“She comes highly recommended by the Jensons. I’m sure you’ll like her.” Mom explained. “She’ll be here on Friday while your dad and I are playing cards.
My brother protested, “Mom, she’s only 15, I’m 13. I don’t need a babysitter.”
“First of all, she’s 16. Secondly, I can’t leave you alone at night. It’s OK when you kids get home from school; that’s only a couple of hours.
You do need a babysitter. If you are as mature as you say you are, then you should have no problem with her being here. Besides, Sarah is only 11 and she needs someone here for safety’s sake if nothing else.”
When my brother and I got alone, I asked him, “What’s the problem with Stephanie? She seems like a nice person. I thought you’d like her; she’s a pretty girl.”
“Oh, she’s OK enough. It’s just that I don’t like her She’s the one who set up our computer.”
“Well, she set it up so we can’t go to any interesting sites.”
“I don’t think mom wants you looking a pornography.” I said, even though I was curious about what some of my friends were telling me. Worse yet, was what I saw at the last sleepover. Mary Jennings showed us some pictures of naked men. We only got a quick glance and almost got caught doing it.
“It’s not like that. I don’t want to look at dirty pictures. It’s just that there are some sites that I can’t get to and my friends can.”
“Oh, sure. St. Charles the Chaste. If you don’t want to look at naked women on line, then why do you have that magazine?”
“What magazine?”
“The one under your mattress. Mom had me strip the bed to do the laundry and I found it there. You really should find a better place to hide that thing. That’s the first place moms look.
Oh, don’t worry about it big bro. I’m not going to tell mom or dad that you have it. If you want to look at it, that’s your business. Just don’t try to give me this bullshit that you wouldn’t look at pornography on line if you had the chance.”
“Well, I’m not going to get that chance thanks to Stephanie.”
“I’m sorry bro. Life’s not fair. You’re just going to have to go to your friend’s houses.”
“Yeah, but if I’m there, I can’t …”
“Can’t what?”
“Never mind. It’s none of your business.”
I had an idea what kind of business it was, but I wasn’t going to press the issue at that moment.
Friday night came and so did Stephanie. I’m always a bit apprehensive when we get a new babysitter, not that we’ve had that many. I’ve heard horror stories from some of my friends about how some of their sitters were control freaks.
Fortunately, Stephanie wasn’t that sort. She told us, “Look, you kids are old enough to take care of yourself. I’m here mainly for safety. It’s the weekend. I suggest you get some homework out of the way, but I’m not going to force you to do it.
You can watch what you want on TV, within reason and there isn’t a set bedtime. I can trust you to take your own baths and showers and brush your own teeth.
I’ll check up on you to make sure you’re OK, but as long as you’re not getting in trouble, I’m not going to tell you what to do.
My only ‘rules’ are: keep the noise down. I have some research I have to do. Also help me clean up after dinner and don’t ‘trash’ the house. Make sure you pick up after yourself. Other than that, you are free to do what you want to do.”
My brother went off to his room to play games on the computer. Stephanie insisted he keep the door open so she could keep an eye on him. It was more like keeping an ear on him since the games were noisy enough but apparently below her tolerance threshold.
I curled up in front of the TV.
Stephanie worked at the computer in the kitchen. When I went out in the kitchen to get a drink I was shocked at what I saw. There was a drawing of a boy’s private parts on the screen!
She noticed I was there and called me over. “What’s the matter?” she asked. I just pointed at the screen.
“Oh that! Don’t get upset about it. It’s just a medical site. I’m doing a biology project on comparative anatomy. Don’t tell me you don’t know what boys look like?”
I blushed.
“It’s OK, you can tell me.”
“Well, it happened when I started school. I might have been in kindergarten. My friend Karen made her little brother make pee for us. Also I think I remember seeing Chuck. We used to take baths together, but that was a very long time ago. I hardly remember anything about it.”
“I mean a big boy.”
I blushed but admitted what I had seen at the sleepover.
“Well, don’t be ashamed about it. It’s very natural for girls to be curious about sex at your age. How would you like it if I could set it up so you can do some research of your own?”
“I’d like that a lot, but mom would kill me if she caught me.” Then it hit me, “How can you get to this site? Didn’t you put controls on the machine? Mom and dad are going to see the logs.”
“Oh that,” she laughed. “That’s if you are logged into Windows. I’m not.” She pointed to a memory stick in one of the ports. “That little thing is my computer. I’m just using your machine’s hardware for human interface and connectivity.”
OK, enough geek talk for me. She saw I wasn’t getting it and went on. “It’s a Linux system. Your computer boots up in a completely different operating system and windows doesn’t even know I’m here.”
“How does it work?” I asked.
“I’m sure you don’t want the technical details, so I’ll just tell you how to make it work. You shut down the computer, plug the key in and turn the computer back on. When the login screen comes up, you enter in your user name and password and that’s it.
The user interface is a bit different, but you should be able to figure out where things are. You can download all kinds of stuff and do just about everything you do on windows.”
“Except that you can browse anywhere you want and the nannyware doesn’t stop you.” I added.
“Where can I get one of those?” I asked.
She looked around as if someone were spying on us. “I can make one up for you. It only takes a couple of minutes. Do you have a spare memory key.”
I didn’t answer that question. I just ran off and got it. “It’s got some stuff on it, but you can erase it.” I offered.
I watched in fascination as she performed her geeky magic. The next thing I know; she’s handing me the stick. “And now for the ‘smoke test.’” She shut down the machine, plugged the stick in and rebooted. A strange screen came up. She asked me what user name and password I wanted.
Minutes later, she shut down the computer and pulled out the stick and handed it me. “There you go,” she said.
“And this will work on any computer?”
“Yes. You’d be hard pressed to find a computer so old that it won’t work. Everything you have in this house should work just fine.”
“I’m looking forward to getting to some more exciting sites.”
Stephanie laughed as she booted up her own stick, “I thought so. I have a feeling about you. You are a very mature and confident girl. I’m sure you are capable of finding the ‘research material’ you are looking for.
Let me ask you a question, how would you like a site with stories about girls just like you who are in charge of their brothers and other boys?”
“You mean like the girls tell the boys what to do and the boys have to do it?”
“Even get naked?”
“Especially get naked.”
“And the girls can spank them?”
“Sign me up!”
“Let me show you where it is.” She led me to a site called, Forced Nudity Story Archive. “There’s no pictures on this site, but there are a lot of pictures of CFNM elsewhere.”
“Clothed female / naked male.”
“Oooh. I think I’d like to see pictures of naked boys in front of girls.”
“Well, mostly the pictures are of adult men and women. Sometimes the women even make a party out of it. But you can probably find some photoshopped fakes of naked boys in front of girls.”
I was so excited, I felt like my insides were being twisted in a knot.
“Now I don’t have to tell you to be very careful with this. I trust you. Don’t let anyone catch you. We’d both be in trouble.”
“OK,” I agreed.
There wasn’t much I could do that night so I went back to watching TV. My parents were around the whole weekend, and I had to wait until Monday after school to try it out. We had about 2 hours after school every day where my brother and I were unattended. Nominally, he was in charge, but pretty much got absorbed playing games on his computer and as long as I didn’t bug him, I could do what I wanted.
I stuck the stick into my computer and booted it up. The strange login screen appeared and I entered in my user name and password. I was now free and clear to navigate. I immediately went to the sites Stephanie recommended.
Reading the stories about girls dominating boys really excited me. I began to wonder: are there girls really like that? If so, how do I get to be one? Do boys really want to be dominated by girls? I’ve heard that most pornography is produced by men. If men are writing these stories, did they really grow up with their sisters, cousins and other girls in charge of them?
Some of the stories even had moms forcing their sons to be naked in front of their sisters. Even their younger sisters! I can’t imagine mom ever doing that with Chuck and me.
I spent the rest of the week looking at the sites and getting excited. I discovered the concept of female domination and even the words turned me on. I really wanted to share this discovery with my friends. Based on some of the “girl talk” at our sleepovers, I know that some of them would like it. Maybe there really are dominant girls like in the stories. At least I now have the knowledge and confidence to talk more about it.
With this knowledge came power. Now that I knew about boys’ secrets, I no longer felt intimidated by them. I was beginning to feel more and more proud to be a girl.
After the first week, an idea hit me. My first thought was to sell the stick to my brother. But then I’d have to give up my pleasures. Besides, I couldn’t trust him with it. So I did the next best thing.
I booted up the stick on my computer and then called to my brother, “Hey Chuck, come here. I have something to show you on my computer.”
“Let me put my game on hold. This better be good,” he said, seemingly annoyed.
His attitude changed as soon as he came in and saw what was on the screen. “Holy shit, how did you get to that site? Mom’s going to kill you, you know, when she finds out.”
“Mom’s not going to find out.”
“Oh yes she is. She got on my case for just trying to log into some sites. She can tell.”
“Maybe. But don’t worry about it. This is my computer and if anyone will get in trouble it would be me.”
“I’m going to tell her.”
“No you’re not.”
I pointed to the screen and said, “That’s why.”
“I don’t get it.”
“You mean to tell me you don’t want to look at this? I’m offering you a chance to look at all this kind of stuff you want.”
“Yes. But there’s a catch.”
“What’s that?”
“You pay me to watch. I’ll let you have this first hour free to see if you like it. Starting tomorrow, it will cost you.”
“How much?”
We haggled a bit and settled on an hourly rate. I was willing to give up the first hour of my fun time every day if I was getting paid for it. Besides I got to stay and watch, not that the kind of stuff my brother was looking at always interested me.
After the first hour, I’d kick him out of my room and close the door so I could have my fun. He’d go into his room and close the door. I didn’t hear him playing any games and had a good idea what he might be doing in there.
He had no idea what I did to get the computer to come up in this magical system. I had the key plugged into the back of the computer out of sight, when the computer booted up, I had a choice to go to regular windows (which I did for homework and writing papers and Facebook and all the normal things) or to Linux and X-rated browsing. I made sure nobody was around whenever I booted up.
He was really hooked on viewing. He’d come to my room straight from the school bus, hoping to squeeze in every minute of viewing. He even made offers for double the rate to extend his viewing sessions.
I had a better idea. I learned a lot about boys from the stories even though I knew they were fiction. I wanted to turn some of that fiction into reality for me.
As he was viewing, I asked him, “Does it get hard when you look at this stuff?”
“Does what get hard?”
“You know what I’m talking about. Does your penis get hard when you look at the pictures?”
“What do you know about that?” he replied.
“Come on. I don’t live under a rock. I’ve had the classes at school. My friends and I talk about boys all the time and I have this”, pointing to the screen.
“So does it get hard?”
“I suppose so.”
“What do you mean, ‘suppose so?’ Don’t you know, can’t you feel it in your pants?
“Yes, I can feel it.”
“Is it hard now?”
“Can I see it?”
“Can I see your hard penis?”
“No, I can’t do that, you’re a girl.”
“Yes, I know I’m a girl. So are they,” again pointing to the screen.
I let him sit there in silence for about a minute and then went on, “I’m your sister. So are you going to do it?”
“If I show you mine, will you show me yours?”
“That’s not the way it works. I’m not the one with the hard-on. Besides, I don’t have anything like what they have there,” once again pointing to the screen.
“Look,” I went on, “looking at this stuff obviously gets you excited. I can see that even with your clothes on.
So you sit here and look at this stuff and get hard and get frustrated and then go to your room to jerk off.”
“Oh, don’t think I don’t know what boys do. I know what it’s like. I’ve seen men do it on the computer and some of my friends told me they’ve caught their brothers or male cousins doing it.
So why don’t you just ‘fess up’ and admit it?”
He didn’t say a word but nodded.
“I’ll take that as a yes,” I said. “I tell you what. Instead of watching now and jerking off later, why not jerk off while you actually look at the screen. Why make yourself frustrated and delay your satisfaction. You can take care of things as they happen. Wouldn’t that be more fun?”
“I can’t do that!”
“Oh yes you can. I’m only your sister. I won’t tell anybody. I already have a good idea what I’ll be seeing. I’ll have fun. You’ll have fun. What’s the problem?”
“I just can’t.”
I pushed the power button on the monitor and turned it off.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to shut down the computer. If you’re not going to do it for me, I won’t let you watch anymore.” I figured that since the carrot didn’t work, I’d try the stick.
The stick did work.
“OK, I’ll do it,” my brother conceded.
I was surprised; I didn’t expect my brother to capitulate so suddenly. I thought that I would have to subject him to a day or two of abstinence before he’d surrender to me.
I watched my brother stand up, undo his belt, unzip his fly and pull both his pants and underwear down. I wasn’t really expecting this either. I guess with as hard as it was, it would have been difficult to just take it out of his fly and do it.
Now that I had him compliant, I turned the monitor back on.
By this time, I had seen my fair share of penises on the internet. Some of them were huge and some were so tiny that they looked like little buttons. I also knew that penises grew faster than boys’ bodies up to a point. Whereas little boy penises were about pinkie sized, big boy penises were much larger.
I estimated that Chuck was between 5 and 6 inches. I knew that eventually I’d get an exact measurement. I think that a penis is a funny looking organ, but some are better looking than others. My brother’s organ was good looking – for a penis. Right now it was fun to look at. He had some hair above it and on his balls as well. A lot of men on the internet were completely bald there.
Although I had seen much more impressive penises on the internet, my brother’s was special to me. First of all, it was real; it wasn’t some picture. It was my brother’s; not some stranger’s and he showed it to me because I asked him to do it.
As he sat back down, I noticed that he was already leaking pre-cum.
I watched as he wrapped his right hand around his penis and attempted to use his left hand to navigate the site. I made him an offer, “I’ll do the clicking. You just tell me where and when to click.”
My brother started by pulling the skin on the shaft over the knob of the head, at first slowly but then with increasing tempo. He was soon up to about one stroke a second and kept at it for several minutes.
Then, I could tell something special was about to happen. His body tensed up and he could no longer utter commands for me to click the next link. He doubled the speed of his stroking and his face had a twisted, painful look although I am sure pain was not involved.
I had read in some stories that the girls required their boys to announce when they were going to cum. There was no need for that with Chuck. His entire body told the story. I didn’t know where I wanted to look. There was something going on in his face and I wanted to see it at the moment of truth.
Yet there was the impending event in his penis. I had to look there. I knew that I’d have many more opportunities to watch him do this for me.
He gave several strained grunts and he came. It took me by surprise even though I knew what to expect. This white arc of fluid spurt forward. I’d seen it on the internet. Some men did it better than others. My brother did it better than most. Even though he was sitting in a chair, he shot it onto the desk, almost reaching the keyboard. There was a huge amount: perhaps a tablespoon or more, and I found out that there was a lot more where that came from.
His second shot was almost as equally impressive and he kept delivering them, again and again until the distance and volume diminished and he collapsed with exhaustion.
When I looked around at the aftermath I was astounded. Pools of cum were everywhere. I wonder how much he shot. I’d have to figure out a way to collect it all sometime. Right now the issue was with the clean-up. This task I delegated to my brother who I made stay half naked as he did it.
I felt excited. I can’t explain it. I could look at the videos on the computer any time I wanted. I could see bigger penises any time I wanted. I only had access to my brother on school days and that was at the expense of my viewing time. I think the special excitement I was feeling was because this was real, and it was under my control.
In the days that followed, I pressed my advantage. For one thing, I made my brother get completely naked. This wasn’t really necessary. I’ve seen the good stuff already and he routinely went topless. It’s easy enough to put the two pieces together. However, my brother felt uncomfortable being completely naked. That’s precisely the reason why I made him do it.
I had to keep him off balance while I came back, day after day, more confident. Following up on ideas I read in the stories, I’d make a suggestion there or plant a thought in the other place. Slowly and steadily I was bending him to my will. I took control of his viewing habits and more and more we visited the sites I liked to see: those on Female Domination.
I had him act out some of the scenarios in the pictures and the stories. I even took pictures and videos of him doing it. He objected, of course, but turning off the monitor brought him around to my way of thinking. I promised him that if he behaved, that I would keep them to myself.
After a couple of weeks, Chuck came to me and wanted to talk. “Um, Sarah, can I ask a favor of you?”
In the past, I would not have been disposed to doing favors for my brother, but ever since he started jerking off for me, he’s become a lot nicer.
“What is it?” I asked.
“It’s about the computer.” he faltered and then stopped.
“What about the computer.”
“Would it be OK if I brought somebody over to watch?”

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