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Part 10:  Training Dana


“Wake Up!” blasted out of the ceiling speaker.  Dana bolted up off the bed, suddenly wide awake and confused.  She found herself standing naked in the little cell she was becoming so familiar with.  Noticing a clean pair of clothes on the table, she moved to get dressed.  As she took the first step towards them she felt the shock of a whip cracking over her crotch.


“AAAAaaa” in agony, she collapsed to the floor under the sudden brutal pain.


“You have not been told to get dressed yet.” a voice informed her through the speaker in the ceiling.


“I am your computer trainer.  You will obey each of my commands promptly, without hesitation or complaint.  Do you understand?”


Dana stared around the empty room, a resentful look on her face at the unfairness of that punishment, as she listened to the voice.  She nodded her head in reply to the question.


“You will answer ‘Yes Master’ or ‘No Master’ to any question.”


Afraid to get off the floor without permission, Dana nodded her head once more in reply.


“OOOOOO!!” she screamed as the pain of a whip smacking her right boob exploded through her body.


“OOWWWW!!” she cried a few seconds later as the pain lanced at the left boob.


Suddenly realizing what she’d done wrong, Dana cried out loudly “Yes Master!!” and cringed inside waiting for the next blow.


A pair of sharp pin pricks jabbed her in each foot and knee just before the voice announced “Stand up.”  Once she had climbed to her feet she immediately felt the pin jabs again, this time knee-foot and the voiced announced “Sit down.”


“Those sharp painful jabs you feel poking at you are signals to perform a command.  Today we will begin teaching you what those and many more command signals mean.  You must learn to recognize and obey all the hundreds of signals that will be used to control your every action from now on.  So let us begin…”


The sharp jabs struck foot-knee again.  Expecting a verbal order to follow, she hesitated a couple seconds before starting to climb to her feet.  Too Late!  A slashing pain burned across both of her ass cheeks, and she fell back to the floor in shock.  She received another shot through the crotch before she finally managed to stand back up again.  Sit.  Stand.  Sit.  Stand. She completed the last several repetitions without incident.  Then a mild wave of pleasure touched her gently, running upwards from her crotch, as she was rewarded with a small orgasm for her obedience.  She spent the next hour learning basic body movements and performing simple exercises at an ever increasing pace.  Once she had learned basic movement commands, she was driven like a wooden robot, step by staggering step, down the hall to the cafeteria where she was allowed a few minutes to eat breakfast before being steered once more back to her cell.


For the rest of the day, Dana continued to receive instructions and had to practice responding to the non-verbal commands of her inanimate master until she was drenched in sweat and weak in the knees.  The computer was demanding and merciless, dishing out severe punishment for any mistake or the slightest hesitation in her obedience, but also generous in rewarding any long stretch of successful completion of its commands.  By the end of the long day, Dana was desperately trying to please, not just because she was terrified at the thought of how far they might take their punishments of her body, but also because she began to actually crave the wonderful orgasmic rewards she was given for being a good girl.  After once more being walked down to the cafeteria, this time much more smoothly since she had had much more practice obeying her controller, she had dinner and was sent back to her cell for the night.  As she lay down and prepared to go to sleep in exhausted misery and shame, a tremendous wave of orgasm began showering inside her vagina, radiating increasingly heavy pulses of delight throughout her body.  It went on and on and ON, for nearly ten minutes, before slowly decreasing and fading away, leaving her shivering with the withdrawal.  The thought ran through her mind as she lay there in her bliss, remembering how much more powerful they had made the orgasms feel during yesterday’s demonstration, and she decided then and there that she never wanted to find out what they could do with the horrible tortures they’d recorded the day before!  It was hours more before she finally managed to fall asleep.


She was awakened with a sharp, pin-like jab at her clitoris, then a silent command to stand up.  Scrambling to clear the sleep out of her eyes and make it to her feet before she could be punished, Dana raced to the center of the room.  Immediately she was given a continuous string of command that had her jumping, spinning, running, and otherwise dancing about the room gymnastically for a very strenuous morning workout.  After about an hour, once she’d worked up a good sweat, she was marched out the door.  As she walked away, she looked with longing back over her shoulder for a moment at the clothes still neatly folded next to her bed.  Down a different set of corridors than she’d seen before, she was directed into a room with an open shower stall full of men.  Stopping at the entranceway in alarm, suddenly extremely self conscious of her naked body, she was give three rapid whip cracks of pain across ass, boobs, and finally the crotch before she marched reluctantly in to meet her fate.


Washing up at an open show head, she tried valiantly to ignore the half dozen men showering with her, rubbing up against her body, occasionally running a hand across her belly or fondling her breasts from behind.  When she’d finished with the soap, several men stepped up and surrounded her, then began aggressively pawing and fondling her breasts, and fingering out her vagina.  Knowing she had no choice, she just stood numbly and let it happen. Two of the men lifted her up by her legs and brought her pussy crashing down onto the outthrust penis of the third man, who began pumping himself into her as hard as he could for several minutes, until he let loose a good solid wad of white, creamy cum inside her cunt.  Switching places, the other men took their turn, one using her ass viciously, making Dana scream and writhe desperately against the horrible intruder.  She was an Anal virgin up to this point, and the sudden, violent rape of her ass upset her terribly.  Finished with his cruelty at last, the men switched places once again.  The third man waved a signal at the other two, who rotated Dana upside down and lifted her up into the air, hoisting Dana’s cum covered crotch up to the shower head to give her sore ass and cunt a thorough cleaning with the near scalding hot water.  The third ran his fingers through the hair on the back of her head and got a two-fisted grip.  Angling her body outward a bit he pressed the tip of his penis against her pursed lips, then squeezed his fists tighter threateningly.  Dana opened her mouth wide and the man invaded her, gently forcing 14 inches of massive cock straight down the back of her throat.  Ordinarily, Dana actually enjoyed giving a blow job and did so unselfishly with her sexual partners.  This was different.  The man gripped her head by the hair and he fucked her throat as fast and as deep as he could drive his cock, in and out, over and over.  She could feel his head forcing her throat to bulge open with each stroke and had to fight so hard trying not to gag that she almost forgot about the burning attack of water scouring at her crotch.  Wanting to die, terrified of fighting back, she endured until the man finally pumped his huge load so far into her throat that it went directly into her stomach.  Satisfied at last, the men dumped her casually to the floor and left her there.


The computer immediately took over again, driving Dana to her feet, out the door, and off to meet her first human instructor.  Sore and still dripping wet from the showers, she was marched down mostly empty hallways, trying desperately to ignore the hungry looks she received from the few men she passed along the way, until she reached a good size room at the end of one hallway.  Noticing that there were half a dozen men waiting inside for her, she balked suddenly at the doorway.


Zap.  Zaaap.  ZAAAP!  The controller sent repeated, escalating shots of pain at Dana’s crotch until she continued moving into the room.  Once she had reached the center of the room, she was completely surrounded by the six men and they each lifted a remote control in one hand and waved it at her.  She shuddered as, without a word, each of the men began pressing buttons, sending conflicting commands to her in rapid order.  Struggling to obey as best she could, often the men sent simultaneous commands that could not both be completed at the same time.  The computer automatically punished any mistake or failure to comply, and as she danced, and cavorted around the room under their control, she also was receiving vicious punishments all over her body.  The men kept it up for about half an hour, testing her willingness to obey, before they began their real training session.


After successfully passing her obedience test, the men began training her sexually, sending her from one upraised cock to the next, forcing her to use mouth, pussy, and ass repeatedly to satisfy each man in turn.  Somehow there was something much more personal, much more humiliating about being controlled by a real person with a small plastic remote control in his hand, than there was when it was an invisible computer alone in her cell.  After sucking off the first man, and having her vagina reamed out cruelly by the second, the third man lined up to give her a good ass fuck and she lost it completely.  Screaming wildly, she kicked the man in the shin and began running for the door.  She made it about two steps before her entire body exploded in pain.


“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” came ripping out of her throat as her body collapsed in convulsions onto the floor.  All six men had triggered severe punishment commands, and she felt like she was being burned, whipped, beaten, stabbed, electrocuted, and flayed alive all at the same time.  It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like forever.  The rest of the day was a blur, as Dana obeyed woodenly the increasingly humiliating commands, learning new signals, and practicing giving whatever pleasure the men demanded.  At the end of the day the men wanted to celebrate their success in training their new slave, and one of the men lined up six long neck beer bottled on the floor about a foot apart.  Dana was walked over to straddle the first bottle, then given commands to spread her legs further and further, doing the splits over the bottle and driving it completely inside her pussy.  Ordered to stand, she was marched over to the first man who pulled the bottle out several inched, pulled it forward firmly, then twisted it sharply to remove the cap.  Pulling the bottle the rest of the way out, he took a sip of beer as Dana was being driven back to fetch the next bottle.  Dana looked down at the second bottle with revulsion as she was forced to take it into her sore pussy and return it to the next man in line.


“UUNGH!” she cried as the second man ruthlessly twirled the bottle inside her.  The sharp edged cap scraped around and around inside her painfully, but could not get enough tension to twist off.


“Clench your twat as I twist it bitch, or I’ll spin this thing in there all night!”


Desperate to stop the horrible scratching pain, Dana tried to obey, clenching tightly, and as the man twisted the bottle once more it suddenly hurt like hell as the edges of the cap bit deeply into her inner flesh, but the cap finally twisted off and the man removed the bottle from her now bleeding vagina.  Four bottles later and blood was oozing slowly down her legs from her battered pussy.  By the time she’d served up the last bottle, the first two men were waiting for another, so she was sent to the fridge to line up six more beers on the floor and begin again.  When she was done serving up the second round, with twelve bottle caps crammed into her bleeding pussy, she was finally sent off to get some supper and then back to her cell for the night.


In the morning they sent her to the showers again, where one of the men rudely removed the bottle caps with his inserted fingers, then forced a good amount of alcohol up inside her to clean the wound.  Screaming her lungs out for almost half an hour at the pain, she didn’t find out until much later that they’d taken the liberty of recording that sensation for future use.


Dr. Iverson stopped by during her morning training session to check on her progress.  Impressed with the speed at which they were able to move along, he left again a bit later, leaving one last directive to the trainers.  “Take her down to the track during lunch.  Make sure the geek squad gives her a good workout.  Dan say’s she’s a good sprinter and he want’s her to have plenty of practice for the club picnic.”


When the time came, the race track proved to be entirely worse than Dana had feared.  Arms bound behind her back, she was blindfolded and made to run the track as fast as she could pump her legs with nothing to guide her but the painful signals burning at her clitoris and nipples.  She knew she was a fast runner, but the men made sure that she gave her all by constantly holding down the “Nitrous” button, making her clitoris feel like it was being burned by a blow torch!  Running and turning around the track as best she could while completely blinded, she began sobbing uncontrollably as the men began deliberately running her into walls, over obstacles, tripping her up then punishing her soundly for failing to stay on her feet.  In abject misery she abandoned herself completely within her mind and became nothing more than a toy for cruel boys to play with as those chose.  Locking in that mind set, she maintained it throughout the day as she was sent down to the gymnasium to service as many of the men on the staff as she could before being sent off to bed.  Giving herself over completely to her computer controller, Dana was a real crowd pleaser, offering anal, vaginal, and oral sex simultaneously to the men who lined up at both ends of her body.  The staff was so pleased by her performance that they decided to accelerate her graduation.


The next morning, Dana was led down to the dungeon to receive her final training, the pain aversion treatment that was so effective in permanently deterring these slaves from thoughts of escape.  With her new and improved implants, Dana’s training was a thing of beauty.  Never before could such levels of pain be inflicted on the trainee’s without causing terribly disfiguring scars or severed body parts.  She was subject to 24 hours of pain that had her howling so loudly that even the permanent residents of the dungeon were looking at her in terror and disbelief.  By the next morning when they let her out at last, Dana was inwardly begging to be used, abused, beaten, burned, pierced, whipped, anything and everything, just don’t do this to me ever again, please!!


She was given one more night in the cell, and she collapsed instantly into a troubled sleep, dreaming a constant series of nightmares from which she could not awake.  In the morning she was once again given her exercises, sent down for a shower, this time without molestation, then back to her room.  At long last she was allowed to dress, pulling on the clothes quickly and hugging her newly covered body as she rocked slowly back and forth on her bed.  “Clothes” consisted of a short mini-skirt and a halter top, with a thin pair of thongs for her feet.  She wondered idly if she would ever again be allowed to wear underwear, as she waited for whatever would come next.  Finally she was driven out of the room down to the cafeteria, and given breakfast.  After an eerily normal morning feast of cereal and fruit, she was sent down the hallway again and found herself in Dr. Iverson’s office.  Dan was there waiting for her, to take her back home at last.


“I’ll have her back next weekend for delivery to the Thompson’s, Ron.  After 8 years of dreaming about what I’d like to do to this little piece of ass, I’ve just got to take a week to exercise my fantasies before I turn over the keys,” Dan was explaining.


“Well, here she is, and I must say that her training was all that we’d hoped it would be.  Enjoy her all you like, I’m sure that Steve won’t mind a few extra days delay at this point.  We’ll see you next week!”


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