extreme dark fantasy – Remote Control Love Slave


Part 9:  Pleasure and Pain


When she woke up again, Dana found herself in a small room, maybe 6 feet by 10, with a door at one end.  Lying on a narrow bed, she was completely naked, and goose bumps covered her body from the cold air.  As soon as she tried to move she became aware for the first time that everything felt very strange.  Lifting her head, there was a strange sensation of lag between intent and action, as if the world was out of sync.  She didn’t understand it at the time, but it was a reaction to the new computer inside her body, intercepting and monitoring all the signals being sent through her nervous system.  Moving slowly, feeling extremely dizzy and off balance, Dana leaned up off the bed to take a better look at the room.  There was a small table nearby with a glass of water and some pills, as well as a cold sandwich.  The thought of food send nausea rolling through her gut, but the water sounded great.  Taking the pills as well, she hoped they would stem the rising headache that began pounding behind her eyes.


Trying to go back to sleep was futile, and she gave it up after lying down for only a few minutes.  Always active as a child, now she found that she just could not sit still and await her fate in this terrifying new world.  Slowly and carefully at first, she stood up and began to pace the room.  After a few minutes she felt a little better.  The computer was getting a better grasp of her internal nervous system signals and causing less distortion.  If a little exercise was good, a lot might be even better, so she began doing an easy workout, gradually increasing the pace as the dizziness and strange time lag sensations decreased.  Hours later, covered in sweat from a vigorous workout, she was finally tired enough to fall into a troubled sleep.


The technicians monitoring her gave the computers a full twenty four hours to gather data, digest it, and then assemble it into a set of core programming customized to Dana’s body.  The next morning they sent the two orderlies in to bring her to the next generation research laboratory.  Giving up hope of being able to escape at this point, Dana meekly walked along as the two men guided her firmly through the complex by her arms.  Walking into the room, the first thing she noticed was a pair of geeks behind some kind of computer console, starring avidly at her naked body.  Glaring at them she tried vainly to cover herself, but the two men were already dragging her across the room.  Looking in the direction they were carrying her she saw another large medical table, covered in obvious straps and tie downs.


“NO!” she screamed at the sight of the table.  She really didn’t want to be tied down helplessly as these men used her for some kind of lab experiment!  Kicking, screaming, biting at the two men, they easily overpowered the slender young woman and soon had her strapped tightly down to the table.  Turning their backs, the orderlies walked out of the room and left her alone with the two geeks.  Fiddling with their equipment for a few more minutes, the technicians ignored her thrashing struggle with the bed restraints until the computers finished uploading the new firmware into her controller.  Once they had a green light, they initiated recording mode and began the data gathering process.


Oblivious to her shouts and cries, one of the men lifted a sharp needle between thumb and forefinger.  Pushing down on a button at the side of the bed, he made the bindings holding Dana tighten until she stopped struggling.  Next, he carefully began poking the pin at her body, every few inches.


“OW! Stop IT! OO!  HEY!” Dana cried out at each painfully sharp jab.  Moving methodically, the man covered every area of her body.  He took particular care to jab exactly into the tips of her tits, the end of her clitoris, and then ran a finely spaced series of jabs down each lip of her vagina.  Screaming bloody murder when he stabbed her in the clit, she was reduced to a sobbing wreck by the time he finished probing her entire vagina.  With the flip of a lever, the bed rolled over and she found herself lying face down on the other side.  Continuing with the pin, the man then completed covering her with painful jabs over her entire back side.


Begging and pleading with them to stop, Dana repeatedly asked the man, “What are you doing?  Why are you doing this to me?”


Finishing his work, the men both continued to ignore the girl until she finally collapsed into a fit of sobbing tears.  Once the first man finished covering her body with the pin, the collected data was analyzed, and then uploaded back into her controller.  Running a quick test, the computer tech played back the sequence several times in rapid succession.


“AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW” the scream ripped from Dana’s lungs as she felt invisible pin jabs race painfully across her body from head to toe.


“Looks like that sequence works, Phil.  Let’s move on to heat.”


The man picked up a small tool with a small, metal pin-head like tip.  Striking the burner to light, he waited for the tip to heat up completely, and then repeated the same process as before, touching the hot tip to various parts of her body.  Not as painful as the pin jabs had been, it was nevertheless quite hot, and not at all pleasant when he again began running it over her tender tit and pussy flesh.  All hope of breaking free from her restraints gone by this point, Dana clenched her eyes shut tightly and tried to endure.  Again the tech replayed the sensations, but this time he varied the intensity and location randomly as it played through the sequence several times.  Sensations that ranged from mild heat to scorching blast furnace intensity raced randomly over her body.


“OOooOOooOoOOooooOOO OOO!!! OOOO!! Stop it! OoooOO OO NOOO” her voice modulated in pitch and volume in tune with the agony being visited on her helpless body.


“So far so good.  Let’s do cold next.”


Once again a cruel tool was run over her body, this time giving the sensation of blistering cold.  After she was subjected to a fast action replay to confirm the results were good, the technicians finally took a short break while the orderlies were summoned back to get her ready for the next phase.


Marching back in to the room, they began unhooking the straps holding Dana down on to the table.  Too exhausted from struggling and cramping muscles to even lift her arms, she hung limply between the two men as they carried her into the next room.  Looking like something out of a medieval dungeon, the room had more implements of torture and pain than Dana had ever even imagined might exist.  Ignoring most of the more sinister looking items, the men carried her to the middle of the room and laid her on her back near a pair of thick wooden posts.  Dejectedly, she lay still, unresisting as a thick leather strap was fastened to each ankle and wrist, and then locked in place.  One of the men then fastened the wrist restraints together behind her back.  Next the men both stood up, each lifting one leg up along a tall post until Dana was being held suspended in mid air.  Fastening the leather collars to a hook on each post, the men left her hanging there as they walked out of the room again.


A short while later the two geeky technicians returned, wheeling in their equipment on a small push cart.  While Gary set up the equipment on the cart, Phil studied the list he’d been given to see exactly which sensations the good doctor wanted imprinted on Dana’s controller.  Smiling a few times as he went down the list, he finally set it down and prepared to begin.


The first item Phil removed from the wall was a leather whip.  Raising it high, he carefully took aim and whacked Dana once solidly across the back, then butt, chest, left boob, right boob, left thigh, right thigh, and then two vicious cracks across her crotch, one from the front and one from the back.  Barking out a sharp, short cry with each blow, Dana clenched her teeth and endured, all hope of mercy having vanished when they brought her into this room.


The next four hours was a brutal trial for young Dana, as she was subjected to tortures she’d never dreamed of.  Hot candle wax.  Electric shock.  Clothes pins and alligator clips on her genitals.  Cruel vaginal and anal insertions.  At the end of it all, the techs created a routine to randomly assault her with selections from everything they’d done to her today, in rapid succession, and then let it play for half an hour as she hung suspended helpless by her ankles.  Screaming until her voice broke, when the program finally played itself out the sudden release from pain allowed her to pass into unconsciousness at last.


Dana awakened once more back in the small cell.  Still naked, she found herself lying on the bed, wrapped in a thick, soft blanket with a plush pillow under her head.  On the small table by the bed was a full set of comfortable looking clothes.  Although she was still tender in a few places, most of the pain that had overwhelmed her yesterday was now gone.  Rolling out of bed, she tentatively climbed into the clothing that had been left for her. It was amazing how much emotional security could be conveyed by the simple presence of shirt and pants.


Restless with nervous energy and fear, Dana once again found herself pacing, jogging, and bouncing in place to help calm her nerves.  When the doctor came for her, she was desperately afraid they were going to give her a repeat of yesterday.  Expecting muscle bound orderlies and crude torture implements, she was totally unprepared for the small man in the white lab coat who quietly opened the cell door and calmly announced, “Come with me please.”


Leaving the door open, the man had already turned his back and was walking down the hall.  Dana stood frozen in place, starring with longing at the open door, as the man disappeared around a corner.  Sudden pain slammed into her crotch, as if someone had smacked her between the legs with a whip.  Startled into motion by the pain, she raced out the door trying to catch up with the man.  Rounding the corner, she just saw him pass through a closing door down the hall.


Running, she caught up before the man could reach the next turn and fell into step a pace behind.  A few minutes later she was led to a hospital cafeteria.  Waving his arm, the man gestured her into line with the staff waiting for their breakfast.  Ravenous with hunger, she stood in line with her former tormentors, skittish and terrified that someone would realize their mistake and send her back to the dungeon.


Creepily, the doctor simply observed, not eating himself, as she collected a tray of food and sat down.  He took a seat across from her at the long table and waited patiently for her to finish her meal.  Even simple cereal and milk tastes like heaven after two days without food.  Once she was done, the man stood and gestured for her to follow as he began moving towards the door.  After a short walk she found herself in another lab.  She had to visibly force herself to cross the threshold at the sight of the lab table with restraints.


“Please remove your clothing and place it in the basket over there,” the man said.  Clutching her arms tightly around her chest, a wave of dismay flashed through Dana’s entire body.  It struck her suddenly just how badly she needed the security blanket that her clothing provided.  Unable to move, she stood frozen in place until the man once more gave her a correction.  This time burning heat seemed to crawl all over her body.  Screaming, Dana began peeling of clothes and tossing them away.  The doctor did not stop the pain until she had gathered up every item and placed it in the basket.


Patting at a spot on the end of the exam table, the man said, “Sit here.”


Once she was in place, the man explained, “There are just a few more things I need you to do before I hand you over to your trainer.”


Pulling out a small needle, he carefully injected a small amount of liquid into her arm.  Almost immediately she felt a pleasant rush wash over her for a minute.  Touching a control, the man repeated the sensation a few times to test her controller.


Next he pulled out a box and set it on the bench beside her.  Looking inside, she quickly averted her gaze after recognizing the contents.  “I need you to achieve an orgasm so we can record the sensation.  Take your time, and get it right.  Believe me, the better you do this now, the happier you’ll be later.”  Locking the door on the way out, the man left her alone to give her at least the illusion of privacy.


Contemplating the bizarre collection of sex toys in the box, Dana tried to decide whether to cooperate with this latest indignity or not.  She was seriously pissed to be used so callously, and wanted nothing more than to spit in someone’s face.  But as she thought about it, it occurred to her that this might be the only opportunity she ever got to help herself.  She realized that these people could inflict as much horrible torture on her as they wanted, but only she could provide them the tools necessary to reward her with pleasure as well.


Stirring through the contents of the box with one hand, she selected a simple, smooth skinned vibrator and a small tube of KY jelly.  Setting the rest of the freak show collection of gadgets out of sight, she applied a bit of gel to the vibrator, and smoothed a bit more onto her pussy.  Trying to forget that she was being recorded, Dana turned on the vibrator and began gently stroking over her pussy.  Taking her time, she closed her eyes, lay back on the table, and imagined herself to be elsewhere.  Gently inserting the vibrator, she began making long, smooth strokes, sliding it slowly in and out, as she tried to awaken her body.


After twenty minutes she finally managed to generate a modest orgasmic surge, which the technicians recorded.  Noticing that she had not stopped, however, they continued watching and recording her actions.  Relaxing and beginning to get in the mood at last, she was able to spike again a few minutes later.  This time she received a very nice double orgasm as she continued working the vibrator.  Stroking faster, she began plunging the toy in abruptly then withdrawing it in smooth, slow strokes.  At last she began climbing higher and higher, building tension by moving the vibrator very slowly, in and out.  Nearly ready to scream with anticipation, she released the explosive tension by suddenly plunging to vibrator in and out as fast as she could.  The sudden stimulation pushed her even higher for a few moments, and then crashed down in a spectacular orgasm.


“ooooOOOOO” she groaned, eyes rolling up in her head.


Relaxing back in limp pleasure, utterly spent, Dana let the still humming vibrator drop to the floor.


The techs left her alone for half an hour after that.  They needed time for the computer to digest the data, Dana needed time to recover her composure, and several of the men needed time to change their underwear after watching that fantastic display!  Freshly changed, the doctor entered the room again carrying a small remote control unit.


“That was truly spectacular my dear,” he informed her.  “As a reward for that splendid effort, I’m going to give you a demonstration of the full range of pleasures you’ve helped us create, just for you.  Lie back on the table and relax.  I don’t want you to fall off and hurt yourself.”


Lifting the remote, he began cycling through the settings as he narrated.  “At the low end of the scale we have these 5 settings.”


Built using her first, mild orgasm, the increasingly intense jolts of pleasure ranged from a mild buzz that jump started her heart rate, to a wild surge that brought up an uncontrollable gasp from deep in her throat.


“In the middle range we have these two settings”


The first was a splendid double orgasm, just like she remembered it, only boosted to about double the intensity.  Groaning in ecstasy, Dana could not catch her breath for a minute.  Waiting for her to recover, he triggered the second setting.


“oooo OOOOO!!!” Dana groaned, legs twitching uncontrollably.  Digitally enhanced, it was much like the last setting, but this time the two orgasms were spaced closer, about a half second apart, and the second surge was twice as intense as the first.


“Did you like that?” the man smiled.


“oooo OOOO! OOOOO!! OOOOOO!!!!” she screamed loudly as he gave two shots back to back.


Dana’s whole body was awash with adrenaline and her heart was beating wildly.  Sweat was gushing from every pore in her body, and she had strong aftershocks of pleasure tingling and radiating sympathetically from her pussy to her chest.  Panting like a dog with heat stroke, she gasped for air in fast, deep breaths.  The doctor gave her a full ten minutes to recover.


Once she had her breathing and heart rate back under control, he continued with the demonstration.  “Wonderful as that must have been, I think you’ll enjoy this last setting even more.”


Dana looked up at the man in alarm as he reached for the remote again.  She wasn’t sure she could survive anything more intense than that last orgasm.  Built from the tremendously satisfying third orgasm she’d originally achieved on her own, the computer had enhanced it, turning it into a full minute of continuous orgasm that surged and pulsed and grew steadily more intense with every second.


“ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Dana began wailing, voice rising in pitch.  After a few seconds she began thrashing arms and legs.  Drool spilled over from her mouth, and her voice cracked and broke as the 60 second surge of indescribable pleasure crashed down at last.  Her thrashing body jerked violently as the sensation crashed down at last, her eyes rolled up in the back of her head as she passed out, and her unconscious body flew off the table to smack into the floor.


“Hmm,” muttered the technician, “Maybe we’d better take that setting down a notch.”  Looking down at the sprawled, naked body of the girl at his feet, he called in the orderlies to return her to her room to begin training in the morning.

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