extreme dark fantasy – Remote Control Love Slave


Part 8:  Dana


(Author’s note:  I’d like to send warm thanks out to the real, live Dana, who begged me so sweetly to write her personally into this tale.  Here’s what you asked me for!)


“Dana!” cried Dan from the front door, “Hurry up!  We’re going to be late!”


Grabbing her small purse and stuffing her black knit hat onto her head, the young woman hurried out to the driveway.  18 years old, with medium long blond hair hanging straight over the front of her shoulders, she was quite a looker.  Her lean 5 foot 5 inch tall body weighed only 96 pounds.  Her slender hips, rock hard stomach, and attractively perky ‘B’ size breasts, combined with the outgoing attitude of a ‘Party’ girl made her very popular at school.  Had made her popular, that is, since she had just graduated last month.  She missed seeing her friends on a daily basis already.  Unlike previous summers, this year it was for good, and she realized sadly that they would never all be together again.


Hurrying to get into the car, she thought once again how lucky she was to have foster parents as great as Dan and Barb Baker.  Six months ago when she turned 18, the state had stopped paying the Baker’s the monthly stipend for her upkeep as a ward of the state.  Officially declared an adult, she’d received the papers telling her she was on own now.  Dan had insisted that after living with them for 8 years she was one of the family now, and she should stay as long as she needed, finish school, and get herself a job in the real world.  Today was one more example of how great these people were, as Dan was taking her in to the city to the doctor’s office on his own dime.  She needed a full physical and medical report before reporting to a job interview she had lined up next week.  Nervous, not because of the physical, but at the prospect of moving out and getting a job, she watched the scenery pass by out the car window as Dan began the long drive.  After four years of soccer, as well as two grueling years on the competition cheerleading squad, passing a physical fitness exam was the last thing she was worried about!


Pulling out a small MP3 player, Dana closed her eyes and zones out to some tunes for a few hours, not paying any attention at all as Dan drove her towards the city.  She didn’t pay any attention until the car slowed down to enter a small parking garage along an alley.  Climbing out of the car after Dan finished parking, she followed him to the elevator and rode it down to the street.  Crossing the deserted city street, she followed as he went down a narrow stairwell to a large, solid door and knocked.  Exchanging quiet words with the door man inside, he led her into the building, down the hall, and into another elevator.  The ride down seemed to take a really long time.


As they stepped out into the plush waiting room at last, the receptionist recognized Dan immediately.  “Welcome Mr. Baker!  Dr. Iverson is waiting for you in his office.  I believe you know the way by now,” she said, pressing the switch to open the huge doors behind her desk.  Walking down hallways that had that sterile, white, hospital look to them, she followed the man who had been a father to her for the past 8 years into the doctor’s office.


“Dan!  So good to see you again,” the doctor said, extending his hand over the desk for a firm shake.


“Ron, I see you’re looking well,” Dan replied.  “How’s business?”


“Tolerable.  Tolerable.  I can’t complain.  Is this the young lady you called me about?” he asked, glancing at Dana, who had sat down in the only chair in the room.


“Yep, this is Dana.  She’s been a ward of the state for the past 8 years, until she turned 18 last December.  I gotta love this state.  Once they hit their 18th birthday, the records are reviewed, and then sealed, never to see the light of day again.  It’s almost as if they never existed.  The only reason I didn’t bring her by sooner was that she was still in school.  Fanatical records keepers, the school administrators are.  But that’s all done now.  She graduated last month, and we’re free and clear.  Have you got that new experimental module you told me about last fall ready for field testing yet?”


Only half listening to the conversation at first, Dana began to get a queasy feeling as the conversation shifted to something she didn’t really understand.  Leaning forward she began to pay full attention to what the men were saying.


“Yes, actually.  We’ve got the first production model in the lab right now and have been waiting for a suitable client to sell it to.  Are you interested?” Ron asked.


“Hell yes!  I’ve been itching to get my hands on one of those since you gave me the specs!” Dan replied.


“Excuse me,” Dana interrupted, “What does this have to do with my physical?”


“Sorry, my dear” Dr. Ron said.  “Slipped my mind that you were here…”  Reaching under the lip of the desk he pressed a button and concealed arm and leg restraints whipped out of the chair she was sitting in to totally immobilize her.  “Now then young lady, sit still and be quiet for a few minutes, or I’ll have an orderly bring in a gag too.”


Sitting in shock, Dana starred in amazement at the doctor, expecting Dan to intervene and order him to release her immediately!  Shock turned to dismay as Dan ignored her to continue his conversation with the mean doctor.  She didn’t understand!  What was happening here?  Impetuous and head strong as only the young could be, she was also highly intelligent.  A moment’s thought convinced her that the doctor had been totally serious about sending for a gag, so she sat quietly, glaring at both men and tried to figure out what kind of game they were playing.


Continuing as if he had never been interrupted, Ron said, “Preliminary testing indicates that the device is even more successful that we had originally thought.  Installation, once thought to be nearly impossible, has proved to be a snap using the new robotic surgeon we installed last year.”


“Once the tricky spinal interface is installed, everything else is cake.  We can install the hardware on one day, and begin training the next.  Compare that to the two-to-three weeks of grueling surgery required by the old method.  The real bonus is in the new capabilities though.  The old controller just monitored a girl’s actions and sent pain signals to various points.  This new controller integrates directly into her spinal nerves.  By recording the signals sent to her brain by her body, we can reproduce any sensation at any level of intensity we desire.  Now, instead of just pain, we can induce pleasure as well.  How’d you like a triple strength orgasm at the touch of a button as a reward for good behavior?  It should shave weeks off the normal training time!”


Following along carefully now, Dana understood that she was the subject of their conversation.  The thought of being subject to such control sent chills down her spine.  Horror and fascination combined into a confusing mix of conflicting sensations.  Just imagining being given such pleasure and pain as a means of control made her quiver inside with dread and anticipation.


“Sounds great Ron.  I’ll leave everything in your hands.  You know what I want.  Just give me a call when she’s ready for delivery, there’s no rush.  No one but Barb and I know she even exists, now that the state has closed her files.”  Dan shook hands one more time and walked out the door.  He didn’t even pause on his way out as Dana cried after him, “Please don’t leave me!”


Beginning to panic at last, Dana struggled uselessly against the chair, trying to free arms or legs.  Ignoring her grunts of frustration and cries of fear, Dr. Iverson sat down to begin filling out the paperwork for the procedure.  Muttering to himself, he scribbled notes and filled out forms for twenty minutes or so before looking up again at the sobbing young woman tied down in front of him.


“You’re really quite lucky, you know,” he said to her.  “Dan is one of our best customers.  He’s brought us dozens of young ladies just like you, and he always pays for the best.  He normally sells his girls after their training, but he works hard to find good owners.”  Continuing along as if nothing he had said was the least bit disturbing, he said, “Now, on to the details.”


“You’re going in this afternoon for a bit of surgery.  Basically, a sophisticated computer is going to be installed to let us remotely monitor and control your every action.  You will then receive a few weeks of training, and a final bit of encouragement to never give your master cause to return you, before we send you home.”


“Shhh.” he said as Dana opened her mouth to respond.  “I know you have questions.  Everything will be clear in a few days.”


Pressing a button he summoned two huge orderlies.  Each man got a firm grip on one of her arms before the chair restraints retracted.  Lifting her to her feet, they marched her out into the corridor and down the hall.  Dana turned her neck as she was dragged away, to look longingly back at the passageway through which Dan had brought her here.  Dragging her along by her arms, her feet sliding along the polished tile floor, they eventually reached the operating room.  Each man grabbed hold of a leg as well as an arm and lifted her up on to an operating table.  A nurse was waiting with a mask, which she forced down over Dana’s open mouth and nose.  Try as she might, she couldn’t hold her breath for long and in seconds the room began to dim to black as the gas knocked her out cold.

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