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Part 7:  Back to School


Stephanie was looking forward to going back to school with a desperate need that few people her age ever felt.  It would be her freshman year in high school, which was somewhat exciting in itself, but mostly she desperately wanted time to be herself again, out from under the thumb of mommy and that horrible monster Jack!  When the day finally arrived, she was up out of bed early, eager to complete her morning workout and chores so she could get out of the house at last.  Wolfing down her breakfast, she was forced to give Jack a morning hummer before being allowed to head outside to wait for the bus.  Once the bus arrived, she climbed on, took a lone seat in the back, and sat in dejected silence as she listened to the other kids brag about what a great summer they had had, and how much they hated going back to school.  Once she arrived at school, she worked her way to her home room and took a seat, waiting to find out what her class schedule would be.  The teacher, Mr. Franks, entered and began passing out the schedules a few minutes later.


After listening to the orientation lectures and examining the instructions they handed out to all new freshmen, Stephanie was allowed to leave home room and explore her new school for the first time.  She didn’t know anybody at this school yet, and she was looking forward meeting new friends.  She quickly located her locker, the gym and cafeteria, and began wandering the halls to find all her class rooms.


Back at the house, Jack had not been idle.  As soon as she had left the house he went upstairs to make sure that Deirdre was going to sleep, and then hustled down to the basement.  Removing a large, wheeled black equipment box from the closet in the spare room, he began setting up the remote control and monitoring station he had purchased along with Stephanie’s upgrades.  It took a little over an hour to set everything up, and when he was done it looked like he’d purchased a tricked out gaming computer.  Twin flat panel monitors, keyboard, mouse, and really awesome looking joystick sat on the desk, connected to the machine disguised as a home computer.  Ready at last, he fired everything up, and then entered Stephanie’s control codes on the console.


Connecting via the wireless modem to her onboard controller, the main monitor of the system displayed a clear view of what Stephanie could see, tapping in to the micro cameras they had installed in her eye sockets.  The other panel displayed diagnostic information, all the monitored inputs inside her body, speed, location, etc.  Tapping a key on the keyboard sent a command, and he watched as Stephanie stopped dead in her tracks in shock.


Back at school, Stephanie felt the gentle twinge in her butt cheeks that meant “STOP” and reacted immediately.  A boy walking along behind slammed into her and cried, “Watch it!” as he moved around her.  Sure that she must have imagined it, she took a tentative step forward and felt the hard shock at her clit that was the normal punishment for disobeying an order.  Suppressing a cry, she stopped and stood still as she waited for more instructions.  Cursing Jack for not disabling her automatic commands before sending her off to school, she worried what she might be made to do before he could get here and turn it off.  Signals flashed at her arms and legs, and she began walking down the hall.  She seemed to wander aimlessly, through class rooms, down hallways, until she found herself back at the gym.  She was taken on a tour through the girls’ locker room, and lingered for a minute staring into the empty shower stalls, before being led back out into the mail aisle of the school.


The halls were mostly deserted at the moment, with all the students attending a lecture in the auditorium, but she noticed when an older boy stepped around a corner a few paces in front of her and walked away.  He turned into the boy’s room, and she forgot about him as she continued walking forward.  As she reached the door to the bathroom, she was signaled to turn and proceed inside.  Stunned, she hesitated and received a severe jolt of punishment, much harder than normal for a first warning.  The boy looked up in alarm, hiding the penis he had just removed from his pants in front of the urinal. He cried out “Hey, what are you doing?” when he saw a girl walk in on him.  Obeying her commands, she ignored his question, walked up and placed her body between his and the urinal then went down on her knees.  Gently pulling at his pants, she exposed his penis once again.  Tilting her head back as far as she could, she opened her mouth wide and placed the tip of his penis on her lower lip, and then placed her hands behind her back as she waited.


Shocked at the scene before him, the high school junior looked down at the beautiful younger girl kneeling before him, and then mentally shrugged his shoulders.  Who was he to argue with what she so obviously wanted from him.  Placing hand to cock to steady his aim, the boy began pissing into Stephanie’s open mouth.  Filling up repeatedly, she swallowed the hot urine over and over and waited for him to get done.  Finished at last, the boy thought it was over, but then she leaned in and began giving him a professional head job.  Wishing his own girlfriend was even half as thoughtful, the boy pressed forward and enjoyed the rush as she sucked a wad of cum out of his swollen penis.  Just as he was pulling out, another boy walked in on the scene and cried out, “What the hell!”


“Don’t ask me!” said the first boy.  “She just walked in here, made me piss in her mouth, and then gave me the best damn blow job I’ve ever had!”  Stephanie had already received a signal and had her head tilted back with her mouth wide open once more.  “Here, give her a try if you don’t believe me.”


Stepping away, he watched as the second boy self consciously unzipped and inserted his penis into the girls’ wide open mouth.  Biting back unshed tears, Stephanie swallowed and swallowed as the newcomer drained record amounts of piss into her face.  Pushing inside her open mouth slightly, the boy shook his penis dry, banging it into her tongue and the roof of her mouth several times.  Once he was done, she again began sucking, sliding his large cock down her throat until she could swallow another large load of cum.  Once he was finished, Stephanie was ordered to stand up.  Placing herself in front of the large door of the handicap stall she began a seductive strip tease, tossing her clothes at the boys as if she didn’t care if she ever got them back.  Once she’d removed everything she was made to turn around slowly several time with her arms lifted over her head, then enter the stall.


She lifted the toilet seat, stuck her head into the bowl, and thrust her ass at the waiting boys.  Not needing any more invitation than that, they both crowded into the stall with her.  Lifting her by the ankles, the first boy pulled her into his crotch, slamming his rock hard penis into her waiting pussy.  Head in the bowl, arms wrapped around the rim, the water covered her nose and most of her mouth.  She began swallowing yellow toilet water that the previous occupant had forgotten to flush to lower the water level enough for her to breathe.  Once the first boy had finished, and the second was well on his way, two more walked in together, laughing and joking about something.  Staring at the scene in amazement for a minute, they wasted no time getting in to line behind the others.  Once all four boys had taken a turn at the up thrust young cunt suspended in the toilet stall, she stood up and moved over to the one who had had the largest cock.  Reaching in to stroke it back to life, she spun around and brought her ass firmly onto the raised penis.  Sitting down in his lap, she forced the cock deep inside her ass as she lay back against his body.  Next she hoisted both legs into the air and wrapped her arms around them.  Suspended in the boys’ lap with her ass penetrated by his penis, she moaned softly as he wrapped her in a bear hug and began bouncing her body up and down on his cock.  Not wanting to miss out on that experience, each of the others lined up to take their turn, until Stephanie’s ass felt like it had been attacked by a drain snake.  Unable to get another rise out of their well worked cocks, the boys could not help taking a few minutes to fondle the girl’s perky breasts, and rub her sore, oozing pussy a bit before getting dressed.


From inside her head, Stephanie heard a soft voice whisper, “Smile pretty now and let them know that you’ll be seeing them later!  Make sure they bring their friends too.”


Realization that Jack had been directing this whole thing all the way from home sent chills down her spine, but she smiled shyly up at the four boys as she reached for her skirt and blouse.  “Thank you so much for the cum, boys!” she said, licking her lips.  “I hope I’ll be seeing you around all year.  Maybe you can invite me to a party and introduce me to all your friends some time.”


Directed to leave her underwear and bra on the floor, Stephanie stood up, hoisted her skirt to show them her bare ass and twat for a moment, and then marched casually out of the room.  As she left the bathroom she felt the signal that meant that she was being released from direct control and she began sobbing softly as she went to go hide in a stall in the girl’s bathroom until she could get herself back under control.  Being the first day of school, it was only a half day and she nearly missed the bus home before she could stop crying and wipe her face clean.


The next day as she was walking down the hall to her first class of the new school year, Stephanie passed one of the boys’ who’d been in the bathroom yesterday.  Seeing her coming he snaked an arm around her shoulder casually and slipped a note between her partially exposed tits.  Jack had sent her to school with a short skirt, high cut shirt exposing her belly, a pair of slinky sandals, and absolutely nothing else.  Every little breeze brushed against her uncovered pussy and she was terrified that someone would notice that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.  Letting her pass once the note was installed, the boy smiled at her as she walked past.  Pulling it out quickly before someone noticed it, she read it as she continued on to her class.


Friday Night: 9:00pm

2247 Elmhurst St

Party all night!


Stuffing the note into her pocket, she forgot about it as she sat down for her first class.  The teacher was Miss. Eckstorm, a 68 year old biddy with a mean disposition and a boring itinerary.  The class was American Literature, and Stephanie was bored to tears almost before she sat down.  Wanting to take a seat in the back, Jack directed her to get one in the front row, immediately in front of the teacher.  While the teacher droned on and on, she sat back and starred distractedly at the black board.  Jack, watching through her eyes, was focused on the teacher, and he noticed the way her eyes kept fastening on to Stephanie sitting right in front of her.  Eyes forward, they kept dropping periodically to focus on the girl’s knees pinched together under the desk.  Experimentally, he commanded Stephanie to spread her knees slightly and squirm in her seat.  As he’d expected, the teacher’s eyes immediately locked for a moment on the opening legs as she continued on with her lecture.


With a verbal command Jack gave Stephanie some new, detailed instructions.  Startled fully awake by the voice in her head, she listened in growing horror at what Jack had in mind for her today.  Sliding back in her chair, she opened her knees wide and wrapped her ankles behind the back chair legs.  Miss. Eckstorm’s eyes widened as she was able to see that the young girl in front of her had no underwear on at all!  Stumbling in her speech for a second, she pulled her eyes away and continued with the lesson, ending 20 minutes later with a modest homework assignment.  Stephanie fiddled with her paper, taking notes and putting away her books as her classmates began leaving the room.  Once they’d mostly left, she slid down in her chair and stuck her finger into her twat right in front of the teacher, licking her lips suggestively as the older woman watched in fascination.  Standing at last, Stephanie walked seductively over to the class room door, shut it, and turned the lock.


“What do you think you’re doing, young lady!” the teacher tried to bluff, as she sauntered back over to the teacher’s desk.


“Anything you want me to, ma’am,” she replied in a sexy voice.  Hoisting her skirt completely up over her waist, she sat on the edge of the desk, kicked one leg high and to the side, and then began massaging her pussy with a finger.  Unable to control herself when offered such a luscious opportunity, the woman struggled with herself only briefly before kneeling down and pressing her face into the open crotch.  Licking at the young pussy immediately began to make her hot and she wrestled to open her blouse to help cool herself off while she continued to slide her tongue in and out.  After a few minutes, as Stephanie continued to participate very willingly, she stood up and pulled the girl into a long, narrow supply closet at the back of the room.  Almost ripping it off in her hurry, Miss. Eckstorm stripped out of her slacks and dropped her huge panties to the floor.  Hopping up on the long bench on one side of the room she spread her legs wide and beckoned the girl in towards her crotch.  Fat and nasty, she weighed almost 200 pounds, and her dried, crusty pussy hadn’t seen action in decades.  Suppressing her gagging reaction and trying to hide it under a fake smile, Stephanie dove in after receiving her second warning jolt of punishment since she’d entered the small room.


Working with a will, she quickly brought the attention starved pussy to orgasm, and continued on until she had forced the woman to explode three more times in a frenzy of ecstasy.  Exhausted and disheveled, the teacher began pulling her clothes back on, fear of discovery beginning to send panic down her spine.  As she was getting dressed, Stephanie continued to kneel at her feet, looking up submissively as she asked quietly, “Do you need a teacher’s assistant this year Miss Eckstorm?  I’m available fourth period during study hall, as well as before or after school on some days.”


Starring at the girl, taking in the offer implicit in meetings outside school hours, she felt a wave of emotions rush through her as she studied the child.  Fear, desire, nervous tension, and more raced through her, but it was all swamped by the shear passion she’d felt during the last half hour and screaming orgasm had flooded her body.


“Yes,” she replied slowly, “I think I could do with a teacher’s assistant this year.  I’ll clear it with your counselor.  Fourth period should work nicely.  Do you suppose your parents would mind if I took you home Monday nights?  You could help me, um, grade papers…” her voice faded away.


“I’m sure that will be fine, Miss Eckstorm.  Would you like me to get a note from my parents?” she asked sweetly.


“Yes, do that.  I’ll see you back here again tomorrow, then, during fourth period.”  Recovering her composure, she began fixing her hair and attire and assisted Stephanie make herself presentable once more before shooing the girl from the room.


Afterwards, Stephanie ran straight to the nearest bathroom to wash her mouth out with soap.  YUCK!  That was worse than licking the shit off Jack’s ass that one time!  And now she had a date with the old hag every Monday night and probably most days of the week when she was at school!  WHY ME?


(Author’s Note:  To all those who have asked:  YES I intend to keep writing this story.  I’ve got enough ideas on this that I’ll probably be writing it for years yet.  I do appreciate the comments and suggestions my readers have been making for this story, but most of the plot line ideas that I’ve gotten I had already thought of and have plans to include at some point.  Keep them coming though.  I thoroughly enjoy writing this story, and I’m glad to see that so many of you enjoy reading it as well.  My next installment has a bit of a plot twist, as I’m introducing a new character, but don’t worry, I’ll get back to Stephanie soon enough.  Thanks for all the great comments I’ve received from many of you!)

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