extreme dark fantasy – Remote Control Love Slave


Part 6:  Seducing Mommy


Jack decided he wanted a bit more participation out of Deirdre, and came up with a plan to slowly bring her in on his little secret.  Spending some time with the remote, Jack added a few new commands to Stephanie’s daily routine, and then he spent a good hour explaining exactly what he expected her to accomplish.  Over the next few days, Stephanie began spending even more time with her mother during the day.  She was particularly eager to help her with dressing and bathing, pampering her mother with back rubs, and body massage.  Then one day she took the plunge.  While assisting her mother with a bath, after rubbing her body with soap and sponging lovingly at her soft, silky skin, she began a tender bit of pussy licking.  Stephanie plunged her head under water, between Deirdre’s legs, and gently inserted her tongue.


At first, shock held her mother still as Stephanie began licking her clit.  Hours of training at the clinic had included many women, and Stephanie knew exactly how to please.  After a few shocked seconds, unable to believe her own daughter would do such a thing, Deirdre was swept up in the pure pleasure of it and, despite herself, began to relax and enjoy it.  Coming up for air every so often, Stephanie took her time and drove her mother to a blazing orgasm, and then kept on going to bring her to a second, and even a third wave of orgasmic release.  Weak in the knees after such a start to her day, Deirdre needed Stephanie’s help to climb out of the tub.  Helping to dry off her mother with a big, soft towel, she led her back to the master bedroom.  Gently pushing Deirdre back onto the bed, she again brushed her tongue over her mother’s exposed vagina and began another long, slow buildup of pleasure that finally exploded through her loins.  Eyes rolling up in the back of her head in ecstasy, Deirdre heard her daughter comment, “That was fun mommy!  Can we do that again?”


Almost too ashamed of herself to admit it, Deirdre was very excited by the concept, but was concerned about the consequences should anyone find out.  She wanted to say “No”, but one look at the hopeful expression on Stephanie’s face and a moment’s pause at the remembered pleasure of the last hour made her reply, “Sure sweetie, any time you want.”


Jack made a point of being out of the house during the day for the next couple of weeks, to give Deirdre plenty of time alone with Stephanie.  For the first few days Stephanie gave her mother an excellent oral orgasm after her morning bath, taking longer to complete each one.  Deirdre attempted once or twice to return the pleasure, but Stephanie insisted that she didn’t really like it that much, that she much preferred to give than receive.  Then one day she came upon her mother sitting on the couch in her night gown, watching her soaps.  Crawling forward seductively on hands and knees, Stephanie pushed her head up her mother’s gown and pushed in between her legs.  Surprised at first, Deirdre relaxed into it, spreading her legs wide, and continued to watch her show as her daughter began giving her an intensely stimulating tongue job.


As the days progressed, Stephanie continued to give Deirdre more frequent and longer oral sex, until it seemed that that was all they accomplished all day.  After two weeks, Deirdre was actively seeking out Stephanie several times a day to receive another of the intense orgasm’s that Stephanie was so adept at producing.  After receiving a triple orgasm while lying on her bed one afternoon, Stephanie broached the subject of Jack…


“Mommy?” she murmured, lying snuggled against Deirdre’s still quivering body.


“Yes dear?” she replied.


“What about Jack, mommy?” she asked.


Suddenly nervous, Deirdre asked, “What do you mean?”


“Well, we’re having all this fun all day, but what about Jack?  I mean…” she shyly let her voice fade away.


Curious at her normally headstrong daughter’s sudden shyness, Deidre encouraged her to continue.  “Go on honey, finish your sentence.”


“Um.  Well, I, you know, I don’t really like it when you lick me, and um, I…” she paused, face flushing.  “Can we ask Jack to join us mommy?  I bet I’d like it if he, well, you know…” she stammered.


Shame and embarrassment raced through Deirdre as she contemplated the thought of a threesome with Jack and her own daughter, but it was soon replaced by a growing curiosity.  She really had felt bad that she was receiving daily doses of extreme orgasm from Stephanie and was unable to return any of the pleasure.  Running scenarios through her mind quickly, she began to be rather erotically aroused at the concept.  “Sure honey,” she replied at last, “we can arrange that, but only if you’re sure that’s what you really want.”


“Oh Please mommy!” she hopped up in excitement, “Can we do it tonight?”


“Sure sweetie” she said.  Thinking furiously, Deirdre began planning how she was going to “seduce” Jack into having sex with their daughter tonight.  Playing through several increasingly complex and ridiculous scenarios in her mind, she finally settled on a fairly direct approach.  When Jack returned to the house that evening, Deirdre was waiting for him at the door, wearing only a thin robe.  Beckoning him with one raised finger to follow her upstairs, she said seductively “I took the night off, and I’ve got a special surprise for you upstairs!”


Playing along as if he didn’t know what was coming, Jack followed her upstairs into their bedroom.  Running her hands over his strong chest, Deirdre began urging Jack to remove his clothes.  Stripping and tossing items to the floor, Jack complied, poking his hands under her robe teasingly as he went.  Once he was completely naked, Stephanie stepped out of the bathroom, already completely naked.  Deirdre judged his reaction by the suddenly hardening cock the poked into her waistline.  Tossing her robe to the floor, she climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide.  Before he could move to join her, Jack watched as Stephanie climbed up from the bottom of the bed.  Lying face down she buried her face in Deirdre’s wide open pussy and began gently licking and sucking at it.  She was positioned so that her ass rested on the edge of the bed, pointing straight at Jack.  Lifting her legs off the floor, she spread them wide apart and wiggled her ass at Jack.  “Surprise!” Deirdre said, smiling nervously at her husband, still not certain he would play along in the unorthodox little game.


Stepping up behind Stephanie, Jack watched both women intently as he gently began toying with his penis against Stephanie’s exposed crotch.  Deirdre smiled encouragingly, and Stephanie pressed backward into his cock eagerly, groaning demandingly.  Taking his stance, Jack began working his way in, driving forward until his penis slammed to a stop deep inside her.  Gently at first, then hard and faster, Jack slowly built up a tremendous orgasm and let it explode inside the young girl.  Sensing his release, Stephanie let loose with a fantastically faked orgasm of her own, for her mother’s benefit.  Amazingly aroused by her daughter’s visible orgasm, Deirdre exploded into one of her own at the sight.  Watching both her parents quivering with the extreme pleasure she had just given them, Stephanie was secretly wailing inside at the unfairness of it all.  Rolling over she took Jack’s cock into her mouth and caressed it gently, sucking the dripping cum off the shaft.  Inwardly she was thinking, “sure, they get off and all I get is a sore pussy and a sticky tongue!”


Putting on her best happy-smiley face, she continued to suck at Jack’s cock like it was a lolly pop.  Tilting her head down she began driving the huge cock deeper into her mouth, until she could taste his balls, then began making swallowing motions with her throat.  Slowly at first, then building up faster and faster, she coaxed a second orgasm out of Jack, his huge wad of cum filling her throat.  Pulling away at last, she tilted her head back and licked her lips, pretending to enjoy the taste as she visibly swallowed his salty load.  Afterwards, Jack took turns showering with both women before collapsing, exhausted, into bed with his wife.  Stephanie begged to join them but both adults ordered her to go to her own room.


Feeling both used and abused, Stephanie’s life became one long succession of other people’s orgasms.  Forced to please mommy by day and Jack by night, she often had to satisfy both in the evening before Deirdre went to work.  When they were alone, Jack continued to play sadistically with the remote, forcing her to perform ever more degrading or painful acts, and giving her punishment sometimes just for the fun of it.  He began to experiment with invisible bondage, making her pretend to be tied up while he whipped or pinched her sensitive zones.  Lying on the bed with her legs spread wide apart, Jack would rape her cruelly with a horned dildo, or smack her thoroughly with whips.  He particularly seemed to enjoy making her stand on her head against the wall while he whipped her pussy and small breasts.


Over the next couple of weeks, Jack cautiously probed at Deirdre’s reactions to this situation, carefully trying to learn if her secret desires matched his.  Listening carefully as she murmured in her sleep, Jack got the hints he needed to realize that she truly did enjoy having such control over her daughter.  Jack made up his mind to include Deirdre in on the club picnic coming up next month.  “Worst case, if she reacted badly, I could always ship her off to the clinic as well,” he chuckled.

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