extreme dark fantasy – Remote Control Love Slave


Part 5: Welcome Home


“Lets’ go inside.  Your mother’s visiting your aunt today.  She’ll be home for diner.”


Silently, Stephanie followed Jack in, then down to the basement.


Jack spent a few minutes studying the commands on the remote, and then pressed Undress.


Sighing inside, knowing worse was coming, Stephanie quickly removed her clothes.


Practicing, Jack toyed with the commands, marching her around the room.  Obeying blindly, she tripped and stumbled, ran into walls, and banged her head on furniture as Jack got the hang of the remote.


Selecting Dress to put her clothes back on, he then enjoyed a long, slow, Strip Tease.  Almost bursting a seam in hard erection as she bent over slowly to remove her panties, he pressed On The Bed.


Looking around, she saw a new bed in the spare room.  Walking over, she lay down and spread her legs.  Eyes clenched, she felt Jack climb on top.


Before setting down the remote, he pressed Quiet.  From a drawer he removed a tube of KY and smeared a gob on her pussy, rubbing it all over, then coated his penis, tip to stern.  Lining up carefully, he pressed his penis against her vagina and worked his head past her lips, then plunged in to the hilt.  Hours of practice had taught her to accept the nauseating pain of forced penetration, but nothing could prepare her for the pain of having her newly revirginated and surgically tightened pussy ripped suddenly open.


“OOOOOWWW!!!” she screamed, thrashing.  Her computer, registering her scream after being ordered to be quiet, administered a sharp correction, jabbing hard at her clit several times.


“MMMPH!”, she responded, and received an even more vicious jab at clit, and both tits.


What Stephanie felt as a crushingly painful electric jolt applied from inside her clitoris, Jack felt as an erotically pleasant tingle against his balls.   Enjoying the feel, he continued plowing her pussy, quickly blowing his wad, too pent up from anticipation to last long.


Pulling out, Jack stuck his penis in Stephanie’s mouth and made her suck it clean.  Grabbing the remote, he pressed Shower, and watched her shuffle into the bathroom and turn on the water.  Then, thinking “What the hell…” he decided to join her.  Stepping in to the shower behind her, he took the soap from her hand and began exploring her rock hard naked body.


Aroused once more, he couldn’t help himself.  Grabbing a tit with each hand, he crushed her tender flesh and drove her ass down onto his erect cock.  Still under command to remain silent, she stifled a groan and relaxed into it as Jack plowed into her from behind. If anything, it hurt even worse having her ass ripped open from behind.  Eventually, clean and satiated for now, Jack canceled her Silence order and sent her to her room to get dressed.


15 minutes later she was summoned by a Come Here order.  Racing downstairs, Stephanie looked for her step father.  Finding him in the living room, she hurried to stand in front of him, hiding her loathing.


“Good girl.  Now, your mother thinks you’ve been away learning to be a proper girl, obedient and respectful of your parents.  From now on you are going to be a perfect angel, the girl all the other mothers hold up as an example.  To help you with this, I’ve programmed a few new signals.”


Hefting the remote, he demonstrated, pressing buttons and explaining what the new signals meant.  “This one is ‘Do the Dishes’, here’s ‘Make Your Bed’, ‘Clean Your Room’, ‘Vacuum The House’,’ Clean The Bathroom’…” he continued demonstrating commands for a while, making her repeat the commands until she had them down.  At last he was confident that she knew her new tasks.


“I’m going to put you on automatic now, so be a good girl.  I don’t want to come back and find you comatose from being punished.”  Jack flipped a switch on the remote, and then took it upstairs to lock it away.


During her training, Jack had had plenty of time to work with the programmers and develop an awesome suite of automatic behaviors.  Programs in firmware came alive and began monitoring and directing Stephanie.


Shocked by the implication that she would be a computer controlled slave even when she was alone, she was startled to feel Clean Your Room a few minutes after Jack had left the house.  Experimentally, she ignored the command, hoping that with no one watching, she could be free.  One minute later, waves of pain assaulted her crotch and tits, and then repeated, Clean Your Room.


Sobbing, she ran upstairs to begin.  Hours later, she had vacuumed, cleaned bathroom and kitchen, done the laundry, and hand washed a weeks worth of dishes.  She was just finishing cooking diner and was about to set the table when her mother came home.  Warned by several quick commands, she had dried her eyes and turned to give her mom a big hug.  With a happy sounding “Mommy!” she ran across the room to her.


“Wow, diner on the table?  And did you clean the house?”


Shyly, she replied “Yes mama.  I’m sorry I haven’t been a good daughter, lately.”


Just then Jack returned.  “Smells good, honey.  Lets eat; your mother has to get to work soon.”


A pleasant diner, small talk, hugs and kisses later, Deirdre said good night to Stephanie and left for work.  Jack took a walk through the house, inspecting every room, and closing all the blinds.  As soon as everyone stood up, Stephanie was signaled Clean The Dishes.  Her mother was surprised, but did not comment as began clearing the table a washing the plates.


By the time she finished dishes, her mother had gone to work, and Jack returned, remote in hand.  “The house looks pretty good, I’ll give you a 9,” he said, tapping on the remote.  “Diner was awful, however.  It deserves a 5, but I’ll be kind today, and give it a 7.”  He punched it in on the remote.  “Anything less than a perfect 10 on both will be punished, of course.  Hmm, 7 and 9 comes to 2 hours, according to this.  You’ve got 1 minute to get on the bed downstairs.”


Unable to understand, she stood frozen until she felt the signal that meant On the Bed jolt up her back.  Running, she raced downstairs, and just made it.  Sudden spasms gripped her body, and pain began tracing circles around her body.  She was back in the cage, reliving her worst nightmares of pain training.  Two hours later it stopped, followed by Undress.  Shower.


After she was clean she received Dress.  Find Master.  Walking swiftly, she moved through the house, finding Jack on the toilet.  She tried to close the door, but he called out, “No, come in.”


Waved over, she kneeled down in front of where he sat on the toilet.  Knee’s spread, he hefted his penis and said, “Open your mouth.”  Gripping the back of her head, she did not resist as he pulled her mouth over his penis.


“Swallow,” he said, as he began to pee in her mouth.  Weeks of discipline kept her from gagging as she swallowed hot urine.  When he was done he stood up and turned around.  “Now like my ass clean.”


Revolted, she had no choice but to comply.  His shit wasn’t much worse than eating cum for four hours straight.  Pulling up his pants and grabbing the remote, he began showing her what her new life would be like.  Like a kid with a new toy, Jack picked up the remote and began toying with it, sending conflicting commands, and making Stephanie quickly shift from one action to another.  The computer automatically tracked her performance, and swiftly her for any slow responses or mistakes that she made.  After an couple of hours, Jack sent her into her own bedroom, and directed her to strip and get onto the bed.


Laying face up, with her legs spread, Stephanie cried silently inside as Jack climbed once more on top of her.  Naked himself, Jack drove his erect penis gently into her vagina as far as it would go, then pressed a new button on the remote.  Stephanie’s pussy began to squeeze and release his cock in waves traveling in and out, as the computer activated the rings of muscle controls embedded in her vagina walls.  Gasping at the unexpected movement inside herself, Stephanie closed her eyes in humiliation as her body unwillingly fucked her hated step father.  Jack leaned forward, grabbed the back of her head, and lowered his lips to hers.  Pressing tightly to her face, he began a long, passionate kiss, sliding his tongue into her mouth.  Weeks of training forced Stephanie to respond automatically, returning the kiss, tongue and all, before she could even think about resistance.  Jack’s arms groped her body, his mouth pressed tight to her face, and her vagina continued to stroke his penis for half an hour or so, and she was beginning to get very sore inside.  The muscles of her vagina had never been exercised before, and were by now burning with exhaustion.  She moaned and squirmed, and Jack finally began working his penis inside her, driving hard for his own pleasure.  Just before he let go his wad at last, he pulled out and rammed his dick down her throat, emptying a large load of cum into her mouth.


Satisfied for the moment, Jack got off the bed, dressed, and pressed Release on the remote.  Automatically checking the time, her computer found it was WAY past her bed time, and sent Stephanie a command to get ready for bed.  Dressed in a short, silk night gown, with no panties, she fell asleep almost instantly.


At 5:00am her mother came home and went immediately to sleep.  At 5:31 Stephanie was awakened by a severe jolt to all her sensitive locations, (she’d slept through the first two milder commands.)  Awake, she was directed to silently creep down to the basement.  Once downstairs, two floors below her sleeping parents, she had to exercise.  Exhausted, on only a few hours of sleep, her new routine began.  Three hours of forced exercise, with heavy punishment for any lack of effort.  Shower.  Jack came down and added a new twist before he went to eat breakfast.  Walking in to the shower he handed her a toothbrush.  Tap, tap on the remote sent a strange tingle from her clit, traveling deep inside.


“That means to insert this all the way into your pussy.”  He waited, watching as she reluctantly started to insert the toothbrush.  “Ah ah… Bristles first.  Nice try.”


Reversing her grip, she drove the brush inside.  A reverse to the first signal came, and she pulled it out.  Tap tap tap, whet the remote.  “There, I’ve added that to your morning cleanup.  Don’t forget to turn the bristles a bit on each stroke, or the computer will add punishment.  Got to keep that snatch clean now,” he said cheerfully.  Jack left the bathroom just as the program began.  An hour later, Stephanie had a very clean, very sore pussy.  After an hour of scrubbing her pussy with a toothbrush, she then had to brush her teeth with it.  Ordered to get dressed at last, she began cleaning the basement.  Trying to be extra thorough today to avoid punishment, she also ran laundry and scrubbed every inch of the bathroom.  Jack had left a note to use her toothbrush when cleaning the toilet.


By the time she finished cleaning the main floor, her mother was up, eating breakfast.  “What’re you doing dear?” she asked.


“Nothing mom, just cleaning the house.  Leave everything to me, I’ll take care of it now.”  Choking back tears, she moved on to the upstairs as her mother happily left to visit her friends.  Mom hated cleaning, and usually waited until Jack’s bitching drove her to it.


Day after day, night after night, Stephanie learned her new role.  Terrified of being sent back to the clinic, she had to play the happy, dutiful daughter whenever her mother was around.  She wanted so badly to tell her mom what had been done to her, what Jack made her do whenever she was not home, but memories of the cage, filled with burning pain that did not stop, kept her silent.  Jack used her mercilessly, usually not even speaking to her, just tapping commands on the remote.  And so it went for the next month, until the end of the summer break.  Cleaning by day, violation by night, exhaustion always, she was rarely allowed more than a few hours sleep.  Each night Jack gave her a rating for obedience, and performance.  She could never quite reach a perfect 10 in either, and usually spend an hour or two in agony as punishment each night.


Jack added voice recognition and programmed his own and her mothers voices.  The slightest suggestion from either was enforced as a stern command by her computer.  She became a virtual slave for her mother.  Playing fashion model for her mother, she helped her dress, get done up, even bathe, Stephanie became the perfect girly girl that Deidre had always wanted.

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