extreme dark fantasy – Remote Control Love Slave


Part 3:  Basic Training


On the morning of the fifth day, the lights in her cell turned up brightly of a sudden, and a cheerful voice announced, “Good morning!  It’s time to begin your training.  Listen carefully and obey each of my commands.  For your information, I am not a live person, I am a computer program.  I will be monitoring your response to each of my commands.  Disobedience or inaction will be punished.  Repeated disobedience will be severely punished.  I will be your trainer for the next several days, until you learn the basics.”


Still shaking sleep out of her eyes, Stephanie was only half listening, wishing she could go back to sleep.


“First, I’ll give you a light demonstration of your new hardware.  You’ve had installed a large number of controls and sensors that will allow us to eventually take complete control of your body.  I will briefly touch each stimulation point lightly, to demonstrate the possibilities to you.  Should you disobey any command given to you, I can use much more forceful stimulus on any or all of these points as punishment.  Are you ready?”


Stephanie was sitting silently, eyes closing, when she felt a sharp stab of pain, like being poked with a pin, strike her clit.  Screaming, she jumped out of bed, wide awake at last.


“You’re first lesson.  You will respond ‘Yes Master’ or ‘No Master’ when asked a question.  Also, from now on, you will speak only when spoken to.  Do you understand?”


Again she hesitated, glaring at the walls of the empty room.  This time the jolt was twice as hard.


“OOOOWWWW” she screamed, rubbing her pussy.


“Incorrect response.”  She was jolted once again, even harder than the first two times.


“Do you understand?”


Dancing around on tip toes, she cried out, “MMMPPP!!  y.. yes”




“Incorrect response, please answer ‘Yes Master’ or ‘No Master'”


“Yes master” she said quickly.


“Very good.  Are you ready for me to continue the demonstration?”


“Yes master.”


“Very good.  Pay attention now.  Move to the center of the room and stand up straight. ”


Uncertain, she did as instructed.


“Very good.  Now spread your legs apart two feet.”


Self consciously, she complied.


“Each of the following is a stimulation point that I can control within your body.  There is almost no limit to the amount of pain that can be applied to each of these locations.  For now, I will apply only a light demonstration tap to demonstrate function.”


A mild jolt stabbed her clitoris, and then a row of pin pricks traced a line down one vaginal lip, and then moved back up the other to end at her clit again.


“Ooo OOOww!” she screamed, and began dancing, digging at her pussy with her fingers.  Sudden raging pain engulfed her crotch and legs, and she collapsed in agony.


“Return to position, stand still, and remain quiet.”


Stammering out a ‘Yes master,’ she fought her way back to her feet, tears gushing from both eyes.


The demonstration continued for about two more hours, until she was ready to collapse from exhaustion.  She’d had to clench her mouth shut and hold her whole body rigid for the entire time to keep from flying into frenzy, earning more punishment.  Finally, the computerized trainer announced a break and ordered her to eat breakfast.


Twenty minutes later her training began in earnest.


For the next six hours the voice called out a slow, continuous string of commands.  Sending a small signal to one or more points, she would be ordered to move an arm or leg just so, turn, bend at the waist, knee, or neck, etc.  Stephanie got off to a bad start, missing command after command, or responding to slowly.  Crying out at painful punishments, she would earn another for not remaining quiet.  She finally began to get the hang of it after about a painful hour of trial and error.  New commands were given verbally first, with a pattern of stimulation to be memorized.  After a couple repetitions, she was supposed to be able to recognize the command indicated by the patterns of mild pain being generated at various points within her body.  If she forgot the correct response, she was instructed to stand still through three repetitions of the order, receiving a punishment for each failure to respond.  Performing an incorrect action did not count as one of these repetitions.  Then the computer would recognize that she’d forgotten a command, and give it again verbally, after a severe punishment for not paying attention.


Five hours later, exhaustion had begun to take its toll, but she was making real progress.  The trainer was able to walk her around the room at various speeds, steering her around corners and positioning her body in various poses.  Then she began falling behind and making mistakes, unable to move her exhausted arms and legs quickly enough, earning ever increasing punishments.  Programmed to look for this as part of the calibration process, the trainer pushed harder, faster, doling out more severe punishments.  At seven and a half hours she collapsed to the floor, unmoving.  After five minutes of severe punishment could not make her rise, the lights dimmed and she was left in peace.  Sprawled unconscious on the floor, she did not stir until awakened eight hours later.


Lights flashing bright, the voice blasted into the room, “On your feet!”


Stephanie cringed, startled awake, then scrambled upward at the warning jolt stabbed lightly at her nipples.


Without preamble, the program began training once again.  “Today we’re going to see if you remember yesterday’s training.”  The computer then began issuing silent commands, stimulating different points in patterns that she had learned the day before.


Not yet fully awake, she began obeying the silent orders. Moving arms out over hear head and then back, was replaced by spreading her legs wide, then back.  The she was silently directed to both actions at once.  Soon she was rapidly performing jumping jacks to keep up with the pace of the signals being sent.  A few minutes in to this routine, something snapped, and she made a dash for the door, screaming “Let me out of here!”  Pounding on the door, flailing her arms, she screamed and cried out in frustration.


Sudden stabbing pain assaulted her body. A five in diameter circle on her belly that felt like someone was poking her repeatedly with a pin began to roam slowly over her chest, across one boob, over her shoulder, snaking it’s way down her back.  Screaming, she began pawing at her skin, tracing the roaming area of pain.  Working it’s way down her back, it traveled over her butt crack, traversing her vagina on its’ way up her chest once more.  Collapsing in agony, she huddled on the floor, writhing and begging, “Stop! Please Stop!” over and over again.


“Move to the center of the room and stand still.”


Head hung low in defeat; she climbed slowly to her feet and complied.  Resuming where it had left off, the trainer began once more issuing commands.  Running, jumping, sitting, standing, she did exercises for hours, until she was drenched in sweat.  The day seemed like it would never end, and she was exhausted when the voice finally announced that it was time for bed.  The lights went low and she stumbled over to her bed and fell asleep almost instantly.


Over the next four days, working 18 hours a day, she was trained to respond to hundreds of commands.  Practice, and punishment, failure and success, she was trained to know signal after signal, and respond immediately.  Any hesitation or wrong response was punished with increasingly painful corrections.  Her one last deliberately disobedient tantrum was rewarded with a full night of screaming punishment, covering her entire body with traveling agony.


Part 4:  Advanced Training


On the sixth morning when she was awakened for her routine, the door to her cell was standing open.  As usual she was immediately instructed to begin her stretches prior to her hour long exercise ordeal.  Obeying, all through the vigorous workout she kept glancing at the open cell door, wondering with foreboding what the day held in store.  Today, after her workout, instead of walking her through new commands, or practicing old one, she was signaled to walk forward, out into the hallway.  She obeyed the instructions, which took her down the hall and through the complex for a long, hard run.


Self conscious at her nudity for the first time in weeks, she cringed inside each time she passed people in the hallway.  Soon she found herself jogging down corridors, through rooms, even up and down stairs.  People, mostly men, were everywhere, and most held out hands to touch her naked form as she passed.  Obediently, she continued to race past, trying to ignore the hands fondling her naked, vulnerable body.


Drenched in sweat after running for more than an hour, she was led at last into a men’s bathroom to do her business on a stall-less toilet.  She was then directed into an open shower, allowed to get truly cleaned up for the first time in over almost two weeks.  Afterward she was marched to another room for her first session with a human trainer.


She was directed to a large open room, filled with various items that she tried not to look closely at.  Moving to the center of the room, she waited as instructed.  A man walked in to the room from behind her, carrying what looked like a large TV remote control. As she watched, the man began pushing buttons and she felt sharp, silent commands being issued. Come Here.  Neel.  Mouth Open.  Sit Still.  She obeyed immediately, chills running down her spine as the function of the remote control registered in her mind.


Without saying a word, the man had positioned her for a blow job.  Dropping his drawers, he whipped out a respectable cock and pressed another button.  Two jolts hit the tip of Stephanie’s tongue.


Panicked, she did not know that signal.  She stared in fright at the man.  “Suck my cock,” he said, pressing the button again.  Revolted, she reluctantly started taking his cock into her mouth, obviously trying to avoid touching it.  Touching a mild pain button, the man said, “Use your tongue.  In and out, all the way down into your throat.  This,” he tapped a button, sending a new tongue signal, “means faster.  This,” another button, “means slower.”  One more button send four jolt down her tongue, from tip to tonsils.  “This means deeper, and if I repeat it, it means slide my cock down your throat and begin swallowing motions repeatedly until I say stop.”


Playing maestro on the remote, he began directing her first blow job.  When he signaled Swallow she thought for sure that she would puke, but managed to get it in.  The man grabbed her head and pulled, ramming deeper.


Mouth wide open, she tasted his hairy ball-sack filling her mouth as she began long swallowing motion down her throat.  Uncomfortably, she continued for several minutes, and then felt thick liquid filling her throat.  Gagging, she tried to pull out, but he held her head down and rammed his cock deeper.  Choking, she swallowed desperately, which served to milk more cum, heightening his orgasm, extending his ejaculation.  She swallowed and swallowed, until he finally ran dry.


“Oh God!” moaned the man.  “THAT’S what I’m talking about!”


Face, mouth, and throat covered in cum, Stephanie hung her head low in shame once the man finally pulled out of her mouth.  A dark wave of humiliation and despair washed over her as the man dressed and moved across the room.  Then it was time to continue.


“Lets get started, shall we?  Open that chest against the wall.”


Obeying, she found that it was full of clothes.  She felt a tingle spiral around both legs from ankle to crotch.


“That means to get dressed.”


Startled, then eager, she dove into the chest and began pulling out clothes.  Panties.  Bra.  Socks.  Blouse.  Mini-skirt.  Dressed for the first time in weeks, it actually felt strange to be covered.  The man pressed Come Here, and she jumped up and ran over to stand in front him of him automatically.  He pressed another button and the spiral tingle ran down her legs from crotch to ankle.


Familiarity with many other commands prompted her to begin undressing before the man had to explain that signal.  For two hours the man made her practice dress, and undress, until she could do both quickly.  Then, after one last Dress, he hit a new button.  Spiral tingles pulsed down then up both legs several times, quickly.


Expecting to undress, Stephanie froze at the new signal.  “That means Strip Tease.  Dance for me, while you slowly remove your clothes, piece by piece.”


Uncertainly, Stephanie tried to comply, adjusting her actions as the man made comments.  The rest of the session was spent practicing Strip Tease, until she could give the man a solid woody by the time she was naked.


Just before the six hour session was over, he commanded another blow job.  She still wasn’t very good at it, and the man had to grab her by the hair and fuck her throat to finish, but he sent her to her next assignment with a mouth full of cum.


The rest of the day consisted of two more training sessions. First came “Etiquette” and she spent six hours learning how to be a proper lady. The final session was “Pain Tolerance” which mostly consisted of standing still while being whipped or spanked, or being punished quite painfully for NOT standing still.  She found that it was far more degrading responding to a person pressing buttons on a remote, than it was obeying a computer voice, alone in her cell.  It was much worse again when they made her perform for an audience.


Six men greeted her the next morning when she arrived at her first session. They started by passing the remote around every few minutes, each man toying with her.  She was punished twice while practicing Strip Tease, to make her put more heart in it.  She was then forced to work her way through all six men three times, giving blow jobs.  This time she had to do all the work, and she couldn’t finish each man until a good wad of cum went down her throat.  Anything that hit the floor had to be licked up. When she finally finished one man said,  “That was your breakfast bitch, hope you enjoyed it”


The rest of the session was a nightmare.  The six men passed around the remote, sending command after confusing command.  She struggled to keep up, but was frequently punished for missing something, or responding to slow.  At the end of the session it was lunch time. The six men each demanded a blow job before sending her on to the next session. Swallowing a heaping wad of cum from each man, she was again informed that this was her meal.


More training in the afternoon, more pain, more humiliation later, it was finally dinner time.  The man with the remote flipped a switch and the computer trainer took over.  She was led through an extra intense exercise routine, then a flat out run for several miles around and around the complex.  Finally she was led in to an open locker room to take a shower. Completely exhausted, she hardly noticed the men fondling her.  Once cleaned up, the computer drove her to the cafeteria instead of her cell.  She was made to give head to all comers for the rest of the night.  Stephanie was starving. She’d been working hard all day, and had had nothing to eat except a large amount of cum. She was finally allowed a real meal. Informed that she had been a “good girl” today, she wall given free access to the buffet. After a good hearty meal she was once more steered into her cell for the night.


The next day started what would be her routine for the next six weeks. Awakened at dawn, she was run through a vigorous bit of exercise, and then driven by preprogrammed commands to a room with 7 or 8 waiting men. Blow jobs for breakfast continued until all the men were satisfied.

After breakfast she was led to a training room.  Tools of pain and bondage lined the walls, and she was led into the center of the room.


“Legs apart.  Bend down and grab your ankles.”  A new signal pattern tingled her butt cheeks.  “That is the command to assume this position.  Remain there until told otherwise.”


Striding to a table, the man picked up a pencil thick rubber rod about two feet long.  Stephanie felt the man step up behind her, then spread her ass cheeks.  Without warning, pain bloomed as the man rapidly rammed a foot of the rod into her ass.


“AAAH… AAAAAAH… OOOOWW!” she cried, legs spasming.  Somehow she managed to maintain her stance.


Grabbing the protruding rod with both hands, her yanked it out hard, waited a few seconds, then drove it home again.


“OH GOD!  PLEASE STOP!” Stephanie screamed.


Again, and again, and again, the man sodomized her ass, while she begged for mercy.  Then he switched to a new tool.  Using a riding crop he began whipping her body.  Legs, arms, back butt, he finally reached her crotch and began smacking her pussy thoroughly.  She collapsed and huddled in a ball at this assault, screaming.


Stepping back, the man pressed the maximum punishment button, which until now Stephanie had never experienced.  Inside her body, hundreds of pain controls lit up, sending fire racing up every nerve in her body.  In addition, hundreds more muscle controls activated, locking parts of her body rigid and setting off painful muscle spasms everywhere.  She wanted to scream.  She wanted to die.  Clenched muscles and pain barely allowed her to breathe.


“H… Hhh… Hhh..” she rasped.


The pain command was currently programmed for one minute.  He waited for it to end, then three more minutes to let her recover, before pressing the command to resume her stance.


Fortunately for her, Stephanie responded immediately, struggling to get up.  Because she was obviously trying, the man didn’t punish her again when it took over five minutes to get her legs in control enough to stand.


Returning to the work bench, the man grabbed another dildo.  This one was thicker, and had cruel ridges and bumps projecting along the shaft.  Placing it firmly against her pussy this time, he began forcing about fourteen inches of shaft in and out steadily.


Screaming, Stephanie locked her legs, gripped her ankles, and clenched her eyes tight, trying to endure the pain.


Touching a button on the remote, the man forced the girls’ vaginal muscles to contract, gripping the dildo firmly. Then, using two hands, he continued his rape for half an hour.


With the computer forcing her pussy muscles to clench, it felt like she was having a painful muscle spam inside her the whole time.  Cumined with the continued penetration, it felt like she was being ripped open.


“WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” she cried.  She quivered, but did not resist, fearing even worse punishment.


Six hours of penetration sex training was followed by six more of oral. This session included men and women both. She was forced to learn how to please both sexes, using only her tongue, lips, and in some cases, throat.


Her third session for the day was all about personal care and maintenance. She was taught makeup, hair styling, proper dress for various occasions, and most especially body care. She practiced self waxing for hair removal until she’d stripped her entire body twice over.


Session followed session, day followed day, she was trained in every aspect of being the slave she was to become: Proper decorum and manners, swift obedience to commands, acceptance of pain. She learned when to obey instructions literally, where even breathing without orders was punished, and when she should follow the spirit of the command and simply be on her best behavior.


51 days into her training, the staff was nearly ready to conclude her training and send her home. A few steps remained to be completed, however. A final bit of surgery was performed to repair her hymen, and severely tighten both vaginal and anal tracks. Then only one stage remained in her training.


Thoroughly dominated by her training at this point, Stephanie complied listlessly as she was led, step by step, down the corridor.  Not even caring where they wanted her to go anymore, she had her head hung low and her eyes shut, and simply obeyed each command to step, turn, open doors, etc.


Near her destination a door opened in front of her, and she looked up at last.  Piercing screams could be heard from somewhere down the hall.  Moving forward again, she walked down and to the right, into a moderately large room.  A dozen cages lined the walls, and six had women in them.  One, a slender beauty about 23 years old, was the source of the screams.  Writhing and thrashing inside her cage, Stephanie could not see what was causing her distress.


“Don’t mind Melinda, my dear” a man said from behind her.  “She’s only been here a day.  She’ll quiet down in a few more days, when her voice goes.”  He chuckled and laid an arm around her shoulder to steer her to another cage.


Looking more carefully, Stephanie suddenly that ALL of these women were in agony.  Writhing, quivering, mouthing silent screams.  Suddenly terrified, Stephanie focused sharply on the man and listened as he explained.


“You see, you are nearly ready to be sent home, to begin your new life.  But before we let you go, you need to understand that you can never again be free.  Any attempt to escape, to tell someone what we’ve done to you, even simple disobedience to your owner, will land you here for punishment, probably for the rest of your life. You need to be given a taste of what can happen to you if you ever fail to completely satisfy your owner.”


“Let me introduce you around.  This is Carrie,” he indicated a skinny red head, about 27 years old.  “Her husband purchased her training about 5 years ago, but she tried going straight to the police the first time he left her home alone.  We disabled her before she could leave the house of course, and she’s been here ever since.”


Moving on she was directed to two blonds, who must have been twins.  “We don’t usually pick up runaways, but Mary and Sarah here were special.  We got them for free off the street, and made quite a nice profit off their sale.  Unfortunately, their owner was rather a harsh task master.  He kept sending them back for punishment.  What was it again?  Oh yes, they wouldn’t stand still properly while he used their pussy for an ash tray.  We had to collect and train another pair to replace these two, rather a bother.”


“Anyway, this next woman is Rachael.  I do believe she’ll 35 in a few weeks.  She’s been here since she was about your age, our very first failure.  Also our best object lesson too,” he smiled.


Rachel was just a quivering heap on the floor.  Drool, feces, and urine covered the cage floor.


“Now these last two are fellow trainee’s, like yourself.  You see, we’ve found that simple demonstrations and warning aren’t enough.  Until you lived it, had the pain burned into your subconscious, you just don’t know what’s at stake.  You’ve already met Melinda there, who just started yesterday, and this dark haired beauty here is Angela.  She’s been here 6 days now, and we should be letting her out tomorrow.”


Angela was almost as active as Melinda, dancing, squirming, obviously trying to scream, but her voice was lost.


With a gentle push from behind, Stephanie was driven into a cage, next to Melinda.


“You need to understand, this is not a punishment.  You’ve done nothing wrong.  In fact, you’ve been a very good girl, or you wouldn’t be here.  This is training, to teach you what can happen at the slightest disobedience, once you return home. You need to know that no matter what your owner demands, no matter how painful it seems, it’s nothing compared with what we’ll do to you if you’re brought for discipline.  Your owner has paid for complete control, and if he wants you the sit on hot coals, stab yourself with a knife, or jump off the roof, you’d better obey!  Now then, lets begin.”


Latching shut the door, the man pulled out her remote and hit a button.  Randomly, throughout her body, muscles began to clench painfully, then relax.  Twitching and dancing in pain, she tried not to cry.  Then the man pressed another button and sharp pain exploded briefly at her crotch, then faded slowly.  A few seconds apart, pain blossomed in one tit, then down her leg, and so on, randomly.  The constant muscle spasms went on, beginning to leave the burning pain of exhaustion.  Screaming, Stephanie fell to her knees and begged, “PLEASE STOP, PLEASE STOP, I’LL DO ANYTHING, PLEASE STOOOPP!”


Turning out the lights, the man left them all in the dark.  Screaming, pain continued to build.  Her muscles were screaming agony after only an hour, and the painful electrical jolts kept getting harder and faster.


By morning, Melinda had lost most of her voice, but Stephanie was emitting one long, piercing shriek.  The next day, Angela was led away at last.  Melinda and Stephanie endured, day after day.  Food was brought in a dog dish.  Stephanie, starving, ate raggedly, fighting wrenching muscle spasms to swallow the bland mush.  After 7 days of pure hell, Stephanie was finally let out, taken away to get ready for delivery. Melanie had been removed the day before, and Stephanie’s last day was spent wondering about her fate.


Stephanie was returned to her original cell for three days of rest.  Even then she was weak on her feet when she was marched up to the shower to get cleaned up.  It was decided to hold her an extra three days, for recovery.  Morning stretches were followed by strenuous exercise for most of each day, ending in a few hours of entertaining the male staff before bed.


Finally, she was judged to be in good physical shape, and, demonstrating her eagerness to please, she was dressed, and marched upstairs, into a plain white van.  Blind fold on her head, the van drove off.


Some three hours later the blind fold was removed, and she was let out at her home.  Jack stood waiting, smiling hungrily at her.


“Here you go sir,” one of the men said, handing Jack the remote control.  “We hope you enjoy your purchase.”  Climbing back in, the van drove off.

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