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Part 2:  Surgery


It was Friday morning, and Stephanie had just finished packing her travel bag and was zipping it closed. From downstairs, her creepy stepfather Jack called up, “Stephanie, hurry up!  Your ride is here.”


Anxious to be gone, she tried to hurry it up.  She really wanted to get away for a couple weeks.  Mom was seriously getting on her nerves, and Jack had been extra creepy the last few days.  Dragging the bag off her bed she rolled it out the door.  She was hoping she’d packed enough clothes, thinking about how much fun the next two weeks was going to be.  “Two whole weeks away at camp, with no creepy Jack, no Do the Dishes, Clean Your Room, CHANGE THOSE CLOTHES, from mom” she thought, as she lugged the case along.


Grunting, she lifted the heavy bag and descended the stairs.  Jack and a man who must have been the bus driver waited at the bottom of the stair.  She was puzzled when she noticed another large drag bag standing by the front door, but didn’t think any more of it.  As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stuck out her tongue and rudely tried to brush past Jack. Instead of letting her by, he grabbed her arm and swung her around to face him.  Reaching down, he closed his fist over her hand holding the carry bag.


“Here, let me get that,” he said, prying the bag out of her hand, and holding her in place for a moment.  She opened her mouth to scream “Don’t touch me!” but, before she could even draw in the breath a firm hand covered her face with a damp cloth.  The “bus driver” had been waiting for the distraction.  Anger faded to confusion as the ether on the rag quickly knocked her out.


Letting the limp girl slide to the floor, Jack grabbed the large luggage case by the door.  He and the delivery agent stuffed the unconscious teen into the bag, and wheeled the bag out to the man’s car.  Jack smiled as she was driven away, packed securely in the car trunk.  Upstairs, Jack’s wife Deirdre was still sound asleep, and never heard a thing.  She was a shift supervisor and worked nights at the local hospital.  She had just gone to bed an hour ago, and would be sleeping like a log for at least another 6 hours.  As far as she knew, her troubled daughter was off to summer boarding school, to learn a little discipline and good manners.


Hours later, Stephanie woke up in a small cell, dimly lit.  Confusion.  Pain.  Fear.  PANIC!  Memory returned, and adrenaline surged!  She raced around the little six foot square room, banged on the solid, heavy, wooden door.  Unable to help herself, she screamed.  “HELP! Let me out.  Is anybody out there?”


And, in fact, there was.  They’d been waiting for her to wake up, so they could continue with their preparations.  They had to let the drugs wear off completely before applying more anesthesias for the first surgery.


The door opened and two huge men reached in and each grabbed an arm and a leg, carrying her away down the long hallway outside the door.  Kicking, scream, and spitting mad, she was helpless as they easily carted her down to the operating room, chatting casually to each other.


“This one’s a wild cat, eh Bill?”


“What?  Oh, she’s not as bad as that Asian chick they brought in last week.  I’ve still got six stitches from her damn claws.”


Through the doors, they lifted, then plopped her on the gurney, face up.  Leaning, both men pinned her arms painfully tight, outstretched over her head, while a nurse locked the heavy, padded wrist restraints.  Shifting grip to her legs, they forced her ankles into widely spread stirrups and waited for the nurse to finish securing her ankle restraints.  Satisfied that she was secure, the men left the room and returned to their normal duty posts.


“Just relax for a minute,” the nurse told Stephanie.  “The doctors will be here shortly to explain the procedure.”


“Let me GO!  Help me! Somebody please help me!!”  Her voice was shrill with panic.  She was thrashing wildly and screaming bloody murder when the two doctors walked in a few minutes later.


“Oh my,” said Steve.  “Gary, hook her up and start a light drip, will you?  Don’t put her out just yet though.  I need to explain the procedure to her.”


“Sure thing. Steve.”  Gary flipped another restraint over an elbow, locking one forearm down like a vise.  Quickly he inserted an IV needle, and administered a sedative.


Eyes half closing as the drug kicked in, Stephanie lost the strength to struggle, limbs going numb.  Still mostly alert, she watched helplessly as Steve picked up the surgical scissors.  “That’s much better.  Now, I know you’re very confused, so let me explain for a bit.  Your stepfather Jack has paid us to give you a few surgical modifications, and some training that he feels will make you a better daughter.  Your mother thinks you’ve been sent off to boarding school, of course, to learn some manners, and she’s not really expecting you to be home for quite some time.  What else was there, oh yes:  The summer camp thing was just a ruse.  They both lied to you about that.”


Shaking her head in denial, she continued to listen.


“So then, let me explain a little about the procedure we have scheduled for you.  We’re going to install some rather interesting hardware into your body.  More than a few items, actually, your stepfather really went all out on your package.  We can discuss the details of exactly what we’re installing at a later time.  So, let’s see what we have to work with, and then we can get started, shall we?”


Raising the scissors, he started at one ankle and began cutting her loose sweat pants up the outside of her leg, all the way to the waist band.  As she realized what he was doing, she began screaming once more.


“NOOO, STOP, DON’T!” she cried.


Shearing through the other pant leg, once he reached the waistband again, he lifted and pulled her shredded sweats away.  Next he started on her shirt, cutting it up the middle, and then doing each arm inward to her neck.  The shirt joined the pants in the trash bin next to the operating table.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, which left only two more quick snips to remove her cute little panties.


Steve began examining her entire body, running hands firmly along every inch, looking for any flaws they might have to fix later.  Fondling each breast firmly, he verified that they were supple and smooth, with no lumps or blemishes.  Taking a critical look at her spread vigina, he ran fingers through her lips for a minute, the grunted.  “You loose the bet, Bill,” he commented.


“Very disappointing young lady!” he scolded Stephanie.  “Your stepfather had expected that you were still a virgin.  Oh well, it’s nothing that we can’t fix.  Gary, make a note on her chart and green light the extended training.  She’s not a virgin to begin with, so we might as well take advantage and train her fully.  We can schedule a revirgination just before delivery.”


“You got it.  Are we ready to go now?” he replied.


“Just about.  Go ahead and up the drip while I lay out my tools.”


Turning back to Stephanie, he said, “We’ll talk more when you wake up.”


Steve decided to begin the procedure with the trickiest part.  Threading a hair fine needle with a nearly invisible wire, he began installing the clitoral stimulator lead.  Patiently isolating her tiny clit between thumb and forefinger, he exactingly inserted the needle down the perfect center of the shaft.  Cutting a small hole inside her belly button, he inserted a special to and manipulated the grip to pull the needle into her abdomen.  With another tool, he stripped a half inch of insulation from the end of the wire, exposing bare copper.  He then carefully pulled the wire through into her abdomen to take up the slack.  Pausing, he pulled the last inch very carefully, making sure the exposed copper ended just at the extreme tip, occupying her entire clitoral shaft.


To make sure the sharp wire stayed put, so it could not be driven in to an unsuspecting penis during sex, for example, a knot was stitched with the wire, where it entered her abdomen.  Working carefully, four more stimulus wires were then inserted through and into each vaginal lip, evenly spaced along the entire length.  Next, a dozen heavier control leads were installed in three rings around her vaginal cannel, capable of driving her muscles to contract tightly.  Hours of painfully precise work, requiring intense concentration, but these doctors were true artists, and took pride in a job well done.


Exhausted, the doctors finally wrapped it up for the day, closing her belly button and leaving the wires spooled neatly inside her abdominal cavity for now.  Eight straight hours is a long time for delicate micro surgery, but the hardest phase was done


Waking slowly, Stephanie was very weak from the drugs still in her system.  Awareness returned, and with it pain.  Her pussy was on fire, like someone had invaded it with a wire brush.  This wasn’t to far from the truth, actually.  Moaning softly, she lay still and thought evil thoughts about Jack.  No way is he getting away with THIS, she thought.  She lay in bed all day and a night to give her time to recover, and then the next morning was carted back to the table to be operated on again.


More wires were installed, both the heavy muscle control and fine stimulus leads, three in the tongue, a dozen in the jaw muscles, each finger and toe, and dozens in each limb.  It took eight days to install all the hundreds of wire runs and support hardware, with half that spent in recovery.  Additional sensors and control runs were installed that could detect muscle position and stress, electrical impulses generated by her nervous system, even a cellular modem for remote access and diagnostics.  The eighth day was a twelve hour marathon to install the six fuel cell membranes that would leach sugar from her flowing blood and turn it into electricity.  One more day of rest followed, before they installed the internal computer controller, and connected all the control leads.


Almost anticlimactic, the last operation was an easy four hour affair.  The hundreds of fine wires were carefully drawn out through her opened belly button.  Technicians carefully probed each one with a signal generator and probe, to identify it’s location within her body, and then connected it to a cigar shaped computer module.  Once all the wires were connected and tested, the computer was initialized and diagnostic programs ran checks on every stimulator, muscle controller, and feedback sensor connection.  Then the unit was pushed carefully through her belly button, situated among her intestines and secured in place.  She was then carefully sealed up, belly button stitched closed.  As promised, ten days for hardware install, and testing.


She was given four full days to recover and adjust.  She was left locked in her small cell, naked and cold, with nothing in the room but a bare cot and a large pot in one corner to serve as a toilet.  She could move around a little, but was very sore.  Stephanie spent the next four days completely alone, knowing that some kind of unspeakable medical procedure had been done to her, trying unsuccessfully not to think about it.  She wept.  She cried.  She pleaded, and fought, and banged her head.  Nothing helped.

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