The New Girl At the Firm


I stood in the corner of the ballroom sipping cheap champagne that the tuxedo wearing waiters passed around with dour smiles on their faces. My feet ached from the heels I was wearing, I’d worn fashionable shoes instead of something more practical and all I could do was dream of the time when I got home and could put my feet up.

The party had been going on for little more than an hour, I had on a nice black skirt and a white blouse and looked utterly plain. Unfortunately I didn’t have anybody to talk to and stood lonely in the corner.

I’d just started with the law firm as a paralegal a couple months ago. I didn’t know anybody really and I didn’t want to show up to the party at all but Tom–the attorney I worked for–he demanded I come. It was the event of the year for the firm and he’d said and he didn’t want me to miss it, though I was regretting listening to him now. I had a long ride on the train home and just wanted to get started on the weekend, not that I had anything in particular to do. It’s kind of hard to have much of a social life when you’re 23 years, old new to the city and barely making enough to get by on. Everything was so expensive and now, thinking back on it, I don’t even know why I made the move in the first place? I guess it was the lure of something different; the excitement and thrills I’d never experienced before, but now, actually living the life, it didn’t seem so exciting, and there were very few thrills. It was hard to meet people, not that I was unattractive, but back home I’d been the prom queen, and in college I was a cheerleader, but in the big city it’s a different world, I’d been totally insecure about my looks since I’d got here, I was no longer anything special or unique, I was just one amongst the crowd of really pretty girls.

I saw him coming across the ballroom floor, I was tempted to bolt into the ladies room as soon as he started in my direction. His name was John and he scared me, I don’t know why exactly, I’d barely spoken 10 words to him since I’d started, or more truthfully, he hadn’t spoken 10 words to me. I was just a nobody, a new, stupid paralegal while he was the young hotshot lawyer. He was a god in the office already, I didn’t know the details of the case, but I’d heard he’d pulled a major coup the previous year, some suit that he’d manipulated brilliantly and made a ton of money on for the firm, and himself of course. Since he’d won the case John could do whatever he wanted around the building and I’d heard he’d conquered a number of the girls in the office. Rumor had it he fucked them hard and left them quickly, but even with the tales circulating nothing bad was going to touch him, not as long as he won the big cases.

John’s eyes were on me and I felt a cold chill thru my body, I wanted so bad to run but my legs were like jell-o and I couldn’t move. There was an aching in the pit of my stomach as he got closer, John terrified me and I wanted to get away so bad. In spite of the rumors of how he fucked the girls so hard and aggressively he was a quiet and unassuming guy, I don’t know why he filled me with so much fear, he seemed so innocuous. Maybe it was the eyes, the way he stared through me every time I’d been around him.

I tried to duck into a conversation amongst one of the little groups nearby but somehow I got pushed off into the corner with my back against the wall, I was trapped and he was only about 10 ft away.

“Hello Mr. Murray.” I could barely stutter out the words, I tried to act calm but he kept getting closer and closer till my back thudded against the wall, I could feel the heat of his breath on my face and the scent of his cologne in my nostrils.

“Hello Mr. Murray.” He hadn’t responded to my first greeting, my heart was beating a million miles an hour and I could feel the sweat on my brow as he stared at me, his piercing blue-green eyes looking right through me. I tried to shift my body so I could get a little air but John stood right in front of me, almost engulfing me with his frame and blocking me from the rest of the guests at the party. The blood was pounding in my ears and my stomach was on fire.

“I’ve been watching you.” My mouth went dry, I wanted to respond but I couldn’t say anything for long agonizing seconds.

“Wha…whaat are you talking about.” He had me pinned against the wall, I could feel his thick leg against mine holding me there.

“What are you doing, I don’t like this, let me out.” The loud din of the party kept anybody else from hearing my raised voice and the fear that bubbled to the surface, but I could hear the nervousness in my words.

“I think its time.”

“Time, time for what.” I tried to stay calm but I could hear my voice cracking. I wished somebody else could see me but John loomed over me, blocking me from view. I tended to be on the petite side, I told everybody I was 5’4”, but I was lucky to measure 5’3” on a good day, and technically I was 5’2” with a very thin, almost tiny frame, John towered over me and kept me out of sight.

“It’s time for you to become my slave of course.”

“Wha…What the fuck are you talking about.” I tried to push him away, I put my hand in his rock hard chest but he didn’t budge.

I wanted to scream when he grabbed my wrist and twisted till it hurt.

“I know you’re a slut, I bet you want me to fuck you right now, don’t you.” He twisted my wrist even harder till I could feel the strain in my bones.

“I don’t think you want me to make you scream here, do you?” I could feel the tears welling in my eyes, I could feel the molding on the wall pressing into my hips. I couldn’t even see around him he was so much bigger than I was.

“I want you to go into the ladies room and remove your panties, don’t say a word to anybody, then go get me a drink, a long island iced tea I think, and then I want you to come right back to me and put your panties in my jacket pocket, understand?” I couldn’t take my eyes off his, the hair on the back of my neck stood up as a chill ran down my spine, his gaze was so cold I didn’t know what to do.

John let go of my wrist, for an instant I rubbed my arm where he’d twisted it so hard. His thigh was against mine still pinning me up against the wall.

“You have fifteen minutes, if you’re not back by then you’ll be punished later.” He moved out of the way just enough for me to get by. I could feel the perspiration on my forehead, I was panting as the adrenaline pumped through my veins.

I swear everybody was watching me as I moved through the crowd. It felt like my face was on fire as I walked gingerly to the ladies room. My legs had never felt quite so unstable as I sulked into one of the stalls and locked the door shut. I sat down on the toilet seat trying to catch my breath. It felt like there was an impossibly large weight on my chest.

I didn’t know what to do, I thought about just sneaking out the back way. What could he do to me, I’d just avoid him at the office, I’d…but what if, what if he did something at the office, what if he told people things? I couldn’t afford to lose my job and there was a look in his eyes that made me afraid he’d do something to really hurt me.

I looked down at my watch, I didn’t have much time, my heart was pounding. My hands felt like they were wrapped in huge awkward gloves as I slowly lifted my skirt and eased my panties down over my hips. I couldn’t believe how wet my pussy was, I didn’t feel aroused but my juices were running down my thighs. My head was ringing, I couldn’t believe what was happening, my chest was burning and with each breath I thought I’d pass out I was so light headed.

I looked back down at my watch, I knew I could sneak out the back way, he’d never see me pass. My whole body was shaking like a leaf.

I wasn’t even thinking, I could hear myself breathing heavily, I knew my face must have been as red as a beet as I moved back out into the party. I had to concentrate on each step, my legs felt so weary and weak. I could feel the eyes upon me as I know they must have known I wasn’t wearing panties. I was so wet my thighs were soaked.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him, he hadn’t moved an inch. He didn’t even seem to react when he saw me, but I knew he was watching my every move.

“Hello Mr. Murray.” My voice was weary as I greeted him, I could barely whisper out the words. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me against the wall again, his large body made me disappear from view.

“From now on you will call me Master, nothing else.” He put his leg between mine locking me against the wall. I couldn’t do anything, there was no place I could go and nothing I could do to get away.

“Where are your panties?” I couldn’t look him in the eyes because of the shame, I didn’t know if it was possible, but it felt like my face went another 10 shades of red.

My hand was shaking so bad I could barely grab my panties from my bag. I pulled them out and tried to hide them from view as I pushed them into his hand but he wouldn’t take them.

“Sniff them for me, tell me what you smell?” My hands were shaking like a leaf and if he hadn’t had me pinned to the wall I think I would have fallen over.

“Please, this has gone far enough.” I felt his knee raise and press against my pussy, he started lifting me off the ground, spreading my legs even wider as he forced me up.

“Stop, stop…” I tried to push down his leg but he was much too powerful for me, it hurt.

“Okay, okay, I’ll smell them.” I whispered even though nobody else could hear. The music was loud and hundreds of voices echoed off the wooden floor of the ballroom making it hard to hear anything distinct.

I wanted to cry, I balled my panties in my hand and held them to my nose, I sniffed quickly and tried to put my hand down but John grabbed my wrist and pushed the sopping lace back in to my face.

“Tell me what you smell slut.” I didn’t know how much more I could take, my body was shuddering like a tree in a storm. I could smell the musky scent of my sex, I’d smelt it a thousand times before, but never before had it smelt so intense, so powerful, I swore everybody close by must have been able to smell it too.

I was gasping and sweat was pouring down my face by the time John pulled my panties from my nose. He took them from my hand and put them in his pocket.

“Good girl.” He eased his knee down so it wasn’t up between my legs anymore, but he was so close to me I could feel the heat off his chest. He grabbed for my forearm and squeezed my wrist tight.

“Let’s get away from the crowd slut.” I knew my face must have been a bright shade of red as he pulled–almost dragging me–through the mass of bodies that mingled around the ballroom. I couldn’t hear over the ringing in my ears as he pushed me toward the elevator door.

“Get in!” He pushed me in the empty car. I could see my reflection in the door as the mirrored compartment started rising.

“You can’t do this to me.” I breathlessly got the words out, my voice was trembling and I could barely speak. John looked at me, his cold green eyes were fixed on me but he didn’t respond.

The elevator door opened to the 4 th floor and he pushed me out into the hall. I wanted to scream when he grabbed me by the elbow.

“Get over here.” I didn’t have a choice, John’s large hand encircled my arm as he dragged me toward the open atrium that rose from the ballroom below. I could hear the joyful sounds of the party as the music wafted up and echoed off the glass roof.

“Grab the railing and spread your legs.” I felt like a child as I started to whimper. I grabbed the wooden railing in my hands and looked over the edge, I could see the people mingling around below, laughing and smiling, having a good time.

“What—“ I felt John lift my skirt, I twisted my head to see him pull his hard cock from his pants.

“Go ahead, scream.” My throat went dry and I thought I was going to faint. I could see the glistening pre-cum on his prick as he took hold of my hips and pulled me back to him. I had to bite my lip in order to keep from screaming as the bulbous head of his cock pressed against my opening. My ears were ringing so loud I could no longer hear the sounds of the party below, I closed my eyes and started whining as his huge dick slid in my wet pussy. I grunted as his hips slammed into mine and his prick was buried to the hilt in me.

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