Vasectomy as Condition of Relationship


(outline of story in progress)

In the 21st Century it’s a woman’s world and when young woman wants to take her relationship with her new boyfriend to the next level it’s her boyfriend who needs to take very personal responsibility for contraception.


Adrian had been dating Lisa for the past six weeks but beyond passionate kissing and fondling Lisa had so far resisted Adrian’s increasingly desperate attempts to take things further… Then Lisa reveals to Adrian her new-age feminist views – which have now become mainstream views at this futuristic stage of the 21st century – which means that Adrian must take full responsibility for ensuring no unwanted pregnancy and the only way that Lisa will acept this being done – and as a show of Adrian’s serious intentions for Lisa – Adrian must have vasectomy. If Lisa wants to become pregnant in future then she can either hire a stud gigolo or go to a sperm bank, which in these times are not exactly infrequent options for women to start families.. Adrian’s only 23 and although Lisa’s got him hot and bothered, and in this day and age of feminism it would be touch to find a woman who would NOT ask for the same thing (or worse), he is losing sleep over the issue. But they keep meeting and Lisa keeps driving him wilder and wilder with her escalating teasing that he gives in and sacrifices his fertility for her pleasure. But this is when he fun just begins… as soon as Adrian has deposited his sperm into a bank (and signed over full ownership of his sperm to Lisa) and been snipped, the bitch slaps him into a chastity belt and lets him out just once a week for a handjob – sometimes with ejaculation – to ensure that his loose sperm take as long as possible to leave his body so that he remains fertile – at least in a declining way – for up to four months with his throbbing hard cock entrapped in a chastity device. Lisa won’t allow him real sex until the doctor gives Adrian’s sperm the all-clear and she knows that rationing his cumming will delay the all clear. Meanwhile, the heavy petting continues and Lisa is having plenty of wet orgasms with Adrian kneeling between her legs each night and practicing cunnilingus daily as a precondition of his weekly jack-off.

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