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Hi ,

This is Snigdha again . Due to reasons , I could not publish another thrilling experience for weeks . Any how , I am going to narrate that hot experience now .

Me and my brother in law formed a wonder ful combination . After the departure of my elder sister to her office and children to their schools , both of us combined together to launch another paradise on earth . Without giving any slightest of hints to any one, we enjoyed ourselves to the optimum . We spend about a month like this utilising all possible times to be cherished for ever.

In the middle of August came the news about my university examination results . I had to return immediately to my native place . My sister and brother in law could not accompany me due to lack of leaves to their credit . Any how , they located an old couple visiting Kerala shortly to attend a wedding in their family and arranged my return trip with them.

It was painful for me to leave Delhi . I came there as an innocent village girl and was returning with a lot of unforgettable experiences and as a complete woman too .

The couple with whom my journey was arranged was one Mr. Nambiar – a retired Army Major and his wife . They had to go to Badagara – at the northern side of Kerala and hence opted for Mangala Express for the Travel . As they too had to make a hurried programme , they could not get A.C tickets and managed sleeper class tickets only through some contacts . I didn’t got the reservation even but Mr. Nambiar agreed to accommodate me too .

The train started around 10.00 A.M from the Nizamuddin railway station . Our compartment was filled with passengers bound for Bombay to celebrate the Vinayak Chaturthi Festival . Every one was chatting either in Hindi or Marathi . I felt isolated there due to my inadequacy in Hindi . Mrs. Nambiar was a punjabi woman and knew only a few words in malayalam. She preferred to have chat with another lady of her age sitting adjacent to her seat . Only Mr. Nambiar – whom I started calling as uncle later on was helpful to me to pass the time .

Nambiar Uncle was in his mid fifties . both his children-a son and a daughter were settled abroad . After retirement , he decided to settle in Delhi . He was very tall and healthy . He was also happy to chat with me in Malayalam and I liked his jocular style of talking . Gradually he started mixing sex in his talks which only I could understand and enjoy .He recalled many anecdotes of his career where he encountered with various types of women . He was interested to know about my college life and my own experiences . I responded to his questions well but hide about my experiences in Delhi . Before reaching Agra – where the lunch was to be supplied , we became very close .

Though the catering department of Mangala Express keeps a high standard , my sister had packed food for me , sufficient for 3 times . I invited both the Nambiars , which Mr. Nambiar had thankfully accepted . Both of us started having our food sitting face to face . While eating , I could detect the Hawk’s eye of him circling around my body . I was clad in a tight short top and jeans . The low cut neck of my top easily projected my shapy large breasts and cleavage . Their size had increased multifold due to the cuddling they received during the last two months . During the lunch time , uncle enjoyed the pleaurable sight of my boobs to the maximum which I allowed liberally.

For the last three days , I could not contact my brother in law due to the presence of my sister at home who had taken leave to arrange for my departure . I was really in need of a hard fuck at that time and was wondering how to satisfy my needs . So the advances of uncle was quite heartening for me.

After meals , we prefer to slumber in the sitting style . As we were four persons sitting in the seat , it was quite tight . I was sitting near the window adjoining uncle . The other ladies continued their talk at the other side .

While sitting with eyes closed , I could experience , the elbow of uncle touching my breasts. I pretended as if in deep sleep and leaned towards him to facilitate his efforts . He was more encouraged and pressed my breasts hard with his elbow and forearm . I enjoyed the strength of his arms and wondered how pleasurable it would have to spend some private time with him .

We spend a lot of time like that and even after pretending to be awake after a hard sleep , continued the same style of travel . I understood clearly then that it would be a matter of time only to have sex with him.

The train reached Bhopal around 8.00 p.m . The next stoppage was after three hours only at Itarzi from where it will divert to the Konkan Railway . We decided to have an early sleep before reaching Itarzi from where unreserved travellers may disturb our sleep.

Before going to bed , I went to the toilet and changed my tight dresses into a loose cotton nighty . I unhooked my bra , removed my panties and inserted a contraceptive pill inside my vagina which I was sure will be of use within no time . They were the balance of pills given by my brother in law not to get conceived . Other wise I would have conceived his child by then .

Though I offered to sleep at the ground , Uncle prevented me from doing it and volunteered himself to lay on the ground . Aunty occupied the middle berth and the other woman climbed to the upper . I spread my bedsheet at the lower berth and lied there awaiting the signal of uncle.

The train was passing through the darkness with great speed . Every one had started sleeping and the lights were switched off . Only the blue lights in the middle were blinking which was not sufficient to see any thing .

Not before long , I could feel the touch of uncle on my hands . I slowly moved to his side and made my boobs touch his hands . His fingers started brushing my nipples and those naughties started hardening . I want him to crush my breasts as hard as possible and moved further to him. Uncle’s fingers probed for the buttons of my nighty. He unfastened them slowly and put his hands inside . The bra was loose and the golden globes were ready to come out of the cups which uncle made to happen shortly . He cupped both of them alternatively and crushed as hard as possible . Howwwwwww ! my eyes were closed . The nipples were fingered strongly in between his iron rod like fingers . He raised his face and took one nipple in his mouth and started sucking hard . OOOOOOOOOOOH MY! I moaned silently .

Uncle then concentrated on my lower portion. The Nighty was raised and his hand sneaked inside . The fingers ran all over my smooth fleshy thighs and teased the inner parts . His hand proceeded further and located my cunt which had already become wet . He located the clit soon and started rubbing his finger on it . In the meantime my breasts were crushed in his brute hand . I was unable to control me and wanted to have a hard fuck .There uncle was finger fucking me and crushing my breasts . I could not desist my self from opening his zib and take out his tool which was pointing skywards like an anti aircraft gun . It was very long and stout , even better than my brother in law . I felt my hands burnt while touching the soft head . The pre cum had arrived there like a pearl . I took it with my finger and spread all over it . Uncle had inserted another finger into my cunt and was fucking me hard . How can I be satisfied by these mere fingers ? I felt as if a volcano was burning inside my cunt . I looked around . Every one was in hard sleep . I got up , raised my nigty and widening my thighs , sat on top of uncle while placing my cunt on his stout cock . He was a little shocked to see my action but was very pleased really . I started moving my hips up and down and Uncle too responded by thrusting up . He fondled both my big boobs and crushed them using his brute strength .As my pleasure increased sky bound , I forgot every thing and banged as hard as I could . Both of us had orgasm at the same time . But as I was on top , both the liquids flew down through his cock and pooled at his crotch . His cock reminded me a burning candle . As I got some relief , I quickly got up and went to the toilet . After cleaning every thing , I went to sleep . There Uncle too had started slumbering on as is where is style . I cleaned his dresses and covered his body with a bed sheet before finally started sleeping.

The train reached Itarzi station around 11 p.m and numberless unreserved passengers rushed in . They made our peaceful sleep miserable . I thanked God for getting an opportunity to satisfy my lust before that . Otherwise I would have to sleep with a fuming volcano around my hips.

In the morning too the condition was not better with local passengers boarding from all stoppages. Finally when we arrived Kalyan junction near Mumbai , most of them enrout to Mumbai and pune got down and the compartment gave a deserted look . Most of the seats were lying vacant and there were not even a single passenger sitting in the nearest rows of our seats.

” If you didn’t slept well yesterday , this is the time to compensate that .Now there won’t be much rush till we reach Goa ” . Uncle told me. I got the meaning well to get prepared for that night and I slept well on one of the lower berths.

When I woke up the train was waiting in a small station called Panvel to facilitate the passage of another train. From there it was the start of the long tunnels numbering more than ten and it was single line traffic . After some time we continued our travel . Since there was a small drizzle outside , we put down the shutters and as soon as the dinner was over , every one preferred to sleep . As we three were occupying our row , we didn’t used the middle berth and Mrs. Nambiar climbed to the upper berth. and I arranged the lower one. Mr.Nambiar opted for the lower berth at the opposite side.

As soon as the lights were switched off , the compartment plunged into thick darkness. I knew that it is only a matter of minutes for uncle to approach me and waited eagerly for him. Not before long , he came and sat on my side and his hands went straight to cuddle my breasts over my nighty .

” Has aunty slept well “? I asked him in a whispering tone .

” Even if she finds us in a compromising position , she won’t make a scene. It is our mutual understanding “. Uncle consoled me.

Uncle’s fingers started unhooking my nighty. The big hard melons jumped out.

” Yesterday it was a donkey’s bray . I want to compensate for that too “. Uncle said.

The nighty was pulled through my head and I lied fully naked there , since I had removed my bra and panties much earlier and inserted the contraceptive.

Uncle started fondling both my breasts and the nipples became erect. He fingered them strongly .His face came low to my bosom and started sucking the erected nipples . He brushed his clean shaven smooth cheeks on the soft flesh which gave me ticklish pleasures. He sucked both the nipples alternately like a hungry Baby. Then he proceeded to take my lips and started sucking them . His rough tongue entered into my mouth and teased mine . The juicy saliva entered into my mouth and mixed with me . I was climbing step by step to the heaven by his clinical approach . After a long duel , he started kissing tightly on my cheeks , lips , earlobes and neck . By that time I too became very much hot and kissed numberless on his smooth cheeks . He proceeded towards my hairless armpits and started brushing his lips there .This was a novel experience for me and I started moaning slowly. I could feel my cunt being fumed and became watery . I wanted uncle to enter there immediately and pulled him over my body. But he was a real learned fucker ! He wanted me to become more hot and didn’t lay on me but continued kissing on my soft tender body .He showered numberless kisses on my boobs , naval and proceeded to my cunt. Hooooooooooo ! I moaned when he started kissing on my pussy walls . He licked the entrance softly and entered the tongue inside and started sucking the clit.
I felt as if burning red hot and brushed my cunt vigorously on his face . I could feel my orgasm and uncle was seen tasting the hot liquid like honey with his tongue.

Nothing is more pleasurable for a woman to lay naked and compressed under the body weight of a man . I enjoyed it within a short time . Uncle lied on top of me almost covering my tender soft body . His hot iron rod was placed on the entrance of my pussy and with a gentle push entered inside . He was not surprised to get an easy passage since from his experience , he would have understood what kind of a girl I was. The big stout thing entered fully into my pussy like a python entering in to its cave . I thought it would have touched my womb. Then uncle started moving his hips up and down . His thrusts were quite heartening and I thought that a thick beam of electric current was passing through me . I was totally horripilated . Uncle put both his hands through my armpits and lifted my body so as to come as close as possible to him . Both my breasts were crushed to his hairy chest and my face was also held too close to him . I too embraced him tightly and uncle started pounding my pussy vigorously. I felt my hips will be ripped apart soon because of his thrusts . He gave the hardest of fucks which lasted a long time . I couldn’t count the number of times I peaked . I was fully tired by then when uncle finally showered my pussy with his cum. Though it was cold outside , both of us were sweating profusely. It was really the fuck of my life !

” Have you allowed any one to enter through your back door “? Uncle asked me when he got rejenuvated.

I know he was hinting about ass hole fucking and I denied and refused it.

” Never mind . But if you accustom to it , then you will never finish your play without performing it . Your Aunty is a fine exponent and mad about it . Any how I have more ammunition left with me and let us look for some other ways”.

He made me sit on his lap and entered his dick from the backside into my pussy .

“Hoooooo ! Stop uncle . It is too much “. I begged.

” O.K. I will free you soon ” He put his hands under my armpits and caught both my breasts and started fondling and crushing them . He started his hip movements too . I was unable to withstand after one more orgasm.

Uncle hadn’t cum yet and as I was tired , he took out the hot dick from my pussy and inserted it in my mouth . It tasted salty and slippery . When it entered fully , I felt as gagged as it touched my throat . I was unable to suck hard ,still managed to use my tongue to lick it . In the meantime uncle became impatient and started to move his hips to and fro vigorously. He was working as a machine and thrusted strongly in my mouth . Finally , I felt his hot salty liquid filling my mouth and entering into my stomach. I was totally tired then and somehow managed to wear my nighty and started sleeping as such..

When I woke up , it was early morning and the train had entered the Northern strip of Kerala.
The greenery and traditional Kerala style dress clad people gave me a nice good feeling.

” Good morning ! It seems you had a nice sleep last day “. I heard uncle telling . ” The train had already left Cannanore and will reach Calicut in about an hours time . Do your daily routines fast because we have to get down at calicut “.

So I quickly went to the toilet and when I returned after doing my daily routines and change of dresses , Mrs and Mr. Nambiars had packed their luggage and was ready to get down at calicut .

Mrs, Nambiar made a formal goodbye but Mr. Nambiar was emotional to leave me.We exchanged our addresses and I felt as if a paradise lost when the train started again heading for Shorannur – the place where I had to get down where , some one would be waiting to receive me.


When My maternal uncle returned to our house after a long gap of 20 years nobody could recognise him. He had left the native place when he was just 15 years old.All those years , he had been wandering all over the country and finally was doing some business in Madras now called chennai.

My Grandmother was very very happy to have her son back. Since she wished her son should never leave her again she started all her preparatations to get him married. He and his bride were poles apart in match because he was lean tall and blackish in complexion where as his wife was about 5 ft tall wheatish in complexion and was medium built – not so fat or lean. Her name was Subhadra and we called her as Subhadra Auntie though she was in her early twenties.My elder sister at that time was in the college and my brother was in X th standard and my self just completed 10 year and was studying in 6 th standard when the marriage had taken place. My mother , very strict was quite against marriage since no body could predict the nature of our uncle. She feared that our uncle will again leave our home town and may absond again. But my Grandmother was quite sure that even if he leave the native place , he will be compelled to return because of his wife.

Subhadra Auntie attracted every one’s heart very quickly. She used to help my mother in domestic activities and also started taking care of me . As uncle had gone back to Madras to wind up the business , she stayed back at our house. I liked her company very much.Since she started staying with us , it was she who took care in all my activities. I used to have food with her, used to go to a near by pond to have bath and we slept together in the same room in the same bed. I could still recall an unknown pleasure I used to get when she applied soap and oil on my body. When her soft hand moved all over my body , particularly on the lower side of my belly , I was getting some unknown pleasure.My small cock will be erected when her hand touch it while applying soap. She also used my services for applying soap on her back and whenever my hands touched her big smooth breasts , she used to laugh as if the ringing bells of a bicycle.

One day , while I was sleeping I felt as if there is some breathing trouble. When I opened my eyes , I was surprised to see Subhadra Auntie lying very close to me with her blouse open. She had pressed one of her breasts into my face and was fondling the nipples of the other one herself. I couldn’t understand what she was doing. she caught my hands and guided it in between her clothes. I didn’t know where she was taking my hands . She Put my forefinger in a wet pit . She then made my hands move to and fro several times and I felt some hot sticky oily fuid comming from the hole . Then she kissed hard on my face and turned to the other side to sleep. I experienced the same things on a number of occations before my uncle returned from Madras and went to live with Subhadra Auntie at their House. He had wound up most of his business and decided to look after the agriculture and other activities of Subhadra Aunties’s residence as there were no male members in her house except her old widowed mother.

All the above mentioned facts happened before five years. Things have changed a lot since then. Auntie’s mother had expired and uncle started to live at their house permanently managing their agriculture . They have got three children – all girls. Uncle and Auntie visited us once or twice in a year .

By this time I have reached my 10 th standard. Now I have got a fare amount of knowledge in sex. During this period one day I experienced my first night fall. The centre of my sexy dream was Subhadra Auntie. I dreamt as myself and auntie were bathing in the pond. Auntie was wearing a bath towel only and her big boobs were swinging while she was applying soap. She was applying soap around my dick and it was quite erect . Both of us were laughing at each other and in the meanwhile I discharged my cum. I woke up immeadiately and found my unerwear totally wet. As I had got some false information from some friends that One drop of cum is made up of 60 drop of blood , I was totally freightend. Then I consulted a doctor who advised me that there is nothing wrong in such things and it is quite normal for a healthy teenager of my age. He advised me that if I want to stop this , then there is nothing wrong in having a masterbation once in a month or a fortnight but don’t make it a habit. I was quite exited at the pleasure I had been getting in masterbations and normally it was around Subhadra aunties’ memories that I used to masterbate.

After completing my board exams , I was summoned to my uncle’s house by him to stay there till my results come. Of late he had started some business and had to go out of station frequently. As Subhadra Auntie and her small children will be alone there , my presence there would be of great relief to my uncle.

I was thrilled to get such an invitatin because it was the resumption of my relation with Subhadra auntie which made me exited. I dreamt that in my uncle’s absence , there is great chance for me to have intercourse with Subhadra auntie as the children will sleep early. Aunties’ sexy appearence and her big boobs were in mind in all those days till uncle came to take me. In those days I would have masterbated at least three four times thinking of My Sexy Subhadra Auntie.

I was very much thrilled to go with Uncle to his house located in the Wyanad Area of Kerala in the high ranges which was occupied mainly by farmers.Aunties’ Property included a vast amount of hilly area . A stream Passed through the land from the top of the hills which was converted into a brook for taking water for drinking and irrigation. The brook was always full of icy cold water.

Till uncled started to live there , Aunties’ mother was only cultivating food grains in the land. But when he took over the responsibility , He started cultivating commercial crops like rubber, coffee,ginger,cocko etc and started his business on these outputs also.

As Uncle had to leave by next day’s train to Bangalore , we had an early dinner and went to sleep. The sleeping arrangements were done in a single large room where one wooden cot was placed at one end . Uncle and his eldest daughter went on to sleep on the coat and my self their two younger children and Auntie lied to sleep in a bed in the floor. As they haven’t got electric connection then , a kesone oil lamp with a reduced vick was provided there for light.

I couldn’t sleep immeadiately. My mind was full with aunties’ sexy figure. Over the years she has become a little more fat. Her magnificient breasts had grown more in size. Here she is lying just one feet away from me. But how can I touch her ? Uncle is already sleeping there . Let us wait for some more time that every one will be sound sleep.

As I was awaiting the proper time to come to start my adventure , I saw uncle comming down from the woodne coat. He sat by Aunties’ bedside and put his hands on her breasts. I really felt jelousy towards uncle. What a lucky fellow he is to get such a sexy woman as his wife ! When uncle started to squeeze aunties’ breasts hard , She woke up and said ” ssh . The boy is there . Come after some time.” But Uncle said ” I have to go out tomorrow and I want a nice sleep. I can’t wait . Let’s go out then .” Both of them then proceeded to the veranda which was convered with darkness. I couldn’t bear it . I was just waiting to see Subhadra auntie being made naked and fucked . I peeped through the cracks of the wholes but couldn’t see anything.

I was not ready to accept defeat. I gave a small pinch on the hands of Aunties’ youngest child and it started crying. Then Auntie came from outside to pacify her. I found Aunties’ blouse was open and her big boobs were hanging like pappayas. She lied adjoining the child and fed her breastmilk whie patting slowly on its back.

” Are you comming here ?” asked an impatient uncle from outside. ” Better you come here”. She answered. ” What about the boy ?” Uncle asked again . ” It seems he has started sleeping “. I pretened as if I was in deep sleep but closed my eyes only half to watch the firstever sexual play I was to witness in my life.

Uncle came in and removed his dhothi and underwear. I was stunned to see his erected cock. It was so small for a man of his age. I proudly recalled that three years back I had a bigger cock than this.Then Uncle started his play. I watched every thing in the dim light. It seemed as if he was in a hurry. He completed the exercise within a short time . I thought he may prolong the play but had to be disappointed. There my queen of dreams is lying naked and being fucked . My cock had already attained in full growth then.

As there was no attached bathrooms , they cleaned their private parts with a bath towel.” I was not satisfied “. Auntie said.” But we don’t have enough time today ” Uncle said and went to his wooden cot for sleeping and not before long started snoring.

Subhadra Auntie didn’t care to button her blouse.Probable it could have been to facilitate her child’s breast feeding.Slowly she too had started snoring. The uniform up and down movement of her breasts were really a thrilling sight for me to watch.

I waited for some more time. Then dared to extent my hand over their second child sleeping adjoining me to Auntie’s breasts. Though I was thrilled to touch and press them slowly , I realised that though they are bigger in size then, they have lost its firmness. Any how it was not a problem for me.

Since there was no response from Autie’s side , I became bolder and started squeesing her breasts hard. Then The danger of uncle getting awake was haunting me. I lowered the vick of the lamp to such lower leval that if finally went off. I enjoyed the pleasure of Auntie’s breasts in the darkness freely. My cock was already in erected mode. I was feeling some difficulties there and really wanted to discharge cum. I took my cock out of my under garments and was ready to do masturbation.

All of a sudden a new idea surfaced in my mind. If Auntie is in deep sleep without knowing about my adventures why can’t I try to fuck her ? I was not sure that whether she will allow me to do it knowingly. Then this is the chance to capitalise. I slowly went to aunties’ side and searched for her pussy. It was still wet. I inserted my cock inside it and I can’t explain the pleasure I felt then . A dream of my life has come true at last. I was going to fuck my dear sexy Subhadra Auntie.I started giving small pushes and then accelerated my speed . The warmth inside it and my pleasurale mood forced me to discharge my cum like a flowing river to her pussy. I was fully satisfied to fulfil my long cherished dream. My only disappointment then was it was against the consent of Subhadra Auntie that I had fucked her. Not before long I roused again and repeated my trust and in all fucked her thrice in that night.

The next day uncle departed and I was waiting for my chance to have a conversation with Subhadra Auntie. In the evening she called me and asked me to take care of her children since she was going to do oil massage on her body before going to take bath. I saw this an oppertunity to do some adventures. I followed her to watch what she was going to do. She went to a room adjoining the kitchen , shut the door partially and removed her dresses. She started applying oil on body while she was wearing a bath towel only. Her Majestic breasts swinging while she massaged her body made me hot. Without thinking too much , I opened the door and entered inside.

Subhadra Auntie was surprised to see me inside. Her face became reddish. She was not in a position to hide her nudity. But I behaved as if I was not interested in it. I too removed my dhothi and wore a bath towel which was not sufficient to hide my erected cock. I started applying oil all over the body particularly on my thighs so that she will have a good sight of my masculinity.

After finishing my massage , I requested Auntie to apply oil on my back and do a massage. She came foreward and started doing it as if half hearted. I bend my back down in such a fashion that she had to come too close to me to do the massage and the touch of her body to my back gave me enough pleasure.

After completing my massage , I approached Auntie voluntarily to offer my service. Though she was reluctant initially , then allowed me to do it. I poured oil in large quantity on her back and started massaging her back gently. As I was taller than her then , I requested her to bend down which I desparately wanted to touch her ass with my erected cock.

As I continued massaging her back , I started banging me cock on her ass. I Couldn’t understand what was the reaction on her face. I continued banging the same . Then my hands went foreward and touched the lower side and back side for her breasts and finally ending in a cupped mode. I fondled Aunties’ nipples with my fingers and started squeezing her breasts gently initially and hard afterwards. There was no protest or reaction from Subhadra Auntie. Getting encouraged I took out my erected cock out of my under wear and searched for the pussy of Auntie to insert it.

All of a sudden Auntie got up and looked at me in an annoyed manner.Her face had turned reddish.
” What are you going to do “? She asked angrily at me.
” Auntie …I ……I…….was ”
” You have crossed the limits. You are not the old innocent boy you had been earlier.I should have realised this much earlier ”
” Auntie Please . You please understand my position ” I pleaded.
” Yes I can understand the state of mind now you are in. Your requirements have increased according to your age. But I am not the one to satisfy you. I am your uncle’s wife. If you repeat the same mischief again I wil complain to every body . Now get out of the room immeadiately.”

I could understand that Auntie was getting on top of me. It should not happen. I have to get dominance over her.So I was ready for my offence.
” O.K.Then. Complain to uncle as soon as he comes. I will also complain that It was you who called me inside for your pleasures”.
” you ! for my pleasure ! what a joke “!
” Wasn’t I doing every thing for you five years back when uncle was not there. Then I didn’t understand what I had been forced to do. Now I understand everything. I came here in those memories ”
” You ……You ..remember everything ?”
” Yes I do. Now I can contribute my own too ”
” But there were only external plays without any dangers” Subhadra Auntie tried to regain her lost ground. What you were trying to do should never been happened. If it happens I will be wife to both you and your uncle which I can never allow ”
” Who want your consent for it ?”
“Then are you going to owerpower me ? rape me ?”
” No I have achieved what I had been dreaming for all these years last night. I came here for that only . Not to be a watch dog of this house ”
” What nonsense are you talking ”
” I am telling the truth. I have done it not once but thrice yesterday night. Now my ambition is fulfilled. I am ready to return as soon as uncle returns ”
” So It was you who made it full yesterday . I was wondering how it had happened. I had cleaned it before starting to sleep ”

Subhadra Auntie stood there totally defeated and stunned. I realised that it was time to capitalise . I closed on her and put both my hands on her shoulders . Then I lifted her face and kissed hard on her lips.when I started sucking her lips , I could feel a jerk on her body. I didn’t have much time to cash.I lowered my face and my lips travelled all over her body. I squeezed her body and fondled the dark nipples which were growing in size confirming that she also had started enjoying. I knelt down in front of her and kissed hard on her pussy. I inserted my toung inside and started sucking it.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Ooooooooooooh ! she started moaning.My hands were busy on her round big buttocks then. I understood. I have to fuck her now itself. Or she may escape from my cluthes . So I made her lie on the bare floor and mounted over her. I inserted my strong erected cock into her awaiting pussy. Hhhhhhhhhhow ! She moaned in pleasure. I started my push pull acts and was happy to note that Aunties hands have locked me and she had started kissing and sucking my lips. she played with my hanging balls while I banged on her pussy. My mouth was full of Auntie’s milk while I sucked her nipples where as she was totally wet in milk while I squeezed the other breast. And a satisfactory fucking which lasted about half an hour I discharged my cum in plenty .We laid there while tightly embracing each other totally wet in our sweat.

After somtime , Auntie kissed hard on my face and said.
” So Finally you have become a man and made me confirm that you are one. Isn’t it ? ”
” This is just a bigning of the big things to be followed ” I replied.
” But how you had managed to get such a big instrument ? Your uncles’ is not even one third of its size.”
” That is my secret” .
“Now let’s go to take bath. Children may be wondering why we are late today”. Subahadra Auntie pulled her dresses which were lying here and there and started to wear them. Then we proceeded to take bath in the brook.

From that day onwards I started my second lease of my life. Subhadra Auntie became my wife too from there onwards. The remaining days of my vaccation in uncle’s absence were sleepless sexiting nights for both of us.We practiced all types of fucking in every angles as prescribed in the Kamashastra.

She then proposed for my continous stay there by joinging a local college there. My uncle too was very much happy to accept that since he concentrate on his business more. I was very much happy to continue to stay there because I could enjoy my sexual life with Subhadra Aunite till she becomes old and then one of her daughters will be ready to become my wife .

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